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UNSPILT, adj. Not shed.

UNSTAUNCH'ED, adj. Not stopped; not That blood which thou and thy great grandsire shed, stayed. And all that since these sister nations bled,

With the issuing blood Had been unspilt, had happy Edward known,

Stifle the villain, whose unstaunched thirst That all the blood he spili had been his own. Denham. York and young Rutland could not satisfy. Shakse.

UNSPI'RIT, v. a. To dispirit; depress, deject. UNSTEAD'FAST, adj. Not fixed; not fast:

Denmark has continued ever since weak and unspi- not resolute. rited, bent only upon safety.


I'll read you matter, Could it be in the power of any temporal loss, so As full of peril and advent'rous spirit, much to discompose and unspirit my soul? Norris. As to o'erwalk a current, roaring loud,

UNSPOILED, adj. Not plundered or pil. On the unsteadfast footing of a spear. Shakspeare. laged.

UNSTEAD'Y, adj.) Inconstant; irresolute: All the way that they fled, for very despight, in their Unstead'Ily, adv. Şthe adverb and noun subreturn they utterly wasted whatsoever they had before UNSTEAD'INESS, n. s.) stantive corresponding. left unspoiled.

Spenser's State of Ireland. And her unsteady hand hath often placed Bathurst, yet unspoiled by wealth.

Pope. Men in high power, but seldom holds them fast. UNSPOTTED, adj. Not marked with stain or spot.

He that uses his words loosely and unsteadily wil Pure religion and undefiled is this, to visit the father- not be minded, or not understood. - Look less and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself A prince of this character will instruct us, by his unspotted from the world.

James i. 27. example, to fix the unsteadiness of our politicks. A heart unspotted is not easily daunted. Shaksp.

Addison. Vindicate the honour of religion, by a pure and un

UNSTEEP'ED, adj. Not soaked. spotted obedience to its precepts. * Rogers. Other wheat was sown ünsteeped, but watered twice UNSQUAR'ED, adj. Not formed ; irregular.

a day.

Bacon's Natural Histery.

UNSTING', v. a.
When he speaks,

To disarm of a sting. 'Tis like a chime a-mending, with terms unsquared,

He has disarmed his afflictions, unstung his miseries; Which, from the tongue of roaring Typhon dropt,

and, though he has not the proper happiness of the Would seem hyperboles.

world, yet he has the greatest that is to be enjoyed in UNST, the most northern of the Shetland

South's Synot. Isles, constituting a parish. It is of an irregu- UNSTINTED, adj. Not limited. lar oblong figure, twelve miles long, and four in the works of nature is unstinted goodness shero broad. The surface is hilly. The chief hill us by their Author. is Vallafield, which extends the whole length of UNSTIR'RED, adj. Not stirred; not agitated. the island along its west coast. Crossfield Such seeming milks suffered to stand unstirred, bt crosses it in the middle. The soil is fertile,

fall to the bottom a resinous substance. Beyłe. though the culture is bad. Fine rock crystals are

UNSTITCH', v. a. To open by picking the found in it, also jaspers and topazes. Large caves


Cato well observes, though in the phrase of a tapler, are in it 300 feet under ground. UNSTA’BLE, adj. Lat. instabilis. Not fixed;

friendship ought not to be unripped, but unstitched.

Collier. not fast.

UNSTOOP'ING, adj. Not bending; not A double-minded man is unstable in all his ways. Vielding

James i. 8.
A popular state, not founded on the general interests Should not

Such neighbour nearness to our sacred blood

Should nothing privilege him, nor partialize of the people, is of all others the most uncertain, unstable, and subject to the most easy changes. Temple.

The unstooping firmness of my upright soul. Shakop. UNSTAID', adj. ] Not cool; not prudent; UNSTOP', v. a. To free from stop or obstrue

UNSTAID'NESS, n. s. ) not settled into discretion : tion; to open. the noun substantive corresponding.

The eyes of the blind shall be opened, and the ears Wo to that land,

of the deaf unstopped.

Isaiah xxxv. 5. Which gasps beneath a child's unstaid command !

Such white fumes have been afforded, by unstoppers Sandys. a liquor diaphanous and red.

Beyk. The oft changing of his colour, with a kind of shak- UNSTRAIN'ED, adj. Easy ; not forced. ing unstaidness over all his body, he might see in his By an easy and unstrained derivation, it implies the countenance some great determination mixed with fear. breath of God.

Hakewill on Providenci.

Sidney. UNSTRAITENED, adj. Not contracted. UNSTAIN'ED, adj. Not stained; not dyed; The eternal wisdom, from which we derive our beings, not dishonoured.

enriched us with all these ennoblements that were Pure and unstained religion onght to be the highest suitable to the measures of an unstraitened goodness, of all cares appertaining to publick regimen. Hooker. and the capacity of such a creature. Glanville, I will do it without fear or doubt,

UNSTRENGTH'ENED, adj. Not supported; To live an unstained wife to my sweet love. Shaksp.

not assisted. Her people guiltless, and her fields unstained.

The church of God is neither of capacity so weak, UNSTATE', v.a. To put out of dignity.

nor so unstrengthened with authority from above, but

that her laws may exact obedience at the hands of her High-battled Cæsar will own children.

Hooker. Unstate his happiness, and be staged to the shew Against a sworder.


UNSTRING', v.a. To relax any thing strung; I would unstate myself, to be in a due resolution to deprive of strings.


My tongue's use is to me no more UNSTATUTABLE, adi. Contrary to statute. Than an unstringed vio) or liarp.

Shakspeari. That plea did not avail, although the lease were no

no. His idle horn on fragrant myrtles hung; toriously unstatutable. the rent reserved being not a His arrows scattered, and his bow unstrung. Smuk. seventh part of the real value.

°Swift UNSTRUCK', adj. Not moved ; not affected.


Over dank and dry,

The unsuitableness of one man's aspect to another They journey toilso me, unfatigued with length man's fancy has raised such an aversion, as has proOf march, unstruck with horror at the sight

duced a perfect hatred of him.

South. Of Alpine ridges bleak.


Leave thy joys, unsuiting such an age, UNSTUDIED, adj. Not premeditated; not To a fresh comer, and resign the stage. Dryden. labored.

UNSUL’LIED, adj. Not fouled; not disgraced; In your conversation I could observe a clearness of

pure. notion expressed in ready and unstudied words.

My maiden honour yet is pure
As the unsullied lilly.

Shakspeare. UNSTUFF'ED, adj. Unfilled; not crowded.

To royal authority a most dutiful observance has ever Care keeps his watch in every old man's eye;

been the proper, unsullied honour of your church. Sprat. And, where care lodgeth, sleep will never lie; But, where unbruised youth with unstuft brain

UNSUNG', adj. Not celebrated in verse; not Doth couch his limbs, there golden sleep doth reign.

recited in verse. Shakspeare.

Thus was the first day even and morn, UNSUBSTANTIAL, adj. Not solid ; not pal- Nor passed uncelebrated nor unsung pable or real.

By the celestial choirs.


There is a liberty Welcome, thou unsubstantial air that I embrace !


Unsung by poets and by senators unpraised. Couper.

9 If empty unsubstantial beings may be ever made use

UNSUNNED', adj. Not exposed to the sun. of on this occasion, there were never any more nicely

I thought her as chaste as unsunned snow. Shaksu. imagined and employed.


UNSUPER'FLUOUS, adj. Nut more than UNSUCCEED'ED, adj. Not succeeded. enough. Unjust equal o'er equals to let reign;

Nature's full blessings would be well dispensed One over all, with unsucceeded power. Milton. In unsuperfluous, even proportion,

UNSUCCESSFUL, adj. Not having the And she no whit encumbered with her store. Milton. UNSUCCESS'FULLY, adv. Swished event; not.

UNSUPPLANTED, adj. Not forced or thrown UNSUCCESS'IVE, adj. fortunate: the adverb from under that which supports it. corresponding: unsuccessive is not proceeding by

Gladsome they quaff, yet not encroach on night,

Season of rest ; but well bedewed repair regular flux. Oh the sad fate of unsuccessful sin !

Each to his home with unsupplanted feet. Philips.

UNSUPPLIED', adj. Not supplied; not acYou see yon heads without : there's worse within.

Cleaveland. co

commodated with something necessary. Admonitions, fraternal or paternal, then more pub- Prodigal in every other grant, lick reprehensions, and, upon the unsiccessfulness of all Her sire left unsupplied her only want. Dryden. these milder mendicaments, the censures of the church. UNSUPPORTED, adj.) Not sustained; not

Hammond. UNSUPPORT’ABLE Sheld up: intolerable: My counsels may be unsuccessful, but my prayers UNSUPPORT'ABLY, adv. ) the adverb correShall wait on all your actions.

Denham. sponding. We cannot sum up the unsuccessive and stable direc

Them she upstays tion of God.

Browne. Gently with myrtle band; mindless the while UNSUCK'ED, adj. Not having the breasts Herself, though fairest unsupported Rower. Milton. drawn.

The uneasiness of unrelieved thirst by continuance Unsucked of lamb or kid, that tend their play. Milt. grows the more unsupportable.

UNSUFFERABLE, adj. Not supportable; not for a man to do a thing, while his conscience assures to be endured.

him that he shall be infinitely, unsupportably miserable, The irksome deformities, whereby, through endless is certainly unnatural.

South. and senseless effusions of indigested prayers, they often. UNSURE, udj. Not fixed; not certain. times disgrace, in most unsufferable manner, the worthi. The men he pressed but late est part of Christian duty towards God. Hooker. To hard assays unfit, unsure at need,

That glorious form, that light unsufferable. Milton. Yet armed to point in well attempted plate. Fairfax. UNSUFFI'CIENCE, n. s.) Fr. insuffisance. The king, supposing his estate to be most safe, when UNSUFFI'Cient, adj. Inability to answer

indeed most unsure, advanced many to new honours.

Hayward. the end proposed: the adjective corresponding. The error and unsufficience of the arguments doth

h UNSURMOUNTABLE, adj. Fr. insurmontmake it on the contrary side against them. Hooker. ab

Malebranche having sbewed the difficulties of the What safety is it, for avoiding seeming absurdities, other ways, and how unsufficient they are to give a sa

sa. and unsurmountable rubs, in one opinion, to take refuge tisfactory account of the ideas we have, erects this, of in the cont erecis this. of in the contrary, which is built on something altogether

Locke. seeing all things in God, upon their ruin, as the true. as inexplicable !

Locke. UNSUSCEPTIBLE, adj. Incapable; not liaUNSUGʻARED, adj. Not sweetened with sugar. ble to admit.

Try it with sugar put into water formerly sugared, She, a goddess died in grain, and into other water unsugared. Bacon. Was unsusceptible of stain.

Swift. UNSUITABLE, adj.) Not congruous; not UNSUSPECT, adj.) Not considered as likely UNSUITABLENESS, n. s. equal; not proportion UNSUSPECT'ED, Sto do or mean ill: unsus

Unstit'ixg, adj. ate: the noun substan- UNSUSPECT'ING. pecting is not suspicious. tive corresponding: unsuiting is not fitting or be- Here is the head of that ignoble traitor, coming.

The dangerous and unsuspected Hastings. Shakspeare. Virginity, like an old courtier, wears her cap out of

Author unsuspect fashion; richly suited, but unsuitable, just like the Friendly to man, far from deceit or guile. Milton. brooch and the toothpick, which we wear not pow. When Albion sends her eager sons to war,

Shakspeare. Pleased, in the general's sight, the host lie down Hard recompence, unsuitable return

Sudden before some unsuspecting town.

Pope. For so much good. Milton. UNSUSPICIOUS, adj. Having no suspicion.





She, by her wicked arts and wily skill,

though the sovereignty remain still entire and untrans. Unwares me wrought unto her wicked will. Spenser. ferrable in the prince.

Hord. It was their heart untruly to attribute such great UNTRANSPA'RENT, adj. Not diaphanods : power unto false gods.

opaque. UNTOLD', adj. Not related.

Though held against the light, they appeared of a Better a thousand such as I,

transparent yellow; yet, looked on with one's back Their grief untold, should pine and die ;

turned to the light, they exhibited an untransparent Than her bright morning, overcast


Boyle on Colours. With sullen clouds, should be defaced. Waller. UNTRAV'ELLED, adj. Never trodden by pas.

Obscene words are very indecent to be heard : for sengers ; having never travelled. that reason, such a tale shall be left untold by me.

We find no open track or constant manuduction :

Dryden. this labyrinth, but are ofttimes fain to wander in Ame UNTOUCH'ED, adj. Not touched ; not reached rica and untravelled parts.

Brown or affected.

An untravelled Englishman cannot relish all the bear They, like persons wholly untouched with his agonies, ties of Italian pictures ; because the postures expressed and umoved with his passionate entreaties, sleep away in them are often such as are peculiar to that country. all concern for him or themselves. Sidney.

Addien, Achilles, though dipt in Styx, yet, having his heel UNTREAD', v. a.) To tread back; to go untouched by that water, was slain in that part.

UNTROD', adj. back in the same steps : Dot Browne's Vulgar Errours. UNTROD'DEN. passed or trodden. Three men passed through a fiery furnace untouched, We will untread the steps of damned flight, unsinged.

Stephen's Sermons. And, like a bated and retired flood, UNTOW'ARD, adj. ) Froward ; perverse: Leaving our rankness and irregular course, UNTOWARDLY, adj. & adv. I vexatious; not easily

Stoop low within those bounds we have o'erlooked. guided, or taught : the adjective and adverb corres

The way he came not having marked; return pond.

Was difficult, by human steps untrod.

Viltes. Have to my window; and, if she be froward,

A garland made of such new bays,
Then hast thou taught Hortensio to be untoward.

And sought in such untrodden ways,

As no man's temples e'er did crown.
The ladies prove adverse,
And more untoward to be won,

UNTREA'SURED, adj. Not laid up; not reThan by Caligula the moon.

Hudibras. He that provides for this short life, but takes no care

Her attendants for eternity, acts as untowardly and as crossly to the Saw her a-bed, and in the morning early reason of things as can be.

Tillotson. They found the bed untreasured of their mistress. He explained them very untowardly. Id.

Shakspeare They learn from unbred or debauched servants, un UNTREATABLE, adj. Not treatable; not towardly tricks and vices. Locke on Education. practicable.

UNTRACED', adj.) Not marked by any foot Men are of so untreatable a temper, that nothing can UNTRACE'ABLE. steps: not to be traced.

be obtained of them.

Decay of Pitts. Nor wonder if, advantaged in my flight

UNTRI'ED, adj. Not yet attempted or expe By taking wing from thy auspicious height,

rienced. Through untraced ways and airy paths I Ay,

That she no ways nor means may leave untried, More boundless in my fancy than my eye. Denham. Thus to her sister she herself applied. Denise. The workings of Providence are secret and untrace

Never more able, by which it disposes of the lives of men.

Mean I to try, what rash untried I sought,

South's Sermons. The pain of absence from thy sight. UNTRACTABLE, adj.) Fr. intraitable ; Lat. UNTRIUMPH'ABLE, adj. Which allows to

UNTRACTABLENESS, n. s. ) intractabilis. Not triumph. yielding to common measures and management; What towns, what garrisons might you, not governable: the noun substantive corresponding. With hazard of this blood subdue;

I forced to ride the untractable abyss. Milton. Which now y' are bent to throw away

If any father have a son thus perverse and untract. In vain, untriumphable fray ? able, I know not what more he can do but pray for him. UNTROL'LED, adj. Not bowled; not rollet

Locke. along. The great difference in men's intellectuals arises from

Hard fate! untrolled is now the charming dye; a defect in the organs of the body particularly adapted The playhouse and the park unvisited must lie. Drys. to think; or in the dulness or untractableness of those UNTROUB'LED, adj. Not disturbed by cares faculties, for want of use.


sorrow, or guilt. UNTRAD'ING, adj. Not engaged in com Would they think with how small allowance merce.

Untroubled nature doth herself suffice, Men leave estates to their children in land, as not so Such superfluities they would despise. Speriet. liable to casualties as money in untrading and unskilful The equal distribution of the spirits in the liquor hands.

Locke. with the tangible parts, ever representeth bodies ckar UNTRAINED', adj. Not educated; not dis- and untroubled..

Hooket. ciplined.

UNTRUE, adj. 7 False; contrary to reality; My wit untrained in any kind of art. Shakspeare. UNTRU'LY, adv. J not faithful : the adverb cote

The king's forces charged lively, and they again as responds. stoutly received the charge ; but being an untrained By what construction shall any man make multitude, without any soldier or guide, they were soon comparisons true, holding that distinction untrue, put to flight.

Hayward. UNTRANSFER'RABLE, adj. Incapable of On these mou being given from one to another.

ark rested, but untruly.

ay Raleigh. In parliament there is a rare co-ordination of power, UNTRUST'INESS, n. s. Unfaithfulness.

Hooker, eived that the

pe is no more htmar Tatler.

Secretary Peter, under pretence of gravity, covered cive to the common interest, is good; and whatever nas rauch untrustiness of heart. Hayward. a contrary influence, is evil.

Norris, UNTRUTH', n. s. Falsehood; contrariety to They ring round the same unvaried chimes, reality or veracity.

With sure returns of still expected rhymes. Pope. He who is perfect, and abhors untruth,

UNVARNISHED, adj. Not overlaid with varWith heavenly influence inspires my youth. Sandys. nish; not adorned. I would

I will a round unvarnished tale deliver, So my untruth had not provoked him to it,

Of my whole course of love; what drugs, what The king bad cut off my head with my brother's.

Shakspeare. I won his daughter with.

Shakspeare. There is little hope for common justice, in this dis

UNVA'RYING. adj. Not liable to change. pute, from a man who lays the foundations of his reasonings in so notorious an untruth. Atterbury.

We cannot keep by us any standing, unvarying mea

sure of duration, which consists in a constant fleeting UNTUNE', v. a.) To make incapable of harUNTUN'ABLE, adj. J mony: inharmonious.

succession, as we can of certain lengths of extension, O you kind gods ! as inches marked out in permanent parcels of matter.

Locke. Cure this great breach in his abused nature;

UNVEIL', v. a. 2 See Vail and Veil. To The untuned and jarring senses, O wind up, Of this child-changed father!


UNVEIL'EDLY, adv. ) uncover; divest of a veil ;

disclose: plainly. The trumpet shall be heard on high, The dead shall live, the living die,

The moon, And musick shall untune the sky.

Dryden. Apparent queen, unveiled her peerless light. Milton. His harsh untunable pipe is no more fit than a raven's

Not knowing what use you will make of what has to join with the musick of a choir.

been unveiledly communicated to you, I was unwilling UNTURN'ED, adj. Not turned.

that some things, which had cost me pains, should fali

into any man's hands that scorns to purchase knowledge New crimes invented, left unturned no stone,

with pains.

Boyle. To make my guilt appear, and hide his own. Dryden.

To the limpid stream direct thy way, UNTU'TORED, adj. Uninstructed ; untaught. When the gay morn unveils her smiling ray. Pope. Thy mother took into her blameful bed

UNVENTILATED, adj. Not fanned by the Some stern untutored churl; and noble stock Was graft with crab-tree slip, whose fruit thou art.

wind. Shakspeare.

This, animals, to succour life, demand; UNTWINE, v. a. To open what is held toge

Nor should the air unventilated stand;

en The idle deep corrupted would contain ther by convolution. Divers worthy gentlemen of England, all the syren

Blue deaths.

Blaclemore. songs of Italy could never untwine from the mast of UNVER'ITABLE, adj. Not true. God's word.

Ascham. All these proceeded upon unveritable grounds. But since the sisters did so soon untuine

Browne. So fair a thread, I'll strive to piece the line. Waller. UNVERSED', adj. Unacquainted; unskilled. UNTWIST, v. 2. To separate any things in

Not eastern monarchs, on their nuptial day, volved in each other.

In dazzling gold and purple shine so gay Untwisting his deceitful clew,

As the bright natives of the unlaboured field, He 'gan to weave a web of wicked guile. Spenser.

Unversed in spinning, and in looms unskilled.

Blackmore. The interest of prince and people is so enfolded in a

UNVEX'ED, adj. Untroubled ; undisturbed. mutual embrace, that they cannot be untwisted without pulling a limb off.

With a blest and unvext retire,

Taylor. UNTY', v.a. See UNTIE. To loose.

With unhacked swords, and helmets all unbruised, Unlaced her stays, her night-gown is unty'd,

We will bear home that lusty blood again. Shaksp. And what she has of head-dress is aside.

Unvered with thoughts of wants which may betide; Young.

Or for to morrow's dinner to provide. Dryden. UNVAIL', v. a. To uncover; to strip of a UNVIOLATED, adj. Not injured; not broken. veil. This word is unvail or unveil, according to its etymology. See Vail and Veil.

Herein you war against your reputation,

And draw within the compass of suspect
Troy revived, her mourning race utituea. Dennam.
Troy revived, her mourning face unvailed. Denham.

The unviolated honour of your wife. Shakspeare. UNVALUED, adj. 1 Not prized; neglected : He, with singular constancy, preserved his duty and UNVAL'UABLE. S above price.

fidelity to his majesty unviolated.

Clarendon. He may not, as unvalued persons do, Carve for himself; for on bis choice depend

UNVIRTUOUS, adj. Wanting virtue. The safety and the health of the whole state. Shaksp. If they can find in their hearts that the poor, unvir

Secure the innocence of children, by imparting to tuous, fat knight shall be any further afflicted, we two them the unvaluable blessing of a virtuous and pious will be the ministers.

Shakspeare. education.

Atterbury. UNVISITED, adj. Not resorted to. UNVAN'QUISHED, adj. Not conquered; not

In some wild zone overcome.

Dwell, not unvisited of heaven's fair light, Shall 1, for lucre of the rest unvanquished,


Milton. Detract so much from that prerogative,

The playhouse and the park unvisited must lie. As to be called but viceroy of the whole ? Shakspeare.

Dryden. Victory doth more often fall by error of the unvan. UNU'NIFORM, adj. Wanting uniformity. quished, than by the valour of the victorious.

Such an ununiform piety is in many so exactly ap

Hayward portioned to Satan's interest, that he has no cause to They rise unvanquished.

Milton. wish the change of his tenure. Decay of Piety. UNVA'RIED, adj.) Not changed; not diver- UNVOY'AGEABLE, adj. Not to be passed UNVAR'IABLE. sified: not to be changed. over or voyaged.

The two great hinges of morality stand fixt and un- Not this unvoyageable gulph obscure, variable as the two poles : whatever is naturally condu. Detain from following thy illustrious track. Milton.

UNURGED', adj. Not incited, not pressed. UNWAR'RANTED, adj.) Not ascertained; The time was once, when thou unurged would'st vow,

Id'st vow. UNWAR'RANTABLE, Suncertain; not deThat never words were musick to thine ear

UNWAR RANTABLY, adv. fensible; no: alUnless

Shakspeare. lowed: the adverb corresponding. UNUSED', adj. Not put to use; unemployed;

The subjects of this kingdom believe it is not legal

for them to be enforced to go beyond the seas, without zot accustomed.

their own consent, upon hope of an unwarranted conShe whose husband about that time died, forgetting

getting quest; but, to resist an invading enemy, the subject

0 the absent Plangus, or, at least, not hoping of him to

must be commanded out of the counties where they inattain so aspiring a purpose, lest no art unused, which babit.

Bacen. might keep the line from breaking, whereat the fish was He who does an unwarrantable action through a false already taken.

Sidney. information, which he ought not to have believed, caoOne whose eyes,

not in reason make the guilt of one sin the excuse di Albeit unused to the melting mood,


South Dropt tears as fast as the Arabian trees

A true and humble sense of your own unworthiness Their medicinal gum.


will not suffer you to rise up to that confidence which UNUSEFUL, adj. Useless; serrving no pur some men unwarrantably pretend to, nay, unwarrantapose.

bly require of others.

Wake. I was persuaded, by experience, that it might not be UNWA'RY, adj. Wanting caution; im de unuseful in the capacities it was intended for. UnwA'RILY, adv. prudent; hasty; precipi

Glanville. Unwa'Riness, n. s. ) tate : the adverb and noua UNU'SUAL, adj. Not common; not fre- substantive corresponding. UNU'SUALLY, adv. Squent ; rare : the adverb All in the open hall amazed stood,

At suddenness of that unwary sight, UNUSUALNESS, n. s.) and noun substantive cor

And wondered at his breathless hasty mood. Spenser. responding.

Propositions about religion are insinuated into the With this unusual and strange course they went unwary as well as unbiassed understandings of chilon, till God, in whose heaviest worldly judgments I dren, and riveted there by long custom. Locke. nothing doubt but that there may lie hidden mercy, The same temper which inclines us to a desire of gave them over to their own inventions. Hooker. fame, naturally betrays us into such slips and unuar.

It is the unusualness of the time, not the appearance, nesses, as are not incident to men of a contrary dispothat surprises Alcinous. Broome. sition.

Spectator. UNUTTERABLE, adj. Ineffable; inexpres UNWASH'ED, adj. I Not washed; not sible.

UNWASH'En. s cleansed by washing. Sighs now breathed

To eat with unwashen hands defileth not a man. Unutterable : which the spirit of prayer

Matt. xv. Inspired, and winged for heaven with speedier flight Another lean unwashed artificer Than loudest oratory.

Miiton. Cuts off his tale, and talks of Arthur's death. Shak. UNVULNERABLE, adj. Exempt from wound; UNWASTED, adj. 7 Not consumed ; not dinot vulnerable.

UNWAST'ING. I minished: not decaying The god of soldiers inform

or lessening. Thy thoughts with nobleness, that thou mayest prove Why have those rocks so long unwasted stood, To shame unvulnerable, and stick i’ the wars

Since, lavish of their stock, they through the flood Like a great sea mark, standing every flaw! Shaksp. Have, ages past, their melting crystal spread, UNWAK’ENED, adj. Not roused from sleep.

And with their spoils the liquid regions fed? Blacks.

Purest love's unwasting treasure;
The more
His wonder was, to find unwakened Eve .

Constant faith, fair hope, long leisure ;
With tresses discomposed.

Sacred Hymen! these are thine.

Pap. Milton. UNWAL'LED, adj. Having no walls.

UNWAY'ED, adj. Not used to travel; nd He came to Tauris, a great and rich city, but un

seasoned in the road. walled, and of no strength.


Beasts that have been rid off their legs are as much

for a man's use as colts that are unwayed, and will not UNWARES', adv. Unexpectedly; before any go at all.

Suckling. caution, or expectation. Obsolete.

UNWEAK'ENED, adj. Not weakened. The Deity

By reason of the exsuction of some air out of the Hath given so many other sighes and cares

glass, the elastical power of the remaining air was very To my attendant state, that well unwares

much debilitated, in comparison of the unweakened You might be hurt for me.

pressure of the external air.

Boyle. If I had not unwarily engaged myself for the present publishing it, I should have kept it till I had looked

UNWEA'PONED, adj. Not furnished with over it.


offensive arms. By such principles, they renounce their legal claim

As the beasts are armed with fierce teeth, paws, to liberty and property, and unwarily submit to what

horns, and other bodily instruments of much advanthey really abhor.'

Freeholder tage against unweaponed men; so hath reason taught UNWAR'LIKE, adj. Not fit for war; not used

man to strengthen his hands with such offensive arus as no creature else can well avoid.

Raleiga. to war; not military.

UNWEA'RY, v.a. Avert unward ke Indians from his Rome,

To refresh after weariTriumph abroad, secure our peace at home. Dryden.

UNWEA'RIABLE, adj. ness : not to be tired of

wearied: not fatigued. UNWARNED, adj. Noi cautioned ; not made Desire to resemble him in goodness, maketh them wary.


Hooker. May hypocrites,

Godlike his unwearied bounty flows; That slily speak one thing, another think,

First loves to do, then loves the good he does. Drink on unwarned, till by inchanting cups

Denkas. Infatuate, they their wily thoughts disclose! Philips. Their bloody task unwearied still they ply. Wallo

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