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AN official of one of the largest concerns of its
w kind in the United States recently asked us
to put him in touch with men capable of earning
$3,000 to $15,000 a year. His letter is typical of
many others we receive stating the difficulty of
finding men qualified for big jobs.
OUR success in training men and women has

given us a nation-wide reputation among large business concerns for developing employees

up. Our service has the written endorsement of
many leading corporation officials, bankers and
business executives.
THE practical value of this service has been
1 tested by men holding responsible positions
in practically every large corporation in this

tion into money by utilizing the short cut which
LaSalle training offers. Can you afford to stand still?
HIGH-GRADE positions are always seeking
11 applicants of superior intelligence and train-
ing. By our methods we find employees in sub-
ordinate positions who need only the special train-
ing we supply to make them high-priced men. For instance,
we develop a $20 a week ledger clerk into a $7,200 Auditor, a $70
a month shipping clerk into the Traffic Manager of a big rail
and steamship line; a $300 a month accountant into a $70,000 a.
year executive; a small town station agent into a successful
lawyer and district attorney; 8 bookkeeper into a bank execu-
tive, etc.
A SHORT period of preliminary training by mail, under

the personal direction of LaSalle experts, has been suf-
ficient to increase the earning power of thousands of men.
from 100% to 600%.
IF YOU are really ambitious to place yourself in a position

of higher executive responsibilities let us advise you how our training and service may be of advantage in solving your personal problem of advancement. We have an organization of more than 1,750 people; financial resources exceeding 35.000.000 and representatives in all the leading cities of America. Our sole business is to help men to better positions. M ARK and mail the coupon below, indicating the kind of

position for which you would like to qualify. We will send full particulare, also a free copy of "Ten Years' Promosend full particulars, al tion in One," the book that has been an inspiration to more than 250,000 ambitious men. Send for your copy now.

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The Largest Business Training Institution in the World Dept. 134-R

Chicago, II.

Please send me catalog and full information regarding the course and service I have marked with an X be lon. Also a copy of your book, "Ten Years' Promotion la One;" all without obligation to me.

Training for positions as Audi MENT MANAGEMENT:

Training for Official, Manate, Comptroller, Publie Ac Training for Employers, Em gerial, Sales and Executive centant, Cost Accountant, ployment Managers, Execu Positiona.


MODERN FOREMANSHIP: ING: Training for positions as Training in the art of forceful, UTraining for Bar; LL.B.Degree. Training in the direction and Correspondent, Mail Saleg Di effective speech for Ministers, COMMERCIAL LAW:

bandling of industrial forces rector, and executive letter Salesmen, Fraternal Leaders, UReading, Reference and Consol - for Foremen, Sub-Foremen, writing positions.

Politicians, Clubmen, etc. tation Service for Business Men. Contractors, Shop Superin TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT - AC.P.A. COACHING FOR ADEXPERT BOOKKEEPING:

tendents, etc.

FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC: VANCED ACCOUNTANTS: Training for position of Bead INDUSTRIAL MANAGE Training for positions as Rail Prepares for State Board and Boot teeper.

UMENT EFFICIENCY: Train road and Industrial Traffic Man Institute Examinations. BANKING AND FINANCE: ing for Production Managers, ager, etc.

COMMERCIAL SPANISH: Inicing for executive positions Department Heads, and all BUSINESS ENGLISH:

Training for position as Forin Basto sod Financial Institu those desiring training in the Training for Business Corres eign Correspondent with Span

48 factors of efficiency.
pondents and Copy Writers.

ish-speaking countries,

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Helping 15 Million Persons

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Calvin Coolidge's Modesty

JUDGE HENRY P. FIELD, a member of the firm To desire is human.

J in which Vice-President Elect Coolidge read law Toattain a desire and then is quoted by a writer in Leslie's as having told this story aspire anew is life's greatest | about him: joy—and your right. Today “I remember reading in the Springfiled Bepublican fifteen million persons in

about three months after he came into our office that America are using New Thought to attain their de

John Calvin Coolidge—he dropped the John from his sires according to the esti

name years ago—had been awarded the gold medal mate of a prominent me

offered by the Sons of the American Revolution for the dical authority.

best essay on the principles of the War for American Twenty-five years ago none of Independence. The competition had been open to all them had heard of it. Now, thanks

undergraduates of all American colleges. I walked
to New Thought, they know the joy
of accomplishment - health, hap over to his desk. “Is this you?' I asked, pointing to
piness and prosperity are theirs.

the paragraph.
A Magic Dime “ 'Yes,' said he.
Editor of Ndulilus

“ 'Have you received the medal?'
Large numbers of these people owe

their happiness to a single-dime they “ 'Yes.' once sent us. In exchange for this dime they got a trial of “'When did you get it?' NAUTILUS MAGAZINE and a booklet through which they became acquainted with New Thought and changed their

“‘About six weeks ago. whole lives.

“ 'Have you told your father about it?' You have a magic dime. Send it to us and we will send you the booklet "Gist of New Thought." and a month's trial of NAUTILUS “ 'No. Would you?' MAGAZINE of New Thought. Elizabeth Towne and William E. Towne editors, and Edwin Markham, Orison Swett Marden and Dr.

“I walked into Judge Hammond's office and showed Frank Crane contributors. Remarkable personal experience articles him the paper. Of all the inscrutable little cusses! are a feature of each issue.

Send your dime today and for prompt action we will include a copy was about all I could say to fit the occasion.” of "How to Get What You Want."

Dept. N-33
Holyoke, Mass.

Only a Caged Bird!
a month

VHEN Madame Guyon was imprisoned in the 3 A Standard, Guaranteed

castle of Vincennes, in 1695, she not only sang. but wrote, songs of praise. It sometimes seemed to

me," she said, "as if I were a little bird whom the Lord With Every Modern Writing Convenience

had placed in a cage, and that I had now nothing to do Write Today For Tlustrated Circular Explaining Try-Before-You-Buy Plan

but sing. The song of my heart gave a brightness to SMITH TYPEWRITER SALES CO.

the objects round me. The stones of my prison looked (Harry A. Smith) 377-218 No, Wells St., Chicago, III. in my eyes like rubies. My heart was full of that joy

which God gives to all that love Him, in the midst of their greatest trials." So she sang:

"A little bird I am, shut from the fields of air; Write today for our new 171-page book

And in my song I sing to Him who placed me there;
on "The Power of Law Training." It carries
A vital and inapiring message to every ambitious

Well pleased a prisoner to be,
man. Find out about the opportunities that await
the law trained man. Find out how you can learn

Because, my God, it pleaseth Thee."
from masters of the law right in your own home.
No obligations. The book is absolutely FREE.
Write Today_now while we are making a

special reduced price offer.
American Correspondenco Schcol of Law
Dept. 2271, 3601 Michigan Ave., Chicago, Illinois

To-Day the Seed of To-Morrow
SOME of the most miserable wretches I have ever

w known were always dreaming about a happy toCourses in English, Spanish, morrow. They had focused for so many years on the HOME Mathematics, Chemistry, Draw

future that they had neglected to cultivate the present STUDY n i ng, Education, Business and in 35 other subjects are given by cor

which is the seed of to-morrow. Somehow we seem respondence. Begin any time.

to think that we are going to reap a wonderful toThe University of Chicago morrow without sowing our to-days; but to-day is the 29th Year Division 18 Chicago, III.

cause of to-morrow and the effect can not be greater

than its cause. STUDY

Get along better, make more True wisdom lies in gathering the precious things HUMAN money, develop a winning per out of each hour as it goes by.-Emily S. Bouton. NATURE

sonality, learn to know people as
they are. Send 10 cents (stamps)

Smile a smile; while you smile another smiles, little book that points the way. Address

and soon there's miles and miles of smiles. And PROGRESS LEAGUE, 3142 UNION SQ. NEW YORK. | life'sworth while if you but smile.-Jane Thompson.


$4 or $5 wilmobby



Learn From the Greatest Thinker and Orator

of the Age!

Do you feel the need of a mental locomotive to pull you
out of the rut of ordinary thinking? Do you want to
put more logic, wit and force into your speech and writ-
ing? Do you want to become from ten to fifty or one
hundred times more interesting than you are? Do you
want to make your brain more capable of reasoning out
your problems? Do you want to enjoy the greatest men-
tal treat of your whole life? Here is your opportunity.

For fifty years Col. Robt. G. Ingersoll spoke before
packed houses wherever he appeared. He drew greater
crowds than any other one man of his time. He was
implored by Governors, Senators, and Presidents to
speak for their cause. He stood alone as the greatest
thinker and orator this country has ever seen, and none
greater has appeared since his death. His subjects were
as broad as humanity itself. He loved the downtrodden,
the poor, the ignorant. His orations were sold by hun.
dreds of thousands in pamphlet form. The newspapers
all over the world were full of his words. His orations
were translated in every foreign language. He had more
friends among the great men of his time, than any other
national figure. His lo zic, his poetry. his humor, his simplicity,
his earnestness, his sympathy charmed and captivated millions.
He was the most powerful man of his time because he made more
people THINK than any other man.

Rev. Henry Ward

Moncure D. Conway
Charles Sumner
Vice Pres. Charles W.

Pres. Rutherford B.

Pres. Benjamin Har-

Pres. James A. Car-

Gen. Nelson A. Miles
John Burroughs
Thomas H. Huxley
Henry Wadsworth

Edwin Booth
Joseph Jefferson
Gen. Tecumseh Sher-

Gen. Phil H. Sheridan
Gen. l'lysses S. Grant
Senator Roscoe Conk-

Judge Henry Drum-

Walt Whitman
Thomas Alva Edison
Ernest Haeckel
Mark Twain
John Hay
Andrew Carnegie
Susan B. Anthony.
Mrs. Minnie Maddern

Julia Marlowe
Hon. James G. Blaine

Col. Robert G. Ingersoll

The Complete Works of

Col. Robt. G. Ingersoll


President Garfield called him "Royal Bob." Mark Twain said of him, “His was a great and beautiful spirit . .. my reverence fo

. my reverence for him was deep and genuine. I prized his affection for me and returned it with usury." Henry Ward Beecher said. "Robt. G. Ingersoll is the most brilliant speaker of the English language in any land on the globe." Judge Jeremiah S. Black said, "He made a speech before the Supreme Court in Washington which was an absolute whirlwind, and carried away in its restless current that august bench." Another man said, "No man of his ability was ever President of the United States. His life is as striking a chapter in American History as the life of Abraham Lincoln Whatever your position in life you cannot afford not to read the complete works of Col. Ingersoll. You will be thrilled by his mastery of English, by his unanswerable logic, by his amazing conclusions. His was the gift found only in a decade of generations. No man can but be inspired, uplifted, and mentally improved by reading his works. They are clean, wholesome, fascinating, and more interesting than any fiction you have ever read. Every lawyer, physician, business man, teacher, and editor must read and know Ingersoll.

Send No Money



Some Mistakes of

Which Way?
The Truth
The Foundations of

The Devil
What is Religion?
About the Holy Bible
My Reviewers Re-

The Limitations of

A Christian Sermon
Is Suicide a Sin?
Is Avarice Triumph-

Myth and Miracle
The Christian Re-

Is Divorce Wrong?
Robert Burns
Abraham Lincoln
The Great Infidels
Liberty in Litera-

Some Reasons Why


We are anxious to send you the Complete Works ot Col. Robt. THE INGERSOLL PUBLISHERS Inc.,
G. Ingersoll for 5 days' free inspection. This is the New

Dept. 51
Dresden Edition, comprising 12 handsome Octavo bound
in Cardinal Red Flaxenweave cloth, with Gold Leaf

130 East 25th St., New York, N.Y.
Cover Decorations, and Lettering. which will never
tarnish, Crimson and Gold Silk head and foot bands.

Gentlemen: Send me, all charges prepaid. more than 6800 pages printed from New Scotch

the 12-volume New Dresden Edition of InRoman Type, especially cast for this edition on High

gersoll's Works. I agree to return them Grade perfectly opaque Library Book Paper.

within five days after delivery, or if I elect to This new edition of Ingersoll includes all the im

keep them, I will pay $1 after 5 days and $3 a portant writings of his life. A typical few are

month for 12 months. Deduct 10% if cash in mentioned here.

full is sent with coupon.
This entire twelve volumes will be sent to you, with
out payment of any money in advance, so that you
may examine them, if you wish to do so. Examine
them. rend one or two of the articles. judge for

yoursell of the inspiring value to you of the works
of this great American. Then if not more than

pleased with the set, roturn it at our expense.
If you are sure you want to keep it, as you
doubtless will be, you can pay for it on easy

City ..........
monthly terms as shown on the coupon,

Dept. 51
130 East 25th St., New York, N. Y. Occupation. ......




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The Stuff That Counts THE test of a man is the fight he makes,

1 The grit that he daily shows; The way he stands on his feet and takes

Fate's numerous bumps and blows.
A coward can smile when there's naught to fear.

When nothing his progress bars,
But it takes a man to stand up and cheer

While some other fellow stars.
It isn't the victory, after all,

But the fight that a brother makes;
The man who, driven against the wall,

Still stands up erect and takes
The blows of fate with his head held high,

Bleeding, and bruised, and pale,
Is the man who'll win in the by and by,

For he isn't afraid to fail.
It's the bumps you get, and the jolts you get,

And the shocks that your courage stands,
The hours of sorrow and vain regret,

The prize that escapes your hands,
That test your mettle and prove your worth;

It isn't the blows you deal,
But the blows you take on the good old earth
That shows if your stuff is real.

- The Three Partners.


The Home IT requires two to make a home. The first home was

made when a woman, cradling in her loving arms a baby, crooned a lullaby. All the tender sentimentality we throw around a place is the result of the sacred thought that we live there with some one else. It is our home. The home is a tryst—the place where we retire and shut the world out. Lovers make a home just as birds make a nest, and unless a man knows the spell of the divine passion, I hardly see how he can have a home at all. He only rents a room.-Elbert Hubbard.

A Metal-Boring Beetle W H EN telephone girls in California find their

wires are “shorted,” a bug may be on or in the wire, for California has a wood-boring beetle that goes through wood and also through alloyed substances considerably harder than lead. The beetle has put hundreds of telephones out of commission by boring holes in the cables that carry the wires. Water enters the cables, making wire connections useless until the bored places are found and repaired.

When a fellow knows his business he doesn't have to explain to people that he does. It isn't what a man knows but what he thinks he knows that he brags about. Big talk means little knowledge. - George H. Lorimer.

What you can do, or dream you can, begin it; Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.

Little Mistakes In English Which

Cost You Money and Friends

forming practice drills can be carried out. When you can write the answers to fifty questions in 15 minutes and correct your work in 5 minutes more, it gives you a good idea of the practical and effective value of this course. It saves time because you learn quickly through HABIT instead of RULES. And the lessons are so interesting and fascinating that it's just like playing a game. Each day you can check yourself and SEE how much you are improving.

A New Booklet Free A new booklet has been written, explaining Mr. Cody's remarkable course in detail. If you ever feel your lack of Language Power, if you are ever embarrassed by mistakes in grammar, spelling or punctuation, if you cannot instantly command the exact words with which to express your ideas, this book will prove a revelation to

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V OTHING reveals IV vour real self so completely as the English vou use in your business and social life. The first real impression you make on people is through your lan

guage, written or spoken. A little mistake in grammatical usage, or a little mistake in punctuation, spelling or pronunciation, may easily lower you in the

of others. Whether you realize it or not, your ability to speak and write clearly. convincingly, and correctly has a powerful influence on your success. Yet the average person is, by actual test, only 61 per cent. efficient in the essentials of correct English.

Old Methods Too Hard The reason so many people make mistakes in English is that old methods of teaching are too hard. Rules must be memorized and applied -and rules are hard to remember. Especially for the new Americans is English unusually puzzling. Even college graduates unconsciously make glaring errors and little suspect that they are thereby handicapping themselves. And those whose training has been limited to Grammar School or High School constantly fail to grasp the difficult rules of correctness in speech and writing.

A New, Simple Method A simple method has been invented by which you can acquire a command of the English language. Sherwin Cody, one of the best-known teachers of practical English, after twenty years of research and study, has perfected an invention which places the ability to talk and write with correctness and force within reach of every one with ordinary intelligence.

On Oct. 15, 1918, Mr. Cody was granted a patent on his unique device, and now he places it at your disposal. You just go ahead and do the lesson given on any particular page and then you see just how Mr. Cody would correct that paper. Extra blanks are furnished for additional tests, so you can always see exactly how you stand and how you are improving.

Only 15 Minutes a Day And the wonderful thing about Mr. Cody's method is the speed with which these habit

A polished and accurate command of the English language not only gives you the stamp of education, but it wins friends and impresses of education, but it wins'frie those with whom you come in contact. Many men and women spend years in high school and years in college largely to get the command of this key to social and business success. And now a really efficient system of acquiring an unusual command of English is offered to you. Spare-time study-15 minutes a day-in your own home will give you power of language that own home will give will be worth more than you can even realize.

Write for this new free book, "How to Speak and Write Masterly English.” Merely mail the coupon, or a letter, or even a postal card. You can never reach your greatest possibilities until you know the English language thoroughly. Write today for the free booklet that tells about Mr. Cody's simple invention for making comM mand of language easy. SHERWIN CODY SCHOOL OF

ENGLISH 101 Searle Building, Rochester, New York. . . ... ........... .. ... SHERWIN CODY SCHOOL OF ENGLISH

101 Searle Building, Rochester, N. Y. Please send me at once your New Free Book "How to Speak and Write Masterly English.'

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