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nor Whitfield, -nor the Rev. Thomas Scott, (wretched as must have been the state of Christendom before his kind "Comment on God's Words") - nor the Rev. John Newton-nor Dr. Hawes (the Bath hymn-doctor!) nor the Rev. Mr. Bulteel, of St. Ebbs, the enlightener of the dark Doctors, Masters of Arts, Proctors (Egregios Procuratores!) Chancellor, and Vice-Chancellor of that celebrated Academia, which produced Chillingworth, Jeremy Taylor, Sanderson, KEN, Lowth, Heber, Copleston, Routh, Ingram, Nares, Gray, Shuttleworth, Whateley,* and- -CHEYNELL, and BULTEEL!!

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* We might suppose the Doctor had been a listener to the great "Master," (A. M.) when he called the Gospels "MEMOIRS" of Jesus Christ! I shall have a word with the Doctor shortly, but with the greatest respect.

Speedily will be published,







"Although individual abusers of their name and station, at times start up, yet the episcopal body, both before and since the Reformation, has left more monuments of learning, piety, and munificence-munificence TO THE PEOPLE AND FOR THE PEOPLE from their revenues, possessed only in transitu—than all the House of Lords, all the rural aristocrats put together; than all the political economists who ever lived or ever will live! It must, indeed,

In Job or Grizzel stir mood,'

to hear the selfish monopolizers of whole parishes, who, in their mute generation from squire to squire, have left no memorial of their existence, harangue with complacency on the advantages of levelling the incomes, or alienating, as public property, the most ancient freeholds of the kingdom, possessed by those who from age to age-like him of Wykeham-have left the noblest traces of their having been."

Preliminary Observations and Corrections.

Ken's Hymns.-In further proof that Ken himself adapted the present tune-that of old Tallis-to the words of these hymns, as now sung, it may be mentioned, that the original words of the stanza as generally printed,

"Under thy own almighty wings,"


"Beneath thy own almighty wings."

Beneath gives the right accent to the tune, as do the words, "All praise to Thee, my God, this night," instead of


Glory to Thee, my God, this night," as now printed.

Page 48, line 12, for nephew read cousin.

Page 59, note. I trust my worthy friend Mr. Britton will excuse a smile on his remark, in his Winchester Cathedral, that William of Wyckham might have better employed his munificent charities!

Page 60, line 8, for now nominated read now on.

Page 76. When it is said that the King did express, as far as could be understood, sorrow, &c. it must be observed, that at the time there was no reason for the charitable Ken to have concluded otherwise.

Page 104, line 1, for one of these men read two.

Page 106, for "A marriage" read "THE marriage." Monmouth had been affianced, when a boy, to the Duchess he married. The ceremony was hastened when all the ladies of the Court turned their eyes on him.

Page 109, line 22, for turnpike-road read road. no turnpike in England at this time.

There was

Page 141, line 15, dele the name "Hough."
Page 154, line 3, for leaders of Magdalen, read Fellows.
Page 156, line 6, for HIS father's, read HER father's.

Page 246, line 17, for and those, read in regard to those.

Page 293, line 26, for " Does not the Church of England," read" The Church of England does not," &c.


View of Frome Church

Musical Chant, by Tallis..

Bishop Ken's Epitaph, and Extract from his Will, in

his own hand-writing...


.to face the title.

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Pp. 113-114, 185–186, are cancelled pages.

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