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5 Let the righteous rather smite me my spirit wateth saint: hide not thy fuce friendly, and reprove me.

from me, lest I be like unto them that go 6 But let not their precious balms | down into the pit. break my head; yer, I will pray yet 8 let me hear thy loving kindness against their wickedness.

betimes in the morning: for in thee is 7 Let their judges be overthrown in my trust : show thou me the way that the stony places, that they may hear my I should walk in ; for I lift my soul unto words; for they are sweet.

thee. 8 Our bones lie scattered before the 9 Deliver me, O Lord, from mine ene. pit, like as when one breaketh and hew. mies ; for I flee unto thçe to hide me, eth wood upon the earth.

10 Teach me to do the thing that pleas. 9 But mine eyes look unto thee, O eth thee: for thou art my God : let thy Lord God; in thee is my trust; O castloving Spirit lead me forth into the land not out my soul.

of righteousness. 10 Keep me from the snare that they 11 Quicken me, O Lord, for thy have laid for me, and from the traps of name's sake ; and for thy righteousness the wicked doers.

sake bring my soul out of trouble. 11 Let the ungodly fall into their own 12 And of thy goodness slay mine en. nets together, and let me ever escape emies, and destroy all them that ves my them.

soul; for I am thy servant. EVENING PRAYER.

The thirtieth Day. Psalm 142. l'oce mes ad Dominum.

MORNING PRAYER. T CRIED unto the Lord with my voice; yea, even unto the Lord did I make

Psalm 144. Benedictus Dominus. my supplication.

DLESSED be the Lord, my strength, I poured out my complaints before D who teacheth my hands to war, and him, and showed him of my trouble my fingers to fight.

3 When my spirit was in heaviness, 2 My hope and my fortress, my castle thou knowest my path; in the way and deliverer, my defender, in whom wherein I walked, have they privily laid trust; who subdueth my people that is a snare for me.

under me. 4 I looked also upon my right hand, 13 Lord, what is man, that thou hast and saw there was no man that would such respect unto him ? or the son of know me.

man, that thou so regardest him ? 5 I had no place to flee unto, and no 4 Man is like a thing of nought ; his man cared for my soul.

time passeth away like a shadow 6 1 cried unto thee, O Lord, and said, 5 Bow thy heavens, O Lord, and come Thou art my hope, and my portion in down ; touch the mountains, and they the land of the living

shall smoke. 7 Consider my complaint; for I am 6 Cast forth thy lightning, and tear brought very low.

them; shent out thine arrows, and con80 deliver me from my persecutors, sume ther for they are too strong for me.

7 Send down thine hand from above; 9 Bring my soul out of prison, that I deliver me, and take me out of the great may give thanks unto thy name which waters, from the hand of strange chil. thing if thou wilt grani me, then shall dren; the righteous resort unto my company 8 Whose mouth talketh of vanity, and

their right hand is a right hand of wickPsalm 143. Domine, exaudi

edness. TTEAR my prayer, O Lord, and con. 9 I will sing a new song into thee, O. n sider my desire; harken unto me God; and sing praises unto thee upon a for thy truth and righteousness' sake ten-stringed lute.

2 And enter not into judgment with thy 10 Thou hast given victory tinto kings, servant; for in thy sight shall no man and hast delivered David, thy servant, living be justified

from the peril of the sword. 3 For the enemy hath persecuted my 11 Save me, and deliver me from the soul; he hath smitten my life down to hand of strange children, whose mouth the ground: he hath laid me in the dark talketh of vanily, and their right hand is ness, as the men that have been long l a right hand ot iniquity: dead.

1 That our sons may grow up as the 4 Therefore is my spirit vexed within young plants, and that our daughters me, and my heart within me is desolate. may be as the polished corners of the

Yet do I remember the lime past: 1 temple; muse upun all thy works; yea, I exer 13 That our garners may be full and cise mself in the works of thy hands plenteous with all manner of store ; that

6 I stretch forth my hands unto thee; our sheep may bring forth thousands my soul gaspeth unto thee as a thirsty and ten thousands in our streeu: land.

14 That our oxen may be strong to la. Hear me, O Lord, and tlast soon; for hour; that there be no decay, no leading

into captivity, and no complaining in our ip any child of man; for there is no streets.

help in them. 15 Happy are the people that are in 3 For when the breath of man goeth such a case ; yea, blessed are the people forth, he shall turn again to his earth, who have the Lord for their God.

and then all his thoughts perish.

4 Blessed is he that hach the God of Psalm 145. Exaltaho te, Deus. Jacob for his help; and whose hope is in T WILL magnify thee, O God, my the Lord his God;

Rag; and I will praise thy name for 5 Who made heaven and earth, the sea ever and ever.

and all that therein is; who keepeth his 2 Every day will I give thanks unto promise for ever, thee, and praise thy name for ever and 6 Who helpeth them to right that sufcver.

fer wrong i who feedelh the hungry. 3 Great is the Lord, and marvellous, 7 The Lord looseth men out of prison, worthy to be praised; there is no end of the Lord giveth sight to the blind. his greatness.

8 The Lord helpeth them that are fall 4 One generation shall praise thy en; The Lord careth for the righteous. works unto another, and declare thy 9 The Lord careth for the stranger; be power.

defendeth the fatherless and widow: as 5 As for me. I will be talking of thy for the way of the ungodly. he turneth it worship, thy glory, thy praise, and won. upside down. drous works

10 The Lord thy God, o Sion, shall be 6 So that men shall speak of the might King for evermore, and throughout all of thy marvellous acts; and I will also generations. tell of thy greatness.

EVENING PRAYER. 7 The memorial of thine abundant Psalm 147. Laudate Dominum. kindness shall be showed ; and men shall O PRAISE the Lord; for it is a good sing of thy righteousness.

thing to sing praises unto our God; 8 "The Lord is gracious and merciful; yea, a joyful and pleasant thing it is to Jong-suffering, and of great goodness. be thankful

9 The Lord is loving unto every man, 2 The Lord doth build up Jerusalem, and his mercy is over all his works. and gather together the outcasts of Israel.

10 All thy works praise thee, O Lord; 3 He healeth those that are broken in 2nl thy saints give thanks unto thee. heart, and giveth medicine to heal their

11 They show the glory of thy king sickness. dom, and talk of thy power;

4 He telleth the number of the stars, 12 That thy power, thy glory, and and calleth them all by their names. mightiness of thy kingdo... might be 5 Great is our Lord, and great is his known unto men

power, yea, and his wisdom is infinite. 13 Thy kingdom 15 an everlasting 6 The Lord selteth up the meek, and kingdom, and thy dominion endureth bringelh the ungodly down to the throughout all ages.

ground. 14 the Lord ,p.plaeth all such as fall, 7 O sing unto the Lord with thanks. and lifleth up all those that are down giving sing praises upon the harp unto

15 The eyes of all wait upon thee, 0 our God; Lord; and thou givest them their meat & Who covereth the heaven with in due season

clouds, and prepareth rain for the earth; 16 Thou operest thine hand, and fillest and maketh the grass to grow upon the all things living with plenteousness. mountains, and herb for the use of men.

17 The Lord is righteous in all his 9 Who giveth fodder unto the cattle, ways, and holy in all his works.

and feedeth the young ravens that call 18 The Lord is nigh unto all them that upon him. call upon him; yea, all such as call upon 10 He hath no pleasure in the strength him faithfully

of an horse ; neither delighteth he in any 19 He will fulfil the desire of them that man's legs. fear him, he also will hear their cry, 11 But the Lord's delight is in them and will help them.

that fear him, and put their trust in his 20 The Lord preserveth all them that mercy. love himbut scattereth abroad all the 12 Praise the Lord, O Jerusalem ; ungodly

praise thy God, O Sion ; 21 My mouth shall speak the praise of 13 For be bath made fast the bars of the Lord, and let all flesh give thanks thy gates, and hath blessed thy children unto his holy name for ever and ever. within thee.

14 He maketh peace in thy borders, Psalm 146 Lauda, anima mea.

and filleth thee with four of wheat. DRAISE the Lord, O my soul: while 15 He sendeth forth his coin mandment I I live, will I praise the Lord; yea, as upon earth, and his word runneth very long as I have any being. I will sing | swiftly praises unto my God.

116 He giveth snow like wool, and scat. 3 0 put not your trust in princes, por llereth tho hoar frost like ashes.

17 He casteth forth his ice like mor ple: all his saints shall praise him; even dels; who is able to abide his frost ? the children of Israel

the children of Israel, even the people 18 He suadeth out his word, and melt that serveth him. eth them; he bloweth with his wind,

Psalm 149. Cantate Domino. and the waters flow 19 He showeth his ward unto Jacob,

O SING unto the Lord a new song: his statutes and urdinances unto Israel.

let the congregation of saints praise 20 He hath not dealt so with any na:

him. tion; neither have the heathen know.

2 Let Israel rejoice in him that made

him, and let the children of Sion be joy. ledge of his laws.

ful in their King Psalm 148 Laudate Dominum. 3 Let them praise his name in the O PRAISE the Lord of heaven, praise dance; let them sing praises unto him him in the height.

with tabref and harp. 2 Praise him, all ye angels of his;

4 For the Lord hath pleasure in his praise him, all his hosts.

people, and helpeth the meek-hearted. 3 Praise him, sun and moon; praise

5 Let the saints be joyful with glory: him, all ye stars and light.

let them rejoice in their beds. 4 Praise him, all ye heavens, and ye

6 Let the praises of God be in their waters that are above the heavens.

mouth, and a two-eriged sword in their 5 Let them praise the name of the

hands Lord; for he spake the word, and they

7 To be avenged of the heathen, and to were made; he commanded, and they

rebuke the people; were created

8 To bind their kinge in chains, and 6 He hath made them fast for ever and

their nobles with links of iron. ever; he hath given them a law, which 9 That they may be avenged of them ; shall not be broken.

as it is written, Such honour have all his 7 Praise the Lord upon earth, ye dra.

saints. gons, and all deeps;

Psalm 150. Laudate Dominum. 8 Fire and hail, snow and vapours, O PRAISE God in his holiness; wind and storin, fulfilling his word;

praise him in the firmament of his 9 Mountains and all hills; fruitful power. trees and all cedars;

*? Praise him in his noble acts; praise 10 Beasus and all cattle ; worms and him according to his excellent greatness. feathered fowls;

3 Praise him in the sound of the trum11 Kings of the earth and all people; pet; praise him upon the lute and harp. princes and all judges of the world;

4 Praise him in the cymbals and danc. 12 Young men and maidens, old men

es; praise him upon the strings and pipe. and children, praise the name of the 15 Praise him upon the well-tuned cymLord; for his name only is ercellent, bals; praise him upon the loud cymbalo, and hio praise above heaven and earth. 6 Let every thing that hath breath 13 He shall exalt the horn of his peo- praise the Lord,



ARTICLES OF RELIGION, As established by the Bishops, the Clergy, and Laity of the Protestant Episcopa.

Church in the United States of America, in Convention, on the twelfth Day of September, in the Year of our Lord 1801.

Art. 1 of Faith in the Holy Trinity.

thority was never any doubt in the

Church. M HERE is but one living and true 1 God, everlasting, without body,

1 of the Vames and Vumber of the parts or passions of infinite power,

Canonical Books wisdom, and goodness; the Maker and Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Vanieri, Preserver of all things both visible and Deuteronomium, Joshuc, Judges, Ruth, invisible And in unity of this Godhead, The First Book of Samuel, The Second there be three persons, of one substance, Book of Samuel, The First Book of power, and eternity: the Father, the Kings, The Second Book of Kings, The Son, and the Holy Ghost

Firs Book of Chronicles The Second Art 11 of the Word, or Son of God. Book of Chronic es. The rest Book of sokich was made nery Man.

Esdras, The Second Book of Esdras, Tke

Book of Hester. The Book y Joy, The The Son, which is the Word of the Fa.

Psalms. The Proverbs, Ecelesiastes or ther, begotten from everlasting of the

Preacher, Cantica or Songs of Solomon, Father, the very and eternal God. of one

Four Prophets the greater. Twelve Prosubstance with the Father. took Man's

phets the less nature in the womb of the blessed Vir.

And the other Books (as Hierome saith) gin, o' her substance so that two whole

the Church doth read for example of life and perfect Natures, that is to say, the

and instruction of manners but yet Godhead and Manhood, were joined to

doth it not apply them to establish any gether in one Person, never to be divi.

doctrine : such are these following led, whereof is one Christ, very God,

The Third Book of Esdras, The Fourt and very Man who truly suffered. was

Book of Esdras, The Book of Tobias, crucified, dead, and buried to reconcile

The Book of Judith, the rest of the his Father to us, and to be a sacrifice,

Book of Hester. The Book of wisdom, not only for original guilt, but also for

Jesus the Son of Sirach, Baruch the Pro. actual sins of men.

phet, The Song of the three Children, Art. 111 of the gotng dutor of Christ The Story of Susanna, Of Bel and the into Hell

Dragon, The Prayer of Manasses. The As Christ died for us, and was buried;

First Book of Maccabees, The Second 10 also is it to be believed that he went

Book of Maccabees. down into hell

All the Books of the New Testament,

as they are commonly received, we do Art. IV of the Resurrection of Christ

receive and account them Canonical. Christ did truly rise again from death, and took again his body, with Aesh,

Art. VII. of the Old Testament. bones, and all things appertaining to the The Old Testament is not contrary to perfection of Man's nature where with the New: for both in the Old and New he ascended into heaven, and there sit- Testament everlasting life is offered to teth, untinr return to judge all men at mankind by Christ, who is the only Me. the last day

diator between God and Man, being both

God and Man Wherefore they are not Art. V. of the Holy Ghost.

to be heard, which feign, that the Old The Yoly Ghost, proceeding from the Fathers did look only for transitory Father and the Son, is of one substanre, Promises. Although the Law given from Majesty, and Glury, with the Father and God by Moses, as touching Ceremonies the Son, very and Ternal God.

and Rites, do not bind Christian men, Art. vi.

nor the Civil Precepts thereof ought of of the Sufficiency of the Holy necessity to be received in any Common Scriptures for Salvation.

wealth ; yet notwithstanding, no Chris. Holy Scripture containeth all things tian man whatsoever is free from the necessary to Salvation so that whatso-obedience of the Commandments which ever is not read therein, nor may be are called moral. proved thereby, is not to be required of any man, that it should be believed as an

Art VIII. of the Creeris. article of the Faith, or be thought requi The Nicene Creed, and that which is site or necessary to Salvation. In the commonly called the Apostles Creed, name of the Holy Scripture we do un. nught thoroughly to be received and be derstand those Canonical Books of the lieved: for they may be proved by most Old and New Testament, of whose Au. I certain warrants of Holy Scripture.

Art. IX. of O-iginal o Birth-Sin. willed and commanded them to be done, Original Sin standeth not in the tol. we doubt not but they have the nature of lowing of Adam (as the Pelagians do vainly talk ,) but it is the fault and cor. Art. XIV. Of Works of Supererogation. ruption of the nature of every man, | Voluntary Works, besides over and that naturally is engendered of the off.

above God's Commandments, which they Spring of Adan, whereby man is very

call Works of Supererogation, cannot be far gone from original righteousness, and

taught without arrogancy and impiety. is o his own oature inclined to evil,

For by them men do declare, That they so that the flesh lusteth always contrary

do not only render unto God as much as to the Spirit and therefore in every

they are bound to do, but that they do person born into this world, it deserveth

more for his sake than of bounden duty God's wrath and damnation. And this

is required : Wherras Christ saith plain. infection of nature coth remain, yea, Ily. When ye have done all that is comin them that are regenerated; whereby

manded to you, say, We are unprofita. the last of the flesh, caller in Greek.

ble servants. Ppornua oa xos which some do

Art. XV. of Christ alone without sin expound the Wisdom, some Sensuality, some the Affection, some the Desire of

Christ in the truth of our nature, was the Flesh. is not subject to the law of

made like unto us in all things, sin only God And although there is no con.

except, from which he was clearly void, demnation for them that believe and are

both in his flesh, and in his spirit He bapuzed: yel the Apostle doth confess,

came to be a Lamb without spot, who that concupiscence and lust hath of it.

by sacrifice of himself once made, should self the nature of sin.

take away the sins of the world and

sin (as St. John saith) was not in him. Art X. of Free-will

But all we the rest (although baptized The condition of man after the fall of and born again in Christ) yet offend in Adam, is such, that he cannot turn and many things and if we say we have no prepare bimself, by his own natural sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth strength and good works, lo faith, and is not in us. calling upon God: wherefore we have no | Art. XVI. of Sin after Baptism. power to do good works pleasant and ac. ceptable to God, without the grace of

Not every deadly sin, willingly com. God by Christ preventing us, that we

mitted after Baptism, is sin against the may have a good will, and working with

Holy Ghost, and unpartionable Whereus, when we have that good will

fore the grant of repentance is not to be

denied to such as fall into sin after Bap. Art XIY the Justification of Man. tism After we have received the Holy We are accounted righteous before (iod,

Ghost, we may depart from grace given, only for the Merit of our Lord and Sa.

and fall into sin, and by the grace of viour Jesus Christ by Faith ; and not for

God (we may arise again, and amend our own Works or Deservings Where.

our lives. And there!ore they are to be

condemned, which say, they can no more fore, that we are justified by Faith only, is a most wholesome doctrine, and very

sin as long as they live bere, or deny the full of comfort, R. more largely is u.

place of forgiveness to such as truly re.

pent. pressed in the Homily of Justitication.

Art. XVII. Of Predestination and Art. XII. Of good Works

Election Albeit that good Works, which are the

Predestination to life is the everlasting Fruits of Faith, and follow after Justif

purpose of God, whereby (before the cation, cannot put way our sins. and

and foundations of the world were laid) he endure the severity of God's Judgment

Til bath constantly decreed, by his counsel, yet are they pleasing and acceptable to God in Christ, and do spring ont neces.

| secret to us, to deliver from curse and es damnation, those whom he hath chosen

damnation sarily of a true and lively Faith ; inso.

in Christ out of mankind, and to bring much that by them a lively Frith may be

them by Christ to everlasting salvation, as evidently known, as a tree discerned

| os vessels made to honour. "Wherefore by the fruit.

they, which he endued with so excellent Art XIII. Of Works before Justin benefit of God, be called according to

God's purpose by his Spirit working in Works done before the grace of Christ, due season: they through grace obey and the inspiration of his Spirit, are not the calling they be justified freely : plensant to God, forasmuch as they they be made sons op God by adoption: spring not of faith in Jesus Christ, nei they be made like the image of his only ther do they make men meet to rereive begotten Son Jesus Christ : they walk grace, or (as the School-Authors may) religiously in good works; and at length deserve grace of congruity : yea rather, by God's mercy they attain to everlast. for that they are not done as God hath ling felicity.


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