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- An analytical subject bibliog - A bibliographical catalogue of raphy of the publications of the (U. S.) the Waltonian library belonging to the Bureau of Fisheries, 1871-1920. By estate of R. W. Coleman. By Joseph Rose M. E. MacDonald. (Append. Ý

Sabin. New York, 1866. 149 p. 8°. to) Rept. U. S. Comm. Fisheries, 1920. This includes the works listed in Bethune, 306 p. 8°.

G. W. 1847.1. A sale catalogue (36 p. 4o.) of

this collection is dated London, 1897. - Archiv für Naturgeschichte, 1835–1919. 85 vols. Berlin, 1835

- Bibliographie der deutschen 1920. 8°.

naturwissenschaftlichen Litteratur. Each year's issue in 2 pts., memoirs and bibli

(1901-1914; 18 vols. Jena & Berlin, ography.

1902–14. 8°. – The Bartlett collection. A list Vols. for 1904-14 published at Berlin. of books on angling, fishes, and fish - (Bibliographie d', Ichthyologie. culture in Harvard College library. By Hippolyte Cloquet. Dictionnaire By L. R. Albee. Cambridge (Mass.), des Sciences Naturelles. Paris, 1821, 1896. 180 p. 8°.

vol. XXII, 443-548. This includes, with many additions, the titles in Bartlett, J. 1882.1.

- Bibliographie des travaux scien- Bibliografia ed inventario delle tifiques (sciences mathématiques, phyittioliti terziarie di Monte Bolca con

siques et naturelles) publiés par les soservate nel Civico Museo di Verona.

ciétés savantes de la France depuis By Vittorio dal Nero. Madonna

l'origine jusque'en 1888. By J. Deniker. Verona, 1911, 2, 120-126; 3, 133–167: Paris, 1916. 607 p. 4° 1912, 4, 246–260.

Vol. I, Ain-Orne, all published to date. - Bibliographia zoologica (adhuc

-- Bibliographie der Veröffentlichdiario“ Zoologischer Anzeiger” ad

ungen der wissenschaftlichen Vereine nexa) condita ab J. Victor Carus, edidit,

und Gesellschaften Deutschlands im sub cura doctoris Herbert Haviland

neunzehnten Jahrhunderti seit ihrer Field. Concilium Bibliographicum. 29

Begründung bis auf die Gegenwart. vols. Zurich, 1896–1916.

By Johannes Müller (librarian). BerSee also "Zoologischer Anzeiger."

lin, 1883–87. 878 p. 4°.

See also Müller, J. (librarian) 1883.1. - Bibliographia zoologiæ et geologiæ. A general catalogue of all books,

- Bibliography and catalogue of tracts, and memoirs on zoology and

the fossil vertebrates of North America. geology. By Louis Agassiz. Cor By Oliver Perry Hay. Bull. U. S. rected, enlarged, and edited by H. E. Geol. Survey, 1902, no. 179, 868 p. Strickland (and Sir Wm. Jardine (for This includes the titles on fossil fishes found

in Darton, N. H. 1896.1; Weeks, F. B. 1902.1; vol. IV1). 4 vols. London, 1848-54.

and Warman, P. C. 1893.1, and 1901.1. For 2259 p. 8°.

titles since 1902, see the following:



There are here brought together the chief bibliographies known to us containing extensive references to Fishes, Fisheries, Pisciculture, and Angling.

Reference to special bibliographies on particular or restricted subjects will be found throughout the Subject Index under their respective sections. In general, citations indicated by a star or by black-faced type will be found to contain special bibliographies of the subject.

- Bibliography of North Ameri- recensio fit auctorum, qui de piscibus can geology, palæontology, etc. Bull. scripsere, librorum titulis, loco & edi. U.S. Geol. Surv., 1901-19.

tionis tempore, etc. By Peter Artedi. I. 1901-05. By F. B. Weeks. Bull. Lugduni Batavorum, 1738. 66 p. 8°. 1906, no. 301. 770 p.

Part i of Artedi, P. Pre-Linn. 1738.1. II. 1906-07. By F. B. Weeks & J. For a revised and augmented ed., see next N. Nickles. Bull. 1908, no. 372, 317 p.

title. III. 1908-18. By J. N. Nickles. ---- Bibliotheca ichthyologica, seu Bull. 1909-19, nos. 409, 444, 495, 524, historia litteraria ichthyologiæ, etc. 545, 584, 617, 645, 665, 684, 698.

Emendata et aucta, etc. By Johann

Julius Walbaum. Grypeswaldiæ, 1788. - A bibliography of fishes. By

230 p. Bashford Dean. 3 vols. New York,

Part i of "Petri Artedi renovati," etc., by J. 1916–23. 8°.

J. Walbaum, 1788.1. Vols. I & II, enlarged and edited by C. R.

- Bibliotheca, ordine chronologico Eastman, 1420 p.

Vol. III, extended and edited by E. W. Gud recensens Daniæ, Norvegiæ, Islandiæ & ger; assisted by A. W. Henn.

Holsatiæ auctores et libros, scientias -- Bibliography of fishes of the

naturales tractantes, etc. By Martin Pacific coast of the United States to the

Thrane Brünnich. Pt. II of his “Litteend of 1879. By Theodore N. Gill.

raria Danica Scientiarum Naturalium." Smithson. Misc. Colls., 1882, 23, 1-73.

Hafniæ & Lipsiæ, 1783. 242 p.

-- Bibliotheca ichthyologia et pis- A bibliography of vertebrate catoria. Catalogue de livres et d'écrits embryology. By C. S. Minot. Mem. sur l'histoire naturelle des poissons et Boston Soc. Nat. Hist. 1886-93 (1893), des cétacés, la pisciculture, les pêches, 4, 487-618.

la législation des pêches, etc. By D. - Bibliotheca anatomica quo Mulder Bosgoed. Harlem, 1874. 474 p. scripta ad anatomiam et physiologiam facientia a rerum initiis recensentur.

Second title-page is in Dutch. For an earlier By Albrecht von Haller. 2 vols.

ed., see Bosgoed, D. M. 1871.1. Tiguri, 1874-77. 1686 p. 4°.

---- Bibliotheca piscatoria. A cata

logue of books on angling, the fisheries - Bibliotheca animalis oder Ver

and fish-culture, with bibliographical zeichniss derer meisten Schriften, so von Thieren und deren Theilen handeln,

notes, etc. By Thomas Westwood &

Thomas Satchell. London, 1883. 397 etc. By Franz Ernst Brückmann.

p. 8°. Wolfenbüttel, 1743. 277 p. 8°.

This work includes the titles found in and A supplementary volume was issued, 1747. hence supersedes: Bethune, G. W. 1847.1;

Ellis, H. 1811.1: Pickering. W. 1836.1: Satchell, - Bibliotheca historico-naturalis,

T. 1882.1: Smith, J. R. 1856.1: Westwood, T. ... oder systematisch geordnete Ueber 1861.1. For a supplement, see “A list of books sicht ... der auf dem Gebiete der on fish," etc., by R. B. Marston, 1901.1. gesammten Naturwissenschaft neuer - Bibliotheca regni animalis atque schienenen Bücher, etc. 38 vols. lapidei, seu recensio auctorum et libroGöttingen, 1851-88. 8°.

rum, qui de regno animali et lapides - Bibliotheca historico-naturalis.

... in usum naturalis tractant, hisVerzeichniss der Bücher über Natur

toriæ studiosorum. By Laurentius geschichte . . . welche in den Jahren

Theodorus Gronovius. Lugduni Bata1700-1846 erschienen sind. Von Wil

vorum, 1760. 326 p. 4°. helm Engelmann. Leipzig, 1846. 786 p.

- Bibliotheca scriptorum his8o.

toriæ naturalis, oeconomia, aliarumque Continued as “Bibliotheca zoologica, Ver

artium ac scientiarum ad illam pertizeichniss,” etc. (2. v.).

nentium realis systematica. By George -- Bibliotheca Hungarica historia

Rudolph Boehmer. 2 vols. in 2 pts. naturalis et matheseos. Magyarorszig

each] Lipsiæ, 1785–86. 2690 p. 8°. természettunományi is mathematikai

The most extensive bibliography of natural Könyveszete, 1472-1875.

history ante Agassiz & Strickland.

By Jossef Szinnyei and

Jozef Szinnyei (the


Bibliotheca scriptorum younger). Budapest, 1878. 1007 p. 8°.

riæ naturalis omnium terræ regionum

inservientium; historia naturalis Hel— Bibliotheca ichthyologica sive vetiae prodromus. Accedit Jacobus Le historia litteraria ichthyologia in qua Long de scriptoribus historia naturalis

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Galliæ. By Johann Jacob Scheuchzer. ---- Bibliothèque physique de la Tiguri, 1751. 251 p. 8°.

France, ou liste de tous les ouvrages An earlier ed., Tiguri, 1716.

tant imprimées que manuscrits qui

traitent de l'histoire naturelle de ce - Bibliotheca scriptorum venati royaume. By L. A. P. Herissant. corum continens auctores, qui de vena- Paris, 1771. 8°. tione, sylvis, aucupio piscatura ...

- Bidrag till öf versigt af Sveriges commentati sunt. By Georg Christopher Kreysig. Altenburgi, 1750. 190p.

ichthyologiska literatur. By Frederic Lundberg. Stockholm, 1872. 56 p.

8o. - Bibliotheca zoologica Danica,

-- Catalogue of the books, manu1876-1906. Fortegnelse over Dan

scripts, maps and drawings in the marks zoologiske literatur, 1876-1906.

British Museum (Natural History). By Svend Dahl. Kjøbenhavn, 1910. 5 vols. London, 1903–1915. 2403 p. 262 p. 89.

Bibliotheca zoologica Fenniæ. - A catalogue of the collection of By O. M. Reuter and Alexander Luther. books on angling belonging to Dean Acta. Soc. Faun. Flora Fenn., 1909, 24, Sage. New York, 1896. 245 p. sq. 8°. no. 1, 361 p.

A supplement (24 p.) was issued in 1904. Bibliotheca zoologica. Verzeichniss

- Catalogue of the library of the der Schriften über Zoologie welche late John G. Hecksher. 3 parts. New vom Jahre 1846–1860 selbständig er

York, 1909. 382 p. 12o. schienen sind, etc. By J. Victor Carus Lists 2442 items in ichthyology, angling, and Wilhelm Engelmann. 2 vols.

and fisheries. Leipzig, 1861. 2140 p. 4°.

- Catalogue of scientific papers This is a continuation of “Bibliotheca his- (1800-1900) compiled by the Royal torico-naturalis," etc., (q. v.), and in turn is Society of London. 17 continued as:

1867-1921. 4°. -- Bibliotheca zoologica II. Ver- Issued in 4 series (4th incomplete), and comzeichniss der Schriften über Zoologie

monly known as the "Royal Society Catalogue.” ... welche vom Jahre 1861-1913 - Catalogus doctorum virorum, selbständig erschienen sind. By O. qui præter Oppianum de venatione et Taschenberg. 7 vols. Leipzig, 1887 piscatione, aut rebus ad eam perti1913. 6072 p. 4o.

nentibus scripserunt. By Conrad Rit

tershusius in his “Prologomena in - Bibliothek der Forst- und Jagd Oppianum.” Lugduni Batavorun, 1597. Wissenschaft; oder Verzeichniss der in leaves 74 & 75. älterer und neuer Zeit, besonders aber

The oldest known list of writers on fish and vom Jahre 1750 bis gegen Ende des fishing. Jahres 1842 in Deutschland erschien

enen Bücher über alle Theile des

Check list of books on angling,

fish, fisheries, fish-culture, etc., in the Forst- und Jagdwesens, über die Fis

library of D. B. Fearing. New York, cherei, etc. By T. C. F. Enslin & W.

1901. 138 p. 4°. Engelmann. Leipzig, 1843. 102 p.

This remarkable collection is now 8o.

in the

Harvard library. 2d ed. revised by Engelmann: Ist by Enslin, 1823. Continued as:

- Concilium Bibliographicum.

H. H. Field, editor. Zurich, 1896–1920. - Bibliothek der Forst- und Jagd

A system of bibliographical cards arranged Literatur. Ein Verzeichniss der über alphabetically by authors, and numerically by alle Theile des Forst- und Jagdwesens subjects. See also "Bibliographia zoologica.” und über Fischerei in Deutschland er - Deliciæ Cobresianæ. Bücherschienenen Schriften umfassend dem

sammlung zur Naturgeschichte. By J. Zeitraum vom Jahre 1842 bis zum

P. Cobres. 2 vols. Augsburg, 1781Jahre 1856, etc. By F. W. Schneider. 82. 956 p. Berlin, 1856. 63 p. 8°.

- Elementi per una bibliografia - Bibliothek der gesammten Na- italiana intorno all'idrofauna agli turgeschichte. By Johann Fibig & B. allevamenti degli animali acquatici e S. Nau. 2 vols. Frankfurt-am-M., alla pesca. By Guelfo Cavanna. Fi1789-91.

renze, 1880. 170 p. 8°.

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Exposé des titres et travaux scientifiques (1869-1896). By Alfred Giard. Paris, 1896. 300 p. 4°.

- Index auctorum, qui de piscibus eorumque vario usu scripserunt, quorumque in hoc libro aut ab Artedio mentio facta est, ad seculum deductus. By J. G. Schneider in his “ Petri Artedi Synonymia piscium Graeca et Latina emendata . .. Sive Historia piscium ... ab Aristotelis usque ævo ad seculum XIII deducta," etc. Lipsiæ, 1789. 227–246.

- International catalogue of scientific literature. London. 8°.

I. Section K. Palæontology. 13 vols. 1903–1916.

II. Section N. Zoology. 1904–1914.

The first 5 vols. of Section N (1904-1907) appeared as separate issues: those for 1908-1914 in and as the Zoological Record with 2 title pages.

- A list of books on fish, fishing, and fisheries, to supplement the “ Bibliotheca piscatoria” of Westwood & Satchell published in 1883, etc. By R. B. Marston. London, 1901. 24 p. 8°.

- Udsigt over Danmarks 200logiske literatur med en indledende fremstelling af de videnskabelige grundsætninger for naturvidenskabens især zoologiens studium. By C. C. A. Gosch. 2 vols. Kjøbenhavn, 1875–78,

3d ed.; 1st, 1870, 360 p.; 2d, 2 vols., 1873.

- Verzeichniss der Schriften und Abhandlungen, die norwegischen Fi


Lichtenfelt. Bonn, 1906. 140 p. 8°.

- Literaturæ scientiæ rerum naturalium in Dania, Norvegia & Holsatia usque ad annum 1829, etc. By Mathias Winther, Havniæ, 1829. 233 p. 8°.

The record of zoological literature, 1864–69. 6 vols. London, 186570. 4°.

Continued as “The Zoological Record." (q.o.).

Ordnung zusammengestellt. By Thorvald Boeck. Christiania, 1880. 89

A revised and extended ed. of Boeck, T. 1866.1.

- Zoologischer Anzeiger, 18781895. 18 vols. Leipzig, 1878-95. 8°.

For the years named, issued in 2 parts, Mittheilungen" & "Litteratur." Succeeded in 1896 by “ Bibliographia Zoologica." (q. r.).

- Zoologischer Jahresbericht. Naples, 1879-1910 (1880-1911). 8.

An abstract and bibliographical journal.

- The zoological record, being records of zoological literature, 18701919. 56 vols. London, 1871-1921. 40:

For earlier issues, see "The Record of Zoom logical Literature."



" Albatross." — Explorations of the “Assistance." - The (Arctic) exU.S. Fish Commission steamer “ Alba- pedition in H.M.S. “ Assistance" .. tross” in the north Pacific, 1888–1900.) during . . . 1852–54, under ... Sir

Fishes, C. H. Gilbert, 1890.3, 1892.2, 1895.1, E. Belcher. 1897.1, 1908.1.

Fishes, J. Richardson, 1855.1. - Exploration of the west coast "Astrolabe." — Voyage ... de of Mexico, Central and South America, “L'Astrolabe" (autour du mondej . . . and off the Galapagos Islands ... by pendant ... 1826–29, sous . . . M.J. the U. S. Fish Commission steamer Dumont d'Urville. “ Albatross," during 1891.

Fishes, J. R. C. Quoy, & P. Gaimard, 1834.1. Fishes, C. H. Gilbert, 1891.4; S. Garman,

"Astrolabe" and "Zélée." — Voy1899.1.

age au Pôle Sud et dans l'Océanie sur — [Explorations in the northwest

...“L'Astrolabe” et “La Zélée" Atlantic by the U. S. Fish Commission

... pendant 1837-40, sous . . . J. steamer “ Albatross.”,

Dumont d'Urville. Fishes, G. B. Goode, & T. H. Bean, 1896.1.

Fishes, H. Jacquinot & A. Guichenot, - The expedition to the eastern 1853.1. tropical Pacific by the ...“ Alba "Aurora." - (Die Reise in Japan, tross"... 1904–05.

S. M. Schiff “ Aurora" in den Jahren Sharks' teeth, C. R. Eastman, 1906.3. 1895 und 1896.) - The Philippine cruise of the

Fishes, F. Steindachner, 1896.2. U. S. Fisheries steamer “ Albatross," Australasian Antarctic. — Austral1907-10.1

asian Antarctic expedition, 1911-14, Fishes, L. Radcliffe, 1911.1, 1912.1,.2, under ... Sir Douglas Mawson. 1913.1,.2; H. M. Smith, 1912.2,.6, 1913.2.

Fishes, E. R. Waite, 1916.1,.2. - The U. S. Bureau of Fisheries Baluchistan. – Die Reise von Dr. steamer "Albatross" in Japanese Eric Zugmaver in Balutschistan, 1911. waters in 1906.)

Fishes, E. Zugmayer, 1913.3.
Fishes, C. H. Gilbert & C. V. Burke, 1912.2;
J. 0, Snyder, 1912.1,.3.

"Beagle." — The voyage of H.M.S. " Alert" and " Discovery." — Voy “Beagle,” (around the worldi under age to the polar sea during 1875–76 : : . Capt. Fitzroy, during · : · 1832in H.M.S. “ Alert” and “ Discovery."

, 36.

Fishes, L. Jenyns, 1842.1.
Fishes, A. Günther, 1877.1,.3,.8, 1878.2.
Algeria. — L'exploration scientifique

"Belgica" (Greenland). - La

croisière océanographique de “La Belde l'Algérie pendant ... 1844-67.

gica" dans la mer du Grönland, 1905. Fishes and reptiles, A. Guichenot, 1850.2.

Fishes, E. Koefoed, 1909.2. "Amelia." – Resultados das inves- "Belgica" (Antarctic). - Expéditigações scientificas feitas a bordo do tion antarctique belge . . . voyage du yacht “ Amelia” in the Mediterranean S.Y. “ Belgica.” 1897 à 1899. Sea and eastern Atlantic?).

Fishes, L. Dollo, 1900.1-1904.1. Comments Fishes, Dom Carlos de Bragança, 1899.1, on this expedition, w. H. Dall, 1905.1; J. W. 1904.1.

G. 1906.1.

1 A list of the chief voyages and expeditions known to us on which fishes have been collected in considerable numbers.

For a geographical arrangement comprising geographical works, narratives of travel, etc., see the section "Fauna of the World," of the Subject Index.

Titles are abbreviated or summarized. For full titles (so far as known to us), see in citation of author in footnote.

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