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at the present trying hour, furnishes a model to surrounding nations, whilst it secures order and tranquillity at home.

"I am a friend to religious toleration, but a firm upholder of the Protestant Church of England as by law established, and as strong an opponent of all measures calculated to increase the power of the Papacy in our free and enlightened land.

"To the renewal of the Property and Income-tax, in its present form of unequal and unjust pressure, I am decidedly opposed; and I feel that it ought not to be continued without considerable modifications.

"I come before you as a stranger, but should you place me in the proud position to which I aspire, you may rely upon my identifying myself, at all times, with your local interests, and upon my strict attention, in my place in Parliament, to every measure, political and social, calculated to improve the condition of the mercantile and working classes.

"It is my intention to pay my personal respects to every elector, and with the least possible delay.

"I have the honour to be,
"Your faithful humble servant,
"J. W. Freshfield.

"King's Head Hotel, Derby,
"March 27, 1848."


"Gentlemen, — The vacancies which have just occurred in the representation of your borough, induce me to come forward as a candidate for the honour of representing you in Parliament.

"I do this with the greater confidence from my connexion with a family long known and respected amongst you.

"Attached to the institutions of our country in Church and State, and friendly to the cause of civil and religious liberty, I have long contended for the maintenance of those principles which have led to our national glory and prosperity.

"On some points my sentiments are well known to you: on them and

others it will gratify me to afford you such further information as to my own views, as you are called upon to require, and no honest candidate can have a wish to withhold from you.

"The maintenance of the Reformed religion and a national system of education, based upon the Scriptures, I hold essential for the well-being of a Christian State and a Christian Church.

"In preference to merely political partizanship, I have ever contended for measures before men—and principle before unprincipled expediency.

"The present system of taxation, especially as regards the Income-tax, seems to require immediate revision. . "Turning from fiscal to social matters, in which the comfort and happiness of the people is concerned, I cannot fail to notice the importance of improvement in sanatory regulations.

"In various plans for securing better arrangements for the accommodation of our artizans and operatives, and ameliorating the moral and social condition of the people, I have long taken a deep and lively interest.

"The welfare of the rich and poor are, on the whole, so essentially connected, that the prosperity and happiness of the one must more or less affect the prosperity and happiness of the other.

"In conjunction with Mr. Freshfield, I shall immediately commence a personal canvas; and indulging the hope that I may be returned as one of your representatives,

"I have the honour to remain,

"Your faithful and obedient servant, "james Lord.

"Parkfield, Derby,

"March 27, 1848."

Norwich Operative Protestant Association. — This Society concluded its recent Course of Lectures on Monday evening, 27th March last. The lecture was delivered by the Clerical Secretary, the Rev. John E. Gladstone, B.A., the subject being "England during the reign of Queen Mary." The Rev. Lecturer commenced by a brief review of the subjects of the former lectures, and then proceeded to show, by a succession of deeply interesting historical evidence, the gradual re-establishment of Popery, with its superstitions, its idolatry, and its despotic and sanguinary government in England during the Marian period, giving instructive illustrations of the great characters of the day who aided its progress, and of those who resisted it even unto death, and warning his audience to hear in mind, that it was the Protestant people of England who brought Mary to the throne, under the same blind idea, which now animates a large mass of professing Protestants, that no evil would accrue to the nation, and that the Queen would look only to the free exercise of her own faith, leaving her subjects to follow their own desire. The Rev. Lecturer very ably drew a contrast between the personal characters of Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth, showing that it was to Protestant principles alone that we could attribute the wisdom, moderation, and prosperous sway of the latter, she being in mind of far greater ability and of stronger passions than her predecessor, and therefore a more fit instrument to aid the hateful cause of Romanism, and that, therefore, it was owing to a Popish influence in Mary, that to this day she was called " Bloody Mary," and to Protestant influence in Elizabeth, that to this day she was known as "Bonnie Queen Bess." The concluding remarks of the Lecture were remarkable for their great eloquence and important practical exhortation. The Rev. Charles Jex Blake, the Chairman, having moved the thanks to the Lecturer, he was responded to by loud applause for a considerable time. The Rev. Charles William Lbhr rose, and moved a Resolution of

thanks to the accomplished lady, the gentlemen, and members of the Committee, who had contributed the illustrations to the Course of Lectures, and made some instructive remarks on the utility of such illustrations, and the aid supplied by them towards a full appreciation of the subject. The illustrations of the present Lecture comprised historical scenes, portraits of the celebrated characters, and views of the localities, alluded to by the Rev. Lecturer. The room was densely crowded by an audience of all classes of the community, and so intense was the interest to obtain admittance, that from 200 to 300 applications for admittance were obliged to be rejected. The Committee, encouraged by the attention these Lectures have excited in Norwich, are preparing to continue the plan of yearly public lectures during the winter months, as a means to maintain in their locality, an intelligent knowledge of Church of England Protestantism.

The Acquittal Of The Seven Bishops.—Our subscribers and friends will be glad to learn that the Rev. Hugh Stowell will deliver a Lecture on the above subject in the Large Hall, Exeter Hall, Monday evening, May 8. Mr. Herbert's celebrated picture will be then exhibited. Further particulars will be announced.

OBITUARY. Died at Pau, in the faith of the Gospel, on the 1st ult., J. B. Murphy, Esq., of King's College, London: formerly a monk of the Order of the Presentation, and Superior of the Presentation Monastery, Youghal, Ireland.

The ANNIVERSARY MEETING of the PROTESTANT ASSOCIATION will he held in the Large Hall, Exeter Hall, Wednesday, May 10th. G. Rochfort Clarke, Esq., in the Chair. Rev. Hugh Stowell, Rev. C. Prest, J. E. Gordon, Esq., and others, are expected to address the Meeting.

The ANNUAL SERMON will be preached in St. Michael's Church, Chester-square, Pimlico, on the Evening of Thursday, the 11th of May' by the Rev. Thomas Mortimer. Divine Service will commence at Seven o'clock; and a Collection will take place in aid of the funds of the Association.

Macintosh, Printer, Great New-street, London.





Protestant Association.

The Bishop of Rome hath no jurisdiction in this realm of England."Art. Xxxtii.

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