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20 Put them in fear, O Lord: that the heathen may know themselves to be but men.

Pfalı x. Ut quid, Domine?
HY ftandest thou so far off, O Lord: and hidest

thy face in the needful time of trouble? 2 The ungodly for his own lust doth persecute the poor: let them be taken in the crafty wiliness that they have imagined.

3 For the ungodly hath made boast of his own heart's desire: and speaketh good of the covetous, whom God abhorreth.

4 The ungodly is so proud, that he careth not for God: neither is God in all his thoughts.

$ His ways are alway grievous: thy judgments are far above out of his fight, and therefore defieth he all his enemies.

6 For he hath said in his heart, Tuh, I shall never be cast down: there shall no harm happen unto me.

7 His mouth is full of curling, deceit, and fraud : under his tongue is ungodliness and vanity.

8 He fitteih lurking in the thievish corners of the streets : and privily in his lurking dens doth he murder the innocent; his eyes are set against the poor.

9 For he lieth waiting secretly; even as a lion lurketh he in bis den: that he may ravish the poor.

10 He doth ravish the poor: when he getteth him into his net.

11 He falleth down, and humbleth himself: that the congregation of the poor may fall into the hands of his captains.

12 He hath said in his heart, Tuh, God hath forgotten: he hideth away his face, and he will never see it.

13 Arise, O Lord God, and lift up thine hand : for. get not the poor,

14 Wherefore should the wicked blafpheme God: while he doch say in his heart, Tuch, thou God carest not for it.

Plalm x.) This is a complaint of David respecting the oppreffion of the poor and weak by the wicked, and a reliance on God that he would punish them.

15 Surely thou hast seen it: for thou beholdest ungodliness and wrong.

16 That thou mayest take the matter into thine hand: the poor committeth himself unto thee; for thou art the helper of the friendless.

17 Break thou the power of the ungodly and malicious: take away his ungodliness, and thou shalt find none.

18 The Lord is King for ever and ever : and the heathen are perished out of the land.

19 Lord, thou bast heard the desire of the poor : thou preparest their heart, and thine ear hearkeneth thereto;

20 To help the fatherless and poor unto their right: that the man of the earth be no more exalted against them.

Pfalm xi. In Domino confido. IN

the Lord put I my trust: how say ye then to my soul, that she should flee as a bird unto the hill? 2 For lo, the ungodly bend their bow, and make ready their arrows within the quiver: that they may privily shoot at them which are true of heart.

3 For the foundations will be cast down : and what hath the righteous done?

4 The Lord is in his holy temple: the Lord's feat is in heaven.

16] For thou beholdest ungodliness and wrong, that thou mayest requite it with thine hand. The poor committech himself unto thee, for thou art the helper of the friendless.

17] None of the wicked shall be left. Pfalm xi.) The Pfalmift declares himself resolved to trust in God alone, at a time when he was advised to fly to some place of fafety.

2] These feem ftill to be the words of David's friends, representing, as a motive for his flight, the extreme danger he was in from the arrows of the enemy already as it were fitted to the string, and pointed at him in secret.

3) The word foundations will lignify here whatever might be the cause of strength or safety. The distrustful friends of David bid him fly to the hills.

4. This reply of David to his advisers is a noble example of trust in God. Every bing we fuffer, however we may measure it, be it a small or a great calamity, is a trial; and this notion, so far from implying that the perfon is forfaken by his Maker, is a proof that his Maker is still watcha log over him.

5 His eyes consider the poor: and his eye-lids try the children of men.

6 The Lord alloweth the righteous: but the ungodly, and him that delighteth in wickedness, doth his soul abhor.

7 Upon the ungodly he thall rain soares, fire and brimstone, storm and tempeít: this shall be their portion to drink.

8 For the righteous Lord loveth righteousness : his countenance will behold the thing that is just.



Psalm xii. Salvum me fac.
ELP me, Lord; for there is not one godly man left:

for the faithful are minilhed from among the chil. dren of men.

2 They talk of vanity every one with his neighbour: they do but flatter with their lips, and dissemble in their double heart.

3 The Lord shall root out all deceitful lips : and the tongue that speaketh proud things;

4 Which have said, With our tongue will we prevail: we are they that ought to speak; who is Lord over us?

5 Now for the comfortless troubles' sake of the needy: and because of the deep fighing of the poor;

6 I will up, faith the Lord : and will help every one from him that swelleth against him, and will set him at rest.

7 The words of the Lord are pure words : even as the silver, which from the earth is tried, and purified seven times in the fire.

8 Thou shalt keep them, O Lord: thou shalt preserve him from this generation for ever.

9 The ungodly walk on every side: when they are exalted, the children of men are put to rebuke.

Plalm xii.] This is a meditation of David's on the malice and wickedness of men, and that redress can be expected from God alone.

9. The ungodly walk on every fidel Seeing, observing, and wondering at it

, but cannot help it, that those whom they despised, are exalted by God,

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Pfalm xiii. Usque quo, Domine. Tow long wilt thou forget me, O Lord, for ever :

how long wilt thou hide thy face from me ? 2 How long shall I seek counsel in my soul, and be so vexed in my heart: how long thall mine enemies triumph over me?

3 Consider and hear me, O Lord my God; lighten mine eyes, that I sleep not in death.

4 Lest mine enemy fay,I have prevailed against him: for if I be cast down, they that trouble me will rejoice at it.

5 But my trust is in thy mercy: and my heart is joyful in thy salvation.

6 I will fing of the Lord, because he hath dealt so lovingly with me: yea, I will praise the Name of the Lord most Highest.

Psalm xiv. Dixit insipiens. 'HE fool hath faid in his heart : There is no God.

They are their doings : there is none that doeth good, no not one.

3 The Lord looked down from heaven upon the children of men: to see if there were any that would understand, and seek after God.

4 But they are all gone out of the way; they are altogether become abominable: there is none that doeth good, no not one.

5 Their throat is an open sepulchre; with their tongues have they deceived: the poison of asps is under

THE frolleycate corrupt

, and become abominable in

their lips.

6 Their mouth is full of cursing and bitterness: their feet are swift to shed blood.

7 Destruction and unhappiness is in their ways; and the

way of peace have not they known: there is no fear of God before their eyes.

Plalm xiii.) A prayer of David in time of great distress, and an acknowledgment of trust in the mercy of God.

s] It is observable, that this and many other psalms with a mournful beginning have a triumphant ending, and shew us the prevailing power of devotion to convince us of the certain return of prayer sooner or later, bringing with it the comforts of heaven to refresh our weary spirits.

Psalm xiv.] This was one of the psalms composed by David on the oco Caljon of Absalom's rebellion. It is nearly the same as the 53d.

8 Have they no knowledge, that they are all such workers of mischief: eating up my people as it were bread, and call not upon the Lord?

9 There were they brought in great fear, even where Do fear was: for God is in the generation of the righteous.

10 As for you, ye have made a mock at the counsel of the poor : because he putteth his trust in the Lord.

u Who shall give falvation unto Israel out of Sion? When the Lord turneth the captivity of his people: then fhall Jacob rejoice, and Israet fhall be glad.


Psalm xv. Domine, quis habitabit ? Lew up of the well in lthy tabernacle: or who

2 Even he that leadech an uncorrupt life: and doeth the thing which is right, and speakerh the truth from his heart.,

3. He that hath used no deceit in his tongue, nor done eviltohis neighbour:and hath not slandered his neighbour.

4 He that serreth not by himself, but is lowly in his own eyes: and maketh much of them that fear the Lord.

5 He that sweareth unto his neighbour, and disappointeth him not: though it were to his own hindrance.

6 He that hath not given his money upon usury: por taken reward against the innocent. 7 Whoso doeth these things: shall never fall.

Psalm xvi. Conserva me, Domine. PRESERVE me, O God: for in thee have I pue

10] This is plainly addressed to the adversaries, and charges them with reproaching and scoffing at that confidence in the Lord expressed by the afflicted righteous in the preceding verse.

Pfalm xv.) David describes the person who should be permitted to afcend into the hill of the Lord, and dwell in the temple of Jehovah.

4] Who rejecteth the wicked, however rich and honourable, and chooseth the upright, however poor and obscure. The Bible tranfl.-" In whole cyes a vile person is contemned.”

Pfalım xvi.) David expresses full confidence in God, resolves to adhere to him, and to depend upon him; and represents prophetically the refursection of Christ, in speaking of his own trust and hope.

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