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legal principle. It is natural, therefore, that law trained men should be in demand by all modern efficient business concerns who base a man's earning capacity upon the degree of responsibility he can assume.

Today - through the Blackstone Legal Training Course and Service you can learn law at home in your spare time easily and quickly, and at very low cost, just as 40,000 others are now doing. The opportunity to be admitted to the bar is also given.

Among the contributors to the Course are Exe President Taft and 80 other well-known business and professional men.

Write for 118-Page Book

wo years ago Floyd E. Brickel was a clerk in a bank in Akron, Ohio.

Today he is the secretary of the million dollar United Savings and Loan Company of Cleveland.

How did he do it? Was it "pull"? Was it luck? Let Mr. Brickel tell you in his own words.

Three Successive

Promotions "When I first went into the banking work," writes Mr. Brickel, “I saw a big opportunity to succeed and determined to do it. I saw that the officials of the bank had a considerable knowledge of law and it seemed to help them immensely in their everyday work. So I enrolled in the Blackstone Institute for training in Modern American Law with its application to the Administration of Business.

"One day I was doing some work which threw me in contact with the president of the bank. The knowledge I showed in handling several legal questions surprised him. He said he thought every business man ought to know law.

“A short time later the Board of Directors elected me Secretary and General Manager of the bank. Three months later I was elected VicePresident and Treasurer, and then shortly afterwards I was called to my present position at a handsome increase in salary." Legal Training Brings

Results The experience of Mr. Brickel and of thousands of other men shows the formula which brings real business success. That formula is an application to everyday affairs of the principles of — LAW.

Law is fundamental. Every act of business-from a simple contract in sales and delivery, to the organization of a big corporation has back of it a

For those who want to earn promotion as Mr. Brickel has done and for those who want to enter an independent and profitable profession, the Institute has published an attractive 118-page booklet of everyday legal pointers. You may have a copy upon request without any obligation.

A few minutes reading of the book will show you how to become more successful in business or professional life and will also give you some tips you can use at once in your daily business affairs. Send for your copy today. Blackstone Institute, Dept. 1591, 608 South Dearborn Street, Chicago, Illinois.

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608 South Dearborn St.,

Dept. 1591, Chicago, II.

composite, being Celtic, Roman, Saxon, Danish and our language expressions that fit. We have the grandFrench, with a new infusion of Latin and Italian by est language in the world, capable of more appropriate the priests, considerable Greek and contributions from uses than any other. For this reason, and because the every other language, blended at last into one. This people who speak it are the most powerful and aggresis what makes it so hard to learn and so effective to use. sive, ours will some day be the prevailing tongue.

Of one or two languages we can say that they are There is the language; help yourself—you can have always something: Italian always melodious; Spanish of it what you choose, and it is your own fault if you always mellifluous-a language of love. But English do not select a rich and full vocabulary for your daily is not always anything; it is what we make of it. That use. It is a very good plan to read periodically a few is why the English-speaking writers and orators show pages of the dictionary under different letters, marking a greater variety of style than those of any other lan- the words that seem good to remember. You can not guage. Some call English clumsy. Indeed, a clumsy thus select the best words, however, for the true way mind can make it seem so; but the language itself is to learn their value is to learn it in use from conversasolid as a heavy beam of steel, and flexible as a Da- tion, oratory, and books. Good use of words gives mascus sword-blade, which could be bent double with- them a much wider meaning. out snapping. What writer has such strength and We can tell from one's conversation what kind of majesty as Shakespeare, and such lightness in his ten- people he has grown up with, lived among and imitated. der passages, sonnets, and lyrics, or more exquisite If one is not fortunate enough to mingle with persons delicacy than Shelley and Swinbourne? Some of whose language is pure, then nothing is left but to Shelley's lines seem like language melting into music. study the best writers and speakers. Any individuality or thought or emotion can find in

(To be continued.)


IF YOU HAVE BOTCHED 1920 \HE mill cannot grind with the water that has New Year line to haunt you and mar your efficiency

passed.” Nor can you do anything with the for another twelvemonths. Don't let the past sap

time that has gone by. The sand that has any more of your energies, steal any more of your time, run through your life's hour-glass cannot run through destroy any more of your peace and happiness. again. We can do nothing with the past except to As Kipling says, “There is for you nothing irremediprofit by its lesson. If it has been painful and bitter able, nothing ineffaceable, nothing irrecoverable in and hard, that is all the more reason why we should anything you may have said or thought or done." let it go; why we should not any longer allow it to mar There is no past so black or so bitter that it cannot our lives. It has certainly thwarted us, pained us be redeemed. Do not let it sap any more of your enough already. Let us put it behind us now and energies, waste any more of your time, destroy more begin again.

of your peace or happiness. If you have botched 1920, if you have not succeeded Live in the here and now. Let this be the bugle call in your undertakings, if you have been a failure in the for the New Year. Live your life fully, completely, past, if you have been humiliated by your mistakes, richly. Do not make this a mean, stingy, povertyyour shortcomings, the paucity of your achievement; stricken year. Pack this year, not next year, with all if you have been foolish, wasting your time, your the good things you can command. money, your life, do not drag these ghosts over the



DLENESS never won distinction in the world, and never will. The

world does not owe us a living, but every man owes the world work. God made man for employment and we cannot dodge the issue.The Road to Recognition.


MAN may fight fiercely to hold his own in business; but he does

not need to fight to get ahead of someone in the elevator, or up the car steps, or at the post office window. And no matter how strong competition is, business and personal courtesy make it easier and pleasanter for everybody.-William H. Hamby.

Do You Speak Correct English?

Or do you only think you do?

Correct English is the Password of Culture Do you realize that the only means a stranger has of “placing" you, that is, of reading your early associations and present education, is by the English you speak or write?

You Cannot Afford to Speak Poor English Correct Speech and Accurate Pronunciation are essential to progress in business and in society. Your ease among educated people depends upon your confidence in your own speech. You may tactfully conceal your ignorance in other subjects, but every time you utter a word, your education and refinement are judged by the kind of English you speak. BUSINESS PEOPLE need Correct English for their advancement; PROFESSIONAL PEOPLE need it in their associations; SOCIETY PEOPLE need it in club and drawing-room; TEACHERS need it in the schoolroom; PARENTS need it in the home; EVERYBODY needs Correct English.

Do You Say n'kwirry for, inqui'ry; pon for coupon, press'idence for prece'dence; allies for al-lies'; epitome for epit'o-me; ac'climated for acdi' mated; progrum for program; hydth for height; ali'as for a'lias; oleomarjeri ne for oleomargarine; grimmy for gri'my; compar’able for com'parable; etc.? Do You Say between you and 1; a

raise in salary; a long ways' off; a setting hen; let's you and I go somewheres; those kind of men; that coat sets good; I don't know as I can; a mutual friend; the bread raises; providing I go; one less thing; where will I meet you; he referred back to; a poor widow woman; money for the poor Belgiums; etc.? Do You Know When To Use -sits or sets; laying or lying; farther or further; drank or drunk; who or whom; I or me; lunch or luncheon; affect or effect; council, consul or counsel; practical or practicable; etc.? Can You Pronounce Foreign Words Like --masseuse, 'cello, bour

geois, lingerie, décolleté, faux pas, hors d'oeuvre, maraschino, Ypres, Sinn Fein, Bolsheviki, Reichstag, Il Trovatore, Thais, Paderewski, Nazimova, Galli-Curci, Les Misérables, etc.?

Miller System of Correct English

for Cultured Speech

Adapted for Individual Study or Club Classes A practical, intensive course of 15 lessons for Men and Women of the business, professional or social world, progressive teachers, up-to-date parents, etc., in simplified applied Grammar, Rhetoric, Vocabulary, Punctuation, Common Errors, Correct Pronunciation of 525 misused English words, of War Names, of Operas, Musicians, Artists, etc., also of French, Italian, German, and Latin Phrases in common use, Good Form in Letter Writing, and many minor items that contribute to cultured conversation, poise and personality.

It Costs You Nothing to Examine the Course To Benefit Progressive People Everywhere This is the same course that the teacher has been who cannot attend these classes, THE MILLER giving for years in various cities of the United States SYSTEM OF CORRECT ENGLISH is now preto hundreds of enthusiastic students in large classes, sented through correspondence for $

.00 clubs, department stores, etc. The students repre- half the class fee, It is the lowest sent all grades and all ages and include all types of priced course of its kind. Business Men and Women, Managers, Secretaries, It costs you nothing to examine the course and learn Teachers, Doctors, Nurses, Lawyers, C. S. Practi- for yourself whether it is what YOU need. Just tioners, Musicians, Readers, Writers, Speakers, etc. fill in or copy the coupon below and mail to

The Miller System of Correct English-843 Tremont Bldg., Boston, Mass.

Send No Money

Use Free Examination Coupon

The Miller System of Correct English, Dept. S, 843 Tremont Building, Boston, Mass.

Please send, for my inspection, your 15-lesson COURSE in CORRECT ENGLISH. If I decide to keep the course, I will send you five dollars and receive the SELF-CORRECTING KEY. Otherwise I will return the lessons within five days. Write or print name and address plainly. NAME..



Leaders everywhere to organize classes in clubs, stores, factories and independently.
Teachers and Clubs should ask for circular

“How to Conduct a Money-Making Study Class."

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GEORGE-"That horse knows as much as I do.”

CLARA—"Well, don't tell anybody. You might A YOUNG Californian often visited a leading Santa

want to sell him some day.” Barbara hotel because of its excellent honey. When the young man got married the wedding trip included this hotel, so that the bride might taste this “I REALLY believe I'm in luck this time. My new ambrosial spread.

maid is a perfect treasure-clean, energetic, ecoBut the first morning there was no honey on the

nomical, easily managed and capable as can be.” breakfast table. The bridegroom frowned. He called

“Ah! And how long have you had her?” the old, familiar waiter.

“She's coming to-morrow." "Where's my honey?"" he demanded.

The waiter hesitated, looked awkwardly at the bride, then he stammered: “Er-Mamie don't work here no NEW Cook“Phwat toime do yez have breakfast?" more, sir.”

Cook—“Well, Oi'm sorry Oi can't be wid ye."

Boston Transcript. BANK CLIENT—“Halloa! What's become of the

old cashier?” New CASHIER—"He's gone away.”

MISS GREENE had been invited to be a bridesCLIENT—"For a test?”

maid at quite a smart wedding, and spent much New CASHIER—“No; to avoid arrest."-London time in planning her new frock. Tit-Bits.

At last it was ready; and when she tried it on, she

The Man Who Positively Knows Wins


It's the fellow who “knows” that gets head. The man who knows “how" and why” gets the worth-while jobsad the big salaries that go with them. et the master minds of industry show ou the short cut to real success. The ery methods and ideas that made ghty men the biggest men in their fields ill be sent to you for a week's free trial.

Accountancy and Business Management This great Business Library is a comlete business training for the beginner nd a handy reference work for the xecutive. It covers every line of busiless-shows new and better ways of loing things - explains methods by which other men have made money ind best of all shows how you can make nore money and rise to the position rou would like to have. The seven big rolumes bound in genuine American Morocco contain 2700 pages and hunfreds of valuable charts, diagrams and llustrations.

Income Tax Procedure, Advertising, Selling, Collections, Credits, Entire Library sent to you for Charting, Traffic, Purchasing, Cost Analysis, Management, Com.

mercial Law, Partnerships, Corporations, Contracts, Bookkeeping,
One Week's

Accounting. Auditing, Trial Balance, Inventories, Brokerage, Bank
ing, C.P.A. Requirements, Business Forms, Retail Store Accounting,

Insurance, Real Estate, Cost Keeping, Store Management, Mail
Free Examination Order. Labor Control, Production, Business Letter Writing, Office

Equipment, etc. Over 25,000 sets of previous editions have been sold. Take a week to decide right in your own home This is the 1920 edition- just off the press. or office whether or not the books will do for you

2700 Pages 1000 Illustrations what they have done for thousands of other men. You don't have to send us one cent for this privilege. Just fill out and mail the coupon. The whole library will come to you at once by express collect. After a week's examination you can either return the books at our expense or send us $2.80 as first payment and $3.00 pach month until the special price of $29.80 is paid. Mail the poupon now and get consulting membership in this Society free.


Chicago, U. S. A.

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American Technical Society, Dept. B-701

Chicago, U.S. A.
Please send me set of Accountancy and Business Management in
leven volumes for FREE examination, shipping charges collect.

will examine the books throughly and, if satisfied, will send
12.80 within seven days and $3 each month until I have paid the
pecial price of $29.80. If I decide not to keep the books I will
eturn them at your expense within one week,

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