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Rev. I.—Historia Bibliografica de la Medicina EspaSola. Obra postuma

de Don Antonio Hernandez Mobejon, Medico de la Real Cauiara,

&c. Tomos vii. 1

Bibliographical History of Spanish Medicine. A Posthumous Work by

Don Antonio Hernandez Morejon, 4c. Seven volumes . . ib.

Rev. II.—1. Abstracts of Information on the Laws of Quarantine which have

been obtained by the Board of Trade. Transmitted by the Quarantine

Committee of the National Association for the Promotion of Social

Science. 1860 29

2. Copy of Abstracts of Regulations in Force in Foreign Countries re-

specting Quarantine. Communicated to the Board of Trade by the

same Committee. 1860 . . . ib.

3. Papers respecting Quarantine in the Mediterranean. Presented to the

House of Commons by command of Her Majesty in pursuance of their

Address, dated May 7th, 1860 ib.

4. Report of Dr. W. H. Burrell on the Plague of Malta in 1813. 1854 . ib.

5. Quarantine and the Plague: being a Summary of the Reports on these

Subjects recently addressed to the Royal Academy of Medicine in

France, with Introductory Observations, Jfcc. By Gavin Milroy,

M.D., &o ib.

6. The Cholera not to be Arrested by Quarantine, &c. By the same

Author . ib.

7. The International Quarantine Conference of Paris in 1851-2, with

Remarks. By the same Author ....... ib.

8. Sketch of the Operation and of some of the most striking Results of

Quarantine in British Ports since the beginning of the Present Century.

By the same Author. 1853 ib.

9. Quarantine as it is, and as it ought to be. By the same Author. 1859 ib.

10. Proceedings and Debates of the Third National Quarantine and Sani-

tary Convention held in the City of New York. 1859 . . . ib.

11. Proceedings and Debates of the Fourth National Quarantine and Sani-

tary Convention held in the City of Boston. 1860 . . . . ib.

12. On the Quarantine Classification of Substances, with a View to the

Prevention of Plague. By John Davy, M.D., &c. ('Phil. Trans.

Ed.' Vol. XV., Part II.) ib.

Rev. III.—-1. De la Pluralite ' des Maladies Veneriennes. Par M. J. Rollet,

Chirurgieu-en-Chef de l'Antiquaille, Lyon ...... 44

On the Plurality of Venereal Affections. By M. J. Rollet, Chief Sur-

geon at the Hospice de l'Antiquaille, Lyons ib.



2. A Practical Treatise on Diseases of the Urinary and Generative Organs

in both Sexes. By William Acton, late Surgeon to the Islington

Dispensary, &c. .......... 44

3. Re'cherches sur le Chancre Primifcif, et les Accidents Consecutifs, pro-

duits par la Contagion de la Syphilis Secondaire. Par Dr. A. Vien-

Noib, Ex-Interne des Höpitaux de Lyon ib.

Researches on Primitive Chancre, and the Results produced by the Con-

tagion of Secondary Syphilis. By Dr. A Viennois, Ex-Interne at

the Lyons Hospitals .......... ib.

4. On Different Forms of Primary Syphilitic Inoculation; and on

Secondary Syphilitic Inoculation. By Uenhy Lee, Surgeon to King's

College Hospital, &c. ('Medico-Chirurgical Trans.' vols. xlii. and xliii.) ib.

5. Die Beobachtung und das Experiment in der Syphilis. Beiträge zur

Pathologie dieser Krankheit. Von C. Von Hübbknet, M.D., &c. . ib.

Observations and Experiments connected with Syphilis. By Dr. C. VON

Hübben Et ib.

6. The Modern Treatment of Syphilitic Disease, both Primary and

Secondary; comprising the Treatment by a Safe and Successful Me-

thod. By Langston Parker, F.R CS ib.

7. A System of Surgery. Edited by T. Holmes, Esq. (Article Syphilis.) ib.

8. De la Contagion Syphilitique. Par Alfred Fournier, Docteur en

M&lecine, &c. ........... 45

On Syphilitic Contagion. By Dr. Alfred Fournier . . . .ib.

9. A Treatise on Syphilis in New-born Children and Infants at the

Breast. By P. DiDAT, Surgeon to the Hospice de 1'Antiquaille, Lyons.

Translated by G. Whitley, M.D., New Sydenham Society . . ib.

10. De la Transmission de la Syphilis par la Vaccination. Par A. Vikn-
Nois, Interne a l'Hospice de 1'Antiquaille a Lyon. ('Archives Cent-
rales de Mtdecine,' 1860.) ...... . ib.

On the Transmission of Syphilis by Vaccination. By Dr. A. Viennois . ib.

Rev. IV.—Ueber Idiotie mit besonderer Rücksicht auf das Stadtgebiet Salz-

burg. Pathologisch-Anatomische und Statistische Studien zur Na-

turgeschichte dieser Volkskrankheit. Von Dr. F. V. Zillner,

M.D.A.D.N 56

Idiocy, with Especial Reference to Salzburg and its Suburbs, &c. By

Dr. Zillnkk ib.

2. Untersuchungen über dieEntwickelung des Schädelgrundes im gesunden

und krankhaften Zustande, und Uber den Einlluss derselben auf Schä-

delform, Gesichtsbildung und Gehirnbau. Von Rudolf Virchow,

Prof. der Pathologischen Anatomie, Sic., zu Berlin . . . .ib.

Development of the Base of the Skull, in Healthy and Diseased Condi-

tions, and on its Influence on the Form of the Skull, &c. By Ru-

Dolf Vibchow ib.

8. Ueber den Cretinismus, namentlich in Franken, und über Pathologische

Schädelformen. (Vorgetragen in der Phys. Med. Ges. zu Wurzb.,

1851.) Von Rudolf Virchow, Prof., &c. ib.

On Cretinism, particularly in Franconia, and on Pathological Forms of the

Skull. By Rudolf Virchow ib.

4. Ueber die Verbreitung des Cretinismus in Unterfranken. Von Ru-

Dolf Virchow, Prof., &c. (Vorgetragen in der Phys. Med Ges. zu

Würzb., 1852.) ib.

On the Spread of Cretinism in Lower Franconia. By Rudolf Virchow ib.

5. Zur Entwicklungsgeschichte des Cretinismus und der Schädeldiffbrmi-

täten. Von Rudolf Vibchow ib.

On the History of the Development of Cretinism, and on Deformities of

the Skull. By Rudolf Vibchow ib.

Rev. V.—1. Klinik der embolischeu Gefässkrankheiten, mit besonderer Rück-

sicht auf die ärztliche Praxis. Von Dr. B. Cohn, Arzt am Allerheiligen

Hospital und Docenten an der Universität zu Breslau . . .70

Clinical Observations on Embolic Diseases of the Vessels, with special
reference to Practical Medicine. By Dr. B. Cohn . . . .ib.

2. Bidrag till liiran om Emboli. Akademisk Afhandling af Albert Lind-

8TKOM 70

A Contribution to the Theory of Emboli. An Academic Essay by Albkbt

Lindstbom ib.

3. Bidrag til Lsaren om Emboli. Af A. Bbcnniche, Reservehege ved

Frederiks Hospital, Hospitals-Meddelelser . . . . ib.

A Contribution to the Theory of Emboli. By A. Bbunnichb, Physician

Extraordinary to Frederiks Hospital ....... ib.

Rxv. VI.—1. Du role de 1'Alcohol et des Amesthetiques dans l'Organisme;

rechercbes expe'rimentales. Par Ludger Lallemand et Maurice

Perrin, Me"decin-Majors, &c., et J. L. P. Duroy . . . .89

On the Actions of Alcohol and Anaesthetics in the Organism; Experi-

mental Researches. By MM. Lallemand, Perrin, and Duroy . ib.

2. On Chronic Alcoholic Intoxication. By W. Marckt, M.D., &c. . ib.

3. On the Action of Foods upon the Respiration during the Primary Pro-

cesses of Digestion. By Edward Smith, M.D. ('Transactions of Royal

Society,'1859.) . . ib.

Rev. VII.—On Myalgia: its Nature, Causes, and Treatment. A Treatise on

Painful and other Affections of the Muscular System which have been

frequently mistaken for various Diseases. By T. Inman, M.D., &c. . 109

Rev. VIIL—Lives of Eminent American Physicians and Surgeons of the

Nineteenth Century. Edited by Samuel D. Gross, M.D., ice. . 121

Rev. IX.—Die Gesetze der Ernahrung des Fleischfressers durch nene Unter-

suchungen festgestellt. Von Dr. Th. L. W. Bischoff, Professor der

Anatomie und Physiologie, nnd Dr. Carl Voit, Assistent an dem

physiologischen Institut und Privatdocent in Miinchen . . . 125

The Laws of Nutrition in FJesh-feeders, based on New Researches. By

Dr. Th. L. W. Bischoff and Dr. Carl Voit, at Munich . . . ib.

2. De la Nutrition chez 1'Homme et les Animaux. Par le Dr. T. L. G.

Bischoff. (' Archiv. Gen. de Me"d.' Aout, 1860. pp. 129-148.) . ib.

'On Nutrition in Man and Animals. By Dr. T. L. G. Bischoff . . ib.

Rev. X.—The Physical Examination of the Chest in Pulmonary Consump-

tion and its Intercurrent Diseases. By Somerville Scott Alison,

M.D. Edin., &c 145

Rev. XI.—On the Signs and Diseases of Pregnancy. By T. H. Tanner,

M.D., &c 155

Rev. XII.—Norsk Magazin for Laegevidenskaben. Udgivet af det Medi-

cinske Selskab i Christiania. Anden Raekke. Redigeret af A. W.

Monster, Vosb, Faye, W. Boeck, Lund 158

Norwegian Magazine for Medical Literature. Published by the Medical

Society in Christiania. Edited by A. W. Munster, Voss, Faye, W.

Boeck, Lund ib.

Rev. XIII.—A System of Surgery, Theoretical and Practical; in Treatises

by various Authors. Edited by T. Holmes, M.A. Cantab., &c. . 162

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