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Althoʻthey knew the Log divine
No Stomach had to Meat or Wine,
But in those Days they'd Priests that usd
To pick up what their Gods refus'd,
Wisely considering 'twas not fitting
Good Food fhould fpoil for want of

However, in those Pious Times,
Mankind were conscious of theirGrimes,
And would not bluster, rave and bicker
For Dame Religion in their Liquor,
As roaring Bullies do when tipsy,
For this fair Punk, or that lewd Gypsy.
Then Garlands were on Maypoles hung,
Where Nymphs and Shepherds danc'd

(and sung, And rural Swains with Pipes and Tabors Delighted both themselves and Neigh

(bours, Enjoy'd their Bread in peace and quiet, Without Contention, Feud, or Riot ;


Obey'd their Princes unmolested,
And pay'd due rev'rence to the Priest.

(hood; But in these Days of Reformation, When Faith depends on Revelation,

The giddyWorld is plaguidwith more?

Religious Whims than heretofore:
As if each dreaming Tom a doodle,
With crop-ear’d melancholy Noddle,
Had right to tease, misguide and bait us
With some new holy Ignis fatuus,
And putting on a sober Face,
That outward Sign of inward Grace,
Pretend, without a Page of Learning,
To be more knowing and difcerning,
In all mysterious holy Matters,
Than half a hundred Pauls or. Peters.


The first of these that undermine The Church, and all that is Divine, Is prickeard Presbyterian fack, That preaching, praying, whiningQuack Who does more harın ’mong Female

(Plackets, Than old Ponteus with his Packets. A King he hates, tho' for no reason, But for the Love he bears to Treason; The very best of God's Vicegerents, By him are represented Tyrants : All Loyalty, but fláttring Knav'ry, And true Allegiance, downrightSlav'ry. Yet none can more imperious be, Or claim more rev’rence than he. To Bishops he's a Foe most spightful, The very Name to him is frightful; And Lawn he scorns, because his Merit, He knows, can never reach to wear it.


So he that travels thro' the Streets
On Foot, derides the Coach he meets,
Not for its rattling throʻ the Town,
But 'cause himself has ne'er a one.


Whene'er in boarded Booth he teaches,
The only Doctrine that he preaches,
Is loudly railing 'gainft his Betters,
And binding Kings in Chainsand Fetters
That all within his Holy Place,
May suck Rebellion in with Grace,
And when occafion serves, be ready
To pull down Sov'reign Lord or Lady.
The Church he wickedly blafphemes,
And Thews his Malice in Extreams;
Condemns her to his gaping Hearers
For holding many Popish Errors;
Calls her the Babylonian Whore,
And gives her fifty Titles more,


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Deriv'd from Caluin, Knox, and others
That justly maybe deem'd their Brothers
His Morals are intirely such
As held and practic'd by the Dutch,
Extracted from Geneva College,
Where callow Saints improve their

And learn, when young, to cover bale
Opinions with a godly Face;
And as foine wife Observers tell

To be religiously Rebellious,
And misapply, like mad Divines,
The Word of God to bad Designs.
So pious Matron that beguiles.
Her Hufband, and her Bed defiles,
To jsew her, undigefted Goodness,
Talks Scripture even in her. Lewdness

• The next Reformer of the Nation, Vho Cants and. Prays by Inspiration,


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