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The Cat
The Dog
The Cow
The Sheep
The Goat
The Horse
The Donkey
The Pig
The Hen

The Duck -


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The lessons on the cat are suggestive only; the work is planned to last the whole month. It is designed for the little children, particularly, who have just entered school, and to whom school work is apt to grow tiresome after the novelty wears off. Much easy reading can be combined with the lessons, by drawing little pictures in place of the nouns in the first reading lesson, as, See Pussy's (picture of two eyes). This is her (picture of tail).

Children love to make cats out of two circles, and if made good size, with sandpaper glued across the back, they make good match-scratchers. The mat on which kitty sleeps may be woven, and the articles in the story drawn and cut, viz., Belle's basket, the saucer, bottle of milk, stalks of catnip, a ball she plays with, the trec she climbs, the cat in different positions, and the rhymes and Songs illustrated.

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