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tempt was left off. What we here present your Grace of his, are as valuable, aş being writ with the same Energy and Force of Thought as the other ; but your Grace being of that Clearness and Perspicuity of Wit, that we need not give any Introduction for the setting forth the Drift of Mr. Butler's Design in what he writ, as tending all to the Glory of Church and State, in opposition to Antimonarchical Principles ;


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now, with all submission, give me the liberty of speak. ing no more in Mr. Butler's Praise, to blazon yours : but knowing your Modesty exceeds your Grandeur, I durft not presume to give any other Encomium upon your Grace, than to lay, that all people beftow the fame Eulogy upon you, which moft claffick Authors report was given to Vespafian the Roman Emperor, Amor ac Delici& humani generis; not only Vigo en


titles you

to that Character, but many other Transactions, which I forbear repeating, because it is my Ambition to subscribe my: felf

Your Grace's

Most humble and

obedient Servinto



tatott. HE following

Pieces, which T

are here offerid

to the Publick, are the Remains of that great and celebrated Genius Mr. BUTLER, Author of

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