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S. M.
C. M.

L. M.

L P. M. 7 s. M.

8, 8, 6 M,

6 1. L. M.

6, 6, 8 M.

8 & 7 M.


Short Metre.
Common Metre.
Long Metre.
Long Particular Metre.
Sevens Metre.
Eight and Six Metre.
Six line Long Metre.
Six and Eight Metre.

Eight and Seven syllable Metre.
Ten syllable Metre.

10s. M.

10 & 11 s. M. Ten and Eleven syllable Metre.
H. M.
P. M.

Hallelujah Metre.
Proper Metre.


Scott. 121 Cotton. 401

†Drummond. 122

ABSURD and vain attempt to bind
Affliction is a stormy deep
Affliction's faded form draws nigh
Again the Lord of life and light
A glory gilds the sacred page
Ah! wretched souls who still remain
All nature dies, and lives again
All nature feels attractive power
All powerful, self-existent God
All seeing God! 'tis thine to know
Almighty Father! gracious Lord
Almighty God! thy powerful word
Almighty Maker, God
Almighty Maker, Lord of all
Almighty! listen while we raise
Amidst a world of hopes and fears
And is the gospel peace and love

Doddridge. 404
Scott. 133

tCollyer's Coll. 405

And now my soul another year Liverpool Old Coll. 403
And will the great eternal God
Angel, roll the rock away
Another fleeting day is gone
Another six days work is done
Arise, my soul! extend thy wings
As body when the soul has fled
As the good shepherd gently leads
As the sweet flower which scents
At the portals of thy house
Author of good! we rest on thee
A voice from the desert comes awful
Awake, my soul! and with the sun
Awake, my soul! lift up thine eyes Mrs. Barbauld. 138
Awake, my soul! rouse every power

Stennet. 4
Doddridge. 134
Drummond. 135
†Pope's Coll.
*Belfast Coll. 406
tJ. Taylor.


6 Merrick. 136 †Drummond. 137 Bp. Ken. 407

Browne 139

Mrs. Barbauld.


Cowper. 123 Mrs. Steele. 124 Edinburgh Coll. 125

Drennan. 126 Walker's Coll. 127 Scott. 128

Mrs. Steele. 402 *Exeter Coll.



Watts. Select Coll. 131



Rev. H. Moore. 130
Mrs. Steele. 132

Awake my soul! stretch every nerve
Awake my soul to hymns of praise
Awake, ye saints! and raise your eyes Doddridge. 142


Before Jehovah's awful throne
Begin, my soul! the exalted lay
Behold the amazing sight

Doddridge. 140
Merrick. 141



Watts. Ogilvie. Doddridge. 143 Watts. 408

Doddridge. 409


Behold the grace appears
Behold the gloomy vale
Behold the heavens declare
Behold! the morning sun
Behold the Prince of peace


Watts. 10 Needham. 144

Behold, where breathing love divine Mrs. Barbauld. 146

Enfield. 147
Doddridge. 145
Watts. 11
Exeter Coll. 148
Watts. 149

Behold, where in a mortal form
Beset with snares on every
Be thou exalted, O our God
Blessed are the meek, he said
Blessed be the everlasting God
Blessed hour, when virtuous
Blessed Instructer! from thy ways
Blessed is the man who fears the Lord
Bless, O my soul! the living God
Blow ye the trumpet, blow

Liverpool Coll. 150
Merrick. 12

†Exeter Coll. 151

Watts. 13

Rippon's Coll. 152


Watts. 153

Can creatures to perfection find
Celestial worlds! your Maker's name Williams' Coll. 14
Come, let us search our ways and try
Watts. 154
Come, said Jesus' sacred voice Mrs. Barbauld. 156
Come, sound his praise abroad
Watts. 15
Come unto me, all ye who mourn Scotch Para. 155
Come, ye who love the Lord
Consider all my sorrows,

Watts. 16


Watts. 410


Deem not that they are blessed alone


Be yout



Eat, drink, in memory of your friend
Eternal and immortal King
Eternal bliss, and lasting wo
Eternal God! Almighty cause
Eternal God! how frail is man
Eternal God! our humbled souls
Eternal God! thy works of might
Eternal Sire! enthroned on high
Eternal Source of every joy
1 Eternal Source of life and light
Eternal Source of life and thought


Faith adds new charms to earthly bliss
Far from mortal cares retreating
Far from these scenes of night
Far from the world, O Lord! I flee
Far from thy servants, God of grace
Father adored in worlds above
Father divine! before thy view
Father divine! thy piercing eye
Father in heaven! thy sacred
Father of all! Eternal God
Father of all! whose cares extend
Father of all, whose sovereign will
Father of Jesus! God of love
Father of light! conduct my feet
Father of light! we sing thy name
Father of men! thy care we bless
Father of mercies! in thy word
Father of mercies! God of love
Father of our feeble race
Father of peace, and God of love
Father! to thy kind love we owe
For safety in the evil day

Dublin Coll. 411 Doddridge. 158 †Exeter Coll. 412 Browne. 17 Watts. 159

Doddridge. 413 †Jervis. 160

Williams' Coll. 414

Doddridge. 415 Cappe's Select. 18 Doddridge. 19

Salisbury Coll. 161 J. Taylor. 20 Mrs. Steele. 162 Cowper. 163 Doddridge. 164 Pope's Coll. 21 J. Taylor. 165 Doddridge. 416 Liverpool Coll. 22 Exeter Coll. 23

Pope. 24 Chs. Wesley. 417 †Exeter Coll. 166

Smart. 167 Doddridge. 25 Doddridge. 418 Mrs. Steele. 26 Heginbotham. 168 J. Taylor. 27 †Doddridge. 28 W.C. Brant Drummond. 419


Frail life of man-how short Rev. H. Moore. 169
From all that dwell below the skies
Watts. 30
From Christ, my Lord, shall I †Christian Reformer. 170
From every thought and wish impure Exeter Coll. 171
From north and south, from east and west Butcher. 172
From the table now retiring
Exeter Coll. 420


Give thanks to God most high
Give to our God immortal praise
Give to the Lord in cheerful songs
Glory be to God on high
Glory to thee, my God! this night
God in his earthly temples lays
God, in the gospel of his Son
God is a spirit just and wise
God moves in a mysterious way
God of eternity! from thee
God of glory! God of love
God of mercy! God of love
God of my childhood, and my youth
God of my life, through all its days
God of our lives! our thanks to thee
God of our lives! thy constant care
God of our lives! whose bounteous Dodsley's Poems. 178
God of the changing year! whose arm E. Taylor. 425
God of the morning! at whose voice Watts. 179
God reigns; events in order flow
Scott. 181
God, to correct the world

J. Taylor. 176
Watts. 423
Doddridge. 424

Browne. 177
Doddridge. 426

Jervis. 427
Watts. 37




Exeter Coll.


J. Taylor. 34

Bp. Ken. 421 Watts. 35 Beddome. 173

Watts. 36 Cowper. 174 Doddridge. 175 Broadmead Coll. 422

God, who in various methods told
God, who is just and kind
Grace 'tis a pleasing sound
Great Author of all nature's frame
Great Cause of all things! Source of
Great First of beings! mighty Lord
Great Former of this various frame
Great Framer of unnumbered worlds


Patrick. 180

Doddridge. 182

Scott. 183 Dyer. 38 Browne. Doddridge. 184 Dyer. 429


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