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O Sun of righteousness divine,
Worship in Spirit and in Truth.

On me with beams of mercy shine! 1 FATHER of omnipresent grace !

Oh! chase the clouds of guilt away, We seem agreed to seek thy face:

And turn my darkness into day. But every soul assembled here 2 When each day's scenes and labors Doth naked in thy sight appear;

close, Thou know'st who only bows the knee, And wearied nature seeks repose, And who in heart approaches thee. With pardoning mercy richly blest, 2 To-day, while it is called to-day,

Guard me, my Saviour, while I rest; Awake and stir us up to pray;

And, as cach morning sun shall rise, The spirit of thy word impart,

Oh, lead me onward to the skies! And breathe the life into our heart; 13 And at my life's last setting sun, Our weakness help, our darkness chase, My conflicts o'er my labors doné. And guide us by the light of grace.

Jesus, thy heavenly radiance shed, 128

To cheer and bless my dying bed ;

ANON. At Evening Time let there be Light. And, from death's gloom my spirit 1 Ar evening time, let there be light;

raise, Life's little day draws near its close;

To see thy face, and sing thy praise. Around me fall the shades of night, The night of death, the grave's repose:


Spiritual Needs
To crown my joys, to end my woes,
At evening time let there be light.

1 I WANT the spirit of power within,

Of love and of a healthful mind, 2 At evening time, there shall be light,

Of power to conquer every sin, For God hath spoken, - it must be;

Of love to God and all mankind; Fear, doubt, and anguish take their flight, Of health that pain and death defies, His glory now is risen on me;

Most vigorous when the body dies. Mine eyes shall his salvation see; 'Tis evening time — and there is light. 12 Oh that the Comforter would come,

Nor visit as a transient guest, 129

BIR R. GRANT. But fix in me his constant home,
The Morning and Evening Light.

And keep possession of my breast, 1 WHEN, streaming from the eastern skies, And make my soul his loved abode,

The morning light salutes mine eyes, 1 The temple of indwelling God!

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SF Swimm]4 Constant to my latest end.
Sabbath Erening.

Thou my footsteps shalt attend;

And shalt bid thy hallowed dome 1 SOFTLY fades the twilight ray Of the holy Sabbath day;

Yield me an eternal home. Gently as life's setting sun,

133 When the Christian's course is run.

Evening Hymn.
2 Night her solemn mantle spreads 11 SOFTLY now the light of day

O'er the earth, as daylight fades; Fades upon my sight away;
All things tell of calm repose

Free from care, from labor free,
At the holy Sabbath's close.

Lord, I will commune with thee. 3 Peace is on the world abroad;

Thou, whose all-pervading eye 'Tis the holy peace of God, —

Naught escapes, without, within, Symbol of the peace within,

Pardon each infirmity, When the spirit rests from sin.

Open fault and secret sin. ' 4 Still the Spirit lingers near,

3. Soon, for me, the light of day Where the evening worshipper

Shall forever pass away;
Seeks communion with the skies, Then from sin and sorrow free,
Pressing onward to the prize.

Take me, Lord, to dwell with thee. 132

134 God our Shepherd.

Evening Prayer. 1 Lo, my Shepherd's hand divine! 1 Thou from whom we never part, Want shall never more be mine:

Thou whose love is everywhere, In a pasture fair and large

Thou who seest every heart, He shall feed his happy charge.

Listen to our evening prayer. 2 When I faint with summer's heat 2 Father, fill our hearts with love, He shall lead my weary feet

Love unfailing, full, and free; To the streams that, still and slow, Love that no alarm can move;

Through the verdant meadows flow. Love that ever rests on thee. 3 He my soul anew shall frame; 13 Heavenly Father! through the night And, his mercy to proclaim,

Keep us safe from every ill; When through devious paths I stray, Cheerful as the morning light, Teach my steps the better way.

May we wake, to do thy will.


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Sabbath Evening.

Evening Hymn.
1 THERE is a time when moments flow 1 Thus far the Lord has led me on,
More happily than all beside;

Thus far his power prolongs my days! It is, of all the times below,

And every evening shall make known A Sabbath at the eventide.

Some fresh memorial of his grace. 20 then the setting sun shines fair, 12 Much of my time has run to waste, And all below, and all above,

And I, perhaps, am near my home; The various forms of Nature, wear But he forgives my follies past, One universal garb of love.

He gives me strength for days to come. 3 And then the peace that Jesus brought, 3 I lay my body down to sleep; The life of grace eternal beams,

Peace is the pillow for my head; And we, by his example taught,

While well-appointed angels keep Improve the life his love redeems. Their watchful stations round my bed. 4 Delightful scene! a world at rest;

4 Faith in his name forbids my fear: A God all love; no grief, no fear;

0, may thy presence ne'er depart! A heavenly hope, a peaceful breast,

And in the morning make me hear A smile, unsullied by a tear.

Thy love and kindness in my heart. 136

5 And when the night of death shall come, Evening Recollections.

Still may I trust Almighty Love,

The love which triumphs o'er the tomb, 1 ANOTHER fleeting day is gone;

And leads to perfect bliss above.
Slow o'er the west the shadows rise;
Swift the soft-stealing hours have flown, 138

E.T. FITCE. And night's dark mantle veils the skies.

Parting in Peace and Love. 2 Another fleeting day is gone |1 LORD, at this closing hour,

Swift from the records of the year; I Establish every heart And still, with each successive sun, Upon thy word of truth and power, Life's fading visions disappear.

To keep us when we part. 3 Another fleeting day is gone; 2 Peace to our brethren give; But soon a fairer day shall rise,

Fill all our hearts with love; A day whose never-setting sun

In faith and patience may we live, Shall pour its light o'er cloudless skies. And seek our rest above.


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Rael And we shall join the ceaseless song, Morning and Evening.

The endless Sabbath of our God. 1 GREAT Framer of the earth and sky, 1142 Who dost the light and darkness give,


The Still Hour. And all the cheerful change supply i GENTLY the shades of night descend:

Of alternating morn and eve! | Thy temple, Lord, is calm and still; 2 Awake us from false sleep profound, A thousand lamps of ether blend,

And thro’our senses pour thy light; A thousand fires that temple fill. Be thy blest name the first we sound 12 Thou bidd'st the cares of earth depart. At carly dawn, the last at night.

Heaven's peace is wafted from above; 140


A Sabbath stillness fills the leart, Vespers.

Devotion's calm and holy love. 1 0 thou true Life of all that live! Who dost, unmoved, all motion sway;

Evening Prayer. Who dost the morn and evening give, 11 O BLEST Creator of the light,

And thro’its changes guide the day ;| Who dost the dawn from darkness bring. 2 Thy light upon our evening pour, - And, framing nature's depth and height,

So may our souls no sunset see; Didst with the new-born light begin ; But death to us an open door

2 Who gently blending eve with morn, To an eternal morning be.

And morn with eve, did'st call them day, 141

Thick flows the flood of darkness down:

Sabbath Evening.

No Oh, hear us as we weep and pray; 1 SWEET is the light of Sabbath eve, 3 Teach us to knock at heaven's high door,

And soft the sunbeams lingering there ; Teach us the prize of life to win; For these blest hours, the world I leave, Teach us all evil to abhor,

Wafted on wings of faith and prayer. And purify ourselves within. 2 Season of rest! the tranquil soul 1144

EDWESTOK, Feels the sweet calm, and melts to love

The Close of the Sabbath. And while these sacred moments roll, li TUE time how lovely and how still! Faith sees the smiling heavens above.

Peace shines and smiles on all below;

Peace shine 3 Ncr will our days of toil be long, The plain, the stream, the wood, the hill,

Our pilgrimage will soon be trod: All fair with evening's setting glow.

SALISBURY. L. M. Double.

Arranged from Haydn, by Dr. Mason.






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Help us to praise thee, Lord of light! Evening Worship.

Help us thy boundless love declare;

And, here within thy courts to-night, 1 How shall we praise thee, Lord of light! Aid us, and hearken to our prayer.

How shall we all thy love declare!
The earth is veiled in shades of night, 146
But heaven is open to our prayer,

Evening Hymn.
That heav'n so bright with stars and suns-
That glorious hieav'n which has no bound, 1 O HOLY Father! 'mid the calm
Where the full tide of being runs,

And stillness of this evening hour, And life and beauty glow around.

We would lift up our solemn psalm,

To praise thy goodness and thy power: 2 We would adore thee, God sublime! For over us, and over all, Whose power and wisdom, love and grace Thy tender mercies still extend, Are greater than the round of time, Nor vainly shall thy children call

And wider than the bounds of space. On thee, our Father and our Friend ! 0, how shall thought expression find, All lost in thine immensity!

12 Kept by thy goodness through the day, How shall we seek thee, glorious Mind, Thanksgiving to thy name we pour! Amid thy dread infinity!

Night o'er us, with its stars,— we pray

Thy love, to guard us evermore! 3 But thou art present with us here, In grief, console; in gladness, bless;

As in thy glittering, high domain ; In darkness, guide; in sickness, cheer; And grateful hearts and humble fear Till, perfected in righteousness, Can never seek thy face in vain.

Before thy throne our souls appear!

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