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queen.-- Artificis of the queen Dowager.- Struensee.-Ac-
cufation and arröff of Matilda.-Remonftrances of the court
of Lordoil. Hi Britannic majesty demands and rescues his

Sifosing leasing and affords her an asylum in his German

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..: : C H A P. XI. "

America, tranquil in the south, is turbulent in the north.

Massachusets disavows the authorities of the British consti-

tution.-Britain.-Mercantile failures of 1772.- Alex-

ander Fordyce.-Change of mercantile character.Influence

of accumulation in India. - Stock-jobbing-fictitious credit

extravagant adventure without capital.High estimation

of lord North for financial skill.-- Affairs of the India com-

panyits pecuniary embarrassmentsconduct of its servants,

and distresses of the natives--reported to the house of commons by

a committee. The company propose a scheme for correcting and

restraining its servants.-Parliament undertakes the task.

Company's petition for a loan~granted on certain conditions.

Coonpany allowed to export tea from Britain duty-free.

Lord North's plan for the government of Indiadiscussed

in parliament-passes into a law.Inquiry into the conduct

of lord Clive. Distinguished abilities of Messrs. Thurlow

and Wedderburne hewn against and for lord Clive.---The

war with the Caribs.- Increase of half-pay to naval cap-

tains.--Petition of tre disentersis rejected. Supplies.-

Reduction of the national debt.Continental affairs.Com-

pletion of the dismemberment of Poland.-Violent attacks of

Roman catholic powers on their clergy.-America-tran.

quillity, and flourishing commerce.-Britain-discoritent

and licentiousness subside. Increasing trade and prosperity

imputed to the policy of lord North.-The minister now

at the zenith of his fame.

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