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“Blake." — ¡Dredging in the Car- “Corsaro." Crociero del “Coribbean Sea and Gulf of Mexico and on saro (alle Isole Madera e Canarie) the east coast of the U. S., 1878-80, del Capitano E. D'Albertis. in the U. S. Coast Survey steamer Fishes, D. Vinciguerra, 1883.1. “ Blake.”', Fishes, G. B. Goode & B. A. Bean, 1882.3,

Curaçoa." Cruise of H. M. S. 1886.1, 1896.1.

“Curaçoa” among the South Sea Islands

in 1865. Baltic Sea. (The Russian expedition to the “ Ostsee.",

Fishes, A. Günther, 1872.10, 1873.8. Nar

rative, J. L. Brenchley, 1873.1. Fishes, E. K. Suvorov, 1910.1, 1913.1.

Danish Greenland. Danmarks“Blossom." Capt. (F. Beechey's voyage in the ship Blos- kyst, 1906-08.

Ekspeditionen til Grønlands nordostsom ", to the Pacific and Behring

Fishes, F. Johansen, 1906.1. Straits in 1825–28.

Fishes, J. E. Gray, 1839.1; G. T. Lay & E. East Indies. - Voyage aux Indes T. Bennett, 1839.1.

Orientales pendant, 1825–29, par Bonite." Voyage autour du Charles Bélanger.

pendant 1836 et 1837 sur Fishes, A. Valenciennes, 1834.1.

La Bonite," commandée par M. Vaillant.

Eine Reise in niederländisch

Ost-Indien (1888-89). Fishes, A. Valenciennes, 1842.1. Comments on results, H. M. D. Blainville, 1838.1.

Fishes, M. Weber, 1890.1. Borneo. L'expédition scientifique Egypt. — L'expédition (en Egypte de néerlandaise au Bornéo central.

l'armée française (sous Napoléon BonaFishes, L. L. Vaillant, 1902.1.

parte), 1798-1801. Cape Horn. Mission scientifique

Fishes, E. Geoffroy-Saint-Hilaire, 1809.2; I. du Cap Horn, 1882–83.

Geoffroy-Saint-Hilaire, 1827.1,.2. Fishes, L. L. Vaillant, 1888.3.

“Endeavor" (Cook's First Voyage). Castelnau. — Expédition dans les

- (An account of a voyage round the parties centrales de l'Amérique du Sud world, in the “ Endeavor " in 1768–71. pendant . 1843 à 1847.

Fishes, D. C. Solander (MS.) 1768.1. Fishes, F. de Castelnau, 1855.1.


." — Expedition of F.I.S. “Caudan." La campagne du “ Caudan” dans le golfe de Gascogne, tralian waters.]

'Endeavor," 1909–10, in south Ausaoût-septembre, 1895.

Fishes, A. R. McCulloch, 1911.1, 1914.1, Fishes, R. Köhler, 1896.1.

1916.1. “Challenger." — The voyage of

“Erebus” and “Terror." Voyage H.M.S. “Challenger” (around the world)

into the Antarctic) of the “Erebus during 1873–76 under

.. Sir C. W. and

Terror" under ... Sir J. C. Thomson and J. Murray.

Ross during ... 1839–43. Fishes, A. Günther, 1877.6, 1878.3, 1880.5,

Fishes, J. Richardson & J. E. Gray, 1844.1. 1887.5, 1889.8; H. N. Moseley, 1887.1; R. von Lendenfeld, 1887.2. Minor notes, narratives, etc., J. Murray, 1876.1; C. W. Thomson, 1877.1;

"Fishhawk." - Expeditions of the W. J. Spry, 1876.1; R. von Willemoes-Suhm, U. S. Fish Commission steamer “ Fish1875.1; H. N. Moseley, Add. 1876.1.

hawk" in the northwest Atlantic. Charcot L'expédition antarc- Fishes, G. B. Goode & B. A. Bean, 1896.1. tique française (1903–05) commandée par Dr. Jean Charcot.

"Garland." — Trawling experiments

of the 6 Garland (Scottish Fisheries Fishes, L. L. Vaillant, 1906.1-1907.1.

Board), 1889–1901. “Chevert."

Chevert ex

Fishes, T. W. Fulton, 1890.5-1902.4; W. pedition to New Guinea.

Wallace 1896.1. For trawling results etc., see Fishes, H. G. Alleyne & W. M. Macleay,

Fishery Board for Scotland, under Fisheries, 1877.1.

Scotland, in Index. Coquille." Voyage autour du

German East African. Eine in monde “La Coquille"

1888-90, pen

F. Stuhldant 1822–25.

mann in die Küstengebiete von OstFishes, R. P. Leeson, 1828,1, Add. 1830.1.

Afrika unternommenen Reise. Narrative, L. I. Duperry, 1826.1.

Fishes, G. Pfeffer, 1893.1..2.

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Die preus

German Central African. - Die Indo-China. Mission Pavie Indodeutsche Zentral-Afrika Expedition, Chine, 1879-95. 1907-08.

Fishes, L. L. Vaillant, 1892.2,.5, 1901.2. Fishes, P. Pappenheim & G. A. Boulenger, 1914.1.

Ingolf." — Danske “Ingolf”-Ex

pedition to the north Atlantic). German East Asian.

Fishes. H. F. Jungersen, 1898.1, 1899.1, sische Expedition nach Ost-Asien (China, 1905.1; C. F. Lütken, 1898.1. Japan, Borneo). Fishes, E. von Martens, 1865,1, 1876.1.

" Investigator." Cruises of H.

M. Indian marine surveying steamer German North Polar. Die zweite Investigator” in the Bay of Bengal.) deutsche Nordpolarfahrt in 1869 und Fishes, A. Alcock, 1889.1-1899.1, 1901.11870.

1905.1; A. Alcock & A. C. McGilchrist, 1892.1;

A. F. McArdle, 1901.1; R. B. Seymour-Sewell, Fishes, W. C. H. Peters, 1874.1.

1912.1, 1913.1. German South Polar. Die

“ Lady Franklin ” and “ Sophia." deutsche Südpolar-Expedition, 1901-03. - Voyage in Baffin's Bay and Barrow

Fishes, P. Pappenheim, 1912.1, 1914.1; L. Straits in 1850–51, performed by Lampe, Add. 1914.1.

H.M.S. “Lady Franklin ” and “So“Golden Crown." – Expeditions of phia.” the government of Bengal's steam Fishes, P. C. Sutherland, 1852.1. trawler Golden Crown" (in the Bay

"La Manche." of Bengal).

Voyage de “La

Manche" à l'île Jan-Mayen et au SpitzFishes, B. L. Chaudhuri, 1908.2; A. Ahmad, 1911.1: J. T. Jenkins, 1910.2-1912.1; N. Annan

berg, 1892. dale, 1909.1, 1910.1; X. Annandale & J. T. Fishes, L. L. Vaillant, 1891.1. Jenkins, 1910.1.

“Magenta.” Gruvel. Missions Gruvel sur la

Viaggio . . . al

globo della “Magenta" durante côte occidentale d'Afrique (1905–12).

1863-68. Fishes, J. Pellegrin, 1914.2.

Zoology, A, Targioni-Tozzetti, 1877.1. Hamberg Magellan. Die Ham

Mexico and Central America. burgische magelhaenische Sammelreise, 1892-93.

Mission scientifique au Mexique et dans

l'Amérique centrale. Fishes, E. Lönnberg, 1907.1.

Fishes, L. L. Vaillant & F. Boucourt, 1874.1. "Herald.” The voyage of H.M.S. “ Herald " during .

" Michael Sars." 1845-51

- The “ Michael around the globe and in the Arctic Sars north Atlantic deep sea expediOcean.

tion, 1910 . under Sir John Murray

and Dr. Johann Hjort. Fishes, J. Richardson, 1854.1.

Fishes, E. Collett, 1909.1; E. Lea, Add “Hirondelle.” — Expeditions to 1913.1 (Muranoid larvæ). Report on expedition, the Azores and Canary Islands in

E. Lea, 1913.2. 1885-88 by the Prince of Monaco in his

Moluccas and Borneo.

Eine zooyacht “ Hirondelle.",

logische Forschungsreise in den MolukFishes, R. Collett, 1889.1, 1896.2. Other ken und Borneo .. von W. Kukenaccounts, under Albert I (Prince of Monaco).

thal. " Hirondelle II.". Campagnes du Fishes, F. Steindachner, 1903.1. yacht “ Hirondelle II," 1911–13.

New Guinea. — Nova Guinea . Fishes, E. Zugmayer, 1913.2, 1914.1.

l'expédition Néerlandaise à la Hopkins-Stanford. — The Hopkins- Nouvelle-Guinée en 1903 (1907 et 1909) Stanford Galapagos Expedition, 1898– sous . . . Arthur Wichmann. 99.

Fishes, M. Weber, 1908.1, 1913.3. Fishes, R. E. Snodgrass & E. Heller, 1903.1, 1905.1, 1906.1.

New Zealand. - New Zealand govHowgate. (The Howgate polar

ernment trawling expedition, 1907. expedition to Arctic America, 1877–78.)

Fishes, E. R. Waite, 1909.1. Fishes, T. H. Bean, 1879.1.

Norwegian North Atlantic. Den Indiana-Carnegie. — Expedition to

Norske Nordhavs-Expedition, 1876–78. British Guiana of Indiana University

Fishes, R. Collett, 1878.1,.2, 1880.1,.4. and the Carnegie Museum, 1908.

" Novara." Reise der oesterFishes, C. H. Eigenmann, 1909.4, 1912.2. reichischen Fregatte Novara


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die Erde, in 1857-59, unter ischen Archipel

1891-93 von Dr. Commodore B. von Wüllerstorf-Ur- Richard Semon. bair.

Fishes, R. W. Semon, 1893.1-1908.1; M. Fishes, R. Kner, 1864.4, 1865.3. Narrative,

Weber, 18 Narrative, R. W. Semon, 1896.2, etc., B. von Wüllerstorf-Urbair, 1861.1.

1899.1, 1903.2; W. B. Spencer, 1898.1. "Olga." – Eine Untersuchungs- Siboga." Siboga-Expeditie . . fahrt (der “Olga,'', nach der Bäreninsel

in nederlandsch Oost-Indië, 1899–1900. und Westspitzbergen (im Jahre 1898). Fishes, M. Weber, 1909.1, 1913.1; narrative,

1901.2. Fishes, E. Ehrenbaum, 1905.1. Orbigny. - Voyage dans l'Amérique

South Australian. - South Ausméridionale .. pendant . . . 1826–33,

tralian government trawling cruise,

1914. par A. d'Orbigny Fishes, A. Valenciennes, 1847.2.

Fishes, E. R. Waite & A. R. McCulloch,

1915.1. Peary. - Peary auxiliary expedition of 1894.

" Southern Cross." Voyage of

the “ Southern Cross" into the AntFishes, 0. Holmquist, 1899.1.

arctic regions in 1908–09.] Peary relief expedition of 1899.

Fishes, G. A, Boulenger, 1902.30. Fishes, H. W. Fowler, Add. 1914.3.

Reise in BrasiPrzewalski Central Asian.

Spix and Martius.

lien .. 1817 bis 1820 gemacht
von N. M. Przewalski nach Central-
Asien unternommene Reise.

von J. B. von Spix und C. F. P. von

Martius. Fishes, S. M. Herzenstein, 1888.1.

Fishes, J. B. von Spix & L. Agassiz, 1829.1. " Princesse Alice.” The explo- Narrative, J. B. von Spix & C. F. P. von Marrations of Albert I of Monaco in the

tius, 1823.1, 1824.1. “Princesse Alice" in the Mediterra

Stanford. — The Stanford expedinean Sea and the eastern Atlantic, tion to Brazil in 1911. 1901-10.1

Fishes, E. C. Starks, 1913.1. Fishes, J. Richard, 1905.1; E. Zugmayer 1911.1, 2. Narrative, etc., Albert 1 (Prince of Monaco) 1896.1, 1904.1, 1906.1, Add. 1895.1

“Sulphur." – The . . . voyage of

H.M.S. “Sulphur” (around the world) Princeton Patagonian.


under . . . Capt. Sir Edward Belcher, Princeton University expeditions to during . . . 1836-42. Patagonia, 1896-99.

Fishes, J. Richardson, 1844.5. Fishes, C. H. Eigenmann, 1909.3, 1910.1.

Sunda. Die Sunda-Expedition des “ Samarang." – The voyage of Vereins für Geographie und Statistik zu H.M.S. Samarang" in eastern seas), Frankfort-am-Main. under . . . Captain E. Belcher, during

Fishes, C. M. Popta, 1912.2,.3. 1843–46. Fishes, J. Richardson, 1848.1. Smaller papers,

Swedish Arctic. - The Swedish A. Adams, 1850.1-1863.1, Add. 1864.1.

Arctic expedition to Spitzbergen and Schomburgk, (R. H.). Roberti

King Charles Land, 1898.

Fishes, E. Ehrenbaum, 1901.2; E. Lönnberg, Hermann) Schomburgk's Reisen in

1899.5. Guiana und am Orinoko während ..., 1835-39.

Swedish Magellan. Die schweFishes, R. H. Schomburgk, 1841.1.

dische Expedition nach den MagelSchomburgk, (M. R.).

lansländern, 1895-97.

Reisen in Britisch-Guiana in 1840-44 ..

Fishes, F. A. Smitt, 1897.1. von Moritz] R[ichard) Schomburgk. Swedish South Polar. Die

Fishes, J. Müller & F. H. Troschel, 1848.1. schwedische Südpolar Expedition, 1901“Scotia."

Dr. O. Nordenskiold. The Scottish National 03, unter Antarctic Expedition (in the “Scotia",

Fishes, E. Lönnberg, 1905.3. .. 1902–04 ... under W. S. Bruce.

" Terra Nova.” British antarctic Fishes, R. S. Clark, 1912.1, 1913.1; L. Dollo, 1906.2-1909.3; C. T. Regan. 1913.1. Narrative,

(" Terra Nova ") expedition, 1910. etc. T. Wilton, 1908.1; W.S. Bruce, Add. 1914.1. Fishes, C. T. Regan, 1914.1,.4, 1916.3.

Semon. - Zoologische Forschungs- Tanganyika. (Expeditions to reisen in Australien und dem malay- Lake Tanganyika -I, 1895-96; and



II, 1899–1900, by J. E. S. Moore: and " Valdivia." - Die deutsche TiefIII, 1904-1905, by W. A. Cunnington.) see-Expedition auf dem ...“ValFishes, G. A. Boulenger, 1898.15, 1900.8,

divia 1898-99. 1901.10,.23, 1906.6.

Fishes, A. Brauer, 1902.1-1908.1. General

reports on results, C. Chun, 1897.2-1908.1. Thayer. - [The Thayer expedition


Voyage autour du to Brazil under Louis Agassiz, 1865-66.]

monde sur la . .. Vénus,” pendant Fishes, C. H. Eigenmann, 1908.1. Narrative, Prof. L. and Mrs. E. C. Agassiz, 1868.1.

1836–39, commandée par A. du Prof. Eigenmann has issued several papers

Petit-Thouars. since 1914 on the fishes collected by this expedi

Fishes, A. Valenciennes, Add. 1855.1. tion.

“ Violante.” Le crociere del “ Thetis." — Trawling operations off “ Violante" (nel Mediterraneo). the coast of New South Wales ... by

Fishes, D. Vinciguerra, 1883.2. H.M.C.S.“ Thetis."

Werner. Zoologische ForschungsFishes, E. R. Waite, 1898.1..2, 1899.4, 1900.3.

reise Dr. Franz Werner's nach dem Tilho. Mission Tilho (au Lac ägyptischen Sudan und Nord-Uganda. Tchadi (1906-09).

Fishes, F. Werner, 1906.1. Fishes, J. Pellegrin, 1914.3.

Wilkes. · United States exploring Travailleur” and “ Talisman."

expedition into the South Seas, 1838–42 - Expéditions scientifiques du “ Tra

(under Capt. C. Wilkes). vailleur " et du “ Talisman” (autour

Fishes of the Pacific slope of North America,

L. Agassiz, 1855.1. Narrative, C. Wilkes, Add. du monde, pendant, 1880–83.

1845.1. Fishes, L. L. Vaillant, 1888.2. General " Wodan.” Expeditions of the accounts, E. L. Bouvier, 1890.1; H. Filhol, 1884.1, 1885.1.

“Wodan” in the North Sea, 1902–11.)

Fishes, H. C. Redeke, 1911.3.
United States Naval. The United
States naval astronomical expedition to

Woy Woy." - The expedition of the southern hemisphere (Chile), during

the “Woy Woy" in the Tasman Sea. ... 1849–52.

Fishes, A. R. McCulloch, 1907.1. Fishes, C. Girard, 1855.1, 1856.1.

Yarkand. — The first Yarkand ex

pedition of the government of India, "Uranie" and “Physicienne" 1873). - Voyage autour du monde sur Fishes, F. Day, 1876.3. “ L'Uranie" et "La Physicienne, pendant, 1817–20.

(Second Yarkand mission of the Fishes, J. R. C. Quoy & P. Gaimard, 1824.1,

government of India.) .2..3.

Fishes, F. Day, 1878.5.




Aarsber. Vedkom. Norges Fiske- Ann. Rept. Forest, Fish & Game rier. - Aarsberetning Vedkommende Comm. of N. Y. - Annual Report of Norges Fiskerier. Christiana, 1882; the Forest, Fish and Game CommisBergen, 1900. Current.

sion of the State of New York. 1900

to date. Current. Abh. Deutsch. Seefischerei-Ver. --- Abhandlungen des Deutschen See- Ann. Rept. Comm. Fisheries Infisherei-Vereins. Berlin, 1897–1913. diana. — Annual Report of the ComCurrent (?).

missioner of Fisheries of Indiana.

1882-83. Acquicolt. Lombard. L'Acquicoltura Lombarda. Milano, 1899-1905.

Afterwards "Bienn. Rept.," etc. (9.v.). 7 vols.

Ann. Rept. Comm, Inland FishNext as “Rev. Mens. Pesca,” Milano. (q. o.). eries Rhode Island. Annual ReAllg. Fisch.-Zeitg. Allgemeine Fisheries of the State of Rhode Island.

port of the Commissioners of Inland Fischerei-Zeitung. München, 1886 to

1871 to date. Current. date. Current.

Continuation of "Bayerische Fischerei- Ann. Rept. Dept. Marine & Fishzeitg." (q. v.).

eries Canada. Annual Report of Amer. Angler. - The American the Department of Marine and FishAngler. New York, 1881-1900. 30 eries of Canada. 1868 to date. Cur. vols.

rent. Merged in 1900 into "Field & Stream."

Ann. Rept. Fish. Board Scotland. Amer. Fish Cult. — The American Annual Report of

the Fishery Fish Culturist. St. Johnsbury, Vt., Board for Scotland. 1882 to date. 1904-05. 2 vols.

Current. Merged with "Field & Stream," 1905.

See also "Rept. Fishery Board Scotland.

Sci. Invest.," and ditto, “Salmon Fisheries." Ann. Stat. Aquic. Boulogne-surMer. — Annales de la Station Aquicole

An. Com. Perm. Pesca. Anuario de Boulogne-sur-Mer. Boulogne-sur- Comision Permanente de Pesca. MaMer, 1892–1912. Ceased(?).

drid, 1868–69. 2 vols. All published. Ann, Rept. Comm. Fisheries of Arbeit. Ichthyol. Lab. Kasp. N. Y. - Annual Report of the Com- Fisch.-Verwalt. — Arbeiten des Ichmissioners of Fisheries of the State of thyologischen Laboratorium der KaspiNew York. 1869-94.

Volgaschen Fischerei-Verwaltung in Title varies. Next as:

Astrachan. Text in Russianj 1909-13.

Ceased (?). Ann. Rept. Comm. Fish. Game & Forests of N. Y. Annual Report of Arch. Fischereigesch. — Archiv the Commissioners of Fisheries, Game für Fischereigeschichte. Darstellungen and Forests of the State of New York. und Quellen. Berlin, 1913–17. Cur1895–99. Next as:

rent (?).

1 A list of the chief periodicals on these subjects, with places and years of publication so far as ascertained. The articles ("a," "an," and "the") in English and other languages are disregarded in alphabetizing.

The abbreviations are placed first in order that this section may serve as a finding list for the full titles.

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