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“I find Dr. Orison Swett Marden's teachings so helpful, uplifting and interesting, that there is not one dry sentence from cover to cover. Every word of it is a thrill and magic. I find the reading a very great joy and pleasure, for I always learn new things which I have never heard of before. I would advise every young man and woman to have one of his books.”—Carl M. Lind, Walla Walla, Washington.

“By chance I picked up a copy of THE NEW SUCCESS, one day, at a local news-stand. I bought it, and since have been getting it regularly. Although nearing middle age, I'm getting ready for my greatest work and THE NEW SUCCESS and Mr. Marden's two volumes, 'Pushing to the Front,' have given me immeasurable inspiration to do something greater than anything I have ever attempted. Like thousands of others I have waited for years to undertake the work I should have done years ago--not because of fear, but because I waited, just put it off.”—Paul Vinson, Mansfield, Ohio.

“I am a constant reader of THE NEW SUCCESS. I buy it at the news-stand every month.

"It is as essential to my life as the Bible. I would have it no matter what the cost."-Walter Greer, Virginia.

"I cannot help saying that I am greatly indebted to Dr. Marden for the many things of special concern to me, which I have learned from his writings. It is my earnest desire, from now on, to constantly read any book written by this great inspirational writer that comes to my hand.”—Frank R. U. Munoz, Manila, P. I.

"Every home should have a copy of THE NEW SUCCESS every month. It is particularly helpful where there are growing children and young folks. It is a household necessity, more so even than a square meal. In fact this is the best kind of brain food I know of."-Everett H. Allen, Colorado.

“I know of no other magazine more inspiring to salesmen than THE NEW SUCCESS. Each issue is a new wonder. Dr. Marden is a great gift to the world and his influence must affect thousands of lives."-Christopher Roose, Massachusetts.

“When I-reading your third chapter, 'Playing the Glad Game,'--came to your conclusion that 'Happiness is born of right living'—then I felt I had found something priceless. That it is so is my own experience, and I do not think any of us human beings could render humanity a greater service than by getting those few words burnt into the mind of the young people of this generation.

"I am twenty-five, and entering upon the activities of life. Your book has become one of my dearest friends."-Oscar Brandstrom, Mr. Vernon, Washington.

"When I am disappointed, when I feel blue, I turn to my friend THE NEW SUCCESS for help, and old gloom disappears. I am sure that Marden's Magazine has done me more good than any other magazine I have ever read.”-Charles R. Alexander, New York.

Only One Thing Keeps You From Earning $5000 a Year!

There have been thousands of articles written about
making money.

But after all, here is the one sound,
safe way to do it.



F every man and woman working for a living

would only stop a minute and try to reason out

why they are not getting ahead more rapidly, they would come to one answer! "I don't earn more because I didn't learn more.” Some may blame it on their luck." Others may say that no opportunities came to them. But those who are honest with themselves will admit that they are worth only what they are getting because the work they are doing doesn't pay more money—and they have not qualified for better paid work!

The Law of Big Pay There is really only one rule by which money is paid. And that rule is SUPPLY and DEMAND. If there are 10 bookkeepers seeking one job, the job pays a good deal less than if there is only ONE bookkeeper for TEN jobs! The question to ask yourself is "How many people are there who could do my work and who would be glad to get my pay?" If you are not earning $5000 a year the chances are there are many such people. It is so with every kind of poorly paid work—THAT'S EXACTLY WHY THE WORK IS POORLY PAID. The reason $5000 to $25,000 salaries are paid is because the DEMAND for such men is GREAT and the SUPPLY of them is SMALL! The way to make big money is to rise out of the crowd-get into the class where there are FEW instead of MANY.

What To Do About It The reason there are so FEW people qualified to handle the BIG jobs is that only a FEW people have the courage, the ambition and the desire to prepare for important work. The EASIEST thing in the world to do is to PLAY. The HARDEST thing in the world to do is to WORK. To most people, study is WORK. To the few, study is a MEANS TO AN END! They study and attain the end--and then they play. It is simply a ques. tion of your willingness to put play off for a little while so that you may play later without worrying about your income or your future. The only thing in the world that keeps you from earning $5000 a year-or $10,000—or $25,000 is your present LACK OF KNOWLEDGE-and that can be remedied by yourself, in part of your spare time, and at trilling cost.

What Interests You Most? There is one profession into which you could put all your heart, all your energy. It may be SalesmanshipBrokerage, Cost Accounting or Certified Public AC

counting. It may be Banking, Real Estate, Advertising. Credits, Secretaryship, or Business Organization. It is for you to decide WHAT YOU WANT TO BE. The Universal Business Institute will furnish you with the KNOWLEDGE. Each course was prepared by a man successful in the work he teaches YOU. The text books are in use by some of the greatest universities in the country. The instruction is individual—there are no printed corrections. Over 40,000 people have already enrolled for U. B. I. Courses. You study at home in your spare time. You pay in easy monthly installments. The time and the money required to prepare you for a field that is not overcrowded is now spent by you for things that do not bring you any personal benefit! Think that over!

A New Booklet Free You can pamper your little tastes now-you can shirk your responsibilities now-and have what you call "a good time"-or you can spend a little time now in study. If you neglect your brain, you will pay for it later in hard work that CANNOT pay well. If you INVEST a few pennies a day_in your brain, YOU WON'T HAVE TO WORK AT ALL when some of your companions may be sweating out a living! It all depends on WHAT YOU WANT TO DO! If you are tired of struggling to get ahead-if you are really sincere about WANTING a better job and more money, write to-day for our free book. This slight effort may easily be the turning point of your life. We have made thousands of others successful. We can make you successful if you will do your part. There is no pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. Stop looking for it. Stop "wishing." The way to earn more is to KNOW

Take the step now that will put more real knowledge into your head and more real money into your pocket. Mail this coupon NOW! No salesman will call on you.


New York



1047 Pullman Building, New York I am interested in the training offered in the profession(s) checked below. Kindly send me, without obligation your book describing the course checked below.

) Certified Public Accountant( ) Cost Accountant ) Salesmanship

Real Estate ) Brokerage

Advertising 7) Credit Manager

Business Organizer ) Corporate Secretary





No Solicitor Will Call.


The Man Who Sticks THE

HE man who sticks has this lesson learned:

Success doesn't come by chance—it's earned By pounding away; for good hard knocks Will make stopping stones of the stumbling blocks.

He knows in his heart that he cannot fail; That no ill fortune can make him quail While his will is strong and his courage high, For he's always good for another try.

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He doesn't expect by a single stride
To jump to the front; he is satisfied
To do ev'ry day his level best,
And let the future take care of the rest.

He doesn't believe he's held down by the boss-
It's work, and not favor, that “gets across."
So his motto is this: “What another man
Has been able to handle, I surely can.”.

For the man who sticks has the sense to see
He can make himself what he wants to be,
If he'll off with his coat and pitch right in-
Why, the man who sticks can't help but win!

-Charles R. Barrett.

Opportunity OPPORTUNITY is but a doughnut with the rim

in someone's stomach. Ask any man who has made good, and he will tell you that opportunity is but a date on the calendar—a time when an individual

woke up.

Opportunity is a possible chance, while work, with an opportunity, is a probable chance.

Opportunity may be a chicken house, it may be a saw mill, or it may be a violin; but who ever heard of a chicken house, a saw mill or a violin making a success, all alone?

Opportunity is as useless as monkey fat, as hopeless without work as trying to stop up a rat hole with common cheese.

The man who depends on an opportunity alone, the fellow who refuses to work with an opportunity, is as useless on earth as a buttonhole without a button.

The man who sits down and says he is waiting for an opportunity to turn up is as unwelcome in society as a looking glass to a woman who has just recovered from a severe case of smallpox.

The man who advertises a little and then says advertising does not pay is like unto the man who burns one match beneath a five-barrel kettle of water and then says fire will not heat water.

When a man feels like a king, he can look kingly. Majesty, more regal than ever sat on a throne, will look out of his face when he has learned how to claim and to express the divinity of his birthright,

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“Can I master Accountancy by Extension study through the mails?Trial instruction for one month with a total obligation of $7— this is the practical means which Pace Institute affords you of testing the Extension study of Accountancy. A month's trial instruction will enable you to decide for yourself respecting your fitness to study Accountancy and respecting the ability of Pace Institute to teach you Accountancy by mail. Pace graduates-numbers of them Extension-educated - are making good as accountants and executives everywhere. Most of them upon enrolment were stenographers, bookkeepers, civil-service employees, office clerks, minor executives. Now, look where you will, you find them winning out in the professional practice of Accountancy, as juniors, seniors, or partners, and in all kinds of business enterprises, as cost accountants, auditors, credit managers, controllers, treasurers, tax analysts, and general corporation executives. They have mastered Accountancy and Business Administration; therefore, they have a steady market value. Pace Extension Students study the same subjects as do Resident School Students at Pace Institute, New York, Washington, and Boston--theory of accounts, practical accounting, auditing, bookkeeping (if necessary or desired), law, applied economics, principles of organization, management, and finance. They are taught and developed by Resident School instructors. They have the privilege of transfer from Extension to Resident School instruction with full credit for work done and tuition paid.

"MAKING READYSend for a descriptive Bulletin, and also for a complimentary copy of “MAKING READY," a 32-page booklet which contains, among much other informative material, brief sketches of the business and professional careers of many Pace graduates who have mastered Accountancy by Extension study.

Pace & Pace

Hudson Terminal 30 Church St., New York

Pace & Pace, 30 Church St., New York | Send me, without obligation, a copy of | “MAKING READY,” also details of your

month's trial instruction plan.



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