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D. Appletok & oo:s Publications:'-.
(Situational (Eat-Books.


OLD'S History of Borne. 8vo 3 oo

Lectures on Modern History. I2mo. 1 25

SEN and Arnold's Manual of Grecian and Eoman Antiquities. l2mo.. l oo

SE'S Treatise on Algebra, 12mo l oo

SBY'S First Lessons in Geometry. ISmo 3S

MPLDf, J. T. A Practical Grammar of the English Language 34

COMING'S Class-Book of Physiology: for the use of Schools and Private Families.

12mo. 27U pages, 24 plates and 200 woodcuts Muslin, 100

Companion to Class-Book. 12mo Muslin, 50

CORNELL'S Primary Geography. Forming part 1st of a systematic series, ${

School Geographies. Small quarto, beautifully illustrated ; 50

Intermediate Geography

High School Geography and Atlas +

COUSIN'S Lectures on the History of Philosophy- 2 vols. 8vo 3 00

"on the True, the Beautiful, and the Good. 150

COVELL'S Digest of English Grammar. l2mo 50

COE S Drawing Cards, in 10 parts each 25

GLLLISPIES Land Surveying. 1 vol. 8vo 2 00

GRAHAM'S English Synonymes. F.dited hy Professor Reed. 12mo 1 00

GREENE'S History of the Middle Ages. l2mo 1 00

GREEN'S Elementary Botany, A beautifully illustrated quarto 75

Class-Book of Botany. 1 vol. 4to 1 50

GTJIZOT'S History of Civilization. Notes by Professor Henry, 12mo 1 00

HAMILTON'S (Sir William) Philosophy. Arranged and edited by O. W. Wight, 150

HAND-BOOK of Anglo-Saxon Root-Words. I2mo so

"of Anglo-Saxon Derivatives. I2mo 75

"of the Ingrafted Words of the English Language. l2mo 1 00

JAEGER'S Class-Book in Zoology. ISmo 42

JOHNSTON S Chemistry of Common Life. 2 vols. 12mo 2 00

KEIGHTLEY'S Mythology of Greece and Rome. ISmo 42

KOSPPEN'S Historical Geography. "The World in the Middle Ages." 2 vols.

12mo. 850 pp 2 00

The Same Work. lvol. folio, letter press, 6 maps 4 50

LATHAM'S Hand-Book of the English Language. 12mo 1 25

MANGNALL'S Historical Questions. With American additions. l2mo 1 00

MARKHAM'S School History of England. F.dited by Eliza Robhins, 12mo.. 75 MANDEVILLE'S Reading Books, viz.:

1. Primary Reader, l-mo 10

2. Second Reader. 16mo 17

3. Third Reader. lGmo 25

4. Fourth Reader. 12mo 38

Course of Reading. i2mo 75

Elements of Reading and Oratory. 12mo. New edit I 00

New Primary Reader 12

New Second Reader

MARSHALL'S Book of Oratory. l2mo. 500 pp 1 00

First Book do


Language. 12mo OTTS'S Easy"


^ , t-i r


OTIS'S Studies of sUlimill 5 Parts 1 87

Ulw Cloih, 2 25

First Lessons in Pencil Drawing 2*

-— Elementary Drawing Cards. Landscape, 12 Lessons; Animals, 12 Lessons.

Each set, 23

PALMER'S First Lessons in Book-keeping. iSmo Boards, 19

Enled Blanks for do. 1

PERKLNS' Primary Arithmetic. Combining menial and written exercises. Introductory to Elementary and Practical 1'

-—Elementary do. Introductory to the Higher Arithmetic. 12mo. 347 pp. 38

Practical do. Containing over 3900 examples for practice. 12mo.

350 pages Muslin, 63

Key to do. Containing complete and full solutions. 12mo.

324 pages Muslin, 73

Higher do. New edition with appendix. 12ino. 312 pages.... 75

Elementary Geometry. With practical applications. 12mo. 320 pages

*" Sheep, 1 00

KPlane andtSolidGeometry. (College edition.) LargeSvo l so

Elements Of Algebra. Revised edition, just published. 12mo. Sheep, 75

Treatise on do. (College edition.) Large 8vo. 420 pages. Sheep, I 50

Plane Trigonometry and Surveying, with tables. LargeSvo 150

PTJTZ and Arnold's Manual of Ancient Geography and History. l2mo 1 00

Mediaeval Geography and History. )2mo , 7*

Modern do. do. l2mo l 00

QUACKENBOS'S First Lessons in English Composition. l2mo 45

Advanced Course of Composition and Rhetoric. l2mo 1 03

REID'S Dictionary of the English Language, with Derivations, &c. 12mo.. 1 00 ROBBINS' (ELIZA) Class-Book of Poetry, for the use of Schools or Private

Instruction. lflmo.... 75

— Guide to Knowledge. Adapted for Young Persons. ISmo 63

3EWELL'S First History of Greece. iSmo 03

First History of Home. ISmo 50

SEAKSPEARIAN Header. By Prof. Hows. 12mo 1 25

SPALDING'S History of English Literature. l2mo., Cloth, 1 00

TAYLOR'S Manual of Moiern and Ancient History. Edited by Prof. Henry.

Hvo Sheep, 2 50

Cloth, 2 3S

1— Ancient History, separate I 25

Modern do. do l 50

WARING'S Elements of Agriculture. 12mo Muslin, 75

WRIGHT'S Primary Lessons; or, Child's First Book 12

YOUMAN'S Class-Book of Chemistry. l2mo 75

Chart of Chemistry. On Rollers 5 oo

Chart of Chemistry. Atlas form 8 oo


ARNOLD'S First and Second Latin Book and Practical Grammar,

by Spencer. 12mo 75

First Latin Book. By Ilarkness. 12mo 73

HARK NESS'S Second Latin Book and Reader. 12mo. pp. 202, beautifully

printed 90

ARNOLD'S Latin Prose Composition. l2mo l oo

Cornelius Nepos. With Notes. 12mo 1 00

First Greek Book. New edition, revised 75

Greek Prose Composition. New revised edition. 12mo 75

Second Greek Prose Composition. l2mo 7.'

Greek Reading Book. Edited by Spencer. ISmo 12.')

BOISE'S Exercises in Greek Prose Composition. i2mo 7!

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