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"Then he had Knowledge; finely would he write, Study to him was Pleasure and Delight; "Great was his Courage, and but few could stand 16 Against the Slight and Vigour of his Hand; "The Maidens lov'd him;-when he came to die, "No, not the coldest could suppress a Sigh: "Here I must cease-how can I say, my Child "Was by the bad of either Sex beguil❜d?

"Worst of the Bad-they taught him that the Laws "Made Wrong and Right; there was no other Cause; "That all Religion was the Trade of Priests, "And Men, when dead, must perish like the Beasts:"And he, so lively and so gay before

"Ah! spare a Mother-I can tell no more.

"Int'rest was made that they should not destroy "The comely Form of my deluded Boy—

"But Pardon came not; damp the Place and deep "Where he was kept, as they'd a Tyger keep;

"For he, unhappy! had before them all
"Vow'd he'd escape, whatever might befall.

"He'd means of Dress, and dress'd beyond his Means, "And so to see him in such dismal Scenes, "I cannot speak it—cannot bear to tell "Of that sad Hour-I heard the Passing-Bell!

"Slowly they went; he smil'd and look'd so smart, "Yet sure he shudder'd when he saw the Cart, "And gave a Look-until my dying-Day, "That Look will never from my Mind away: "Oft as I sit, and ever in my Dreams,

"I see that Look, and they have heard my Screams. "Now let me speak no more-yet all declar'd

"That one so young, in pity should be spar'd,
"And one so manly;-on his graceful Neck,
"That Chains of Jewels may be proud to deck,

"To a small Mole a Mother's Lips have press'd,"And there the Cord-my Breath is sore oppress'd. "I now can speak again :—my elder Boy "Was that Year drown'd,-a Seaman in a Hoy: "He left a numerous Race; of these would some "In their young Troubles to my Cottage come, "And these I taught—an humble Teacher I— "Upon their Heavenly Parent to rely.

"Alas! I needed such Reliance more:

"My Idiot-Girl, so simply gay before,

"Now wept in pain; some Wretch had found a time, "Deprav'd and wicked, for that Coward-Crime; "I had indeed my doubt, but I suppress'd "The thought that day and night disturb'd my rest; "She and that sick-pale Brother-but why strive "To keep the Terrors of that time alive?

"The Hour arriv'd, the new, th' undreaded Pain, "That came with violence and yet came in vain. "I saw her die: her Brother too is dead; "Nor own'd such Crime-what is it that I dread? "The Parish-Aid withdrawn, I look'd around, "And in my School a blest Subsistence found— "My Winter-calm of Life: to be of use

"Would pleasant Thoughts and heavenly Hopes pro


"I lov'd them all; it sooth'd me to presage

"The various Trials of their riper Age,

"Then dwell on mine, and bless the Power who gave

"Pains to correct us, and Remorse to save.

"Yes! these were Days of Peace, but they are past,

"A Trial came, I will believe, a last;

"I lost my Sight, and my Employment gone,

“ Useless I live, but to the Day live on ;

"Those Eyes which long the Light of Heaven enjoy'd, "Were not by Pain, by Agony destroy'd:

"My Senses fail not all; I speak, I pray ;
"By Night my Rest, my Food I take by Day;
"And as my Mind looks cheerful to my End,
"I love Mankind and call my GOD my Friend."

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Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that, in the latter times, some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of devils.

Epistle to Timothy.

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