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#the collection and regulation of the revenues, so long as he adheres to the terms of his engage❝ment; and will never demand any augmentation "of the annual tribute, which may be fixed."

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That the said Warren Hastings and the CouncilGeneral, not being satisfied with having instructed the Residents to make the representation aforesaid, to remove all suspicion that by the new grants any attempt should insidiously be made to change his former tenure, did resolve that a letter should be written by the Governour-General himself to the Rajah of Benares, to be delivered to Mr. Fowke the Resident, together with his credentials; in which letter they declare "the Board willing to "continue the grant of the Zemindary to him, in

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as full and ample a manner as he possessed it from former sovereigns; and on his paying the annual Stribute, &c. And in explaining the reasons for granting to him the mint and criminal justice, they inform him, that this is done in order" that he "may possess an uncontrolled and free authority “in the regulation and government of his Zemindary.3 Joya qe bag, ba



That, on the 26th February 1776, the Board Land Council did order that the proper instruments should

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should be prepared for conveying to the Rajah aforesaid the government and criminal justice, and mint of Benares, with its dependencies," in the " usual form; expressing the conditions already re“solved on in the several proceedings of the Board.": And on the same day a letter was written to thes Resident at Benares, signifying that they hadr ordered the proper instruments to be prepared, specifying the terms concerning the remittance of the Rajah's tribute to Calcutta, as well as "the " several other conditions, which had been already “ agreed to; and that they should forward it to

him, to be delivered to the Rajah." And on the 20th of March following, the Board did again explain the terms of the said tribute in a letter to the Court of Directors; and did add, “that a Sannud " (grant or patent) for his (Cheit Sing's) Zemin"dary should be furnished him on these, and the "conditions before agreed on."


That during the course of the transactions afóre said in Council, and the various assurances given to the Rajah and the Court of Directors, certain improper and fraudulent practices were used with regard to the symbols of investiture, which ought to have been given, and the form of the deeds, by which the said Zemindary ought to have been granted; for it appears that the original deeds

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were signed by the Board on the 4th September 1775, and transmitted to Mr. Fowke, the Resident at the Rajah's court; and that, on the 20th of November following, the Court of Directors were acquainted by the said Warren Hastings and the Council, that Rajah Cheit Sing had been invested with the Sannud (charters or patents) for his Zemindary, and the Kellaut (or robes of investiture) in all the proper forms. But, on the 1st of October 1775, the Rajah did complain to the Governour-General and Council, that the Kellaut (or robes), with which he was to be invested according to their order, "is not of the same kind "as that, which he received from the late Vizier "on the like occasion." In consequences of the said complaint, the Board did, in their letter to the Resident of the 11th of the same month, desire him to make inquiry respecting the nature of the "Kellaut, and invest him with one of the same

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sort, on the part of this Government, instead of "that, which they formerly described to him." And it appears highly probable, that the instru ments, which accompanied the said robes of investiture, were made in a manner conformable to the orders and directions of the Board, and the conditions by them agreed to; as the Rajah, who complained of the insufficiency of the robes, did make no complaint of the insufficiency of the instruments, or of any deviation in them from those


he had formerly received from the Vizier But a copy or duplicate of the said deeds, or instruments, was in some manner surreptitiously disposed of, and withheld from the records of the Company, and never was transmitted to the Court of Directors)



That several months after the said settlement and investiture, namely, on the 15th of April 1776, the Secretary informed the Court that he had prepared a Sannud, Cabbolut, and Pottah (that is, a patent, an agreement, and a rent-roll) for Cheit Sing's Zemindary; and the Board ordered the same to be executed. But the Resident, on receiving the same, did transmit the several objections made by the Rajah thereto, and particularly to a clause in the patent, made in direct contradiction to the engagements of the Council so solemnly and repeatedly given; by which clause the former patents are declared to be null. That on the representation aforesaid, on the 29th July, the secretary was ordered to prepare new and proper instruments, omitting the clause declaring the former patents to be null, and the said new patents were delivered to the Rajah; and the others, which he objected to, as well as those, which had been delivered to him originally, were returned to the Presidency. But neither the first set of deeds, nor the fraudulent patent aforesaid, nor the new instruments made lous


out on the complaint of the Rajah, omitting the exceptionable words, have been inserted in the Records, although it was the particular duty of the said Warren Hastings, that all transactions with the Country Powers should be faithfully entered; as well as to take care that all instruments transmitted to them, on the faith of the Company, should be honestly, candidly, and fairly executed, according to the true intent and meaning of the engagements entered into on the part of the Company; giving, by the said complicated, artificial, and fraudulent management, as well as by his said omitting to record the said material document, strong reason to presume that he did even then meditate to make some evil use of the deeds, which he thus withheld from the Company, and which he did afterwards in reality make, when he found means and opportunity to effect his evil purpose.


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65 & Designs of Mr. Hastings to ruin the Rajah of Benares.MO of Lozorilah 0109


THAT the tribute transferred to the Company by the treaty with the Nabob of Oude, being £.250,000 a year sterling, and upwards, without any deductions whatsoever, was paid monthly, with

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