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a letter, which I had the honour to address the honourable Court of Directors, dated 29th November 1780. Both this and the third article were paid immediately to the treasury, by my order to the sub-treasurer to receive them on the Company's account, but never passed through my hands. The three sums, for which bonds were granted, were in like manner paid to the Company's treasury, without passing through my hands; but their appropriation was not specified.

The sum of 58,000 current rupees was received while I was on my journey to Benares, and applied as expressed in the account.

As to the manner, in which these sums have been expended, the reference, which I have made of it, in the accompanying account, to the several accounts, in which they are credited, renders any other specification of it unnecessary; besides that those accounts either have, or will have, received a much stronger authentication than any that I could give to mine.

Why these sums were taken by me; why they were, except the second, quietly transferred to the Company's use; why bonds were taken for the first, and not for the rest; might, were this matter to be exposed to the view of the Publick, furnish a variety of conjectures, to which it would be of little use to reply. Were your honourable Court to question me upon these points, I would answer that

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that the sums were taken for the Company's benefit at times, in which the Company very much needed them; that I either chose to conceal the first receipts from publick curiosity by receiving bonds for the amount; or possibly acted without any studied design, which my memory could at this distance of time verify; and that I did not think it worth my care to observe the same means with the rest. I trust, honourable Sirs, to your breasts for a candid interpretation of my actions, and assume the freedom to add, that I think myself, on such a subject, and on such an occasion, entitled to it.

I have the honour to be,

Honourable Sirs,

Your most faithful, most obedient,

and most humble servant,

Warren Hastings.



AN ACCOUNT of Sums received on the account of the Honourable Company by the Governour-General, or paid to their Treasury by his order, and applied to their service.


October. The following sums were paid into the Treasury, and Bonds granted for the same, in the name of the Governour-General, in whose possession the Bonds remain, with a declaration upon each endorsed, and signed by him, that he has no claim on the Company for the amount either of Principal or Interest, no part of the latter having been received :

One Bond, dated the 1st

October 1780, N° 1539, 1,16,000 One Bond, dated the 2d

October 1780, N° 1540, 1,16,000

One Bond, dated the 23d

November 1780, N° 1354, 1,74,000

November. Paid into the Treasury, and carried to the Governour-General's

credit in the 12th page of the Deposites Journal of 1780-81, Mohurs of Sorts, which had been coined in the Mint, and produced, as per 358 and 359 pages of the Company's General Journal of 1780-81, Gold Mohurs

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12,861 12 11 2,05,788 14 9 32,926 3 6

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AN Account of Sums received, &c.—continued.

Brought forward


6,44,715 2 3

go April. Paid into the Treasury, and credited in the 637th page of the

Company's General Journal, as Money received from the Governour-General, on account of Durbar

charges - Sicca Rup 2,00,000

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Batta 16 per cent.


August. Received in Cash, and employed in defraying my publick disbursements, and credited in the GovernourGeneral's account of Durbar charges for April 1782

Produce of the sum mentioned in the Governour-General's letter to the honourable Secret Committee, dated 20th January 1782, and credited in the Gover nour-General's account of Durbar charges for April 1782

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Fort-William, 22d May 1782.

(Errours excepted.)

Warren Hastings.


I, William Larkins, do make oath, and say, that the letter and account, to which this affidavit is affixed, were written by me, at the request of the Honourable Warren Hastings, Esquire, on the 22d May 1782, from rough draughts written by himself in my presence: that the cover of the letter was sealed up by him in my presence, and was then intended to be transmitted to England by the Lively, when that vessel was first ordered for dispatch; and that it has remained closed until this day, when it was opened for the express purpose of being accompanied by this affidavit.

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