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And let me through thy Spirit know Contentment and Resignation

To glorify my God below, 1 If solid happiness we prize,

And find my way to heaven. Within our breasts the jewel lies;

HENRY MOORE. Nor need we roam abroad;

Holiness is Everlasting The world has little to bestow;

1 ALL earthly charms, however dear, From pious hearts our joys must flow,

Howe'er they please the eye or ear, Hearts that delight in God. :

Will quickly fade and fly;
2 To be resigned when ills betide, Of earthly glory faint the blaze,
Patient when favors are denied,

And soon the transitory rays
And pleased with favors given; In endless darkness die.
This is the wise, the virtuous part; 12 The nobler beauties of the just
This is that incense of the heart,

Shall never moulder in the dust,
Whose fragrance reaches heaven.

Or know a sad decay: 525

Their honors time and death defy, True Wisdom

And round the throne of heaven on high 1 Be it my only wisdom here

Beam everlasting day. To serve thic Lord with filial fear, 527

C. WESLEY. With loving gratitude; .

Now is the Day of Salvation. Superior sense may I display,

1 O God! my inmost soul convert, By shunning every cvil way,

And deeply on my thoughtful heart And walking in the good.

Eternal things impress : 2 0:1, may I still from sin depart! Give me to feel their solemn weight, A wise and understanding heart, And save me ere it be too late; Father, to me be given!

Wake me to righteousness.


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14 We wait in faith, we wait in prayer, Importance of Religion.

Till that blest day shall shine, 1 RELIGION is the chief concern

When earth shall fruits of Eden bear, Of mortals here below;

And all, O God, be thine! May I its great importance learn, 5 Oh, guide us till our night is done! Its sovereign virtue know.

Until, from shore to shore, 2 More needful this than glittering wealth,l Thou, Lord, our everlasting sun, Or aught the world bestows;

Art shining evermore! Not reputation, food, or health


M.W. HALE Can give us such repose.

The Pure Heart. 3 Religion should our thoughts engage 1 WHATEVER dims thy sense of truth, Amidst our youthful bloom;

Or stains thy purity, 'T will fit us for declining age

Though light as breath of summer air,
And for th' approaching tomb. Count it as sin to thee.
4 Oh, may my heart, by grace renewed, 2 Preserve the tablet of thy thoughts
Be my Redeemer's throne;

From every blemish free,
And be my stubborn will subdued, While the Redeemer's lowly faith
His government to own.

Its temple makes with thee. 529

ANON. 3 And pray of God, that grace be given The Morning

To tread time's narrow way:1 WE wait in faith, in prayer we wait, How dark soever it may be, Until the happy hour

It leads to cloudless day.
When God shall ope the morning gate, 531
By his almighty power.

Spirit of Peace.
2 We wait in faith, and turn our face 1 SPIRIT of peace, celestial Dove,
To where the daylight springs;

How excellent thy praise! Till he shall come earth's gloom to chase, How rich the gift of Christian love With healing on his wings.

Thy gracious power displays! 3 And even now, amid the gray, 2 Sweet as the dew on hill and flower, The east is brightening fast,

That silently distils, And kindling to that perfect day, At evening's soft and balmy hour, Which never shall be past.

On Zion's fruitful hills.

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14 From dark temptation's power

Our feeble hearts defend:
Deliver in the evil hour,

And guide us to the end. 15 Thine, then, forever be

Glory and power divine;
The sceptre, throne, and majesty

Of heaven and earth are thine.


The Use of present Oportunities. 1 CHILDREN of light, awake!

At Jesus' call arise,
Forth with your leader to partake

His toil, his victories. 2 Ye must not idly stand,

His sacred voice who hear;
Arm for the strife the feeble hand,

The holy standard rear. 3 Naught doth the idle world afford,

But toil must be the price;
Wilt thou not, servant of the Lord,

Then toil for paradise ? 4 Awake, ye sons of light!

Strive till the prize be won;
Far spent already is the night;

The day comes brightening on.

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C. WESLEY. All Things in Christ. 1 THE soul, by faith reclined

On the Redeemer's breast,
'Mid raging storms, exults to find

An everlasting rest.
2 Sorrow and fear are gone,

Whene'er thy face appears;
It stills the sighing orphan's moan,

And dries the widow's tears. 3 It hallows every cross,

It sweetly comforts me;
It makes me now forget my loss,

And lose myself in thee. 4 Jesus, to whom I fly,

Will all my wishes fill;
What though created streams are dry ?

I have the fountain still.
5 Stripped of my earthly friends,

I find them all in one,-
And peace, and joy which never ends,

And heaven, in Christ, begun.

HULLAH. 78, 6 ls.






And stretch out our hands to thee; The Soul panting for God.

Guide us,– save us,— and prepare 1 As the hart, with eager looks,

Our appointed mansion there!
Panteth for the waterbrooks, 537
So my soul, athirst for thee,

Living Faith
Pants the living God to see;

11 YE who think the truth ye sow When, oh, when with filial fear,

Lost beneath the winter's snow, Lord, shall I to thee draw near?

Doubt not time's unerring law
2 Why art thou cast down, my soul? Yet shall bring the genial thaw;

God, thy God, shall make thee whole: God in nature ye can trust,
Why art thou disquieted ?

Is the God of mind less just ?
God shall lift thy fallen head,

2 Workers on the barren soil, And his countenance benign

Yours may seem a thankless toil; Be the saving health of thine.

Sick at heart with hope deferred, 536

Listen to the cheering word;
The Pilgrimage of Life.

Now the faithful sower grieves;

Soon he'll bind his golden sheaves. 1 LEAD us with thy gentle sway, As a willing child is led;

538 Speed us on our forward way,

Consecration. · As a pilgrim, Lord, is sped, 1 Now, O God, thine own I am! Who with prayers and helps divine

I Now I give thee back thine own: Seeks a consecrated shrine.

Freedom, friends, and health and fame, 2 We are pilgrims, and our goal

1 Consecrate to thee alone: Is that distant land whose bourne Thine I live-thrice happy I! Is the haven of the soul;

Happy still if thine I die. Where the mourners cease to mourn, 2 Take me, Lord, and all my powers; Where the Saviour's hand will dry

Tame my mind, and heart, and will; Every tear from every eye.

All my goods and all my hours, 3 Lead us thither! thou dost know

All I know, and all I feel, All the way; but wanderers we All I think, or speak, or do, Often miss our path below,

Take my soul and make it new!

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By thine all-sufficient merit,
Love Divine.

Every burdened soul release; 1 Love divine, all love excelling,

Every weary, wandering spirit
Joy of heaven, to earth come down!

Guide into thy perfect peace.
Fix in us thy humble dwelling,
All thy faithful mercies crown.


J. G. BARTHOLOMEW. Father! thou art all compassion,

Guardian Angels.
Pure, unbounded love thou art;
Visit us with thy salvation,

1 Is it true that angels hear us,
Enter every longing heart.

When we sing our songs of praise?

That bright wings are waving near us, 2 Breathe, oh, breathe, thy loving spirit

When to heaven our thoughts we raise? Into every troubled breast;

Is it true that when we're praying Let us all in thee inherit,

Radiant forms are bending near? Let us find thy promised rest.

That they know what we are saying, Come, almighty to deliver,

And our every word can hear?
Let us all thy life receive;
Graciously come down, and never, 2 Do they come on holy missions

Never more thy temples leave!" From our Father's home above, 540

To return with our petitions,

Divine Light Implored.

And our songs of praise and love? 1 Light of those whose dreary dwelling

Can we doubt since that bright legion Borders on the shades of death!

Came rejoicing to the earth,
Rise on us, thyself revealing -

Leaving the celestial region
Rise and chase the clouds beneath.

To announce the Saviour's birth? Thou, of heaven and earth Creator!

3 And if men have heard their chorus, In our deepest darkness rise;

On the earth in days of old,
Scatter all the night of nature,

May they not be bending o'er us,
Pour the day upon our eyes.

With their crowns and harps of gold? 2 Still we wait for thine appearing; Let us listen to their singing, Life and joy thy beams impart,

For it is of heavenly love; . Chasing all our fears, and cheering And the very air is ringing Every meek, benighted heart.

With their praise of God above.

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