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therein.' And I discovered that God had in his word revealed 'times and seasons;' and in every case where time had been revealed, every event was accomplished as predicted, (except the case of Nineveh, in Jonah,) in the time and manner; therefore I believed all would be accomplished.

“I found, in going through with the Bible, the end of all things was clearly and emphatically predicted, both as to time and manner. I believed ; and immediately the duty to publish this doctrine, that the world might believe and get ready to meet the Judge and Bridegroom at his coming, was impressed upon my mind. I need not here go into a detailed account of my long and sore trials. Suffice it to say, that after a number of years, I was compelled by the Spirit of God, the power of truth and the love of souls, to take up my cross and proclaim these things to a

and . “The first time I ever spake in public on this subject was in the year 1832. The Lord poured his grace on the congregation, and many believed to the salvation of their souls. From that day to this, doors have been opened to me, to proclaim this doctrine of the second coming of Christ, among almost all denominations, so that I have not been able to comply with but a small portion of the calls.

“I have lectured in the states of New York, Vermont, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania, and Canada. In every place, I think, two good effects have been produced. The church has been awakened, and the Bible has been read with more interest. In many, and I might say almost in every place, a revival of religion has fol. lowed, which has lasted for months. Infidelity in many cases has been made to yield her iron grasp on the mind of many an individual. Deism has yielded to the truth of God's word, and many men of strong minds have acknowledged that the Scriptures must be of divine origin. The sandy foundation of Universalism, has been shaken in every place where it could be reached by an attendance on the whole

course of lectures. And hundreds of men of sound minds and strong powers, have had their spider's web broken, and have got a more sure hope in an experimental knowledge of the justice of God, and the for. giveness of sin, through the blood and sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

“ As proof of the truth of the above facts, I would refer you to the many false reports which Universalists and Infidels have industriously circulated in their periodicals and papers, concerning me and my views: the hundred years' mistake, the 'refusal to sell my farm,' and the rail fence,' &c. &c. Stories too foolish for children to credit are promulgated as facts, sufficient to destroy the truth which is fairly proved by the word of God and history of ages past. Why use such false and weak arguments? Because the goddess Diana is in danger. It is evidence strong as holy writ, that when men use weak arguments and false productions, their cause is weak, and their foundation is trembling.

“Furthermore. I have been fully convinced, that the effects of the promulgation of this doctrine on those who candidly hear, produce no little examination of the evidence of their hopes, founded upon the word of inspiration. The traditions of men too are brought before the public and tried by the unerring rule of God's word : such as a 'temporal millennium, the Jews' return. In one word, in a moral point of view, every effect is good; and if ever there is a midnight cry' made, the effect must be similar to the one now produced, or it cannot have a scriptural fulfilment. "Then all those virgins arose and trimmed their lamps. If this doctrine does not make men search the Scriptures, (lamp,). I cannot conceive what would. One more effect I will mention. In every place where I have been, the most pious, devoted, and living members of the churches do most readily embrace the views thus proclaimed; while the worlding professor, the pharisee, the bigot, the proud, haughty, and selfish, scoff at and ridicule the doctrine of the Second Coming of Christ.

“And if ever God's word, in his second Epistle of Peter, can be fulfilled, surely it is so now: 'Knowing this first, that there shall come in the last days scoffers, walking after their own lusts, and saying, Where is the promise of his coming ? for since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the creation. Every word of this sign is literally ful. filled. In every place where I have been, the Infidel, the Universalist, and many who would be called teachers in our several sects of limitarians, before they are convicted, can all meet on the broad ground of scoffing, ridicule, and falsehood, to put down the doctrine which they are not prepared to meet; and even meet the Universalists on the ground that the judgment day was past at Jerusalem, rather than believe this thrilling doctrine of immediate accountability. McKnight thinks these scoffers will be in the church; how true is it so fulfilled. I have often blushed to see the hardihood of our priests who take the ground of my Lord delayeth his coming,' and publicly advocate the doctrine that it is a long while yet to come. * And shall begin to smite his fellowservants.' Hear them, calling all manner of names, 'false prophet,' visionary fanatic,'crazy old man, &c. "And to eat and drink with the drunken.' Join any other doctrine, however repugnant to their creeds, rather than consent to this.' Pilate and Herod can make friends' against this doctrine of the coming of Christ.

“In conclusion, although I have received scoffs from the worldly and profane, ridicule from the proud and haughty, contempt from the bigot and pharisee, and insult from the pulpit and press; yet I have one great consolation: God has never forsaken me, and their weapons have fallen harmless at my feet. Thousands have been brought to read their Bibles with more pleasure; hundreds have found faith in that word they once despised; false theories have been made to pass through a fiery ordeal; and undisputed errors have been searched out and exposed, and the word of God has mightily grown and mul. tiplied.""



Much has been said in the pulpit, and by the edi. tors of public journals, about the evil tendency of Mr. Miller's, lectures. An orthodox clergyman of Lynn, (Rev. Parsons Cook,) thinks they are more demoralizing than the theatre! A minister in Bos. ton, of high standing, stated to one of his hearers, that he thought it as great a sin for church menihers to attend these lectures, as to visit the theatre! Indeed, most of the ministers and laity of different denominations, who have not heard Mr. Miller, liave judged unfavorably of his labors. It is supposed that the people are frightened-excited by terrific scenes connected with the conflagration of the world. To place this matter in its true light, we shall give, as a general illustration of Mr. Miller as a speaker, and the influence of his labors on the community at large, the following account of his visit and labors in Portland, Me., in March last.

“MR. MILLER IN PORTLAND. Mr. Miller has been in Portland, lecturing to crowded congregations in Casco-street church, on his favorite theme, the end of the world, or literal reign of Christ for 1000 years. As faithful chroniclers of passing events, it will be expected of us that we say something of the man, and his peculiar views.

“ Mr. Miller is about sixty years of age; a plain farmer from Hampton, in the state of New York. He is a member of the Baptist church in that place, from which he brings satisfactory testimonials of good standing, and a license to improve publicly, He has, we understand, numerous testimonials also from clergymen of different denominations favorable to his general character. We should think him a man of but common-school education; evidently

possessing strong powers of mind, which for about fourteen years have been almost exclusively bent to the investigation of scripture prophecies. The last eight years of his life have been devoted to lecturing on this favorite subject.

“In his public discourses he is self-possessed and ready; distinct in his utterance, and frequently quaint in his expressions. He succeeds in chaining the attention of his auditory for an hour and a half to two hours; and in the management of his subject discovers much tact, holding frequent colloquies with the objector and inquirer, supplying the questions and answers himself in a very natural manner; and although grave himself, sometimes producing a smile from a portion of his auditors.

“Mr. Miller is a great stickler for literal interpretations; never admitting the figurative, unless absolutely required to make correct sense or meet the event which is intended to be pointed out. He doubtless believes, most unwaveringly, all he teaches to others. His lectures are interspersed with powerful admonitions to the wicked, and he handles Universalism with gloves of steel.

“He is evidently disposed to make but little allowance for those who think differently from him on the millennium ; dealing often in terrible denunciations against such as oppose his peculiar views on this point; as he fully believes they are crying peace and safety when sudden destruction cometh. Judging from what we see and hear, we should think his lectures are making a decided impression on many minds, favorable to his theory.”

This account of Mr. Miller is from the Rev. Mr. Springer, of the Methodist Episcopal Church, and editor of the "Maine Wesleyan Journal,” from which we copy it. Mr. Miller, on reading the account, exclaimed, “I have found one honest editor !” Mr. Springer, it will be observed, is not a partisan of Mr. Miller. We commend him for his candor.

The following extracts of letters from Elder Fleming, the pastor of the Christian church in Casco St.,

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