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We call upon thee for this Infant; that he coming to thy holy Baptism, may receive remission of his sins by spiritual regeneration. Receive him, O Lord, as thou hast

promiled by thy well-beloved Son, saying, Alk, and ye shall have; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it fhall be. opened unto you: So give now unto us that alk; let us that seek, find; open the gate unto us that knock; that this Infant may enjoy the everlasting benediction of thy heavenly washing, and may come to the eternal kingdom which thou hast promised by Christ our Lord. Amen.

Then shall the people stand up, and the Priest shall say, Hear the words of the Gospel written by St. Mark, in

the tenth Chapter, at the thirteenth Verse: 'HEY brought young children to Christ, that lie

should touch them; and his disciples rebuked those that brought them. But when Jesus saw it, he was much displeased, and said unto them, Suffer the little children to come unto me, and forbid them not: for of such is the kingdom of God. Verily I say unto you, Whosoever fhall not receive the kingdom of God as a little child, he shall not enter therein. And he took them up in his arms, put his hands upon them, and blessed them.

| After the Gospel is read, the Minister shall make this

brief Exhortation upon the Words of the Gospel. Eloved, ye hear in this Gospel the words of our

be brought unto him; how he blamed those that wculd have kept them from him; how he exhorteth all men to follow their innocency. Ye perceive how by his outward gesture and deed he declared his good-will toward them; for he embraced them in his arms, he laid his hands upon them, and blessed them. Doubt ye not, therefore, but earnestly believe, that he will likewise favourably receive this present Infant; that he will embrace him with the arms of his mercy; that he will give unto him the blessing of eternal life, and make him partaker of his everlasting kingdom. Wherefore we being thus persuaded of the

good-will of our heavenly Father towards this Infant, de. clared by his Son Jesus Chrift; and nothing doubting but that he favourably alloweth this charitable work of ours, in bringing this Infant to his holy Baptism; let us faithfully and devoutly give thanks unto bim, and say,

Lmighty and everlasting God, heavenly Father, we

give thee humble thanks that thou hast vouchsafed 10 call us to the knowledge of thy grace, and faith ir thee: Increase this knowledge, and confirm this faith in us

Give thy Holy Spirit to this Infant, that he may be born again, and be made an heir of everlasting falvation, through our Lord Jesus Christ, who liveth and reigneth with thee and the Holy Spirit, now and for





Then shall the Priest Speak unto the Godfathers and

Godmothers on this wise. D EARLY beloved, ye have brought this Child here be baptized; ye

have prayed that our Lord Jesus Christ would vouchsafe to receive him, to release him of bis sins, to sanctify him with the Holy Ghost, to give bim the kingdom of heaven, and everlasting life. Ye have heard also, that our Lord Jesus Christ hath promised in his Gospel to grant all these things that ye have prayed for: which promife he, for his part, will most furely keep and perform. Wherefore, after this promife made by Christ, this Infant must also faithfully, for his pare, promise by you that are bis fureties, (until he come of age to take it upon himself) that he will renounce the devil and all his works, and constantly believe God's holy Word, and obediently keep his Commandments.

I demand therefore,
OST thou, in the name of this Child, renounce the

devil and all his works, the vain pomp and glory of the world, with all covetous desires of the same, and the carnal desires of the flesh; so that thou wilt not follow, nor be led by them?'

Answer. I renounce them all.

Minister. DOS

OST thou believe in God the Father Almighty,

Maker of heaven and earth? And in Jesus Christ his only-begotten Son our Lord? And that he was conceived by the Holy Ghoft; born of the Virgin Mary; that he suffered under Pontius Pilate, was crucified, dead, and buried; that he went down into hell; and also did rise again the third day; that he af. cended into heaven, and fitteth at the right hand of God the Father Almighty; and from thence shall come again at the end of the world, to judge the quick and the dead?

And dolt thou believe in the Holy Ghoft; the holy Catholick Church; the Communion of Saints; the Remission of sins; the Resurrection of the flesh; and everlasting life after death? Answer. All this I stedfastly believe.

TILT thou be baptized in this faith?

That is



Minister. WILT

ILT thou then obediently keep God's holy will

and commandments, and walk in the fame all the days of thy life? Answer. I will.

Then shall the Priest say,
O Merciful
God, grant that the old

Adam in this child may so , the up in bim. Amen.

Grant that all carnal affections may die in him, and that all things belonging to the Spirit may live and grown

in bim. Amen.

Grant that he may have power and strength to have victory, and to triumph against the devil, the world, and the flesh. Amen.

Grant that whosoever is here dedicated to thee by our office and ministry, may also be endued with heavenly virtues, and everlastingly rewarded, through thy mercy,

W Answers

O blessed Lord God, who dost live and govern all things, world without end. Amen.

LMIGHTY, everliving God, whose most dearly

beloved Son Jesus Christ, for the forgiveness of our fins, did thed out of his most precious fide both water and blood; and gave commandment to his difciples, that they fhould go teach all nations, and baptize them in the name of ihe Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost: Regard, we beseech thee, the supplications of thy congre. gation; fanctify this water to the inystical washing away of fin; and grant that this child now to be baptized therein, may receive the fullness of thy grace, and ever remain in the number of thy faithful and elect children, through Jefus Christ our Lord. Amen. 4 Then the Prieli pull take the Child into his Hands, and prall Jay to the Godfathers and Godnothers,

Name this Child. And then naming it after them, (if they fi:all certify him that

the Child may well endure it) he firall dig it in the later discreetly and wearily, frying,

I baptize thee in the Name of the Father, and

of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. I But if they certify that the Child is werk, it fall fuffice to

2Hr wner upon it, /?ying the forejaid words, N. ok ne son, and of the 11oly Gholt. I baptize thee in the Name of the Father, and

Amen. Pauranter, Sc.) It is with prudence and humanity united, that our church fubititutes the practice of sprinkling inttead of immersion. The inconvenience and danger of the latter are obvious; and as the rite is merely enllomatical, it does not appear to be a matter of much confequance in what manner the emblem is applied. The English hittory

imals us a curious instance of its inconvenience in the baptifm of EtheldIn the Bale, A. D. 967, by Archbishop Dunstan:

“ Sacra ftatim natus Etheldredus violavit,

“ Nam baptizatus, baptifterium maculavit.” W.Wyreeiter. Mietra de Reg. Ang apudlib. Nig.Scac.p.530. Dunstan's exclamation on the occafion was, “Per Deum et matrem ejus, ignauius hom erit;" and the erents of his reign fully confirmed the truth of the Archbishop's anticipation.-Holl. Chron. i. 165; Col. i. 20. The cutom of immerlin muilt have been particularly pernicious in the Saxon xra; as the parents of all infonds were under an obligation to have them christened,


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# Here the price thall make a cris

( Then the Priest fall say, TE receive this Child into the congregation of

Christ's flock, and do sign* bin with the sign of the cross; in token, that hereafter behee chid's he hall not be ashamed to confess the faith of Christ crucised, and manfully to fight under his banner against fin, the world, and the devil; and to continue Chrit's faithful soldier and servant unto his life's end. Amen.

well or iH, before the month was expired, under very severe penalties, according to the following law of King Ina; “Infans infra 30 dies pottquam in lucem prodierit baptizator. Id li non fiat ter denis folidis culpa penfator; fui prius vitam cum morte conmutarit quam facro tingatur bapa tifmate, rebus fuis omnibus mulctator.”-Leges Inæ Reg. apud Lambarda Archaionom. p. 1. Before the reformation, when the child was strong enough to bear inmersion, the spontors broaght it to the font, and delis vered it to the minister who plunged it over head in holy water, pronouncing these words, “ I chriiten thee in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghoft. Amen.” The ceremony was concluded by his anointing the child with holy oil, and repeating the appointed prayers.-Johan. Peckham apud Lyndewode Provincial, p. 2440

And siyn him, &c.] In King Edward VIth's firft book, the priest was directed to make a cross upon the child's forehead and breast, saying, “A. B. receive the sign of the Holy Cross both in thy forehead, and in thy breaft, in token,” &c. Then followed a prayer, and this exorcisin, the prieit looking upon the child, “ I command thee, unclean spirit, in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost, that thou come out and depart from these infants, whoin our Lord Jesus Chrift hath rouchsafed to call to his holy baptilin, to be made members of his body, and of his holy congregation. Therefore, thou cursed fpirit, remember thy fentence, remember thy judgments, remember the day to be at hand, wherein thou nuut burn in fire everlaiting, prepared for thee and thy angels. And prefume not hereafter to exercise any tyranny towards these infants whom Christ hath bought with his precious blood, and by this his holy baptisin calleth to be his ilock.” After the fponfors had assented to the creed, &c. and the priest had read the prayer, “ Almighty and everlafting God, heavenls father, we give thee humble thanks, &c. it is directed that the priest should take one of the children by the right hand, the other being brought after him, and coming into the church toward the font should say, “ The Lord vouchtafe to receive you into his holy houshold, and to keep and govern you alwav in the fame, that you may

have everlasting life. Amen. After the questions and responses comes this rubric, “ Then the priest shall take the child in his hands, and ask the name; and naming the child, hall dip it in the water thrice: firit dipping the right side, second dipping the left side, the third time dipping the face toward the font, so it be discreetly,” &c. faying, &c. Then the godfathers and godnothers shall take and lay their hands upon the child, and the minister fall put upon him his white vesture, commonly called the crisome, and fay, “ Take this white veiture for a token of the innocency which, by God's grace in this holy facrament of baptiti, is given unto thee; and for a sign whereby thou art admonished so long as thou livest to give thyself to innocency of living, that after this tranlitory life, thou

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