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will persecute or slay the Son of God. Again, he is looking for Elijah to come; Christ says he has come already. “Have these astounding predictions ever been so fulfilled ?” he inquires. I answer, they have. “ Who has seen them?" Not the proudl Pharisee; he had eyes, but he saw not. Why, he could not believe, although he saw the "astounding" miracles of our Savior. I know of many who have seen these things, and believed them too, and are now waiting for the consolation of Israel. But you say, “When?" I answer, in the French_revolution, and since.* s Where?" In France, in Europe, in Ame. rica, and in all the world. “These astounding prediciions," these "amazing wonders," have been, are now, and will be shortly fulfilled, or fulfilling, and will be seen hy every eye. lle closes with goud advice; may we all go and do likewise.

WILLIAM MILLER. Low llampton, Oct. 20, 1310.

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DEAR Bro. Himes: I send you a few extracts from some ancient authors on the subject of the "two witnesses." Please to give them a place in your new work, and you will oblige many.

I. I shall quote Dr. Thomas Goodwin, president of the Magdalen College, Oxford, who wrote an exposition of Revelation in A. D. 1639, more than two hundred years since. On Rev. xi. 13, he remarks: “By the tenth part of the city, I understand some one tenth part of Europe. By earıhquake here is meant a great concussion or shaking of states, politic, or ecclesiastical. By this earthquake's so falling out in a tenth part of the city, this tenth part of it is so shaken that it falls; that is, ceaseth to be a tenth part of the city, or to belong to its jurisdiction any longer. The effect of this earthquake, and fall of this tenth part of the city, is killing seven thousand of the names of men. Now, by men of name, in scripture, is meant men of uitle, office and dignity; these having killed the witnesses, themselves are to be killed, by being bereft of their names and titles, which are to be rooted out forever. Now which of these ten kingdoms (may be intended,) it is not hard to conjecture. The saints and churches of France, God has made a wonder unto me in all his proceedings towards them, first and last ; and there would seem some great and special honor réserved for them, yet, at the last; for it is certain that the first light of the gospel, by the first and second angel's preaching, in Rev. xiv., which laid the foundation of Antichrist's ruin, was out from among them, namely those of Lyons, and other places in France. And they bore and underwent the great heat of that morning of persecution, which was as great, if not greater, than any since. And so, as that kingdom had the first great stroke, so now it should have the honor of having the last great stroke in the ruin of Rome."

So much for Dr. Goodwin. And who has read the history of the French revolution, but will acknow. ledge that these extracts breathe a spirit of prophecy, literally fulfilled in about one hundred and fifiy years afterwards?

I will next quote Nr. H. Moore. In his book, “Mystery of INIQUITY contained in the kingdom of Antichrist," Book 2, ch. 12, on Rev. xi. 13, he observes: “That an earthquake signifies political commotions and change of affairs, is obvious to any one; but that the city here mentioned should be understood not of a city of brick or stone, but a polity. For I conceive it is plain enough that this city is the very city mentioned in the eigbih verse, which is called the great city, and this great city is the whore of Babylon, and the whore of Babylon is nothing but the body of the idolatrous clergy in the empire, who appertain to the seventh or last head of the beast, which is an head of blasphemy, as well as the six first, that is to say, an idolatrous head. Whence we may understand what is meant by these seven thousand names of men ; for neither seven nor thousand signify any determinate number, but only the nature or property of these names of men that are said to be slain, namely, that they are TITLES, DIGNITIES, OFFI. CES QR ORDERS of men belonging to the state of Chris tendom. As under the seventh head, that is become idolatrous and antichristian, and this number seven is multiplied into a thousand, it signifies a perfect nulling of all such offices and orders of men; for no men at all here are necessarily implied to be slain, but only all antichristian OFFICES and FRATERNITIES 10

be dissolved and abrogited, and things to be reduced in the purity of the first four hundred years. Por lo slay hy a diorismus, signifies nothing else but a causing a thing to cease to be. This, but little question, is the true meaning of this place. And the tenth part of the city will have a sense marvellously coincideot therewith.”

The abore sentiment was published by Dr. Moore, A. D. 1633. In a little more than a hundred and thirty yeurs afterwards it became a matter of fact, in sterd of prophecy and opinion. No one need to be informel, that one of the ten king lors of western Rome, or of Pipacy, France, abolished all titles and orders in one day or decree, in A. D. 1793 or 1794.

I will now give you a few extracts from Rev. PETER JURINE, a minister of the French church at Rotterdam, taken from a work entitled “The Accomplishment of Scripture Prophecies, or the approaching Deliverance of the Church." This work was translatel into English in the year 1637, more than one hun. dred and fifty years ago. He says, Part II. page 63, “ We shall see such admirable agreement between the events and the prophecies explained, that shall abundantly convince that what I am about to say is not simple conjecture.” Page 242, on Rev. xi. 13, he says, “There shall be an earthquake, that is, a great emotion and trouble in the world, and in the antichristian kingdom. In this emotion a tenth port of the city shall fall; that is, a tenth part of the antichristian kingdom shall be taken away from it. Now what is the tenth part of the city which shall full? In my opinion we cannot doubt that it is France. This kingdom is the most considerable part or piece of the ten horns, or states, which once made up the great Babylon city. It fell. This does not signify that the French manarchy shall be ruined ; but it may be humbled ; but in all appearance, Provia dence does design for her afterwards a great elevation. It is higlaly probable that God will not let go unpunished the horrible outrages which it acts at this day (of persecution.

"Afterward, it must build its greatness upon the ruins of the papal empire, and enrich itself with the spoils of those who shall take part with the Papacy. They who persecute the Protestants, know not where God is leading them : this is not the way by which he will lead France to the height of glory. If she comes thither, it is because she shall shortly change her road. Her greatness will be no damage to Protestant states; on the contrary, the Protestant states shall be enriched with the spoils of others, and he strengthened by the fall of Antichrist's empire. This tenth part of the city shall fall with respect to the Papacy; it shall break with Rome, and the Roman' relia gion. One thing is certain, that the Babylonian em. pire shall perish through the refusal of obedience by ihe ten_kings, who had given their power to the beast. The thing is already come to pass in part. The kingdoms of Sweden, Denmark, England, and the states of Germany, have withdrawn themselves from the jurisdiction of the Pope. They have spoiled the harlot of her riches. They have eaten her flesh, that is, seized on her benefices and revenues which she had in their countries. This must go on, and be finished as it is begun. The kings who yet remain under the empire of Rome, must break with her, leave her solitary and desolate. But who must begin this Jast revolt? It is most probable that FRANCE shall. Not Spain, which is as yet under the clergy, and plunged in superstition and under tyranny as much

Not the emperor, who in iemporals is suhject to the Pope, and permits that in his states the archbishop of Strigonium should teach that the Pope can take away the imperial crown from him. 'lt cannot be any country but France."

How can it be possible that this servant of God could, without a prophetic spirit, so exactly describe events more than a hundred years before they were literally fulfilled ? I beg of you, my brethren of the ministry, read this over again; compare it with the history of Europe for fifty years past. Why will you be so unbelieving? Are you not ashamed of your

as ever.

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