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UNRESENTED, adj. Not regarded with anger.. UNRIGʻ, v. a. To strip of tackle.

The failings of these holy persons passed not unresent. Rhodes is the sovereign of the sea no more ; ed by God; and the same Scripture which informs us Their ships unrigged, and spent their naval store. of the sin, records the punishment. Rogers.

Dryden. UNRESERVED, adj.) Not reserved; not

UNRIGHT'EOUS, adj.) Ur just; wicked ; UNRESERV'EDLY, adv. limited by any private

UNRIGHT'EOUSLY, adv. sinful; bad: the de

UNRIGHTEOUSNESS, n. s. ) rivatives correspond. UNRESERV'EDNESS, n. s. ) convenience: the ad

Let the wicked man forsake his way, and the unrigh. verb and noun substantive correspond. I am not to embrace absolutely and unreservedly the

teous man his thoughts, and let him return unto the Lord.

Isaiah lv. opinion of Aristotle.

Boyle. The piety our heavenly Father will accept must con

Within a month!

Ere yet the salt of most unrighteous tears sist in an entire unreserved obedience to his commands.

Had left the flushing in her galled cyes,

Shakspeare UNRESISTED. adj.) Not opposed: not dis. She married-Oh most wicked speed.!

All unrighteousness, says he, is sin, but every tranzUNRESIST'ING. I posed to resist.

gression of the law is unrighteousness, saith Austin upon Those gods, whose unresisted might this place.

Hall. Hath sent me to these regions void of light. Dryden.

UNRIGHTFUL, adj. Not rightful; not just. The sheep was sacrificed on ao pretence,

Thou, which knowest the way But meek and unresisting innocence :

To plant unrightful kings, wilt know again A patient useful creature.

To pluck him headlong from the usurped throne. UNRESOLVED', adj. 2 Not determined; hav

Shakspeare. UNRESOLV'ING. Sing made no resolution: UNRING', v.a. To deprive of a ring. sometimes with of.

Be forced to impeach a broken hedge,
On the western coast

And pigs unringed at vis. franc. pledge. Hudibras. Rideth a puissant navy: to our shores

UNRIP', v. a. This word is improper, there Throng many doubtful, hollow-hearted friends,

being no difference between rip and unrip, and the Unarmed, and unresolved to beat them back. Shaksp.

negative particle is therefore of no force ; yet it is Turnus, unresolved of flight,

well authorised. To cut open. Moves tardy back, and just recedes from fight. Dryd.

He could not now, with his honour, so unrip, and She her arms about her unresolving husband threw. Id.

put a lye upon all that he had said and done before, as UNRESPECTIVE, adj. Inattentive; taking

to deliver him up.

Bacon's Henry VII. šttle notice.

We are angry with searchers when they break open I will converse with iron-witted fools,

trunks, and unrip packs, and open sealed letters. And unrespective boys ; none are for me

Taylor. That look into me with considerate eyes. Shakspeare. UNRI'PE, adj. ) Immature; not fully conUNRESTORED', adj. Not restored; not

UNRI'PENED, cocted; not ripened : state cleared from an attainder.

UNRI'PENESS, n. s. ) of being unripe. The son of an unrestored traitor has no pretence to Who hath not heard of the valiant, wise, and just the quality of his ancestors.

Collier. Dorilaus, whose unripe death doth yet, so many years UNRESTRAINED, adj. Not confined; not since. draw tears from virtuous eyes?

Sidney. hindered.

In this northern tract, our hoarser throats The taverns he daily doth frequent,

Utter unripe and ill-constrained notes. Waller. With unrestrained, loose companions. Shakspeare. Were you with these, you'd soon forget

UNRETRACTED, adj. Not revoked; not re- The pale, unripened beauties of the north. Addison. called.

UNRIVALL'ED, adj. Having no competitor. Nothing but plain malevolence can justify disunion; Honour forbid ! at whose unrivalled shrine malevolence shewn in a single outward act, unretracted, Ease, pleasure, virtue, all our sex resign. Pope. or in habitual ill-nature.

Collier. UNROL', v. U. To open what is rolled or conUNREVEALED', adj. Not told; not dis- volved. covered.

Time has unrolled her glories to the last, Dear, fatal name ! rest ever unrevealed;

And now closed up the volume.

Dryden. Nor pass these lips, in holy silence sealed.

UNROMANTIC, adj. Contrary to romance. UNREVENGED', adj. Not revenged.

It is a base unromantic spirit not to wait on you. So might we die, not envying them that live ;

Swift. So would we die, not unrevenged all. Fairfax. UNROOF, v.a. To strip off the roof or co

Great Pompey's shade complains that'we are slow, vering of houses. And Scipio's ghost walks unrevenged amongst us.

The rabble should have first unroofed the city,

Addison. Ere so prevailed with me. Shakspeare. Coriolanus. UNREVERSED', adj. Not revoked ; not re- UNROOSTED, adj. Driven from the roost. pealed.

Thou dotard ! thou art woman-tired, unroosted, She hath offered to the doom,

By thy old dame Partlet here.

Shakspeare. Which unreversed stands in effectual force,

UNROOT', v. a. To tear from the roots; A sea of melting tears.

Shakspeare. extirpate ; eradicate. UNREVOK'ED, adj. Not recalled.

Unroot the forest oaks, and bear away Hear my decree, which unrevoked shall stand. Milt. Flocks, folds, and trees, an undistinguished prey. UNREWARD'ED, adj. Not rewarded ; not

Dryden. recompensed.

UNROUND'ED, adj. Not shaped ; not cut to Providence takes care that good offices may not pass a round. unrewarded.


Those unfiled pistolets, UNRID'DLE, v.a. To solve an enigma; ex- That more than cannon-shot avails or lets ; plain a problem.

Which, negligently left unrounded, look A reverse often clears up the passage of an old poet, Like many-angled figures in the book as the poet often serves to unriddle the reverse. Addis. or some dread conjurer.





James iii.


UNROY'AL, adj. Unprincely; not royal. Though he were unsatisfied in getting,

By the advice of his envious counsellors, he sent Yet in bestowing he was most princely. Shakspeare, them with unroyal reproaches to Musidorus and Pyro. Between my own unsatisfiedness in conscience and cles, as if they had done traiterously. Sidney. a necessity of satisfying the importunities of some, i

UNRUFFLE, v. n. 7 To cease from commo- was persuaded to choose rather what was safe, thar UNRUF'FLED, adj.

what seemed just. Stion or agitation : caim;

King Charles

Nor is fame only unsatisfying in itself, but the desire tranquil. Where'er he guides his finny coursers,

of it lays us open to many accidental troubles. Addis, The waves unruffle, and the sea subsides. Dryden. UNSA'VORY, adj.) Tasteless; insipid; Vent all thy passion, and I'll stand its shock

UNSA'VORINESS, n. s. ( having a bad taste: taste Calm and unruffled as a summer's sea,

lessness; vileness of taste. When not a breath of wind flies o'er its surface

Can that which is unsavoury be eaten without salt!

Addison. or is there any taste in the white of an egg? Job vi. 6. UNRU'LED, adj.) Not directed by any su- Unsavoury news; but how made he escape ? Shaks. UNRU'LIXESS, n. s. perior power: ungoverna- If we concede a national unsavouriness in any people,

UNRU'LY, adj. hle: state of being un- yet shall we find the Jews less subject hereto than any. governable.

UNSAY', v.a. To retract; recant. The tongue is an unruly evil, full of deadly poison.

Call you me fair ? that fair again unsay; The realm was left, like a ship in a storm, amidst all Demetrius loves you, fair.

Shaksutart. the raging surges, unruled and undirected of any. Say and unsay, feign, flatter, or abjure. Miltes.

Spenser. UNSCAʼLY, adj. Having no scales. By the negligence of some who were hardly to be The jointed lobster, and unscaly soale. Gay. commanded, and by the unruliness of others who with

UNSCAR'RED, adj. Not marked with wounds. out leave were gone ashore, so fair an occasion of vic

And must she die for this? O let her live: tory was neglected.

Knolles. So she may live unscarred from bleeding slaughter, UNSAFE', adj.) Not secure; hazardous; I will confess she was not Edward's daughter. Stakip.

UNSAFELY', adv. S dangerous: the adverb cor- UNSCHOLAS’TIC, adj.) Not bred to literaresponding.


Sture or in the schools. If they would not be drawn to seem his adversaries, When the apostles were ordained to alter the laws o yet others should be taught how unsafe it was to con- heathenish religion, they were, St. Paul excepted, extinue his friends.

schooled and unlettered men.

Hooket As no man can walk, so neither can he think, un Notwithstanding these learned disputants, it was to easily or unsafely, but in using, as his legs, so his the unscholastick statesmen that the world owed ta thoughts, amiss; which a virtuous man never doth.

peace and liberties.


UNSCORCHED', adj. Not touched by fire. UNSAID', adj. Not uttered ; not mentioned.

His hand, Chanticleer shall wish his words unsaid. Dryden. Not sensible of fire. remained unscorched. Shakspeare. UNSALT'ED, adj. Not pickled or seasoned

UNSCOURED', adj. Not cleaned by rubbing with salt.

The' enrolled penalties, The muriatick scurvy, induced by too great quantity

Which have, like unscoured armour, hung by the' wall, of sea-salt, and common among mariners, is cured by

And none of them.been worn.

Shakspeare a diet of fresh, unsalted things, and watery liquor acidu

UNSCRATCHED', adj. Not torn.

Arbuthnot. lated. UNSALUTʻED, adj. Lat. insalutatus. Not sa

I with much expedient march

Have brought a counter-check before your gates, luted.

To save unscratched your city's threatened cheeks. Gods! I prate;

Shakspeare And the most noble mother of the world

UNSCREENED', adj. Not covered ; not preLeave unsaluted.


tected. UNSANCTIFIED, adj. Unholy; not conse

Those balls of burnished brass, the tops of churches crated; not pious.

are adorned with, derive their glittering brightness from Her obsequies have been so far enlarged

their being exposed, unscreened, to the sun's refulgent As we have warrantry; her death was doubtful ;


Bottes And, but that great command o'ersways the order,

UNSCRIPTURAL, adj. Not defensible by She should in ground unsanctified have lodged Till the last trump UNSA'TIABLE, adj. Lat. insatiabilis. Not to The doctrine delivered in my sermon was neither new

u nor unscriptural, nor in itself false. Atterbury, be satisfied ; greedy without bounds.

wa UNSEAL', v. a. To open any thing sealed. Unsatiable in their longing to do all manner of good UI

Your oaths to all the creatures of God, but especially men. Hooker.

Are words, and poor conditions but unsealed. Shaka. UNSATISFAC'TORY, adj. 1 Not giving sa

This new glare of light, UNSATISFACTORINESS, n. s. s tisfaction: not Cast sudden on his face, unsealed his sight. Drydes. clearing the difficulty: the noun substantive cor- UNSEAM', v. a. To rip; cut open. responding.

He ne'er shook hands, nor bid farewell to him, That which most deters me from such trials is their Till he unseamed him from the nape to the chops, ursatisfactoriness, though they should succeed. Boyle. And fixed his head upon our battlements. Shakspel Latria to the cross, is point blank against the defini

against the defini


UNSEARCH'ABLE, adj. & n. s., Inser tion of the council of Nice ; and it is an unsatisfactory


ble; nol answer to say, they only were against latria given to


Stilling fleet. images for themselves.

be explored : that which is so: state of being so **


The unsearchableness of God's ways should be a UNSATISFIED, adj.) Not contented; not to restrain presumption, and not a ganctuary to UNSATISFIEDNESS, n. s. pleased : state of being of error. UNSAT'ISFYING, adj. J not pleased : not con- Job discourseth of the secrets of nature, and unset

able perfections of the works of God. tenting.





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should be a bridke anctuary for spirits

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It is a vast hindrance to the enrichment of our un UNSEPARABLE, adj. 7 Not to be parted or qerstandings, if we spend too much of our time among UNSEPARATED.

divided: not parted. infinites and unsearchables.

Watts. Oh world, thy slippery turns! Friends now fast UNSEA'SONED, adj. Untimely; ill sworn, UNSEASONABLE,

(timed. Out of use. Who twine as 'twere in love UNSEA'SONABLY, adv. (Unseasonable is of Unseparable, shall, within this hour,

Break out to bitterest enmity.

Shakspeare. UNSEASONABLENESS, n. s. ) similar signification,

There seek the Theban bard; and the adverb and noun substantive correspond.

To whom Persephone entire and whole Is is then a very unseasonable time to plead law,

Gave to retain the' unseparated soul. Pope's Odyssey. when swords are in the hands of the vulgar. Spenser. Some things it asketh unseasonably, when they need

UNSERʻVICEABLE, adj. 1 Useless; bringnot to be prayed for; as deliverance from thunder and UNSER'VICEABLY, adv. Sing no advantage or tempest when no danger is nigh.

Hookor. convenience : the adverb corresponding. I think myself in a better plight for a lender than you It can be no unserviceable design to religion, to undeare; the which has something emboldened me to this ceive men in so important a point.

Rogers. unseasoned intrusion.

Shakspeare. It does not enlarge the dimensions of the globe, or The moral goodness, unfitness, and unseasonableness lie idly and unserviceably there.

Woodward. of moral or natural actions falls not within the verge of UNSET', adj. Not set; not placed. a brutal faculty.

Hale's Origin of Mankind. They urge that God left nothing in his word unUNSEC'ONDED, adj. Not supported.

described, nothing unset down; and therefore charged Strange and unseconded shapes of worms succeeded.

them strictly to keep themselves to that without any alteration.

Hooker. Browne. UNSE'CRET, v.a. To disclose ; to divulge.

UNSETTLE, v.a. To make uncertain or He that consulteth what he should do, should not de.

UNSETTLED, adj. Sunfixed : unfixed : state clare what he will do : but let princes beware .hat the

UnseT'TLEDNESS, n. s. ) of being unfixed. unsecreting of their affairs coines not from themselves. David supposed that it could not stand with the duty


which he owed unto God, to set himself in an house of UNSECURE', adj. Not safe.

cedar trees, and to behold the ark of the Lord's cove

Hooker. nant unsettled. Love, though most sure, Yet always to itself seems unsecure. Denham.

A solemn air, and the best comforter

To an unsettled fancy, cure thy brains. Shakspeare. UNSEDUCED, adj. Not drawn to ill.

Unsettled virtue stormy may appear; Among innumerable false, unmoved,

Honour, like mine, serenely is severe. Dryden. Unshaken, unseduced, unterrified.


The unsettledness of my condition has hitherto put a UNSEEM', v. n. ) Not to seem. Not in stop to my thoughts concerning it. UNSEEM'LY, adj. & adv. Suse. Unseemly means

UNSEEM'LINESS, n.s. ) unbecoming; indecent: Their bands, though slack, no dissolution fear; indecently ; unbecomingly : the noun substantive The unsevered parts the greatest pressure bear; corresponds.

Though loose, and fit to flow, they still cohere. Black. Charity doth not behave itself unseemly, seeketh not UNSEX, v.a. To make otherwise than the her own.

1 Cor. xiji. 5. sex commonly is. Adultery of the tongue, consisting in corrupt, dis

All your spirits honest, and unseemly speeches.

Perkins. That teud on mortal thoughts, unser me here, All as before his sight whom we fear, and whose And fill me, from the crown to the toe, top full presence to offend with any the least unseemliness we Of direst cruelty.

Shakspeare. Macbeth. would be surely as loth as they who most reprehend or UNSHAD'ÓWED, adj. Not clouded; not deride that we do.

Hooker. darkened. Yon wrong the reputation of your name,

He alone sees all things with an unshadowed, comIn so runseeming to confess receipt

prehensive vision,•who eminently is all. Glanville. of that which hath so faithfully been paid. Shakspeare.

U'NSHA'KEN, adj. 7 Not agitated; not Her gifts

UNSHA'KABLE. I moved : not to be moved. Were such, as under government well seemed;

Your isle stands, Unseemly to bear rule. Milton's Paradise Lost.

As Neptune's park, ribbed and paled in

A. N I wish every unseemly idea and wanton expression had been banished from amongst them.

With rocks unshakeable, and roaring waters.



I know but one UNSEEN', adj. ? Not seen; not discovered ; That unassailable holds on his rank, UNSEE'ING. Spot discoverable: unseeing is Unshaked of motion.

Id. Julius Cæsar. without vision.

Ill thou wast shrouded then,
I should have scratched out your unseeing eyes, Opatient Son of God! yet only stood'st
To make my master out of love with thee. Shakspeare. Unshaken.

Milton's Paradise Regained. Millions of spiritual creatures walk the earth

UNSHACK'LE, v.a. To loose from bonds. Unseen, both when we wake, and when we sleep.

A laudable freedom of thought unshackles their

Millon. minds from the narrow prejudices of education, and UNSELFISH, adj. Not addicted to private opens their eyes to a more extensive view of the public interest.

Addison. The most interested cannot purpose any thing so UNSHAM'ED, adj. Not shamed. much to their own advantage, notwithstanding which The brave man seeks not popular applause ; the inclination is nevertheless unselfish. Spectator. Unshamed, though foiled, he does the best he can :

UNSENT, adj. Not sent; unsent for, not Force is of brutes, but honour is of man. Dryden. called by letter or messenger.

UNSHAP'EN, adj. Mishapen; deformed. If a physician should go from house to house unsent This unshapen earth we now inhabit, is the form it for, and enquire what woman hath a cancer, or what was found in when the waters had retired. Burnet. man a fistula, he would be as unwelcome as the disease UNSHAR'ED, adj. Not partaken; not had in itself.

Taylor. common. Somewhat of weighty consequence brings you here so Bliss, as thou hast part, to me is bliss ; often, and unsent for.

Dryden. Tedious unshared with thee, and odious soon. Milton.


UNSHEATH', v.a. To draw from the scab

On my knees I beg bard.

That you'll vouchsafe me raiment, bed, and food. Executioner, unsheath thy sword. Shakspeare. -Good Sir, no more: these are unsightly tricks. Staka, UNSHED', adj. Not spilt.

Beauties that from worth arise To blood unshed the rivers must be turned. Milton. Are like the grace of deities, UNSHELTERED, udj. Wanting a screen;

Still present with us, though unsighted. Suckling, wanting protection.

They'll say, our business to reform He is breeding that worm, which will smite this

will emite this The church and state, is but a worm gourd, and leave him unsheltered to that scorching

For to subscribe, unsight, unseen, wrath of God, which will make the improvement of To an unknown church discipline.

Hudibras. Jonah's passionate wish, that God would take away.

The unsightliness in the legs may be helped by weathis life, his most rational desire. Decay of Piety. ing a laced stocking.

Wiseman's Surgery. UNSHIELD'ED, adj. Not guarded by the UNSINCERE', adj. ) Latin insincerus. Not shield.

UNSINCER'ITY, n. s. ) hearty; not faithful; not He tried a tough, well-chosen spear;

genuine : the noun substantive corresponds. Though Cygnus then did no defence provide,

I have so often met with chymical preparations But scornful offered his unshielded side. Dryden. which I have found unsincere, that I dare scarce trust UNSHIP', v.a. To take out of a ship. any.

Boyle. At the Cape we landed for fresh water ; but, disco- A spirit of sea-salt may, without any unsincerity, te vering a leak, we unshipped our goods, and watered so prepared as to dissolve crude gold. I. there.

Swift. Myrrha was joyed the welcome news to hear; UNSHOCK'ED, adj. Not disgusted; not of- But, clogged with guilt, the joy was unsincere. fended.

Dryden. Thy spotless thoughts unshocked the priest may hear. UNSIN'EW, v.a. To deprive of strength.

Tickell. Nor are the nerves of his compacted strength UNSHOD', adj. From unshoed. Having no Stretched and dissolved into unsinewed length. shoes.

Denken. Withhold thy foot from being unshod. Jer. ú. The affected purity of the French has unsinetred thei: The king's army, naked and unshod, would, through

heroick verse.

Dryden. those inclosed parts, have done them little harm.

UNSINGʻED, adj. Not scorched; not touched

Clarendon. by fire. UNSHORN', adj. Not clipped.

By the command of Domitian when cast into a canlThis strength diffused

dron of burning oil, he came out unsinged. Brous. No less through all my sinews, joints, and bones,

Three men passed through a fiery furnace, untouched, Than thinc, while I preserved these locks unshorn,


Stephen's Sermeni, The pledge of my unviolated vow.


UNSINK'ING, adj. Not sinking. Straight as a line in beauteous order stood,

Auxur feels the cool refreshing breeze Of oaks unshorn, a venerable wood. Dryden. Blown off the sea, and ail the dewy strand UNSHOT', part. adj. Not hit by shot.

Lies covered with a smooth, unsinking sand. Addin, He that on her his bold hand lays,

UNSIN'NING, adj. · Impeccable. With Cupid's pointed arrow plays;

A perfect unsinning obedience, free from particular They, with a touch, they are so keen,

acts of transgresssion.

Roger Wound as unshot, and she unseen.

Waller. UNSKAN NED, adj. Not measured; not com. UNSHOUT, v.a. To annihilate or retract a puted. shout.

This tiger-footed rage when it shall find Unshout the noise that banished Marcius;

The harm of unskanned swiftness, will, too late, Repeal bim, with the welcome of his mother. Shaksp. Tie leaden pounds to 's heels.

Shakspeare. UNSHOW'ERED, adj. Not watered by show UNSKIL'LED, adj. Wanting skill; want ers.


(ing knowledge : with Nor is Osiris seen

UNSKIL'FULLY, adv. in before a noun, and In Memphian grove or green,

UNSKIL'FULNESS, n. s. ) to before a verb: unTrampling the unshowered grass with lowings loud.

skilful is wanting art or knowledge: the adrero

Milton. UNSHRINK'ING, adj. Not recoiling; not

and noun substantive corresponding.

The sweetness of her countenance did give such a shunning danger or pain.

grace to what she did, that it did make handsome the Your son, my lord, has paid a soldier's debt,

unhandsomeness, and make the eye force the mind 10 He only lived but till he was a man;

believe that there was a praise in that unskilfullnes, The which no sooner had his prowess confirmed

Sidare. In the unshrinking station where he fought,

This overdone, or come tardy off, though it make the But like a man he died. Shakspeare, Macbeth.

unskilful laugh, cannot but make the judicious grieve. UNSHUN-NABLE, adj. Inevitable.

Shakspeare. 'Tis the plague of great ones,

You speak unskilfully; or, if your knowledge bo Prerogatived are they less than the base ;

more, it is much darkened in your malice. 14. 'Tis destiny unshunnable like death. Shakspeare. Unskilled in hellebore, if thou shouldst try

UNSIFT'ED, adj. Not parted by a sieve. To mix it, and mistake the quantity,

Affection ! puh! you speak like a green girl, The rules of physick would against thee cry. Dryden. Unsifted in such perilous circumstances. Shakspeare.

UNSLAIN', adj. Not killed. UNSIGHT, adj.

Not seeing; a low If there were any who felt a pity of so great atau UNSIGHT'ED,

(word, used only with and had yet any sparks of unslain duty left in the UNSIGHI'ly, adj. (unseen: probably form- towards me, yet durst they not shew it.

UNSIGHT' LINESS, n. s. ) ed by corruption of un- UNSLAK'ED, adj. Not quenched. sighted, which means invisible: unsightly is disa

Her desires new roused, greeable to the sight : the noun substantive corre- And yet unslaked, will kindle in her fancy, sponding

And make her eager to renew the feast. Drydeni.


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Wheat steeped in brine, drawing the brine from it, UNSOUND', adj. Sickly; wanting health; they mix with unslacked lime beat to powder, and so UNSOUND'ED, not true; not solid; not sow it.

Mortimer. UNSOUND'ness, n. s. ) orthodox: unsounded is UNSLEEP'ING, adj. Ever wakeful.

untried; not tried by the plummet: unsoundness And roseate dews disposed

corresponds with unsound. All but the unsleeping eyes of God to rest. Milton.

Their vain humours, fed UNSMIRCH'ED, adj. Unpolluted ; pot With fruitless follies and unsound delights. Spenser. stained.

If this be unsound, wherein doth the point of unThat drop of blood that's calm proclaims me bas- soundness lie?

Hooker. tard ;

Glo'ster is Cries cuckold to my father ; brands the harlot Unsounded yet, and full of deep deceit. Shakspeare. Even here, between the chaste and unsmirched brow

Intemperate youth Of my true mother.

Shakspeare. Hamlet. Ends in an age imperfect, and unsound. Denham. UNSMOK'ED, adj. Not smoked.

UNSOUŘ'ED, adj. Not made sour. His antient pipe in sable died,

Meat and drink last longer unputrified and unsoured And half unsmoked, lay by his side. Swift. in winter than in summer.

Bacon. UNSMOOTH', adj. Rough; not even; not Secure these golden early joys, level. Not used.

That youth unsoured with sorrow bears. Dryden. Those blossoms, and those drooping gums

UŃSOWN', adj. Not propagated by scattering That lie bestrown, unsightly, and unsmooth,

seed. Ask riddance, if we mean to tread with ease. Milton. Mushrooms come up hastily in a night, and yet are UNSOʻCIABLE, adj., Lat. insociabilis. Not unsown.

Bacon. UNSU'CIABLY, adv. j kind; not suitable to The flowers unsoun in fields and meadows reigned, society : the adverb corresponding.

And western winds immortal spring maintained. By how much the more we are accompanied with

Dryden. plenty, by so much the more greedily is our end desired,

UNSPAR’ED, adj. 7 Not spared : not sparwhom, when time hath made unsociable to others, we UNSPAR'ING. Sing. become a burden to ourselves.


Whatever thing • These are pleased with nothing that is not unsociably The scythe of time mows down, devour unspared. sour, ill-natured, and troublesome. L'Estrange.

Milton. UNSOIL'ED, adj. Not polluted; not tainted; ,

She gathers tribute large, and on the board
Heaps with unsparing hand.

Id. not stained. The humours are transparent, to let in the light, un

UNSPEAK', v.a. To retract; recant: unsoiled and unsophisticated by any inward tincture.

UNSPEAK'ABLE, adj. speakable is not to be Ray.

UNSPEAK'ABLY, adv.) told or uttered : the adUNSOLD', adj. Not exchanged for money.

verb corresponding. Mopsus the sage, who future things foretold ;

A thing, which uttered with true devotion and zeal And t' other seer, yet by his wife unsold. Dryden. of heart, affordeth to God himself that glory, that aid to Adieu, my children! better thus expire

the weakest sort of men, to the most perfect that solid Unstalled, unsold ; thus glorious mount in fire. Pope. comfort, which is unspeakable.

Hooker. UNSOL'DIERLIKE, udj. Unbecoming a sol

I put myself to thy direction, and

Unspeak mine own detraction; here abjure dier. Perhaps they had sentinels waking while they slept ;

The taints and blames I laid upon myself. Shakspeare.

When nature is in her dissolution, and presents us but even this would be unsoldierlike in our age.

with nothing but bleak and barren prospects, there is Broome.

something unspeakably chearful in a spot of ground UNSOL'ID, adj. Fluid; not coherent. which is covered with trees, that smile amidst all the The extension of body is nothing but the cohesion of rigours of winter.

Spectator. solid, separable, moveable parts; and the extension of UNSPECIFIED, adj. Not particularly menspace, the continuity of unsolid, inseparable, and un- tioned. moveable parts.

Locke. Were it not requisite that it should be concealed, it UNSOLV'ED, adj. Not explicated.

had not passed unspecified.

Browne. Why may not a sincere searcher of truth, by labour UNSPECʻULATÍVE, adj. Not theoretical. and prayer, find out the solution of those perplexities Some unspeculative men may not have the skill to exwhich have hitherto been unsolved?

Watts. amine their assertions. Government of the Tongue. UNSOPHISTICATED, adj. Not adulterated; UNSPED', adj. Not despatched; not pernot counterfeit.

formed. If authors will not keep close to truth by unvaried

Venutus withdraws terms, and plain, unsophisticated arguments ; yet it con- Unsped the service of the common cause. Garth cerns readers not to be imposed on by fallacies. Locke. UNSPENT, adj. Not wasted; not diminished;

UNSORTED, adj. 'Not distributed by proper not weakened; not exhausted. separation.

The sound, inclosed within the sides of the bell, Their ideas, ever indifferent and repugnant, lie in the cometh forth at the holes unspent and more strong. brain unsorled, and thrown together without order.

Bacon. Watts. UNSPHERE', v.a. To remove from its orb UNSOUGHT, adj. Had without seeking ; not You put me off with limber vows ; but I, explored.

Though you would seek t' unsphere the stars with oaths, Mad man, that does seek

Should yet say, Sir, no going.

Shakspeare. Occasion of wrath, and cause of strife,

Unsphere She comes unsought, and shunned follows eke. Spenser. The spirit of Plato, to unfold Hopeless to find, yet loth to leave unsought,

What worlds or what vast regions hold Or that, or any place that harbours men. Shakspeare. The immortal mind.

Milton. Her virtue, and the conscience of her worth,

UNSPIED', adj. Not searched; not explored. That would be woo'd, and not unsought be won.

With narrow search I must walk round

Milton. This garden, and no corner leave unspied. Milton. l'ol. XXII.

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