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Copies of Votes of Thanks, fc. to T. W. Tone.

My Father was elected, on the tenth of June, 1792, an honorary member of the Belfast Volunteer Regiment, by the following act:

Belfast Regiment of National Volunteers. THEOBALD WOLFE TONE, Esq., was elected an honorary member of the Belfast Regiment of National Volunteers, June 10, 1792, in testimony of the high opinion that corps entertain of his eminent services in bringing about the union of Irishmen, and, thereby, ascertaining the independence, freedom, and happiness of Ireland ; which we hereby certify,


Captains. John Radt, Secretary.

In the month of April, of the same year, he had received a vote of thanks from the Catholics of that city. (See Appendix.) He had before been appointed Secretary of the Sub-committee of the Catholics, and a member of the Northern Whig Club.

On the 10th of December, 1792, he received the thanks of the General Committee of the Catholics, on the close of their sittings. (See Appendix.)

On the 20th of April, 1793, he received their thanks a second time, in the most solemn manner, before their dissolution, in these terms :

At a General Committee of the Catholics of Ireland, held on Wednesday, the 20th day of April, one thousand seven hundred and ninety-three, it was unanimously resolved, that the thanks of this committee be, and are hereby, presented to Theobald Wolfe Tone, Esq., our agent, for his faithful discharge of the duties of that office, and for the zeal, spirit, and ability, which he manifested in the cause of the Catholics of Ireland ; and, as a further mark of our esteem, that the sum of fifteen hundred pounds be presented to him, together with a gold medal, value thirty guineas, with a suitable inscription.


This vote of thanks was written on vellum, in a most beautiful hand, by Sisson Darling, his old schoolmaster, who had given him his first lessons. He wept all the time he was drawing it, and inserted, in a small and almost invisible character, in the rim, Sisson Portland Darling, scripsit, preceptor to Mr. Tone, Dublin, 1793.

Before his departure from Ireland, after he had resigned his commission of Agent and Secretary, and whilst the Whig leaders were pressing them to give him up, the leaders of the Catholics of Dublin, as the General Committee, was no longer sitting, gave him the following and parting vote of thanks :

At a meeting of the Catholics of the city of Dublin, on Thurske, day, the ninth day of April, 1795, John Sweetman, Esq., in the chair, it was resolved, unanimously, that the thanks of this meeting be respectfully presented to our Agent, Theobald Wolfe Tone, Esq., for the readiness with which he accompanied our Deputies to England, and the many other important services rendered the Catholic body-services which no gratitude can overrate, and no remuneration overpay. Signed by order of the Catholics of Dublin,



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