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UNDER THE TITLE of “ Grammar School Texts” it is intended to issue such portions of several Classical works as are usually read in the ordinary course of education. To each of the “ Texts" will be appended a Vocabulary of the words occurring therein.

In order that he might make the Vocabularies as widely acceptable as possible, the Editor put himself into communication with the principals of various schools. In the opinions he was by this means enabled to collect he found a remarkable divergence as to the value of etymology. In some cases it was held to be of very subordinate account ; in others it was looked upon as of foremost importance.


With these facts before him, the Editor has endeavoured to meet the views of both parties. For such as would have the means of construing alone supplied, the English renderings of the several Latin words are printed in Italic type; so that what is in this case needed readily meets the eye. For those, however, who regard etymology as an essential, much has been done to carry out their wishes. In all cases the origin of a word is stated, when known, at the commencement of the article, if connected with another Latin word ; at the end of it, if derived from any other source. While further still, the primary or etymological meaning is always given, within inverted commas, in Roman type, and so much also of each word's history as is needful to bring down its chain of meanings to the especial force, or forces, attaching to it in any particular

« Text.”

LONDON: 1871.



CONTICUERE omnes, intentique ora tenebant.
Inde toro pater Æneas sic orsus ab alto :
Infandum, regina, jubes renovare dolorem ;
Trojanas ut opes et lamentabile regnum
Eruerint Danai, quæque ipse miserrima vidi, 5
Et quorum pars magna fui. Quis talia fando
Myrmidonum, Dolopumve, aut duri miles Ulixi,
Temperet a lacrymis ? et jam nox humida cælo
Præcipitat, suadentque cadentia sidera somnos.
Sed si tantus amor casûs cognoscere nostros,
Et breviter Trojæ supremum audire laborem,
Quanquam animus meminisse horret, luctuque re-
Incipiam. Fracti bello, fatisque repulsi, [fugit,
Ductores Danaûm, tot jam labentibus annis,
Instar montis equum, divinâ Palladis arte, 15
Ædificant ; sectâque intexunt abiete costas.
Votum pro reditu simulant : ea fama vagatur,

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