Calendar of the Carew Manuscripts, Preserved in the Archiepiscopal Library at Lambeth ...: 1603-1624

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Page 544 - CUM TRITICO. Ascribed to THOMAS NETTER, of WALDEN, Provincial of the Carmelite Order in England, and Confessor to King Henry the Fifth. Edited by the Rev. WW SHIRLEY, MA, Tutor and late Fellow of Wadham College, Oxford.
Page 549 - Evesham illustrates the history of that important monastery from its foundation by Egwin, about 690, to the year 1418. Its chief feature is an autobiography, which makes us acquainted with the inner daily life of a great abbey, such as but rarely has been recorded.
Page 551 - WILLIAM STUBBS, MA, Vicar of Navestock, Essex, and Lambeth Librarian. 1864-1865. The authorship of the Chronicle in Vol. I., hitherto ascribed to Geoffrey Vinesauf, is now more correctly ascribed to Richard, Canon of the Holy Trinity of London. The narrative...
Page 548 - ... are enumerated under the year in which the person commemorated died, and not under the year in which the life was written. This arrangement has two advantages ; the materials for any given period may be seen at a glance ; and if the reader knows the time when an author wrote, and the number of years that had elapsed between the date of the events and the time the writer flourished, he will generally be enabled to form a fair estimate of the comparative value of the narrative itself.
Page 546 - The manuscript, a folio volume, is also preserved in the Record Room of the City of London, though some portion in its original state, borrowed from the City in the reign of Queen Elizabeth and never returned, forms part of the Cottonian MS.
Page 552 - Edited by JOHN GLOVER, MA, Vicar of Brading, Isle of Wight, formerly Librarian of Trinity College, Cambridge. 1865. These two treatises, though they cannot rank as independent narratives, are nevertheless valuable as careful abstracts of previous historians, especially " Le Livere de Reis de Engletere.
Page 4 - Domesday Survey is in two parts or volumes. The first, in folio, contains the counties of Bedford, Berks, Bucks, Cambridge, Chester and Lancaster, Cornwall, Derby, Devon, Dorset, Gloucester, Hants, Hereford, Herts, Huntingdon. Kent, Leicester and Rutland, Lincoln, Middlesex, Northampton, Nottingham, Oxford, Salop, Somerset, Stafford, Surrey, Sussex, Warwick, Wilts, Worcester, and York.
Page 544 - Regis qui apud Westmonasterium requiescit. Edited by HENRY RICHARDS LUARD, MA, Fellow and Assistant Tutor of Trinity College, Cambridge. 1858. The first is a poem in Norman French...
Page 544 - DE ABINGDON. Vols. I. and II. Edited by the Rev. JOSEPH STEVENSON, MA, of University College, Durham, and Vicar of Leighton Buzzard. 1858. This Chronicle traces the history of the great Benedictine monastery of Abingdon in Berkshire, from its foundation by King Ina of Wessex, to the reign of Richard I., shortly after which period the present narrative was drawn up by an inmate of the establishment.
Page 4 - Cnut, King of Denmark, which was apprehended. The commissioners appointed to make the survey were to inquire the name of each place ; who held it in the time of King Edward the Confessor ; the present possessor ; how many hides were in the manor ; how many ploughs were in...

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