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'Tis pleasant to observe how. finely they play into each others Hands; Marshal procures Thanks to be given to Sedgwick, (for his great Pains ;) Sedgwick obtains as much for Marsala and so they all pimp for one another. But yet (to their great Comfort be it spoken) their whole feven Years Sermons at Westminster, are now to be fold in Fetter-Lane and Pye-corner. Before a Battle the Arombler ever speaks to the Soldiers, and the hold. ing up of his Hands must be as neces. sary as Moses's against the Amalekites; For he pricks them on, tells them that, God Loves none but the valiant; but. when Bullets fly, himself runs first, and then cries, All the Sons of Adam are Cowards! Were there any Mes tempsychosis, his Soul would not want a Lodging , no single Beast could fit him, being wise as a Sheep, and inno; cent as a Wolf. His sole Comfort is, he cannot out-fin Hugh Peters: Sure aş Satan bath possessed the Asembler, so Hugh Peters hath poffeffed Satan, and is the Devil's Devil ;. He alone would fill a whole Herd of Gadarens. He hath fuck'd Blood ever since he lay in the Butcher's Sheets, and now

(like his. Sultan) has a Shambles-in his Countenance ; fo crimson and tor: rid you may there read how St. Lam. rence died, and think the Three Chil. dren were delivered from his Face. This is St. Hugh, who will level the Asembler, or the Devil's an Ass. Yoke these Brethren, and they two couple like a Saducee and a Phariseeg. or a Turk and a Persian, both Mahometans. But the Asembler's deepest, highest Abomination, is his Solemn League and Covenant ; whereby he strives to damn or beggar the whole Kingdom ; out-doing the Devil, who only perswades, but the Asembler forces to Perjury, or Starving. And this (whoever lives to observe it) will one Day Gink both him and his Faction : For He and his Oath are so mucirone, that were he halflang'd and let down again, his first Word would be Covenant ! Covenant !

But I forget, 2 Charaéter should be brief (though tedious Length be his beft Character.) Therefore I'll give ye (what he denies the sequestred Clergy) but a fifth Part : For weigh him single, and he has the Pride of three Tyrants, the Forehead of fix


Goalers, and the Fraud of twelve Brokers. Or take him in the Bunch, and their whole Asembly is a Club of Hypocrites, where fix Dozen of Schifmaticks spend two Hours, for four Shillings a-piece.


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