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9 He sent redemption unto his people i 2 Juda was his sanctuary, and Israe he hath commanded bis covenant for his dominion ever: holy and reverend is his name. I 3 The sea saw that, and fled : Jordan

10 The fear of the Lord is the begin was driven back ning of wisdom ; a good understanding 4 The mountains skipped like rams, have all they that do thereafter ; the and the little hills like young sheep. praise of it endureth for ever.

5 What aileth thee, thou sca, that Psalm 112. Beatus vir

thou fleddest ? and thou Jordan, that

thou wast driven back? DLESSED is the man that feareth the

6 Ye mountains, that ye skipped like D Lord: he hath great delight in his rams ? and ye little hills, like young commandments

sheep ? 2 His seed shall be mighty upon earth;

7 Tremble thou earth at the presence the generation of the faithful shall be

of the Lord; at the presence of the blessed

God of Jacob; 3 Riches and plenteousness shall be in

8 Who turned the hard rock into a his house; and his righteousness endu

standing water, and the Aint stone into a reth for ever

springing well. 4 Unto the godly there ariseth up light in the darkness; he is me riful, loving, Psalm 115. Non nobis, Domine. and righteous 5 A good man is merciful, and lend.

NOT unto us, O Lord, not unto us, eth, and will guide his words with dis

I but unto thy name give the praise ; cretion;

for thy loving mercy, and for tby truth's 6 For he shall never be moved : and the

sake. righteous shall be had in everlasting re- 2 Wherefore shall the heathen say. membrance.

Where is now their God ? 7 He will not be afraid of any evil ti

3 As for our God, he is in heaven: be dings; for his heart standeth fast, and

hath done whatsoever pleased bim believeth in the Lord.

4 Their idols are silver and gold, even 8 His heart is stablished, and will not

the work of men's hands. shrink, nntil he see his desire upon his

5 They have mouths, and speak not; enemies

eyes have they, and see not. 9 He hath dispersed abroad, and given 6 They have ears, and hear not, noses to the poor, and his righteousness re- have thes, and so

have they, and smell not mineth for ever; his horn shall be ex.

7 They have hands, and handle not ; alted with honour.

feet have they, and walk not; neither 10 The ungodly shall see it, and it speak they through their throat shall grieve him; he shall gnash with bis

8 They that make them are like unto teeth, and consume away; the desire of

them; and so are all such as put their the ungodly shall perish.

trust in them Psalm 113. Laudate, puert.

9 But thou, house of Israel, trust thou DRAISE the Lord, ye servants: 0

in the Lord; he is their succour and de

fence I praise the name of the Lord.

10 Ye house of Aaron, put your trust 2 Blessed be the name of the Lord, from this tinie forth for evermore.

in the Lord; he is their helper and de

fender 3 The Lord's name is praised, from the

11 Ye that fear the Lord, put your trust rising up of the sun, unto the going down

in the Lord: he is their helper and de of the same. 4 The Lord is high above all heathen.


12 The Lord hath been mindful of us, and bis glory above the heavens

and he shall bless us; even he shall bless 5 Who is like unto the Lord our God.

the house of Israel, he shall bless the that hath his dwelling so high, and yet

house of Aaron, humbleh himself to behold the things

13 He shall bless them that fear the that are in heaven and earth? 6 He taketh up the simple out of the

Lord, both small and great

14 The Lord sball increase you more dust, and lifteth the poor out of the inire ;

and more, you and your children

15 Ye are the blessed of the Lord, who 7 That he may set him with the prin

made heaven and earth. ces, even with the princes of his people

16 All the whole heavens are the 8 He maketh the barren woman to keep

Lord's; the earth hath he given to the house, and to be a joyful mother of

children of men cbildren.

17 The dead praise not thee, O Lord, EVENING PRAYER

neither all they that go down into siPsalm 114. In exitu Israel. lence : HEN Israel rame out of Egypt, 18 But we will praise the Lord, frona

and the house of Jacob from this time forth for evermore. Praise the among the strange people,


The twenty-fourth Day.

confess, that his mercy endureth for MORNING PRAYER

1 ever

15 I called upon the Lord in trouble; Psalm 116 Dileri, quoniam

and the Lord heard me at large. TAM well pleased that the Lord hath 6 The Lord is on my side, I will not I heard the voice of my prayer;

fear what man doeth unto me. 2 That he hath inclined his ear into 7 The Lord taket b my part with them me, therefore will I call upon him as that help me; therefore shall I see my long as i live

desire upon mine enemies. 3 The snares of death compassed me It is better to trust in the Lord, than round about, and the pains of bell gat to put any confidence in man. hold upon me.

9 It is better to trust in the Lord, than 4 I shall find trouble and heaviness, to put any confidence in princes. and I will call upon the name of the 10 All nations compassed me round Lord : O Lord, 1 beseech thee, deliver about; but in the name of the Lord will my soul

I destroy them. 5 Gmcious is the Lord, and righteous; 11 They kept me in on every side, they yea, our God is merciful

kepi me in. I say, on every side ; but 6 The Lord preserveth the simple : in the name of the Lord wilt i destroy was in misery, and he helped me

them 7 Turn again then unto thy rest, my 112 They came about ine like bees, and soul, for the Lord hath rewarded thee. are extinct even as the fire among the

8 And why? thou hast delivered my thorns; for in the name of the Lord will soul from death, mine eyes from tears, I destroy them. and my feet from falling.

13 Thou hast thrust sore at me, that I 9 I will walk before the Lord in the might fall; but the Lord was my help. land of the living

14 The Lord is my strength and my TO I believed, and therefore will song; and is become my salvation. speak , but I was sore troubled : I said 15 The voice of joy and health is in the in my haste. All men are liars.

dwellings of the righteous; the right 1 What reward shall I give unto the hand of the Lord bringeth mighty things Lord, for all the benefits that he hath to pass done unto me?'

16 The right hand of the Lord hath the 12 I will receive the cup of salvation, pre-eminence; the right hand of the Lord and call upon the name of the Lord: bringeth mighty things to pass.

13 I will pay my vows now in the pre 17 I shall not die, but live, and declare sence of all his people right dear in the the works of the Lord sight of the Lord is the death of his 18 The Lord hath chastened and cor. saints

rected me; but he hath not given me over 14 Behold, O Lord, how that I am thy unto death servant; I am thy servant, and the son 19 Open me the gates of righteous. of thy handmaid : thou hast broken my ness, that I way go into them, and give bonds in sunder

thanks unto the Lord. 15 I will offer to thee the sacrifice of 20 This is the gate of the Lord, the thanksgiving, and will rall upon the righteous shall enter into it. name of the Lord.

2! I will thank thee; for thou hast 16 I will pay my vows unto the Lord, heard me, and art become my salva. in the sight of all his people, in the

tion. courts of the Lord's house ; even in the 22 The same stone which the builders midst of thee, O Jerusalem Praise the refused, is become the head-stone in the Lord


23 This is the Lord's doing, and it is Psalm 117. Landate Dominum

marvellous in our eyes PRAISE the Lord, all ye heathen; 24 This is the day which the Lord hath praise him, all ye nations.

made; we will rejoice and be glad in it. 2 For his merciful kindness 15 ever 25 Help mne now. 0 Lord O Lord, more and more towards us; and the send 118 nuw prosperity ruth of the Lord endureth for ever. 26 Blessed be he that cometh in the Praise the Lord.

name of the Lord. we have wished you

good luck, ye that are of the house of Psalm 118. Confitemini Domino

The Lord.
GIVE thanks unto the Lord, for he 27 God is the Lord, who bath showed

is gracious; bertuse his mercy en as light bind the sacrifice with cords, dureth for ever

yea, even unto the horns of the altar. 2 Let Israel now confess that he is gra. 2- Thou art my God, and I will thank cious, and that his mercy endureth for thee, thou art my God, and I will praiso cver

thee 3 Let the house of Aaron now coniess, 29 O give thanks unto the Lord; for that his mercy endureth for ever.

he is gracious, and his mercy endureth 4 Yea, let them now that fear the LON for ever.



3 Make me to understand the way of Psalm 119. Beati immaculati. thy commandments; and so shall I to DLESSED are those that are undefiled! 4 My soul melteth away for very hea.

of thy wondrous works D in the way, and walk in the law of

viness; comfort thou me according unto the Lord.

thy word. 2 Blessed are they that keep his testi

5 Take from me the way of lying, and monies, and seek him with their whole

cause thou me to make much of thy law. heart.

6 I have chosen the way of truth, and 3 For they who do no wickedness,

thy judgments have i laid before me. walk in his ways.

7 I have stuck unto thy testimonies; 4 Thou hast charged, that we shall dili

1 O Lord, confound me not gently keep thy commandments.

8 I will run Lae way of thy command. 5 that my ways were made so di

ments, when thou hast set my heart at Tect, that I might keep thy statutes !

liberty 6 So shall I not be confounded, while I have respect unto thy commandmenis. 7 I will thank thee with an unfeigned

The twenty-fifth Day. heart, when I shall have learned the

MORNING PRAYER judgments of thy righteousness.

Legem pone. 8 I will keep thy ceremonies; O for-IT EACH me, O Lord, the way of thy sake me not utterly.

1 slatutes, and I shall keep it unto In quo corriget?

the end. TUTHEREWITHAL shall a young

2 Give me understanding, and I shall

keep thy law; yea, I shall keep it with VV man cleanse his way? even by ru

my whole heart. ling himself after thy word.

3 Make me to go in the path of thy 2 With my whole heart have I sought

commandments for therein is my dethee, let me not go wrong out of thy commandments.

4 Incline mine heart into thy testi. 3 Thy words have I hid within my

monies, and not to covetousness. heart, that I should not sin against thee

5 O turn away mine eyes, lest they be. 4 Blessed art thou, O Lord; O teach

bold vanity; and quicken thou me in me thy statutes

thy way. 5 With my lips have I been telling of

6 0 stablish thy word in thy servant, all the judgments of thy mouth.

that I may fear thee 6 I have had as great delight in the 7 Take away the rebuke that I am way of thy testimonies, as in all manner afraid of: for thy judgments are good. of riches.

8 Behold, my delight is in thy com. 71 will talk of thy commandments,

mandments; O quicken me in thy right and have respect unto thy ways.

8 My delight shall be in thy statutes,
and I will not forget thy word.

Et veniat super me.
Retribue servo tko.

TET thy loving mercy come also unto

U me, O Lord, even thy salvation, ac O DO well unto thy servant ; that I may live and keep thy word.

cording unto thy word. 2 Open thou mine eyes; that I may see

2 Su shall I make answer unto my the wondrous things of thy law.

blaspbemers; for my trust is in thy word. 3 I am a stranger upon earth : 0 hide

3 take not the word of thy truth ut. not thy commandments from me.

terly out of my mouth; for my hope is 4 My soul breaketh out for the very

in thy judgments. fervent desire that it hath alway unto thy

4 So shall 1 alway keep thy law : yea, judgments.

for ever and ever. 5 "Thou hast rebuked the proud; and

5 And I will walk at liberty; for I seek cursed are they that do err from thy

thy commandments.

6 I will speak of thy testimonies also, commandments. 6 O turn from me shame and rebuke ;

even before kings, and will not be asha. for I have kept thy testimonies.

med. 7 Princes also did sit and speak against

7 And my delight shall be in thy com. me; but thy servant is occupied in thy

mandments, which I have loved

A My ånds also will I lift up unto thy statutes. 8 For thy Lestimonies are my delight,

commandments, which I have loved ;

and my study shall be in thy statutes. and my counsellors Adhesit pavimento.

Memor esto servi tui M Y soul cleaveth to the dust ; o n THINK upon thy servant, as conIV qucken thou me, according to thy cerning thy word, wherein thou word.

hast caused me to put my trust 2 I have acknowledged my ways, and | 2 The same is my comfort in any trou. thou heardest me: O teach me thy stable ; for thy word hath quickened me. Lutes.

3 The proud have had me exceedingly

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in derision yet have I not shrinked, are right, and that thou of very faithful from thy law.

ness hast caused me to be troubled. 4 For I remember thine everlasting 4 let thy merciful kindness be my Judgments, O Lord, and receive com comfort, according to thy word unto thy fort

servant. 5 I am horribly afraid, for the ungod. 30 let thy loving mercies come unto ly that forsake thy law,

me, that I may live ; for thy law is my 6 Thy statutes have been my songs, in delight the house of my pilgrimage.

6 Let the proud be confounded, for 7 I have thought upon thy name, O they go wickedly about to destroy me; Lord, in the night-season, and have kept but will be occupied in thy commandthy law.

ments 8 This I had, because I kept thy com 7 Let such as fear thee, and have mandments.

known thy testimonies, be tumed unto Portio mea, Domine.


8 let my heart be sound in thy state THOU art my portion, O Lord; I

utes, that I be not ashamed I have promised to keep thy law. 2 I made my humble petition in thy

Defecit anima mea. presence with my whole heart; O be M Y soul hath longed for thy salvation, merciful unto me, according to thy I and I have a good hope because of word.

thy word. 3 I called mine own ways to remem 2 Mine eyes long sore for thy word; brance, and turned my feet unto thy tes. saying, when wilt thou comfort me? timonies.

3 For I am oecome like a bottle in the 4 I made haste, and prolonged not the smoke : yet do I not forget thy statutes. time, to keep thy commandments.

4 How many are the days of thy ser. 5 The congregations of the ungodly vant? when wilt thou be avenged of have robbed me; but I have not forgot. them that persecute me? ten thy .aw

5 The proud have digged pits for me, 6 Al midnight I will rise to give thanks which are not after thy law. unto thee, because of thy righteous 6 All thy commandments are true : judgments

they persecute me falsely ; O be thou my 71 am a companion of all them that fear thee, and keep thy commandments. 7 They had almost made an end of me

8 The earth, O Lord, is full of thy | upon earth; but I forsook not thy comMercy : O teach me thy statutes.


8 O quicken me after thy loving kindBonitatem fecisti.

ness; and so shall I keep the testimonics O LORD, thou hast dealt graciously of thy mouth. with thy servant, according unto

In æternum, Domine. thy wora. 20 learn me true understanding and

LORD, thy word endureth for ever knowlerige, for I have believed thy com

in heaven.

2 Thy truth also remaineth from one mandments. 3 Before I was troubled, I went wrong:

generation to another; thou hast laid the but now have I kept thy word.

foundation of the earth, and it abideth. 4 Thou art good and gracious : 0 teach

3 They continue this day according to

thine ordinance, for all things serve thee, me thy statutes. 5 The proud have imagined a lie against

4 If my delight had not been in thy

law, I should have perished in my trou. me; but I will keep thy commandments with my whole heart.

ble. 6 Their heart is as fat as brawn; but

5 I will never forget thy commandmy delight hath been in thy law.

ments; for with them thou hast quick7 It is good for me that I have been

ened me, in trouble; that I may learn thy stat.

6 I am thine: O save me, for I have utes.'

sought thy commandments. 8 The law of thy mouth is dearer unto

7 The ungodly laid wait for me, to de. me than thousands of gold and silver.

stroy me; but I will consider thy testi


8 I see that all things come to an end; Manus tuæ fecerunt me.

but thy commandment is exceeding THY hands have made me, and fash

| broad. 1 ned me: O give me understand

Quomodo dileat! ing..nat I may learn thy command LORD, what love have I unto thy ments

U law all the day long is my study 2 They that fear thee will be glad when in it. they see me; because I have pul my trust 2 Thou, through thy commandments, in thy word

bast made me wiser than mine enemies; 3 I know, O Lord, that thy judgments for they are ever with me.

3 I have more understanding than my 3 Mine eyes are wasted away with teachers; for thy testimonies are my looking for thy health, and for the word study

of thy righteousness. 4 I am wiser than the aged : because I 40 deal with thy servant according keep thy commandments .

unto thy loving mercy, and teach me thy 5 I have refrained my feet from every statutes evi) way. that I may keep thy word.

5 I am thy servant; Ogrant me un6 I have not shrunk from thy judg. derstanding, that I may know thy testi. ments; for thou teachest me.

monies 7 O how sweet are thy words unto my

6 It is time for thee, Lord, to lay to throat; yea, sweeter than honey unto thine hand; for they have destroyed thy my mouth!

law. 8 Through thy commandments I get 7 For I love thy commandments above understanding therefore I hate all evil gold and precious stones ways.

Therefore hold 1 straight all thy

commandments; and all false ways I ut. 7'he trenty-sixth Day.

terly abhor.

Lucerna pedibus meis.

THY testimonies are wonderful; there. MTOHY word is a lantern unto my feet,

1 fore doth my soul keep them. and a light unto my paths.

2 When thy word goeth forth. it giveth 2 I have sworn, and am steadfastly

light and understanding unto the simple, purposed, to keep thy righteous jung.

3 I opened my mouth, and drew in my ments

brenth; for my delight was in thy com3 lam troubled above measure : quick mandments. on me, O Lord, according to thy word

4 (look thou upon me, and be merci 4 Let the free-will offerings of my ful unto me, as thou usest to do unto mouth please thee, O Lord; and teach those that love thy name. mne thy judgments.

5 Order my steps in thy word, and so 5 My soul is alway in my hand; yet shall no wickedness have dominior, over do I not forget thy law.

me 6 The ungodly have laid a snare for

6 () deliver me from the wrongful deal me; but yet I swerved not rom thy com ings of men, and so shall I keep thy mandinents.

commandments. 7 Thy testimonies have I claimed as 7 Show the light of thy countenance mine beritage for ever; and why ? they

upon thy servant, and teach me thy stat. are the very joy of my heart.

utes 8 I have applied toy heart to fulfil thy | Mine eyes gush out with water, bestalules alway, even unto the end. cause men keep not thy law.

Justus es, Domine.
Iniquos odio habui.

DIGHTEOUS art thou, O Lord ; and
I HATE them that imagine evil things; n true is thy judgment.
I but thy law do I love.

2 The testimonies that thou hast com2 Thou art my defence and shield;

manded are exceeding righteous and end my trust is in thy word.

true. 3 Away from me. ye wicked; I will

3 My zeal hath even consumed me; keep the commandments of my God.

because mine enemies have forgotten thy 40 stablish me according to thy word,

words. that I may live ; and let me not be dis

4 Thy word is tried to the uttermost, appointed of my hope

and thy servant loveth it. 5 Hold thou me up, and I shall be safe; 5 I am small and of no reputation; yea, my delight shall be ever in thy stat. yet do I not forget thy commandments. utes.

6 Thy righteousness is an everlasting 6 Thou hast trodden down all them

righteousness, and thy law is the truth that depart from thy statutes ; for they Trouble and heaviness have taken imagine but deceit.

hold upon me, yet is my delight in thy 7 Thou puttest away all the ungodly commandments of the earth like dross; therefore I love the righteousness of thy testimonies thy testimonies

is everlasting (grant me understand. 8 My flesh trembleth for fear of thee;

ing, and I shall live. And I am afraid of thy judgments.

Fect judicium,

Clamari in toto corde meo. T DEAL with the thing that is lawful I CALL with my whole heart, bear 1 and right; O give me not over unto me, O Lord, I will keep thy statutes. mine oppressors.

2 Yea, even unto tbee do I call, beip 2 Make thou thy servant to delight in me, and I shall keep thy testimonies. . that which is good, that the proud do me 3 Early in the morning do I cry unte no wrong

1 thee; for in thy word is my trust.

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