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Lonelinefs, how indulgently God has provided against man's, ii. 129.
Lothair, succeeds his brother Ecbert in the kingdom of Kent, iv.
· 140. Dies of wounds received in battle against Edric, 142. ..
Love, produces knowledge and virtue, i. 225. The son of Penury,

begot of Plenty, 355. How parabled by the ancients, ibid.
Lubec, Oliver's letter to the senators and consuls of that city, iv.

Lucius, a king in some part of Britain, thought the first of any king


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Marganu' the kingdom wine by him, ibid king. iv. 22ardinal Pool,

Margares the kind overcarichigallo, why repre

Mandubratius, fon of Immanuentius, favoured by the Trinobante;

against Caffibelan, iv. 36.
Manifesto of the lord protector of England, &c. against the depre-

dations of the Spaniards, v. 12. In Latin, vi.go.
Marcus Aurelius, ready to lay down the government, if the senate or

people required it, ini. 250.
Marganus, the son of Gonoril, deposes his aunt Cordeilla, iv. 16.

Shares the kingdom with his cousin Cunedagius, invades him,

but is met and overcome by him, ibid.
Marganus, the son of Archigallo, a good king. iv. 22.
Marinaro, a learned Carmelite, why reproved by cardinal Pool,

ii. 167.
Marius, the son of Arviragus, is said to have overcome the Picts,

and flain their king Roderic, iv. 64.
Marriage, not properly so, where the most honest end is wanting,

i. 350. The fulfilling of conjugal love and happiness, rather
than the remedy of lust, 353. Love and peace in families broke
by a forced continuance of matrimony, 357. May endanger the
life of either party, 371. Not a mere carnal coition, 373.
Compared with other covenants broken for the good of men,
373, 374. No more a command than divorce, ii. 13. The
words of the institution, how to be understood, 22. The mise
ries in marriage to be laid on unjust laws, 51. Different defi-
nitions of it, 141-144. The grievance of the mind more to be
regarded in it, than that of the body, ibid. Called the covenant
of God, 153. The ordering of it belongs to the civil power,
79. Popes by fraud and force have got this power, 79, 80.
Means of preserving it holy and pure, 83. Allowed by the
ancient fathers, even after the vow of single life, 87. Chrift
intended to make no new laws relating to it, 91. The properties
of a true christian marriage, 99. What crimes diffolve it, 100.
Expositions of the four chief places in Scripture treating of, 111.
A civil ordinance or houshold contract, 370. The folemnizing
of it recovered by the parliament from the encroachment of

priests, 371. See Divorce.
Martia, wife of king Guitheline, said to have instituted the law

called Marchen Leage, iv. 20.
Martin V, pope, the first that excommunicated for reading he-

retical books, ii. 293.
Martinus, made deputy of the British province, failing to kill

Paulus, falls upon his own sword, iv. 73.
Martyr, Peter, his character of Martin Bucer, ii. 67. His opinion

concerning diyorce, 233.
Martyrdom, the nature of it explained, iii. 83, 84. -
Martyrs, not to be relied on, i. 241.
Mary, queen of Scots, her death compared with king Charles's, iii.
289, 290.


of it recoverence or houlief places in Set crimes diftos prope

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Milles, Hermann, letter to, i. xix.
Milton, the author, his account of himself, i. 223, &c. vi. 380, 401.

of his complaint in his eyes, i. xxiv.
Mimes, what they were, i. 216, 217,
Minister, different from the magistrate, in the excellence of his end,

i. 140. Duties belonging to his office, ibid. Whether the peo-

ple are judges of his ability, 255.
Ministers, have the power of binding and loosing, i. 93. Their la-

bours reflected on, by licensing the press, 313. How dil-

tinguished in the primitive times from other christians, iii. 390.
Ministers, Presbyterian, account of their behaviour, when the bi-

shops were preached down, ui, 126.
Minocan, an ancient British king, iv. 23,


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NASSAU, house of, hinted at, as dangerous to a commonwealth,
iii. 419,


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