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Hor will the witbered stock be green again ;

UNHAND'SOME, adj.) Ungraceful; not But the wild olive shoots, and shades the' ungrateful UNHAND'SOMELY, adv. beautiful; disingenuplain.

Dryden. UNHAND'SOMENESS, n. s.) ous: the adverb and We often receive the benefit of our prayers when noun substantive corresponding. yet we ungratefully charge heaven with denying our I was glad I had done so good a deed for a gentlepetitions.

Wake. woman not unhandsome, whom before I had in like UNGRAVEʻLY, adv. Without seriousness.

sort helped.

Sidney. His present portance

The ruined churches are so unhandsomely patched Gibingly, and ungravely, he did fashion. Shakspeare. and thatched, that men do even shun the places for the UNGROUND'ED, adj. Having no founda- uncomeliness thereof.

Spenser. tion.

Be not troublesome to thyself, or to others, by unIgnorance, with an indifferency for truth, is nearer handsomeness or uncleanness.

Taylor. to it than opinion with ungrounded inclination, which UNHANGʻED, ad;. Not put to death by the is the great source of errour.

Locke. gallows. UNGRUDGʻINGLY, adv. Without ill-will; There live not three good men unhanged in England. willingly; heartily; cheerfully.

Shakspeare. If, when all his art and time is spent,

UNHAP', n. s. Misluck; ill fortune. He say 'twill ne'er be found, yet be content!

She visited that place, where first she was so happy Receive from him the doom ungrudgingly,

as to see the cause of her unhap.

Sidney. Because he is the mouth of destiny. Donne. UNHAP'PIED. This word seems a participle

UNGUARD'ED, adj. Undefended; careless; from unhappy, which yet is never used as a verb, negligent.

Made unhappy, All the evils that proceed from an untied tongue, and

You have misled a prince, an unguarded, unlimited will, we put upon the accounts A happy gentleman in blood and lineament, of drunkenness.

Taylor. By you unhappied, and disfigured clean. Shakspeare. Proud, art thou met? Thy hope was to have UNHAP PINESS, 11. s.) Misery; infelicity; reached

UNHAP'Pily, adv. misfortune; mischieThe throne of God unguarded, and his side

UNHAP'py, adj.

vous trick: the derivaMilton's Paradise Lost. Abandoned. It was intended only to divert a few young ladies, tive

tives correspond.

of You hold a fair assembly; you do well, lord, of good sense and good humour enough to laugh not

their You are a churchman, or I'll tell you, cardinal, only at their sex's little unguarded follies, but at their

"Pope I should judge now most unhappily. Shakspeare. own.

She hath often dreamed of unhappiness, and waked UN'GUENT, n. s. Lat. unguentum. Oint

herself with laughing.
Pre-occupation of mind ever requireth preface of

I unweeting have offended,
Unhappily deceived.

Milton's Paradise Lost. speech, like a fomentation to make the unguent enter.

Desire of wandering this unhappy mora. Milton. Bacon.

The real foundation of our unhappiness would be laid With unguents smooth the lucid marble shone. Pope.

in our reason, and we should be more miserable than UNGUESS'ED, adj. Not attained by conjec- the beasts, by how much we have a quicker apprehenture.


Tillotson. He me sent, for cause to me unguessed. Spenser.

UNHAR'BOURED, adj. Affording no shelter. UNGUID'ED, adj. Not directed ; not regu

'Tis chastity : lated.

She that has that is clad in compleat steel; They resolve all into the accidental, unguided mo. And, like a quivered nymph, with arrows keen, tions of blind matter.

Locke. May trace huge forests, and unharboured heaths, UNHAB’ITABLE, adj. Fr. inhabitable ; Lat. Infamous hills, and sandy perilous wilds. Milton. inhabitabilis. Not capable to support inhabitants ; UNHAR'DENED. adj.). Not confirmed or uninhabitable.


I made hard; feeble ; Though the course of the sun be curbed between the tender

tender; timorous. tropicks, yet are not those parts directly subject to his

Messengers perpendicular beams unhabitable, or extremely hot.


of strong prevailment in unhardened youth, Shakspeare.

The wisest, unexperienced, will be ever UNHACK'ED, adj. Not cut; not hewn; not Timorous and loth, with novice modesty; notched.

Irresolute, unhardly, unadventurous.

Milton, With a blessed and unvexed retire,

UNHARM'ED, adj. ) Unhurt; not injured : With unhacked swords, and helmets all unbruised,

UNHARM'FUL. innoxious ; innocent. We will bear home that lusty blood again. Shak.

Themselves unharmful, let them live unharmed UNHAL'LOW, v. a.) To deprive of holi- Their jaws disabled, and their claws disarmed. Dryd.

UNHAL LOWED, adj. Sness; profane; dese- Though great light be insufferable to our eyes, yet the crate : upholy; profane.

highest degree of darkness does not disease them; for, Perhaps the fact

causing no disorderly motion, it leaves that curious orIs not so beinous now, foretasted fruit,

gan unharmed.

Locke. Profaned first by the serpent, by him first,

UNHARMO‘NIOUS, adj. Not symmetrical; Made common, and unhallowed, ere our taste. Milun. disproportionate. Nor shall presume to violate these bands,

Those pure, immortal elements, that know Or touch thy person with unhallowed hands. Dryden. No gross, no unharmonious mixture foul.

The vanity unhallows the virtue. L' Estrange. Eject him, tainted now, and purge him off. Milton. UNHAND', v.Q. 1 To loose from the hand: "His thoughts are improper to his subject, his expresUNHAND'LED, adj. ) not handled; not touched. sions unworthy of his thoughts, or the turn of both is Still am I called. Unhand me, gentlemen. Shak. unharmonious.

Dryden. A race of youthful and unhandled colts,

UNHARÄNESS, v.a. To loose from traces. Fetching mad bounds. Id. Merchant of Venice. The sweating steers unharnessed from the yoke, Unhand men, traitors. Denham's Sophy. Bring back the crooked plough.



UNHATCH'ED, adj. Not disclosed from the Grieved that a visitant so long should wait eggs; not brought to light.

Unmarked, unhonoured, at a monarch's gate. Pope. Some unhatched practice

UNHOOP', v.a. To divest of hoops. Hath puddled his clear spirit. Shakspeare. Unhoop the fair sex, and cure this fashionable tye

Addison UNHAZ'ARDED, adj. Not adventured ; not pany got among them. put in danger.

UNHOPED', adj. Not expected; greater thas Here I should still enjoy thee day and night,

UNHOPED' FOR, Shope had promised : such as Whole to myself, unhazarded abroad,

UNHOPEFUL. leaves no room for hope. Fearless at home.

Milton's Agonistes. Benedict is not the unhopefullest husband that I UNHEALTHFUL, adj. 7 Sickly; wanting

know: thus far I can praise him; he is of approved UNHEAL'THY. S health." valor.

Shakspeare The diseases which make years unhealthful, are

I thought the rousing style I wrote in might prove no spotted fevers, and the unhealthful season is the autumn.

unhopeful way to procure somewhat considerable from Graunt.

those great masters of chymical arcana. Bayk. No body would have a child crammed at breakfast,

Heaven has inspired me with a sudden thought, who would not have him dull and unhealthy. Locke.

Whence your unhoped for safety may be wrought.

Dryder, UNHEARD', adj. Not perceived by the ear; UNHORSE', v.a. To beat from a horse; throw unknown; taking of as a preposition.

from the saddle. For the noise of drums and timbrels loud,

The emperor rescued a noble gentleman, whom, se Their children's cries unheard.

Milton. horsed and sore wounded, the enemy was ready to have What pangs I feel, unpitied and unheard! Dryden. slain. Free from hopes or fears, in humble ease,

On a fourth he flies, and him unhorses too. Daniel Unheard of may I live, and die in peace! Granville. UNHOS'PITABLE, adj. Lat. inhospitalis. AfUNHEART', v.a. To discourage; depress. fording no kindness or entertainment to strangers; To bite his lip,

cruel ; barbarous. And hum at good Cominius, much unhearts me.

The cruel nation, covetous of prey,

Shakspeare. Stained with my blood the' unhospitable coast. Dryd. UNHEATED, adj. Not made hot.

UNHOSTILE, adj. Not belonging to an enemy. Neither salts, nor the distilled spirits of them, can

T he high-prancing steeds penetrate the narrow pores of unheated glass. Boyle. Spurn their dismounted riders, they expire

UNHEED'ED, adj.) Disregarded; not thought Indignant, by unhostile wounds destroyed. Philips.
UNHEED'FUL, (worthy of notice; escaping UNHOUSE', v.a. To drive from habitation.
notice : unheedful is not

Call the creatures,

cautious; negligent; pre- Whose naked natures live in all the spight cipitate : the meaning also of the other adjectives. Of wreakful heaven ; whose bare, unhoused trunks,

Nor hath love's mind of any judgment taste : To the conflicting elements exposed, Wings, and no eyes, figure unheedy haste. Shaksp. Answer mere nat

Shakspeare. Tizen. He of his fatal guile gave proof unheeded. Milton. Death unawares, with his cold, kind embrace, I have not often seen him ; if I did,

Unhoused the virgin soul from her fair biding place. He passed unmarked by my unheeding eyes. Dryden.

Näios The triumph ceased tears gushed from every eye, UNHOU'SELLED, adj. Having not the sacraThe world's great victor passed unheeded by. Pope. ment.

UNHELP'ED, adj.) Unassisted ; having no Thus was I sleeping, by a brother's hand,
UNHELPFUL. S auxiliary; unsupported :

Of life, of crown, of queen, at once dispatched;

Cut off even in the blossoms of my sin, affording no support.

Unhouselled, unanointed, unanelled. Shakspeare. I bewail good Glo'ster's case With sad, unhelpful tears. Shakspeare. Henry VII.

UNHUM'BLED, adj. Not humbled; not Unhelped I am, who pitied the distressed,

touched with shame or confusion. And, none oppressing, am by all oppressed. Dryden. Should I of these the liberty regard, UNHEWN', part. adj. Not hewn.

Who freed, as to their ancient patrimony, In occasions of merriment, this rough-cast. unhewn Unhumbled, unrepented, unreformed,

Headlong would follow?

Müton. poetry, was instead of stage-plays.


UNHURT, adj. Free from harm: inUNHINGE, v. a. To throw from the hinges;

UNHURT'FUL, noxious; harmless : the displace by violence.

UNHURT'FULLY, adv. ) adverb corresponding. Rather than not accomplish my revenge,

You hope the duke will return no more, or you ima. Just or unjust, I would the world unhinge. Waller.

gine me too unhurtful an opposite. Shakspeare. For want of cement, ribs of rock, disjoined

Of fifteen hundred, eight hundred were slain in the Without an earthquake, from their base would start,

", field; and, of the remaining seven hundred, two mea And hills unhinged from their deep roots depart.

only came off unhurt. Bacon's War with Spain,

Blackmore. Flames unhurtful, hovering, dance in air. Blackmore. UNHOʻLY, adj. 1 Profane; not hallowed: We laugh at others as innocently and as unhurtfully UNHOʻLINESS, n. s. I the noun substantive corres- as at ourselves.

Pope to Suijt. ponding.

U'NICORN, n.s. Lat. unicornis, unus and corns. Doth it follow that all things now in the church are A beast, or bird, real or fabulous, that has only one unholy which the Lord hath not himself precisely insti. horn. tuted ?

Hooker. Wert thou the unicorn, pride and wrath would conToo foul and manifest was the unholiness of obtruding found,

Shakspeare. Tinen. upon men remission of sins for money. Raleigh. Soune unicorns we will allow even among insects, as

UNHON’ORED, adj. Not regarded with vene- those nasicornous beetles described by Muffetus. ration; not celebrated.

Brotone. Pales unhonoured, Ceres unemployed,

Of the unicorn bird, the principal marks are these ; Were all forgot.

Dryden. headed and footed like the dunghill cock, tailed like a

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goose, horned on his forehead, with some likeness as the UNIMPORTANT, adj. Not momentous; not unicorn is pictured ; spurred on his wings, bigger than pompous or assuming. a swan.

Grew. A free, unimportant, natural, easy manner; diverting The UNICORN is thought to be the same with the others just as we diverted ourselves. Pope to Swift. rhinoceros. See RHINOCEROS. Sparmann informs UN'IMPORTUNED, adj. Not solicited; not us that the figure of the unicorn described by teased to compliance. the ancients has been found delineated by the Snese

Who ever ran Hottentots on the plain surface of a rock in Caf- To danger unimportuned, he was then fraria ; and therefore conjectures that such an ani. No better than a sanguine, virtuous man. Donner mal either does exist at present in the internal UNIMPROV'ED, adj. ] Not made better parts of Africa, or at least once did so. Father UNIMPROV’ABLENESS, n. s. ) or more knowing : Lobo affirms that he has seen it.

state of being unimproved. UNICORN Fish. See MONODON.

Young Fortinbras, U'NIFORM, adj. ) Lat. unus and forma. Of unimproved mettle hot and full. Shukspeare. UNIFOR'MITY, n. s. Keeping its tenor; similar This must be imputed to their ignorance and unim

U'NIFORMLY, adv.) to itself; conformable to one provableness in knowledge, being generally without literule: the noun substantive and adverb correspond. ra Antive and adverb correspond rature.

Hammond. The only doubt is about the manner of their unity,

4 Shallow, unimproved intellects are confident pretenders to certainty

Glanville. how far churches are bound to be uniform in their cere

UNINCREAS'ABLE, adj. Admitting no inmonies, and what way they ought to take for that purpose.

Hooker. crease. Queen Elizabeth was remarkable for that steadiness That love, which ought to be appropriated to God, and uniformity which ran through all her actions, results chiefly from an altogether, or almost unincreas

Addison. able elevation and vastness of affection. Boyle. The capillamenta of the nerves are each of them solid UNINDIFFERENT, adj. Partial; leaning to and uniform; and the vibrating motion of the æthereal a side. medium may be propagated along them from one end to His opinion touching the catholick church was as the other uniformly, and without interruption.

unindifferent, as, touching our church, the opinion of Newton's Opticks. them that favour this pretended reformation is.

Hooker. UNIFORMITY, regularity, a similitude or resem

UNINDUSTRIOUS, adj. Not diligent; not blance between the parts of a whole. Such is that

laborious. we meet with in figures of many sides, and angles

lugues Pride we cannot think so sluttish or unindustrious an respectively equal, and answerable to each other.

agent, as not to find out expedients for its purpose. A late ingenious author makes beauty to consist

Decay of Piety. in uniformity, joined or combined with variety. UNINFLAM'ED, ad;. Not set on fire Where the uniformity is equal, in two objects, the When weak bodies come to be inflamed, they gather beauty, he contends, is as the variety; and, where a much greater heat than others have uninflamed. the variety is equal, the beauty is as the uniformity.

Bacon. UNIFORMITY is particularly used for one and the The uninflammable spirit of such concretes may be same form of public prayers, and administration pretended to be but a mixture of phlegm and salt. of sacraments and other rites, &c., of the church

Boyle. of England, prescribed by the famous stat. 1,



UNINFORM'ED, adj Untaught; uninEliz, and 13 and 14, Car. II. cap. 4, called the structed. Act of Uniformity. See LITURGY.

No uninformed minds can represent virtue so noble UNIGENITUS. See JANSEN ISTS.

to us, that we necessarily add splendour to her. Pope. UNIMAGʻINABLE, adj. ? Not to be imagined UNINGEN’UOUS, adj. Illiberal; disinge

UNIMAG'INABLY, adv. by the fancy; not to nuous. be conceived : the adverb corresponds.

Did men know how to distinguish between reports Things to their thought

and certainties, this stratagem would be as unskilful as So unimaginable, as hate in heaven. Milton. it is uningenuous.

Decay of Piety. Little commissures, where they adhere, may not be UNINHABʻITABLE, adj.) Unfit to be inporous enough to be pervious to the unimaginably subtle UNINHAB'ITABLENESS, n. s. habited : state of corpuscles that make up the beams of light. Boyle. UNINHAB'ITED, adj. being so: not in

UNIM'ITABLE, adj. Fr. inimitable ; Lat. in- habited. imitabilis. Not to be imitated.

The whole island is now uninhabited. Sandys. Both these are unimitable.

Burnet. Divers radicated opinions, such as that of the uninUNIMMORTAL, adj. Not immortal; mortal.

habitableness of the torrid zone, of the solidity of the They betook them several ways,

celestial part of the world, are generally grown out of request.

Boyle. Both to destroy, or unimmortal make All kinds.

UNIN'JURED, adj. Unhurt; suffering no Milton.

harm. UNIMPAIR'ABLE, adj. 1 Not liable to waste Then in full age, and hoary holiness, UNIMPAIR'ED.

S or diminution : not Retire, great teacher ! to thy promised bliss. wasted.

Untouched thy tomb, uninjured be thy dust, If the superior be unimpairable, it is a strong pre- As thy own fame among the future just! Prior. sumption that the inferiors are likewise unimpaired. UNINSCRIB’ED, adj. Having no inscription.


Make sacred Charles's tomb for ever known ;
If our silver and gold diminishes, our public credit Obscure the place, and uninscribed the stone,
continues unimpaired.
Addison. Oh fact accurst'

Pope. UNIMPLOR'ED, adj. Not solicited.

UNINSPIR'ED, adj. Not having received suIf answerable stile I can obtain

pernatural instruction or illumination. of my celestial patroness, who deigns

Thus all the truths that men, uninspired, are enlightHer nightly visitation unimplored. Milton. ened with, came into their minds.



UNINSTRUC'TED, adj.) Not taught; not Others make good the paucity of their breed with

UNINSTRUCTIVE. I helped by instruc- the duration of their days, whereof there want not ertion: not conferring instruction."

amples in animals uniparous.

Brone. That fool intrudes, raw in this great affair,

U'NISON, adj. & n. S. Lat. unus and SORES, And uninstructed how to stem the tide. Dryden. Sounding alone: a sound the same with another;

Were not men of abilities thus communicative, their a string of such a sound: a single unvaried note. wisdom would be in a great measure useless, and their Sounds intermixed with voice nce uninstructive. Addison. Choral, or unison.

Milton's Paradise Lost. UNINTEL'LIGENT, adj. Not knowing; not When moved matter meets with any thing like that skilful; not having any consciousness.

from which it received its primary impress, it will in We will give you sleepy drinks, that your senses may

like manner move it, as in musical strings tuned be unintelligent of your insufficience. Shakspeare.


Glanciil. The obvious products of unintelligent nature.

Diversified 'midst unison of chime,

Bentley. Freer than air, yet manacled with rhyme. Hartz. UNINTEL'LIGIBLE, adj.) Not such as can U’NIT, n. s. Lat. unus, unitus. Ofe; the less UNINTEL'LIGIBLY, adv. be understood : in number, or root of numbers.

UNINTELLIGIBIL'ITY, n. s. ) a manner not to be If any atom should be moved mechanically, without understood : quality of not being understood. . attraction, 'tis above a hundred million millions odek Credit the unintelligibility of this union and motion. to an unit, that it would not strike upon any other

Glanville. atom, but glide through an empty interval without conSound is not unintelligibly explained by a vibrating tact.

| Beatly. motion communicated to the medium.

Locke. Units are the integral parts of any large number. UNINTENTIONAL, adj. Not designed; hap

Watte. pening without design.

UNITARIANS, in ecclesiastical history, a name Besides the unintentional deficiencies of my style, I sometimes given to those who confine the glory have purposely transgressed the laws of oratory, in and attribute of divinity to the Father of our Lord making my periods over-long.

Boyle. Jesus Christ. See ANTITRINITARIANS, a denoni. UNINTERESTED, adj. ? Not having in- nation of this sect which we consider far more just. UNIN'TERESSED.


UNITAS FRATRUM, or United Brethren, in ecThe greatest part of an audience is always uninter- clesiastical history. The church of the United essed, though seldom knowing

Dryden. Brethren took its rise in Moravia during the fourUNINTERMITTED, adj. Continued ; not teenth century; but is said by the brethren to have interrupted.

derived its origin from the Greek church in the This motion of the heavenly bodies seems to be

ninth century, when, by the instrumentality of partly continued and unintermitted, as that motion of

Methodius and Cyrillus, two Greek monks, the ihe first moveable partly interpolated and interrupted.

Hale's Origin of Mankind.

alised kings of Bulgaria and Moravia being converted to UNINTERMIX'ED, adj. Not mingled.

the faith, were, together with their subjects, united Unintermired with fictious fantasies,

in communion with the Greek church. Methodius I verify the truth, not poetize.

Daniel. was the first bishop; and for their use Cyrillus UNINTERRUPTED, adj.) Not broken; not translated the Scriptures into the Sclavonian lanUNINTERRUPT'EDLY, adv. S interrupted. guage. Though they consider episcopal ordination Thy constant quiet fills my peaceful breast

as necessary to qualify the servants of the church With unmixt joy, uninterrupted rest. Roscommon. for their respective functions, they allow to their

A successive augmentation uninterruptedly conti- bishops no elevation of rank or pre-eminent autbonued, in an actual existence of believing, and congre- rity; their church having from its first establishgations in all ages unto the end of the world. Pearson ment been governed by synods, consisting of

UNINTRENCH'ED, ad;. Not intrenched. deputies from all the congregations; and by other

It had been cowardice in the Trojans, not to have subordinate bodies, which they call conferences. attempted any thing against an army that lay unfor. In questions of importance, or of which the contified and unintrenched.

Pope. sequences cannot be foreseen, recourse is had to UNINVESTIGABLE, adj. Not to be searched the lot, which is never made use of but after mature

deliberation and fervent prayer. In their opinion, The number of the works of this visible world, being episcopal consecration does not confer any power uninvestigable by us, afford us a demonstrative proof of to preside over one or more congregations; and a the unlimited extent of the Creator's skill. Ray. bishoo can discharge no office but by the app UNINVITED, adj. Not asked.

ment of a synod, or of the elders conference of His honest friends, at thirsty hour of dusk,

the unity. Presbyters among them can perform Come uninvited.

Philips. UNJOINTED, adj. Disjoined ; separated.

every function of the bishop, except ordination; I hear the sound of words; their sense the air

for he confirms, by the laying on of hands on Dissolves unjointed ere it reach my ear. Millon.

young persons when they first become candidates They are all three immovable or unjointed, of the

for the communion. Deacons are assistants to the thickness of a little pin.

Grew's Museum.

presbyters much in the same way as in the church UʻNION, n. s. Lat. unio. The act of joining of England; and in the brethren's churches deatwo or more, so as to make them one; concord; a conesses are retained, for the purpose of privately pearl : see the extract from Shakspeare.

admonishing their own sex, and visiting them in The king shall drink to Hamlet's better breath;

their sickness; but, though they are solemnly And in the cup an union shall be throw

blessed to this office, they are not permitted to Richer than that which four successive kings

teach in public, and far less to administer the seIn Denmark's crown have worn.

Shakspeare. crament. They have also seniores civiles, or lay. One kingdom, joy, and union without end. Milton. elders, in contradistinction to spiritual elders or

UNIP'AROUS, adj. Lat. unus and pario. Bring- bishops, who are appointed to watch over the coning one at a birth.

stitution and discipline of the unity of the brethren;

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over the observance of the laws of the country in In St. Thomas's, where their number in 1812, which congregations or missions are established; was 2285, and St. Croix, where they have three and over the privileges granted to the brethren by congregations, consisting in 1812 of 8443 persons, the governments under which they live. They do they have been favored by the ruling powers, and not consider a regular course of literary education have been very successful; in Jamaica, their unas at all necessary to qualify persons for admission dertaking has been viewed with jealousy, and they into orders, provided they possess a thorough have made little progress; while in Antigua they knowledge of the word of God, which they call have established the most flourishing of all their solid Christian experience, and a well regulated missions, and reckon 11,824 members of their zeal to serve God and their neighbours. On Sun- different congregations. Their efforts on the conday, besides the public prayers, which are either tinent of America, both North and South, have read from a liturgy or pronounced extempore by the been almost uniformly unprosperous; at Berbice minister, one or two sermons are preached in every the settlement was broken up in 1763 by a rebellion church or chapel; and after the morning service an of the negroes; at Hope, on the river Corentyn, exhortation is given to the children. Previous to the in Surinam, after several partial calamities, they holy communion, which is administered on some were dispersed in 1808, in consequence of the Sunday once a-month, and likewise on Maunday burning of their settlement; and at Bambey and Thursday, each person who intends to communi. Paramaribo their establishments appear to be on cate converses with one of the elders on the state the point of dissolution. The missions to North of his soul, expressing his desire to partake of the America have been almost without exception disassacrament. The celebration of the communion is trous. However, they have five settlements among generally preceded by a love feast, which is also the Indians. Their late missions, excepting the one kept on other solemn occasions. On Maunday that went to the Cape, appear to have been underThursday, before communion, the brethren have a taken without much prudence, and attended with solemn foot-washing; and at this, and we suppose little success. In the year 1812, according to an at other times, they greet one another with the kiss estimate by Mr. Latrobe, they liad thirty-three setof charity. These ceremonies they consider as re tlements among the heathen, under whose care were ligious rites, and authorised through all ages of the 27,000 converts. church by our Saviour himself and his two apostles

Lat. unitus. To join St. Peter and St. Paul. (John xii. 14; i Peter Unitedly, adv. two or more into one ; v. 14 ; Romans xvi. 16.) Our limits will not per UNITER, N. S. | make to agree or adhere : mit us to give a systematic view of the doctrinal


(as a verb neuter to join tenets of the brethren, Though they acknowledge U'NITIVE, adj. in action; concur; cono other standard of truth than the sacred Scrip U'NITY, n. s. J alesce: unitedly is with tures, they adhere to the Augsburgh confession, union : uniter, he who unites : unition the act or and speak respectfully of the thirty-nine articles of power of uniting: unitive, having that power: the church of England. They believe that the unity, the state of being one; concord ; agreement; kingdom of Christ is not confined to any particular principle of union. party, community, or church; and they consider The force which wont in two to be dispersed, themselves, though united in one body or visible in one alone right hand he now unites. Spenser. church, as spiritually joined in the bond of Chris. To the avoiding of dissension, it availeth much, that tian love to all who are taught of God, and belong

there be amongst them an unity, as well in ceremonies

Hooker. to the universal church of Christ, however much

as in doctrine.

In the lawful name of marrving. they may differ in forms, which they deem non

To give our hearts united ceremony. Shakspeare. essentials. A full account of this society of Chris

Take unity then out of the world, and it dissolves tians will be found in Crantz's Ancient and Modern

into a chaos.

Holyday. History of the Protestant Church of the United

The king proposed nothing more than to unite his Brethren, printed in London in 1780; and in a kingdom in one form of worship.

Clarendon. work entitled An Exposition of Christian Doctrine Unity of possession is a joint possession of two as taught in the Proiestant Church of the United rights by several titles. For example, I take a lease of Brethren, London, 1784.

land from one upon a certain rent ; afterwards I buy No sect has exhibited greater wisdom and per- the fee-simple. This is an unity of possession. severance in their attempts to convert and civilise

Cowell. the heathen. Their numbers did not exceed 600 when

** Suppose an uniter of a middle constitution, that they first began their attempt to convert the hea

should partake of some of the qualities of both.

Glanville. then; and, in the period of eight or nine years, they sent missionaries to Greenland, to St. Tho

Charity is of a fastening and uniling nature. mas's, to St. Croix, to Surinam, to the Rio de

The unities of time, place, and action, are exactly Berbice, to the Indians of North America, to the observed.

Dryden's Preface to All for Love. negroes of South Carolina, to Lapland, to Tartary, That can be nothing else but the unitive way of reto Algiers, to Guinea, to the Cape of Good Hope, ligion, which consists of the contemplation and love of and to the island of Ceylon. We cannot follow God.

Norris. Dr. Brown through his details of these missions, As long as any different substance keeps off the which he has derived from the well-known works unition, hope not to cure a wound. Wiseman's Surgery. of Crantz, and the periodical accounts. In Green- UNITED PROVINCES, or United Netherlands, land, where they had lately three settlements, viz. called also, during the changes produced by the at New Herahuth, Lichtenfels, and Lichtenau, the French Revolution, the Batavian Republic, connumber of Christians, in the year 1810, was 998; sisted of the seven provinces of Holland, Zealand, but it appears to be diminishing, not so much from Friesland, Groningen, Overyssel, Zutphen, and their defection to paganism, as from a general de Utrecht. They composed the greatest part of the crease in the population of this in hospitable region. ancient Batavia, whose inhabitants were formerly


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