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HYMN CXLII. III. 1. $ my soul, and haste away
Christ our Refuge.

To seats prepar'd above.
TESUS, Saviour of my soul,

2 Cease, my soul, Ocease to mourn,

Press onward to the prize ;
J Let me to thy bosom fly,

Soon thy Saviour will return,
While the waves of trouble roll,
While the tempest still is high :

To take thee to the skies:

There, is everlasting peace,
Hide me, O my Saviour, hide,
Till the storm of life is past;

Rest, enduring rest, in heaven;

There, will sorrow ever cease,
Safe into the haven guide:
O, receive my soul at last !

And crowns of joy be given. 2 Other refuge have I none,

HYMN CXLVI. III. I. Hangs my helpless soul on thee :

CHILDREN of the beavenly King, Leave, ah ! leave me not alone,

As we journey, let us sing : Still support and comfort me :

Sing the Saviour's worthy praise,
All my trust on thee is stay'd,

Glorious in his works and ways.
All my hope from thee I bring,
Cover my defenceless head

2 We are trav'lling home to God With the shadow of thy wing.

In the way the fathers trod;

They are happy now, and we

Soon their happiness shall see.
L OW form a foundation, ye saints of 3 Banish'd once, by sin betray'd,
the Lord,

Christ our advocate was made : Is laid for your faith in his excellent Pardon'd now, no more we roam, word!

Christ conducts us to our home. What more can he say than to you he hath 4 Lord, obediently well go, said,

Gladly leaving all below; You who unto Jesus for refuge have fled. Only thou our leader be, 2 « Fear not, I am with thee, O be not And we still will follow thee.

dismay'd, « 1, I am thy God, and will still give HXMN CXLVII. C. M. thee aid:

W HEN I can read my title clear « I'll strengthen thee, help thee, and VV To mansions in the skies, canse thee to stand,

1'll bid farewell to ev'ry fear, « Upheld by my righteous, omnipotent And wipe my weeping eyes. hand

2 Should earth against my soul engage, 3 « When through the deep waters I call And fiery darts be hurl'd, thee to go,

Then I can smile at Satan's rage, The rivers of wo shall not thee over And face a frowning world. How;

3 Let cares like a wild deluge come, For 1 will be with thee thy tronbles to Let storms of sorrow fall; bless,

So I but safely reach my home, " And sanctify to thee thy deepest dis.

My God, my heaven, my all. tress

4 There, anchor'd safe, my weary soul 4 * When throngh fiery trials thy path

Shall find eternal rest; way shall lie,

Nor storms shall beat, nor billows roll • My grace, all-sufficient, shall be thy

Across my peaceful breast. snpply: The flame shall not hurt thee, I only design

JOY. « Thy dross to consume, and thy gold to

HYMN CXLVIII. C. M. refine. « The son that to Jesus bath Aled for TOY is a fruit that will not grow repose,

In nature's barren soil; I will not, I will not desert to his foes; All we nan boast, till Christ we know, • Thal soul, thongh all hell shall endea. Is vanity and toil. you to shake,

2 A bleeding Saviour, seen by faith, • I'll Gever-no, never-10, never for A sense of pard'ning love,

A hope that triumphs over death,

Give joys like those above

3 These are the joys which satisfy

And purify the mind; D ise, my soul, and stretch thy wings,

Which make the spirit mount on high, Thy better portion trace ,

And leave the world behind. Rise. from transitory things

4 No more, believer, mourn thy lot, Tow'rds heav'n, thy destin'd place

O, thou who art the Lord's, Sun and moon, and stars decay,

Resign to those who know him not, Time shall soon this earth remove; Such joy as earth affords,

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HYMN CLI. 111. 1. MOME, ye that love the Lord,

1 ORD, my God, I long to know, And let your joys be known ;

U Oft it causes anxious thought; Join in a song with sweet accord,

Do I love thee, Lord, or no ? And thus surround the throne.

Am I thine, or am I not? 2 Let those refuse to sing

2 Could my heart so hard remain, 'That never knew our God,

Prayer a task and burden prove, But children of the heavenly King

Any duty give me pain, May speak their joys abroad.

If I knew a Saviour's love? 3 The God of heaven is ours,

3 When I turn mine eyes within, Our Father and our love ;

O how dark, and vain, and wild ! His care shall guard life's fleeting hours, Prone to unbelief and sin, Then waft our souls above.

Can I deem myself thy child ? 4 There shall we see his face,

4 Yet I mourn my stubborn will, And never, never sin i

Find my sin a grief and thrall: There, from the rivers of his grace, Should I grieve for what I feel, Drink endless pleasures in.

If I did not love at all ? 5 Yes, and before we rise

5 Could I love thy saints to meet, To that immortal state,

Choose the ways I once abhorr'd, The thoughts of such amazing bliss Find at times the promise sweet, Should constant joys creale.

If I did not love thee, Lord ? 6 Children of grace have found

6 Saviour ! let me love thee more, Glory begun below;

If I love at all, I pray: Celestial fruits on earthly ground,

If I have not lov'd before, From faith and hope may grow.

Help me to begin to-day.
7 The hill of Sion yields
A thousand sacred sweets,

Before we reach the heavenly fields,
Or walk the golden streets.

HYMN CLII 8 Then let our songs abound,

THE God of Abraham praise, And ev'ry tear be dry;

1 Who reigns enthron'd above; We're travelling through Immanuel's Ancient of everlasting days, ground,

And God of love 'To fairer worlds on high.

Jehovah. Great I AM,

By earth and heaven confess'd;

I bow and bless the sacred name

Fivre er bless'd

2 The God of Abraham praise, TORD, with glowing heart I'd praise

At whose supreme command
From earth I rise, and seek the jors

At his right hand :
For the bliss thy love bestows;

I all on earth forsake,
For the pard'ning grace that saves me, Its wisdom, fame, and pow'r;
And the peace that from it flows :

And him my only portion make,
Help, O God, my weak endeavour;

My shield and low'r.
This dull soul to rapture raise :
Thou must light the flame, or never

3 He by himself hath sworn, Can my love be warm'd to praise.

I on his oath depend,

I shall, on angel wings upborne, 2 Praise, my soul, the God that sought To heaven ascend : thee,

I shall behold his face, Wretched wand'rer, far astray;

I shall his power adore, Found thee lost, and kindly brought thee And sing the wonders of his grace From the paths of death away :

For evermore. Praise, with love's devoutest feeling,

4 There dwells the Lord, our King, Him who saw thy guilt-born fear,

The Lord, our righteousness,
And, the light of hope revealing,
Bade the blood-stain'd cross appear.

| Triumphant o'er the world and sin

The Prince of peace ; 3 Lord, this bosom's ardent feeling

On Zion's sacred height Vainly would my lips express

His kingdom he maintains, Low before thy footstool kneeling,

And, glorious, with bis saints in light, Deign thy suppliant's prayer to bless : For ever reigns. Let thy grace, my soul's chief treasure, 15 The God who reigns on high

Love's pure flame within me raise ; The great archangels singi And, since words can never measure, And, "Holy, Holy. Holy,"cry.

Let my life show forth thy praise. | “Almighty King


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" Who was, and is the same,

HYMN CLV. III. I. “ And evermore shall be,

Songs of Praise. " Jehovah, Father, Great I AM! * We worship thee."

SONGS of praise the angels sang:

Heaven with hallelujals rang, 6 The whole triumphant host

When Jehovah's work begun, Give thanks to God on high

When he spake and it was done. Hail, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,

2 Songs of praise awoke the morn, They ever cry:

When the Prince of peace was born ; Hail Abraham's God and mine, I join the heavenly lays;

Songs of praise arose, when he

Captive led captivity.
All might and majesty are thine,
And endless praise.

3 Heaven and earth must pass away;

Songs of praise shall crown that day : HYMN CLIII. IV. 3. God will make new heavens and earth: Psalm c.

Songs of praise sha! hail their birth.

4 And shall man alone be dumb DE joyful in God, all ye lands of the Till that glorious kingdom come ? earth,

No ;-the church delights to raise O serve him with gladness and fear; Psalms and hymns, and songs of praise. Exult in his presence with music and les

5 Saints below, with heart and voice, mirth,

Still in songs of praise rejoice : With love and devotion draw near.

Learning here by faith and love, 2 For Jehovah is God, -and Jehovah

Songs of praise to sing above. alone,

6 Borne upon their latest breath Creator and ruler o'er all;

Songs of praise shall conquer death; And we are his people, his sceptre we

Then, amidst eternal joy, own ;

Songs of praise their powers employ His sheep, and we follow his call. 3 O enter his gates with thanksgiving and song,

CONTENTMENT. Your vows in his temple proclaim;

HYMN CLVI. C. M. His praise with melodious accordance prolong,

NATHER, whate'er of earthly bliss: And bless his adorable name.

Thy sov'reign will denies, 4 For good is the Lord, inexpressibly

Accepted at thy throne, let this,

My humble pray'r arise good, And we are the work of his hand; 2 Give me a calm and thankful heart, Slis mercy and truth from eternity stood, From every murmur free; And shall to eternity stand

The blessings of thy grace impart,

And make me live to thee :

3 Let the sweet hope that thou art mine Psalm c.

My life and death attend,

Thy presence through my journey shine, DEFORE Jehovah's awful throne,

And crown my journey's end.
D Ye nations, bow with sacred joy ;
Know that the Lord is God alone;

He can create, and he destroy.

DE still, my heart ! these anxious cares 2 His sov'reign pow'r, without our aid, D To thee are burdens, thorns, and Made us of clay, and form'd us men;

snares: And when like wand'ring sheep we They cast dishonour on thy Lord, stray'd,

And contradict his gracious word. He brought us to his fold again.

2 Brought safely by his hand thus far, 3 We are his people, we his care, Why wilt thou now give place to fear ?

Our souls, and all our mortal frame; How canst thou want if he provide, What lasting honours shall we rear. Or lose thy way with such a guide ?

Almighty Maker, to thy name? 3 When first before his mercy-seat, 4 W l crowd thy cates with thankful Thou didst to him thy all commit: songs,

He gave thee warrant from that hour, High as the heaven our voices raise; To trust his wisdom, love, and power. And earth, with her ten thousand tongues, 4 Did ever trouble yet befall, Shall fill thy courts with sounding And he refuse to hear thy call ? praise.

And has he not his promise past, 5 Wide as the world is thy command, That thou shalt overcome at last ? Vast as eternity thy love :

5 Though rough and thorny be the road Firm as a rock thy truth must stand, It leads thee home a pace to God; When rolling years shall cease to Then count thy present trials small, move.

For heaven will make amends for all.

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Then he, who once voucbsaf'd to bear

The sick’ning anguish of despair,

Shall sweetly soothe, shall gently dry
U EAR, gracious God! my humble The throbbing heart, the streaming eye

4 When sorrowing o'er some stone To thee I breathe my sighs;

i bend, When will the mournful night be gone? Which covers all that was a friend, When shall my joys arise ?

And from his voice, his hand, his smil, 2 Yet, though my soul in darkness Divides me for a little while ; mourns,

Thou, Saviour, seest the tears I shed, Thy promise is my stayi

For thou did'st weep o'er Laz'rus dead. Here would I rest till light returns : 5 And, oh! when I have sately past Thy presence makes my day.

Through ev'ry conflict but the last, 3 Come, Lord, and with celestial peace

Still, still unchanging, watch beside, Relieve my aching heart;

My bed of death-for thou hast died : O smile, and bid my sorrows cease, Then point to realms of endless day, And all their gloom depart.

And wipe the latest lear away. 4 Then shall my drooping spirit rise,

HYMN CLXILM. And bless thy healing rays,

Sanctified Afriction And change these deep complaining sighs

1 ORD! unafflicted, undismayed, For songs of sacred praise.

U lu pleasure's path how long I stray'd, HYMN CLIX. 11. 3.

But thou hast made me feel thy rod! Psalm xlii. 1-5.

And turn'd my soul to thee, my God. AS, panting in the sultry beam,

2 What though it piere'd my fainting 1 The hart desires the cooling stream,

heart, So to thy presence, Lord, I flee,

I bless thy hand that caus'd the smart;: So longs my soul, O God, for thee; It taught my tears awhile to flow, Athirst to taste thy living grace,

But sav'd me from eternal wo! And see thy glory, face to face

3 O, hads thou left me unchastisid, 2 But rising griefs distress my soul,

Thy precepts I had still despis'd, And tears on tears successive roll;

And still the sna-e in secret laid For many an evil voice is near.

Had my unwary feet betray'd. To chide my woe, and mock iny fear;

4 I love thy chast'nmngs, O my God And silent mem'ry weeps alone

They fix my hopes on thine abode;
O'er hours of peace and kladness flown. Where, in thy presence fully blest,
3 For I have walk'd the happy round Thy stricken saints for ever rest.
That 'circles Zion's holy ground,
And gladly swellid the choral lays,

That hymn'd my great Redeemer's praise, HYMN CLXII. 11. 3.
What time the hallow'd arches rung

Daily Dependence. Responsive to the solemn song

W HEN, streaming from the castera 4 Ah, why, by passing clouds opprest,

skies. Should vexing thoughts distract thy The morning light salutes mine eyes, breast ?

O Sun of righteousness divine, Tum, tum to Him, in ev'ry pain,

On me with beams of mercy shine; Whom suppliants never sought in vain Chase the dark clouds of sin a way, Thy strength, in joy's extatic day, And turn my darkness into day. Thy hope, when joy has pass'd away.

2 When to heaven's great and glorious HYMN CLX. II. 3.

King. 1 compassionate High Priest Hebrews My morning sacrifice I bring i iv 15.

And, mourning o'er my guilt and shame WHEN gathering clouds around I Ask mercy, Savjour, in thy name; view,

My conscience sprinkle with thy blood, And days are dark, and friends are few, And be my advorate with God. On him I lean, who, not in vain,

3 As ev ry day thy mercy spares Experienc'd ev'ry human pain;

Will bring its trials and its cares; He feels my griefs, he sees my fears

O Saviour, till my life shall end, And counts and treasures up my tears. Be then my counsellor and friend : 2 If aught should tempt my soul to stray Teach me thy precepts, all divine, From heavenly wisdom's narrow way, And be thy pure example mine. 'to fly the good I would pursue,

4 When pain transfixes ev'ry part, Or do the ill I would not do ; Still he, who felt temptation's pow't,

Or languor settles at the heart; Shall guard me in that dang'rous hour.

When on my bed, diseas'd. oppressid,

II turn. and sigb, and long for rest; When vexing thoughts within me rise, o great Physician I see my grief, And, sore dismay'd, my spirit dies; And grant thy servant sweet relief.

5 Should poverty's destructive blow

That I like you myoge may spend, Lay all my worldly comforts low;

Like you may on iny God attend. And neither help nor hope appear,

6 May I like you in God delight, My steps to guide, my heart to cheer;

Have all day long my God in sight; Lord, pity and supply my need,

Perform like you my Maker's will: For thou, on earth, wast poor indeed.

O! may I never more do ill. 6 Should Providence profusely pour 7 Glory to thee, who safe hast kept, Its varied blessings in my store;

And hast refresh'd me while I slept : O keep me from the ills that wait

Grant, Lord, when I from death sha! On such a seeming prosp'rous state:

wake, From hurtful passions set me free,

I may of endless life partake. And humbly may I walk with thee.

8 Lord, I my vows to thee renew; 7 When each day's scenes and labours

Scatter my sins as morning dew; close.

Guard my first spring of thought and will And weari'd nature seeks repose,

And with thyself my spirit fill. With pard'ning mercy richly bless'd.

9 Direct, control, suggest this day, Guard me, my Saviour, while I rest :

All 1 design, or do, or say, And, as each morning sun shall rise,

That all my pow'rs, with all their might, O lead me onward to the skies.

In thy sole glory may unite. 8 And, at my life's last setting sun,

10 Praise God, from whom all blensings My conflicts o'er, my labours uone,

flow, Jesus, thy heavenly radiance shed,

Praise him, all creatures here below: To cheer and bless my dying bed ;

Praise him above, y' angelic host; And, from death's gloom my spirit raise,

Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. To see thy face and sing thy praise. HYMN CLXIII. L. M.

HYMN CLXV. L. M. " I have set God always before me.

Ps. xvi. 9.

RISE, my soul! with rapture rise! AVIOUR! when night involves the . And, fill'd with love and fear, adore skies,

The awful Sov'reign of the skies, My soul, arloring, turns to thee!

Whose mercy lends me one day more. Thee, self-abas d in mortal guise,

2 And may this day, indulgent Power! And wrapt in shades of death for me. Not idly pass, nor fruitless be ; 2 On thee my waking raptures dwell, but may each swiftly wying hour

When crimson gleams the east adorn, Still nearer bring my soul to Thee ! Thee, victor of the grave and helli

3 But can it be? that Power divine Thee, source of life's eternal morn. Is thron'd in light's unbounded blaze; 3 When noon her throne in light arrays, And countless worlds and angels join

To thee, my soul triumphant springs; To swell the glorious song of praise : Thee. thron'd in glory's endless blaze, 4 And will be deign to lend an ear.

Thee, Lord of lords, and King of kings. When I, poor abject mortal, pray ? 4 O'er earth, when shades of ev'ning steal, Yes, boundless goodness! he will hear,

To death and thee my thoughts I give : Nor (ast the meanest wretch a way. To death, whose pow'r I soon must feel, 5 Then let me serve thee all my days, To thee, with whom I trust to live.

And may my zeal with years increase : HYMN CLXIV. L. M.

For pleasant. Lord, are all thy ways, Morning Hymn.

And all thy paths are paths of peace. A WAKE, my soul, and with the sun

HYMN CLXVI. C. M. A Thy daily course of duty run;

Morning Shake off dull sloth, and early rise

TO thee let my first off'rings rise, To pay thy morning sacrifice.

1 Whose sun creates the day, 2 Redeem thy mispent time that's past; Swift as his gladdning influence flies, Live this day, as if 'twere thy last :

And spotless as his rav T'improve thy talents take due care ;

2 This day, thy fav'ring hand be nigh, 'Gainst the great day thyself prepare.

So oft vouchsal'd before ; 3 Let all thy converse be sincere,

Still may it lead, protec, supply, Thy conscience as the noon-day clear: And I that hand adore.. Think how the all-seeing God, thy ways 3 if bliss thy providence impart, And all thy secret thoughts surveys.

For which, resign'd, I pray, 4 Wake, and lift up thyself, my heart, Give me to feel a cheerful heart, And with the angels bear thy part;

And grateful homage pay. Who all night long unwearied sing, 4 Affliction should thy love intend, Glory to thee, eternal King.

As vice or folly's cure,
5 I wake, I wake, ye heavenly choir ; Patient to gain that gracious end,
May your clevotion me inspire;

May I the means endure.
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