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On the close of the Every-Day Book, which commenced on New Year's Day, 1825, and ended in the last week of 1826, I began this work.

The only prospectus of the Table Book was the eight versified lines on the title-page. They appeared on New Year's Day, prefixed to the first number; which, with the successive sheets, to the present date, constitute the volume now in the reader's hands, and the entire of my endeavours during the half year.

So long as I am enabled, and the public continue to be pleased, the TABLE Book will be continued. The kind reception of the weekly numbers, and the monthly parts, encourages me to hope that like favour will be extended to the half-yearly volume. . Its multifarious contents and the illustrative engravings, with the help of the copious index, realize my wish, “ to please the young, and help divert the wise." Perhaps, if the good old window-seats had not gone out of fashion, it might be called a parlour-window book—a good name for a volume of agreeable reading selected from the book-case, and left lying about, for the constant recreation of the family, and the casual amusement of visitors.

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