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Lilliput Lectures

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- By

W. B. Rands

Author of “ Lilliput Levee"

With a Prefatory Note

R. Brimley Johnson


James Bowden
10 Henrietta Street Covent Garden W.C.


Editor's Note

The Lilliput Lectures, though more advanced and systematic are similar in tone and subject to the Lazy Lessons and the Essays on Conduct. In writing for somewhat older children Rand's style is equally charming, spontaneous, and effective. He creeps round his subject in confidential and personal talk. Here the children may find a piece of string or a strap to tie things together with :' the elements of social and political science, notes on nature — the sky, our friend, because it gives us great thoughts' - a word about art or "make-believe,' and answers to certain difficult questions on morals and religion - charity the family love of God's household.'

The author's own “ Introduction” will explain his aims and methods most fully. What he there sets down as his ideal,

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