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See the cirque falls! the unpillared temple nods ! UNPLI'ANT, adj. Not easily bent; pot coStreets paved with heroes, Tiber choaked with gods!forming to the will."

Pope. The chisel hath more glory than the pencil; that UNPIL'LOWED, adj. Wanting a pillow. being so hard an instrument, and working upon 80 ese Perhaps some cold bank is her bolster now,

pliant stuff, can yet leave strokes of so gentle appear. Or 'gainst the rugged bark of some broad elm


I'otton. Leans her unpillowed head, fraught with sad fears. UNPLOWED', adj. Not plowed.

Milton. Good sound land, that hath lain long unplored. UNPIN', v, a. To open what is shut or fastened

Mortimer. with a pin.

UNPLUME, v. a. To strip of plumes; to de Unpin that spangled breast-plate which you wear,

wear, grade. That the eyes of busy fools may be stopt there.

In the most ordinary phenomena in nature, we shal

Donne. find enough to shame confidence, and unplume dogtnaUNPINKED', adj. Not marked with eyelet- tizing.

Glandille holes.

UNPOETICAL, adj. 7 Not such as becomes Gabriel's pumps were all unpinked i’ the heel.


Sa poet.

Shaksp. Nor, for an epithet that fails, UNPITIED, adj.). Not compassionated; Bite off your unpoetick nails, UNPITÄIFULLY, adv. not regarded with sympa- Unjust! why should you, in such veins,

UNPIT'YING, adj. thetic sorrow: unmerci- Reward your fingers for your brains ? B. Corbet. fully : having no mercy.

UNPOL'ISHED, adj. 2 Fr. impoli; Lat. iaRichard yet lives; but at hand, at hand


politus. Insues his piteous and unpitied end.

Not elegant; Shakspeare. not refined: not civil: not smoothed ; not brightHe beat him most pitifully. -Nay, that he did not; he beat him most unpitifully.

ened by attrition.

Finding new words, May he live long scorned, and unpitied fall,

Such as of old wise bards employed to make And want a mourner at his funeral ! Bishop Corbet.

Unpolished men their wild retreats forsake. Walles. To shame, to chains, or to a certain grave,

He affirms it to have been the ancient customs of al Lead on, unpitying guides, behold your slave.

the Greeks, to set up unpolished stones, instead of

images, to the honour of the gods. Stillingfeet.

Glanville, UNPLACED', adj. Having no place of de

Discourses for the pulpit should be cast into a plain pendance.

method, and the reasons ranged under the words, first,

secondly, and thirdly; however, they may be now faz Unplaced, unpensioned.

Pope. сied to sound unpolite, or unfashionable. UNPLAGUED', adj. Not tormented.

Watts on the Mind. Ladies, that have your feet

UNPOLLUT'ED, adj. Lat. impollutus. Not Unplagued with corns, we'll have a bont with your


corrupted; not defiled. UNPLANT'ED, adj. Not planted ; spontane

Lay her i' the earth ;

And from her fair and unpolluted flesh ous.

May violets spring.

Shaksp. Hamle. Figs there unplanted through the fields do grow, Such as fierce Cato did the Romans show.

Though unpolluted yet with actual ill,

Waller. She half commits, who sins but in her will. Dryder UNPLAU'SIBLE, adj. Not plausible; not UNPOP'ULAR, adj. Not fitted to please the such as has a fair appearance.

people. There was a mention of granting five subsidies; and the practises of these men, under the covert of that meeting being, upon very unpopular and unplau- feigned seal, made the appearance of sincere devotio:

feigned zeal, made the appearance of sincere devotion sible reasons, immediately dissolved those five subsidie

ridiculous and unpopular. Addison's Freeholder. were exacted, as if an act had passed to that purpose.

UNPORTABLE, adj. Un and portable. Not

Clarendon. UNPLAU'SIVE, adj. Not approving.

to be carried. 'Tis like he'll question me,

Had their cables of iron chains had any great length, Why such unplausive eyes are bent on him. Shaksp. they had been unportable ; and, being short, the ships

UNPLEASANT. 'adi. Not delighting : trou must have sunk at an anchor in any stream of weather UNPLEASANTLY, adv. blesome; uneasy: the

or counter tide. UNPLEA'SANTNESS, n. s.) adverb and noun sub

UNPOSSESS'ED, adj. Not had ; not held; n stantive corresponding.

enjoyed. O sweet Portia!

Thou unpossessing bastard, dost thou think Here are a few of the unpleasant'st words

That I would stand against thee?

Shaksp. That ever blotted paper.


The cruel something unpossessed Many people cannot at all endure the air of London,

Corrodes and leavens all the rest.

Priet. not only for its unpleasantness, but for the suffocations

UNPRAC’TICABLE, adj. Not feasible. which it causes.

Graunt. I tried such of the things that came into my thoughts We cannot boast of good-breeding, and the art of as were not in that place and time unpracticable. life ; but yet we don't live unpleasantly in primitive

Borte. simplicity and good humour.

* Pope. UNPRACTISED, adj. Not skilful by use and UNPLEASED', adj.) Not pleased : not des experience; raw; being in the state of a novice. UNPLEAS'ING. S lighted; offensive; dis

The full sum of me gusting.

Is an unlessoned girl, unschooled, unpractised.

Me rather had, my heart might feel your love,
Than my unpleased eye fecl your courtesy. Shaksp. non
If all those great painters, who have left us such


Not celebrated; not

Not celebrale fair platforms, had rigorously observed it in their figures, praised. they had made things more regularly true, but withal If the young African for fame very unpleasing.

Dryden's Dufresnoy. His wasted country freed from Punick rage,

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The deed becomes unpraised, the man at least,

Bad writers are not ridiculed, because ridicule ought And loses, though but verbal, his reward. Milton. to be a pleasure, but to undeceive and vine

to be a pleasure, but to undeceive and vindicate ihe Nor pass unpraised the vest and veil divine,

honest and unpretending part of mankind from imposi. Which wandering foliage and rich flowers entwine. tion.

Pope. Dryden. UNPREVAIL'ING, adj. Being of no force. UNPRECA'RIOUS, adj. Not dependant on Throw to earth this unprevailing woe. another.

Shaksp. Hamlet. The stars which grace the high expansion bright, UNPREVENTED, adj. Not previously hinBy their own beams, and unprecarious light,

dered or preceded. Ai a vast distance from each other lie. Blackmore. A pack of sorrows, which would press you down,

UNPRECEDENTED, adj. Not justifiable by If unprevented, to your timeless grave. Shaksp. any example.

Thy grace The seciet of all this unprecedented proceeding in Comes unprevented, unimplored, unsought. Milton.

UNPRINCE'LY, adj. Unsuitable to a prince. their masters, they must not impute to freedom. Swift.

I could not have given my enemies greater advanUNPREDICT, v. a. To retract prediction. Means I must use, thou say'st prediction else

tages, than by so unprincely an inconstancy.

King Charles. Will unpredict, and fail me of the throne. Millon.

UNPRINCIPLED, adj. Not settled in tenets UNPREFERRED, adj. Not advanced. or opinions; wicked.

To make a scholar, keep him under while he is young, Others betake them to state affairs, with souls so unor unpreferred.

Collier on Pride. principled in virtue and true generous breeding, that UNPREGʻNANT, adj. Not prolific; not quick flattery and court shifts, and tyrannous aphorisms, apof wit.

pear to them the highest points of wisdom. This deed unshapes me quite, makes me unpregnant,

Milton on Education. And dull to all proceedings.


UNPRINTED, adj. Not printed.

Defer it, till you have finished these that are yet un. UNPREJU'DICATE, adj. Not prepossessed

u printed. oy any settled notions.

UNPRIS’ABLE, adj. Not valued; not of esA pure mind in a chaste body is the mother of wis

. timation. dom, sincere principles, and unprejudicate understand


A baubling vessel was he captain of, UNPREʻJUDICED, adj. Free from prejudice,"

: For shallow draught and bulk unprisable. Shaksp.

prejudice, UNPRISONED, adj. Set free from confineor prepossession,

ment. The meaning of them may be so plain, as that any

Several desires led parts away, unprejudiced and reasonable man may certainly under

Water declined with earth, the air did stay ; stand them.


Fire rose, and each from other but untied, UNPRELATICAL, adj. Unsuitable to a pre- Themselves unprisoned were and purified. Donne. late.

UNPRIZED', adj. Not valued. The archbishop of York, by such unprelatical igno- Not all the dukes of waterish Burgundy minious arguments, in plain terms advised him to pass Can buy this unprised, precious maid of me. Shaksp. that act.

Clarendon. UNPROCLAIMED', adj. Not notified by a UNPREMEDITATED, adj. Not prepared in public declaration. the mind before-hand.

The Syrian king, who to surprize The slow of speech make unpremeditated harangues, One man, assassin-like had levied war, or converse readily in languages that they are but little War unproclaimed.

Milton's Paradise Lost. acquainted with.

Addison. UNPROFANED', adj. Not violated. UNPREPARED', adj.) Not fitted by pre- Unspoiled shall be her arms, and unprofaned UNPREPAREDNESS, n. s. vious measures : 'the Her holy limbs with any human hand :

And in a marble tomb laid in her native land. noun substantive corresponds.

Dryden. I believe my innocency, and unpreparedness to assert my rights and honour, make me the most guilty in

UNPROFITABLE, adj.) Useless; serving their esteem, who would not so easily have declared a

UNPROF'ITABLY, adv. no purpose: the adwar against me if I had first assaulted them.

UNPROF'ITABLENESS, n. s.) verb and noun sub

King Charles. stantive corresponding To come unprepared before him is an argument that should he reason with unprofitable talk ? Job xv. 3. we do not esteem God. Duppa's Rules for Devotion. I should not now unprofitably spend Fields are full of eyes and woods have ears;

Myself in words, or catch at emply hope, For this the wise are ever on their guard,

By airy ways for solid certainties. Ben Jonson. For unforeseen, they say, is unprepared. Dryden. It is better to fall honourably, than to survive in an UNPREPOSSESSED', adj. Not prepossessed; um

unprofitable and ung orious life.


We are so persuaded of the unprofitableness of your not preoccupied by notions.

science, that you can but leave us where you find us ; The unpreprssessed on the one hand, and the welldisposed on the other, are affected with a due fear of

" but, if you succeed, you increase the number of your

Addison. these things.

th. " UNPROFITED, adj. Having no gain. It finds the mind naked, and unprepossessed with any former notions, and so easily and insensibly gains upon

Be clamorous, and leap all civil bounds, the assent.

" Rather than make unprofited return. Shakspeare. Id.

UNPROLIFIC, adj. Barren; not productive. UNPRESSED', adi. Not pressed; not forced. Great rains drown many insects, and render their Have I my pillow left unpressed in Rome ? Shaksp. eggs unprolifuk, or destroy them.

Hale. They left not any error in government unmentioned, UNPROMISING, adj. Giving no promise of or unpressed with the sharpest and most pathetical ex. excellence: having no appearance of value. pressions.

Clarendon. If he be naturally listless and dreaming this unproUNPRETEND'ING, adj. Not claiming any mising disposition is none of the easiest to be dealt with. distinctions.



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UNPRONOUNCED, adj. Not uttered; not UNPUBʻLISHED, adj. Secret; unknown. spoken.

Apply your care wholly to those which are upe. Mad'st imperfect words, with childish trips,

lished. Unpronounced, slide through my infant lips. Milton. UNPUNISHED, adj. Fr. impuni. Not pe

UNPROPI'TIOUS, adj. Not favorable ; inaus- nished; suffered to continue in impunity. picious.

Divine justice will not let oppression go zenpunished. 'Twas when the dog-star's unpropitious ray

L'Estrang Smote ev'ry brain, and withered ev'ry bay,

UNPURCHASED, adj. Unbought. Sick was the sun.

Unpurchased plenty our full tables loads, UNPROPOR’TIONED, adj. Not suited to

And part of what they lent return to our gods. something else.

UNPURGʻED, adj. Not purged; unpurified. Give thy thoughts no tongue,

In her visage round those spots, unpurged, Nor any unproportioned thought his act. Shakspeare.

Vapours not yet into her substance turned. Milton. UNPROPOS'ED, adj. Not proposed.

UNPU’RIFIED, adj. Not freed from rece The means are unproposed.

Dryden. UNPROPP'ED, adj. Not supported; not up.

ment; not cleansed from sin.

Our sinful nation, having been long in the fornace, held.

is now come out, but unpurified. He lives at random, carelessly diffused,

Decay of Piety.

UNPURʼPOSED, adj. Not designed; not inWith languished head unpropped, as one past hope, Abandoned, and by himself given over.

tentional. Milton's Agonistes.

Do it, UNPROS'PEROUS, adj. ) Latin improsper.

Or thy precedent services are all UNPROSPEROUSLY, adv.

But accidents unpurposed.

Shakspeare S Unfortunate ; not UNPURSUED', adj. Not pursued. prosperous : the adverb corresponding.

All night the dreadless angel unpursued When a prince fights justly, and yet unprosperously. Tu

Through heaven's wide champain held his way. if he could see all those reasons for which God hath so ordered it, he would think it the most reasonable thing

UNPU'TRIFIED, adj. Not corrupted by rotin the world.


tenness. The winter had been very unprosperous and unsuc

Meat and drink last longer unputrified, or ansoured, cessful to the king.


in winter than in summer. UNPROTECTED, adj. Not protected ; not No animal unputrified, being burnt, yields any abssupported; not defended.

line salt; but putrified yields a volatile alkali. By woeful experience, they both did learn, that to

Arbutkat forsake the true God of heaven, is to fall into all such UNQUALIFIED, adj.) Not fit: to disquaevils upon the face of the earth, as men, either destitute UNQUALIFY. v. a.

lify. of grace divine may commit, or, unprotected from above, Till he has denudated himself of all these incen. endure.

Hooker. brances, he is utterly unqualified for these agonies. UNPROV'ED, adj. Not tried ; not known by

Decay of Piety. trial, or by argument.

Arbitrary power so diminishes the basis of the faThere I found a fresh unproved knight,

male figure, as to unqualify a woman for an evenit, Whose manly hands imbrued in guilty blood


Addison Had never been.

Faerie Queene. Deafness unqualifies me for all company. Szyt. There is much of what should be demonstrated left UNQUARÖRELLABLE, adj. Such as cans unproved by those chymical experiments. Boyle. be impugned.

UNPROVIDE', v. a. To divest of resolution There arise unto the examination such satisfactory or qualifications; to unfurnish.

and unquarrelable reasons as may confirm the cause I'll not expostulate with her, lest

generally received. Browne's Vulgar Errean. Her beauty un provide my mind again. Shakspeare. UNQUEEN' v.a. To divest of the dignity a Tears, for a stroke foreseen, afford relief :

queen. But, unprovided for a sudden blow,

Embalm me, Like Niobe we marble grow,

Then lay me forth ; although unqueened, yet like And petrify with grief.

Dryden. A queen, and daughter to a king, inter me. UNPROVOK'ED, adj. 1 Not provoked: in

Shakspeare. UNPROVOK'ING. S offensive.

UNQUENCH'ABLE, adj. ) UnextinguishThe teeming earth, yet guiltless of the plough,

UNQUENCH'ABLENESS, n. š. Lable : unextinAnd unprovoked did fruitful stores allow. Dryden. UNQUENCH'Ed, adj.

guishableness :ubLet them forbear all open and secret methods of en- extinguished. couraging a rebellion so destructive, and so unprovoked. We represent wildfires burning in water and was

Addison. quenchable. I stabbed him a stranger, unprovoking, inoffensive. We have heats of dungs, and of lime unquenched. Id.

Fleetwood. I was amazed to see the unquenchableness of this art. UNPRUN'ED, adj. Not cut; not lopped. The whole land is full of weeds ;

Our love of God, our unguenchable desires to promote Her fruit-trees all unpruned.

Shakspeare. our well-grounded hopes to cnjoy his glory, shoul UNPUB’LIC, adj. Private ; not generally

take the chief place in our zeal. known, or seen.

UNQUESTIONED, adj.) Not doubted; pass Virgins must be retired and unpublic: for all freedom UNQUE 'TIONABLE, Sed without doubt of society is a violence done to virginity, not in its na- UNQUESTIONABLY, adv. not to be questione tural, but in its moral capacity; that is, it loses parted. the adverb corresponding of its severity and strictness, by publishing that person,

What were his marks! whose work is religion, whose thoughts must dwell in - A lean cheek, which you have not an tighaus heaven.

Taylor. tionable spirit, which you have not. Shak peare


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The duke's carriage was surely noble throughout ; of How now, my lords? what all unready so ? unquestionable courage in himself, and rather fearful of

Shakspeare. fame than danger.

Wotton. UNRE'AL, adj. Unsubstantial ; having only
It did not please the gods, who instruct the people; appearance.
And their unquestioned pleasures must be served.

Hence terrible shadow!
Ben Jonson. Unreal mock’ry, hence!

Shakspeare. Macbeth. She muttering prayers, as holy rites she meant,

I with pain
Through the divided crowd unquestioned went. Dryden. Voyaged the unreal vast unbounded deep

If the fathers were unquestionably of the household of Of horrible confusion. Milton's Paradise Lost. faith, and all to do good to them; then certainly their UNREA'SONABLE, adj. 7 Exorbitant; claimchildren cannot be strangers in this household. Sprutt. UNREA'SONABLENESS, n. s. ) ing or insisting on

UNQUICK', adj. Motionless; not alive ; not more than is fit: the noun substantive correspordUNQUICK'ENED. ) animated.

ing. His senses droop, his steady eyes unquick;

No reason known to us; but that there is no reason And much he ails, and yet he is not sick. Daniel. thereof, I judge most unreasonable to imagine. Hooker. Every fætus bears a secret hoard,

The unreasonableness of their propositions is not more With sleeping, unexpanded issue stored ;

evident, than that they are not the joint desires of the Which numerous, but unquickened progeny

major number.

King Charles. Clasped and enwrapped within each other lie.

It is unreasonable for men to be judges in their own

Blackmore. cases ; self-love will make men partial to themselves UNQUI'ET, adj. Fr. inquiet ; Latin, in- and their friends.

Locke. UNQUI'ETLY, adv. quietus. Moved with per- She entertained many unreasonable prejudices against UNQUI'ETNESS, n. s.) petual agitation ; not him, before she was acquainted with his personal

worth. calmı; not still: the derivatives corresponding.

Addison. From grammatick Aats and shallows they are on the UNREAVE', v. a. Now unravel; from un, and sudden transported to be tossed and turmoiled with their reave, or ravel. To unwind; to disentangle. unballasted wits, in fathomless and unquiet depths of Penelope, for her Ulysses' sake, controversy.

Millon. Devised a web her wooers to deceive; Who's there besides foul weather ?

In which the work that she all day did make, -One minded like the weather, most

The same at night she did unreave. Spenser. Unquietly.


UNREBATED, adj. Not blunted.
Thou, like a violent noise, cam'st rushing in,
And mak'st them wake and start to new unquietness.

A number of fencers try it out with unrebated swords.


UNREBUK'ABLE, adj. Obnoxious to no UNRACK'ED, adj. Not poured from the lees.

censure. Rack the one vessel from the lees, and pour the lees

Keep this commandment without spot, unrebu kable, of the racked vessel into the unracked vessel. Bacon. until the appearing of Christ.

1 Tim. vi. 14. UNRAK'ED, adj. Not thrown together and co UNRECEIV'ED, adj. Not received. vered. Used only of fires.

Where the signs and sacraments of his grace are not, Cricket, to Windsor chimnies shalt thou leap : through contempt, unreceived, or received with contempt, Where firez thou find'st unraked, and hearths unswept, they really give what they promise, and are what they There pinch the maids. Shakspeare. Merry Wives. signify.

Hocker. UNRAN'SACKED, adj. Not pillaged.

UŇRECLAIMÄED, adj. Not tamed. He gave that rich city for a prey unto his soldiers, A savageness of unreclaimed blood, who left neither house nor corner thereof unransacked. Of general assault.

Shakspeare. Hamlet. Knotles. This is the most favourable treatment a sinner can UNRAN'SOMED, adj. Not set free by pay. hope for, who continues unreclaimed by the goodness of ment for liberty.


Rogers. Unransomed here receive the spotless fair,

UNRE'CONCILED, adj. 2 Not reconciled : Accept the hecatomb the Greeks prepare. Pope's Iliad. UNRECONCILE'ABLE. S not to be recon

UNRAVEL, v. a. To disentangle ; extricate; clear.

Let me lament,
He has unravelled the studied cheats of great arti-

That our stars, unreconcileable, should have divided
Our equalness to this.

Shakspeare. ficers.

There unravel all

He had many infirmities and sins, unreconcileable This dark design, this mystery of fate.

Hammond. Addison.

with perfect righteousness. UNRAZORED, adj. Unshaven.

UNRECORD'ED, adj. Not kept in rememAs smooth as Hebes their unrazored lips. Milion.

brance by public monuments.

Unrecorded left through many an age, UNREACH'ED, adj. Not atlained.

Worthy t' have not remained so long unsung. Milton. Labour with unequal force to climb

The great Antilocus! a name That lofty hill, unreached by former time. Dryden. Not unrecorded in the rolls of fame. Pope's Odyssey.

UNREAD', adj. Not read ; not publicly pro- UNRECOUNTED, adj. Not told; not renounced : unlearned.

lated. These books are safer and better to be left publicly

This is yet but young, and may be left unread.

To some years unrecounted.

Shakspeare. Uncertain whose the narrower span,

UNRECRUITABLE, adj. Incapable of reThe clown unread, or half-read gentleman. Dryden.

pairing the deficiencies of an army. UNREAD'Y, adj. ? Not prepared ; not fit: Empty and unrecruitable colonels of twenty men in a UNREAD'INESS, n. s. I the noun substantive cor- company,

Vilton on Education. responds.

UNRECUR'ING, adj. Irremediable.. This impreparation and unreadiness when they find I found her straying in the park, in us, they turn it to the soothing up of themselves in Seeking to hide herself; as doth the deer, that accursed fancy.

Hooker. That hath received some unrecuring wound. Shakap,


UNREDUC'ED, adj. Not reduced.

Some words are negative in their original language. The earl divided all the rest of the Irish countries, but seem positive, because the negation is unknowo; unreduced, into shires.

Duries's Ireland. as amnesty, an unremembrance, or general pardon. UNREFORM'ED, (u;. 7 Not amended; not

Watts's Logick.

UNREVOLED, adj.) Not taken away; not UNREIORM'S BLE. Scorrected: not to be

U'NREMOVABLE, to be removed : the adaltered or corrected. This general revolt, when overcome, produced a

UNREMOV’ABLY, adv. ) verb corresponding. general reformation of the Irishry, which ever before

His discontents are unremoveably coupled to his 12. Davies's Ireland.

ture. had been wrofirmed.

Shakspeare, The rule of faith is alone unmoveable and unreform

It is impossible, where this opinion is imbibed and able. Hammond's Fundamentals. unremoved, to found any convincing argument.

Hammond. UNREFRACT'ED, adj. Not refracted.

UNREPAID', adj. Not recompensed ; not The sun's circular image is made by an wretracted

compensated. beam of light. Neuton's (Optics.

Hadst thou full power UVREFRESH'ED, adj. Not cheered; not re- To measure out his torments by thy will; lieved.

Yet what couldst thou, tormentor, hope to gain ; Its symptoms are a spontaneous lassitude, being un- Thy loss continues, unrepaid by pain. Dryden. refreshed by sleep.

Arbuthnot. UNREPEALED', adj. Not revoked; not abroUNREGARD’ED, adj. Not heeded; not re- gated. spected; neglected.

When you are pinched with any unrepealed act of We ever by his might

parliament, you declare you will not be obliged by it. Ilad thrown to ground the unregarded right. Spenser.

Dryden. Dost see, how unregurided now

U'NREPENT'ED, adj. 2 Not expiated by peThat piece of beauty passes?


nitential sorrow : not There was a time when I did vow

UNREPENT'ANT, penilent or repenting. To that alone ; but mark the fate of faces. Suckling.

laces. Duckung. They are no fit supplicants to seek his mercy, in the

The UNREGENERATE, adj. Not brought to a behalf of others, whose own unrepented sins provoked new life.

his just indignation.

Hooler. This is not to be understood promiscuously of all My unprepared and unrepenting breath men, unregenerate persons as well as regenerate. Was snatched away by the swift hand of death,

Roscommon. UNREGISTERED, adj. Not recorded. UNREPINING, adj. Not peevisłıly complajuing Hotter hours,

Barefoot as she trod the flinty pavement, inregistered in vulgar fame, you have

Her footsteps all along were marked with blood ; Luxuriously picked out.

Shakspeare. Yet silent on she passed, and unrepining. Roue. UNREISED, wij. Not restrained by the UNREPLENISITED, adj. Not filled. bridle.

Some air retreated thither; kept the mercury out of Lest from my flying steed unreinid, as once

the unreplenished space.

Boyle. Bellerophon, though from a lower clime

UNREPRIEVABLE, adj. Not to be respited Dismounted, on the lleian field I fall. Milton. from penal death,

UNRELENTING, adj. llard ; cruel ; feeling Within me is a hell; and there the poison no pity.

Is, as a fiend, confined, to tyrannise These are the realms of unrelenting fate;

In unropriecable condemned blood. Shakspeare. And awful Rhadamanthus rules the state. Dryden. UNREPROACH'ED, adi. Not upbraided :

CVRELIEVED, adj.) Not succored : not not censured.
T RELITV'APLE. S to be relieveil.

Sir John Hotham, unreproached, uncursed by any The uneasiness of wrelieved thirst is not lessened imprecation of mine, pays his head. King Charles. by continuance, but grows the more unsupportable. UNREPROVED), adi.) Not censured : not

Boule. C' el'ROVABLE. I to be censured. As no degree of distress is unrelierable by his power, You hath he reconciled, to present you holy, ul. 60 no extremity of it is inconsistent with his compas- bar

. blameable, and wureprorable in his sight. Coloss, i. 22. sion.

Id. UNREMARKABLE, adj. Not capable of cise of religion.

Christians have their churches, and unreprored exer

Sandy being observed.

UNREPUG’NANT, adj. Not opposite. Our understanding, to make a complete notion, must

When Scripture dotli yield us natural laws, what add something else to this fleeting and unremurkable

particular order is thereunto most agreeable; wlica superficies, that may bring it to our acquaintance.


positive, which way to make laws repugnant unto UVREME’DIABLE, adj. Admitting no re



UNREP'UTABLE, adj. Not creditable. medy.

When we see wise men examples of duty, we are He so handled it, that it rather seemed he had more

convinced that piety is no unreputable qualification, and come into a defence of an unremediable mischief already committed, than that they had done it at first by his

that we are not to be ashamed of our virtue. Rogers. consent.

Sidney. UNREQUEST'ED, adj. Not asked. UNREMEMBERED, adj.) Not retained in With what security can our ambassadors go, unreUREMEMBERING,

(the mind : pot re- quested of the Turkish emperor, without his safe con

duct? UNREMEM'BRANCE, n. s. membering : for- du

Krolles. gerfulness.

UNREQUI'TABLE, adj. Not to be retaliated I cannot pass unremembered their manner of disguis. or repaid. ing the shafts of chimneys in various fashions, whereof S o reguitable is God's love, and so insolvent are the noblest is the pyramidal.

Wotton. we, that that love vastly improves the benefit, by which That, unremembering of its former pain,

alone we might have pretended 10 some ability of relriThe soul may suffer mortal flesh again. Dryden. L'ution.


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