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Came swellid with Sighs, and drown'd

(in Tears, To yield themselves his Fellow-Suf

(ferers, And follow'd himn like Prisoners of

(War, Chain'd to the lofty Wheels of his tri

(umphant Care


Τ Η Ε ...



Written in the Year 1678. By SAMUEL BUTLER, Author


I Sing a merry Monarchis Fame,

a Whose Co---ece no Advice cantame; Nor can thé Pow'r of Both the Houses Keep it from gaping at their 'Spouses. No Wonder, since all Living Creatures Will still pursue their diff'rent Natures. Why therefore should not Kings be kind To Punks and Jilts, if so inclin'd? Since no Man cares to be debarr'd Of that for which he's most regard:


But still will gratify that Lust To which he has the greatest Gust. The Sportsinan hunts away his Life, And for his Dogs forsakes his Wife: The Sot in Bumpers drowns his Time, And thinks Sobriety a Crime : The Gamester Curses, Prays, and Plays, * And fretting, fools away his Days:

The Leacher sweats away his Nights, In drudging hard at Love Delights : Therefore since Subjects have their

( Follies, And all Men in their turns are Cullies, Why may not Kings, as well as Nobles, To craving Jilts be gen'rous Bubbles, Since few Men can refrain that Vice Of which their Natures have a Spice? How fhould the Head that rules the

(Throne, Govern the Tail when Rampant grown, Or make that loose Proud-Flesh obey, That has so long had Sov’reign Sway?


Two Scepters, to the Nation's cost,
His strong-back'd Majesty can boast;
By dint of one he does maintain
His Regal Power over Men;
The other steers his loose Affection,
And keeps the Ladies in Subjection;
Nor does the Monarch scorn to own it,
Tho' Picked-Beard cries,Shame upon

Why should he, since the Wise we know
Have tivo Strings always to their Bow,
That if one faulters, when it's try'd,
The other may be well apply'd.
So R----, when he craves Supplies,
And his Request the House denies,
With City-Heifers then he plows,
Plants Royal Crest on Factious Brows;
With swarthy Brats adorns their Houses,
And borrows of their wealthy 'Spouses.
Well knowing Cuckold-makers find
The loving Cuckold always kind.


Thus, ar a pinch, his Point he gains,
By dint of Back as well as Brains;
And when he thus exerts his Forces,
To dive into the City's Purses,
If he proves lib'ral of his Nature,
Che Wives,to recompence the Matter,
Plead hard to make th Sum the greater

So Bullies who support their Lives.
By kindly killing Buxom Wives,
Like Trashers, drudge t'advance their

(Gains In due Proportion to their Pains.

Old Harry's C-piece in the Tower, "hat once contain'd such fleshly Power [ade now a Cusheon, for the Fair,

o ftick in Pins and Needles there, 'hat by that Means they may express " heir Rev'rence to the ampry Case, nd not forget that Pious Prince, Vhofe Tarriwags it held long since.


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