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Roscoe. 430
Watts. 185
Jervis. 187
Kippis. 186
Heginbotham. 432
Exeter Coll. 188
Needham. 189

Great God! at whose all-powerful call Gent. Mag. 431
Great God! beneath whose piercing eye
Great God, how infinite art thou
Great God, how vast is thine abode
Great God! in vain man's narrow view
Great God! let all our tuneful powers
Great God! my Father and my Friend
Great God of grace! arise and shine
Great God! the followers of thy Son H. Ware, *J*. 433
Great God! the heaven's well ordered frame Watts.
Great God! thine attributes divine
Great God! this sacred day of thine †Mrs. Steele. 42
Great God! to thee our grateful tongues Flexman. 190
Great God! we sing that mighty hand
Great God! whose all-pervading eye
Great God! whose universal sway
Great Lord of all things, Power
Great Lord of angels! we adore


Jervis. 191

Doddridge. 434
Watts. 192

Watts. 193

Liverpool Coll. 435
Doddridge. 436

Great Lord of earth, and seas, and skies Browne. 194
Great Ruler of all nature's frame

Doddridge. 195 Mrs. Steele. 437



Great Ruler of the earth and skies

Great Source of life! our souls confess Doddridge. 196
Great Source of unexhausted good
Greatest of beings! Source of life
Greatest of beings! Source of good

tExeter Coll. 438 Dyer. 39 Phila. Select. 428


Hail, great Creator, wise and good.
Hail, love divine! joys ever new
Happy is he whose early years
Happy the man whose wishes climb
Happy the meek, whose gentle breast
Happy the unrepining poor
3 Hark, the glad sound! the Saviour
Hear, Lord! the song of praise and
Hear, O ye dead! awake, arise tRev.
Hear what God, the Lord hath spoken

Gent. Mag. 43
Blacklock. 197
Watts. 439

Mrs. Steele. 198


Scott. 199 200 Doddridge. 201 †Cowper. 440 H. Moore. 202 Cowper. 203

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Hear what the voice from heaven
He dies, the Friend of sinners dies
High in the heavens, eternal God
Holy, holy, holy Lord
Hosanna! let us join to sing
House of our God, with cheerful
How are thy servants blessed, O Lord

How blessed is man, O God

Watts. 44

Salisbury Coll. 45
Butcher. 206

Doddridge. 443
Addison. 205

Cowper. 207

How blessed the sacred tie that binds Mrs. Barbauld. 208

Doddridge. 209 Sir H. Wotton. 210

Logan. 211 Watts. 212 Doddridge. 214

Scott. 213

Watts. 442
Watts. 46

Miss Roscoe. 215
Doddridge. 216
Kippis. 444
Scotch Para. 217
Doddridge. 218
Merrick. 219

How gracious is our God
How happy is he born and taught
How happy is the man who hears
How long shall death the tyrant reign
How long shall dreams of earthly bliss
How many millions draw their breath
How pleasing, Lord! to see
How precious, Lord! thy holy word
How rich the blessings, O my God
How rich thy favours, God of grace
How rich thy gifts, Almighty King
How still and peaceful is the grave
How swift the torrent rolls
How well our great Preserver knows

[blocks in formation]

Watts. 204
Watts. 441

I'll bless Jehovah's glorious name
I'll praise my Maker with my breath
I read my duty in the word
Immortal God! on thee we call
Imposture shrinks from light
In all my vast concerns with thee
In all thy dealings, gracious God
In glad amazement, Lord! I stand

Scott. 221 Cotton. 220

Exeter Coll. 222

Scott. 224

Miss Daye. 47
Watts. 48
Watts. 223

Doddridge. 225

Scott. 226 Watts. 227

tExeter Coll. 228 Doddridge. 447

In sleep's serene oblivion laid
In the soft season of thy youth
In vain opposing nations rage
Indulgent Father! how divine
Indulgent God! whose bounteous
Indulgent God! with pitying eye
Is there a lone and dreary hour
Is there no kind, no lenient art
Is there on earth a nobler name
'Is this a fast for me'

Hawkesworth. 448
Gibbons. 230
Patrick. 449
Sowden. 445

care Gent. Mag. 446
Doddridge. 229
Caroline * Gilman 450
Mrs. Steele. 231
tExeter Coll. 232
†Drummond. 451


Jehovah bids the morning ray
Jehovah God! thy gracious power
Jehovah reigns! let every nation
Jesus is gone above the sky
Jesus, the friend of man
Joy to the world, the Lord is come


Keep silence all created things


[blocks in formation]

Lauded be thy name for ever
Let children hear the mighty deeds
Let coward guilt, with pallid fear
Let every tongue thy goodness speak
'Let heaven arise, let earth appear'
Let men of high conceit and zeal
Let none be envious when they see
Let party names no more
Let songs of praise from all below New
Let thanks to God, all-sovereign Power
Let the whole race of creatures lie
Let us with a joyful mind
Life is a span, a fleeting hour
Life is the time to serve the Lord

Watts. 233

*Hogg. 455 Watts. 234 Mrs. Carter. 456

Watts. 52
Watts. 235

Browne. 236
Patrick. 237

Beddome. 239 Selection. 457 †Ex. Coll. 238

Watts. 240 Milton. 53

Mrs. Steele. 459

Watts. 241

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Lift your glad voices in triumph on
Lift your voice, and joyful sing
Like shadows gliding o'er the plain
Lo! God is here; let us adore
Look round, O man! survey this
Long have we sat beneath the sound
Lord! dismiss us with thy blessing
Lord! how resplendent shines thy
Lord! in the morning thou shalt hear
Lord I am thine; but thou wilt prove
Lord of the sabbath! hear our vows
Lord of the worlds above
Lord! thou art good; all nature shows
Lord! thou hast been thy children's God
Lord! thou hast searched and seen me
Lord! through the dubious path of life
Lord! we adore thy vast designs
Lord! we adore thy wondrous name
Lord! we would make thy word our joy
Lord! what our ears have heard
Lord! who's the happy man that may


†Christian Dis. 458 Merrick. 54 J. Taylor. 242 Salisbury Coll. 55 L'pool Old Coll. 243 Watts. 56


Toplady's Coll.
Liverpool Coll. 244
Watts. 58
Watts. 460

Doddridge. 59
Watts. 60

Browne. 61
†Ex. Coll. 245
Watts. 246
Ex. Coll. 247
Watts. 248

Doddridge. 249
Watts. 250

Salisbury Coll. 461
Tate. 251

Mark how the swift-winged minutes fly †Ex. Coll. 462
Mark the soft-falling snow
Doddridge. 253
Watts. 252

Mistaken souls, that dream of heaven
Must friends and kindred droop and die
My Father! cheering name
My Father! I adore

Watts. 463
Watts. 254

Belknap's Coll. 255
My God! all nature owns thy sway Miss Williams.
My God! how endless is thy love

62 Watts. 464

Worth 257
Watts. 63

My God! I thank thee! may no thought
My God! my King! O may thy praise
My God! permit me not to be
My God! permit my tongue
My God! the covenant of thy love
My God! the steps of pious men

Watts. 465
Watts. 64

Doddridge. 256
Watts. 258

My God! thy boundless love I praise Rev. H. Moore. 259
My God! thy service well demands
My Helper, God! I bless thy name
My Maker, and my King

Doddridge. 466
Doddridge. 467
Mrs. Steele. 261
Browne. 260

My soul! forbear on transient things
My soul! praise the Lord
My soul! repeat his praise
My soul shall bless thee, O my God
My Sovereign! to thy throne


Naked as from the earth we came
Not he whose baseless hope relies
No war nor battle's sound

O azure vaults! O crystal sky
O bless the Lord, our souls


Park. 65

Watts. 262

Heginbotham. 263
Scott. 468

Watts. 264 †Butcher. 265 Milton. 469



Watts. 67

Scott. 68

69 Tate. 70 Proud. 470 Watts. 266 471


†Exeter Coll. 267 Doddridge. 71 Salisbury Coll. 268

Browne. 269
Watts. 270

Laverpool Coll. 271
Exeter Coll. 272

come, all ye sons of Adam! and raise
O come and sing your Maker's name
O come, loud anthems let us sing
O could I soar to worlds above
O for a firm and lively faith
O God! accept the sacred hour
O God! my strength! my hope
O God of Bethel! by whose hand
O God of our forefathers! hear
O God! on thee we all depend
O God! our help in ages past
O God! to thee my sinking soul
O God! to thee we raise our eyes
O God! we praise thee, and confess
O God! whose dread and dazzling brow
O God! whose thunder shakes the sky
O hear me, Lord! to thee I call
O here, if ever, God of love
O how can they look up to heaven


Patrick. 72 Bryant 73 Chatterton. 273 Merrick. 276

Miss E. Taylor. 472
J. Browne. 473

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