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Chemistry and Physics.—On Platinum and the metals which accompany it, 113.—Blow-

pipe experiments, 114.

Oeology.—Review.—On some points in the Geology of the Alps, 118.—The Geological

Structure of Ihe "Jornada del Muerto," New Mexico, from the Geological Report of

Capt. John Pope, by G. G. Shomabd, M.D., 121.—Notice of Fossils from the Permian

strata of Texas and New Mexico, obtained by the United States Expedition under

Copt. John Pope, etc., by B. F. Shumard, 125.—Observations on the Geology of the

County of Ste. Genevieve, Missouri, etc., by B. F. Shumard, M.D.: Third Series of

Descriptions of Bryozoa, from the Palaeozoic Rocks of the Western Stales and Terri-

tories, by H. A. Prout, 126.

Botany and Zoology.—Collection of Cuban Plants, 127.—Systematic Arrangement of the

Species of the Genus Cuscuta, etc, by George Engelmann, M.D.: On the Distribu-

tion of the Forests and Trees of North America, with Notes on its Physical Geography,

by J. G. Cooper, M.D., 129.—Zoological Notices.—Letter of Prof. J. Victor

Carus to the Smithsonian Institution, 129.—Die Klassen und Ordnungen des Thicr-

Reichs, wissenschafllirh dargestellt in Wort und Bild, von Dr. II. G. Bronn: De-

scription of Oceania (Turritopsis) nutriculo, n. s., and the embryological history of a

singular Medusan Larva found in the cavity of its bell, by Prof. John Mccradv, 130.

—On the zoological affinilies of Graptolites, by Prof. John Mccrady, 131.—Letters

from Alabama, chiefly relating to Natural History, by Philip Henry Gosse,

Sketch of a revision of the genera Milhraridse, by Wm. Stihpson, 132.—The Natural

History Review and Quarterly Journal of Science, 133.—An essay on Clasfifk-uion,

by Loo is Agassiz: On the genus Synapta, by Woodward and Barrett, I3i.—

Proceedings of Societies, 134, 135.

Astronomy and Meteorology.—Discovery of the 57th planetoid (Mnemosyne): Total Solar

Eclipse of July 18, I860, 136.—Notice of tho Meteor of Nov. 15, 1859, by Prof. E.

Looms, 137.—Meieoric Explosion, in West Tennessee, Sept 1st, 1859, Prof. B W.

Mcdonnold, 139.—Catalogue of the Meteorites in the Imperial Austrian Colleclion at

Vienna, by Prof. W. Iiaidinger, 139.

Miscellaneous Scientific Intelligence.—Inquiries into the Phenomena of Respiration,
by Edward Smith, M.D., 142.— Dr. Newberry's Explorations in New Mexico, Utah,
and Texas, 144.—Discovery of Devonian rocks and fossils in Wisconsin : Cretaceous
Strata at Gaf Head, Mass.: The New Museum of Comparative Zoology at Cambridge,
Messrs. Blake and Chauvenet, 145.—Prof. Dana, 116.

New Books.—Archaia; or Studies of the Cosmogony and Natural History of the Hebrew

Scriptures, by J. W. Dawson, LL.D., F.G S., 146.—On (he Origin of Species by means

of Natural Selection: or, the Preservation of Favored Races in the Struggle for life, by

Charles Darwin, 146—Elements of Somatology: A Treatise on the general princi-

ples of Mutler, by Prof. Geo. M. Maclean, M.D.: The Telegraph Manual, a complete

history of the Telegraphs of Europe, Asia, Africa and America, by T. P. Sciiaffneh,

150.—Boil's Drawing System: The Human Head, by Louis Bail: Memoir of John

Griscom, LL.D., late Professor of Chemistry and Nat. Philosophy, &c, by John H.

Griscom, M.D., 151.—Notices of new works, 152.

Obituary.—Professor William W. Turner: Dr. George Wilson, 152.



Abt. XV. Review of Darwin's Theory on the Origin of Species

by means of Natural Selection, 152

XVI. Forces; by Theodore Lyman, ..... J85

XVII. On the causes of deviation in Elongated Projectiles; by

Maj. J. G. Barnard, U. S. A., 191

XVIII. Gulf Stream Explorations—Third Memoir. Distribution

of Temperature in the Water of the Florida Channel and

Straits; by A. D. Bache, Sup't U. S. Coast Survey.—With

Diagrams, ......... 199

XIX. On the Chemical Composition of Pectolite; by J.d.whitney, 205

XX. Notes on the Ancient Vegetation of North America; by

Dr. J. S. Newberry. In a letter to Prof. Dana, - - 208

XXI. Abstract of a Meteorological Journal, kept at Marietta,

Ohio; by S. P. Hildreth, M.D., 218

XXII. Geographical Notices; by Daniel C. Gilman. No. XI, 221

Biographical Sketch of Carl Ritter, 221.—Lentz's Report

on his Explorations in Persia and Afghanistan, 232.—Schla-

Gintweit's Ethnographical Collections, 235.—A. Scklagint-

Weit's Death in Turkistan, 236.—Letter from Dr. Livings-

Tone, 337.—Krapf's Residence and Travel's in Eastern Af-.

rica, 240.—Speke's Explorations in Eastern Africa, 242.—

H. Schlagintweit on the Salt Lakes of the Himalayas, 245.

—Journal of the Roy. Geographical Soc. of London, 246.

XXIII. On the Species of Calceola found in Tennessee:—Calceola

Americana; by Prof. J. M. Safford, .... 248

XXIV. The Great Auroral Exhibition of August 2Sth to Septem-

ber 4th, 1859.—3d Article, 219

XXV. Correspondence of Mr. Jerome Nicklks—Biography—

Cagniard-Latour, 266.—The Aurora Borealis and its theory,

268.—Human Remains in the Drift: Curare in the treat-

ment of Tetanus, 269.—The new alloys of Platinum:

Rifled Cannon, 270.—Acclimation: Photo-Chemical Re-

searches—Persistent Activity of Light: Maritime Canals, 271


Ctmistrf and Physics.—On two new series of Organic Adds, Heintz, 272.—On the

chemical constitution of Iselhionic acid and Taurin, Kolbe: Researches on the atomic

weight of Graphite, Brodie, 274.—On the Cause of Color and the Theory of Light, by

Mr. John Smith, M.A., 276.

Technical Chemistry.—Vegetable Parchment—Papyrine, 278.—Weighing of Moist Pre-

cipitates, by Ferdinand F. Mater. 280.—New Chemical Journal, by W. CROoKts:

American Druggists' Circular and Chemical Gazette, 282.

Geology.—On some of the Igneous Rocks of Canada, by T. Sterry Hunt, F.R.S., 282.

—Notes on the Dolomites of the Paris Basin, etc., by T. Sterry Hunt, F.R.S , 2S4.

—New Palaeozoic Fossils, by J. H. Mcciiesney, 285.—Explorations in Nebraska, 286.

—Geological Surveys of South Cnrolina and Kentucky: First report of Progress of

the Geological and Agricultural Survey of Texas, by B. F. Shumaro, M.D., 287-—

Post-pleionene Fossils of South Carolina, by Francis S. Holmes, A.M., &c.: Assini-

boine and Saskatchewan Exploring Expedition, by Prof. Henry Yocle Hind, M.A.:

Geology for Teachers, Classes, and Private Students, by Sanborn Tenney, A.M., 2S8.

Zoology.—On Botanical and Zoological Nomenclature, by Wu. Stimpson, 289.— Les gen-

res Loriope et Peltogaster, H. Rathke, par W. Liljeboro: Neue VVirbellose Thiere,

beobachtet nnd gesammelt auf einer Reise urn die Erde, von Ludwig K. Sciimarda,

293. —A Supplement to the Terrestrial Air-breadiing Mullusks of the United States and

the adjacent Territories of North America, by W. G. Binney: Catalogue of the Re-

cent Marino Shells found on the Coasts of North and South America, by J. D. Kurtz,

294. —Proceedings of Scientific Societies: New Zoological Journal, by Dr. H. F. Wein-

Land, 295.

Astronomy and Meteorology.—Supposed intra-Mercurial planet: Mr. Alvan Clark's New

Micrometer for measuring large Distances, 290.—New Double Stars discovered by

Mr. Alvan Clark, communicated by the Rev. W. R. Dawes, 297.—Notice of the Me-

teor of Nov. 15, 1853, by Prof. E. Loomis, 298—Sandwich Island Meteor of Nov. 14,

1859: Der Meteoreiesnfall von Hraschina bei Agram am 26 Mai 1751, von W. Hai-

Dinger, 300.

M'ucdlaneous Scientific Intelligence.—Monthly varying level of Lake Ontario, 300 —

Eruption of Maunn Loa, Sandwich Islands, from letters of Prof. R. C. Haskell and

Rev T. Coan, 301, 302.

Book Notices.Trcbnkr's Bibliographical Guide to American Literature, 302.—Manual

of Public Libraries, etc., in the United States and British Provinces of North America,

by William J. Riiees: The New American Cyclopedia; a popular Dictionary of

general Knowledge, edited by Geo. Ripley and Chas. A. Dana, 303.

Obituary.—Mr. Guslavus Wurdemann: James P. Espy: Jean-Fred.-Lndw. Hansmann,

XXIX. Report of Assistant Charles A. Schott, on the latest re-

sults of the Discussion of the Secular Change of the Mag-

netic Declination, accompanied by tables showing the decli-

nation (variation of the needle) for every tenth year from

the date of the earliest reliable observations, for twenty-six

stations on the Atlantic, Gulf, and Pacific coasts of the Uni-

ted States, 335

XXX. Caricography; by Prof. C. Dewey, .... 346

XXXI. On Numerical Relations existing between the Equivalent

Numbers of Elementary Bodies; by M. Carey Lea. Part.II, 349

XXXII. Ornithichnites, or tracks resembling those of Birds; by

Koswell Field, - - . - - - -361

XXXIII. Eighth Supplement to Dana's Mineralogy; by Prof.

Geo. J. Brush,

XXXIV. Theoretical Determination of the Dimensions of Do-

nah's Comet; by Prof. W. A. Norton, - - - - 383

XXXV. The Great Auroral Exhibition of Aug. 28th to Sept. 4th,

1859.—4th Article, 386

XXXVI. —Geographical Notices; by Daniel C. Gilman. No. XII, 400

Reprint of a Tract, by Nicolaus Sillacius, (A. D. 1494),

on the Second Voyage of Columbus: Voyage around the

World of the Austrian Frigate Novara, 400.—Dr. Hayes's

Proposed Arctic Journey, 401.—Journal of the American

Geographical and Statistical Society: Explorations in the

Amoor Region, 402.—Khanikoff's Travels in Persia, 409.

XXXVII. Correspondence of Prof. Jerome Nickles.—French

Academy of Sciences—Distribution of Prizes: Prize for

Astronomy,'410.—Prize for Mechanics: Physical Science:

Experimental Physiology, 411.—Pasteur's researches on fer-

mentation, 412.—Transplantation of the Periosteum: Prize

relative to the unhealthy Arts: Medical Prize, 413.—Prize

for Organic Chemistry: Breant Prize: Prizes for 1861-62,

414.— Obituary—Death of Poinsot: Discovery of an Intra-

Mercurial Planet, 415.—New members elected: Hypnotism

and Magnetism, 417.—Porous bodies, 418.—Application of

electric light in Medicine, 419.—Phosphorescence: Works

of Arago: Bibliography, 420. 410

XXXVIII. Description of an Equatorial recently erected at Hope-

field Observatory, Haddenham, Bucks; by the Rev. W. R.

Dawes, 421

Chemistry and Physics.—On Fraunhofer's Lines, Kirchoff, 423.—On the direct conver-

sion of Lactic into Propionic Acid, Lautermann: On the formation of Alonin from

Lactic Acid, Kolbk: On the constitution of Lactic Acid, Kolbe: Contributions to the

Chemistry of the Platinum-mclals, Claus, 425.—Synthesis of new Bases containing

Oxygen, Wurtz, 426 —On a new series of Alcohols, Yvurtz: Researches on the Pla-

tinum metals, Dr. Wolcott Gibbs,427.

Technical Chemistry.—Solution of Cellulose in Ammonio-oxyd of Copper: Decoloration

of Indigo by Sesquioxyd of Iron, 429.—Aluminum Leaf: Critical and Experimental

Contribution to the Theory of Dyeing, 430.—Cellulose Digested by Sheep, 432.

Geology.—Notes on the Geology of Nebraska and Utah Territory, by Dr. F. V. Hayden,

433.—Note on Prof. Newberry's criticisms of Prof. Heer's determination of species

of North American Fossil Plants, by Leo Lesquereux, 134.

Botany and Zoology.—Florula Ajanensis, by Kegel and Tiling: Primitss Flora Amu-
*rensis, by C. J. Maximowiez, 436.—Harvey's Thesaurus Capensis: Hooker's species
Filicum, or Descriptions of all known Ferns : Journal of the Proceedings of the Linneaan
Society, 437.—Marlius, Flora Brasiliensis, 438.—J. D. Hooker's Flora Tasmania: Poi-

'son of Plants by Arsenic, 440.—Botanical Necrology for the year 1S59—C. A. Agardh:

. Arthur Hcnfrey: Dr. Thomas Horsefield: A. L. S. Lejeuno: Thomas Nuttall, 441.—

Zoological Notices.—A trip lo Beaufort, N. C, by Wm. Stimpson, M.D., 442.

Meteorology and Astronomy.—Abstract of Meteorological Observations at Sacramento,

Cal., by Thomas M. Logan, M.D., 446.—Daylight Meteor of Nov. 15th, 185y, 447.

Miscellaneous Scientific Intelligence.—Probable origin of Flint Nodules in Chalk, 447.—

New form of Compressor for use with the Microscope, by S. Morton Clakk, 448.—

On Contraction of the Muscles induced by contact with bodies in vibration, by Prof.

O. N. Rood: Large Object-Glass: Boyden Premium: Geological Survey of Califor-

nia, 449.

Book Notices.—Elements of Chemical PI ysics, by Prof. Josiah P. Cooke, Jr., 450.—

Smithsonian Miscellaneous Collections: The New American Cyclopedia, 451.—Cav-

endish Socy's Ed. of Gnielin's Hand Book of Chemistry: Lieber; Geology of South

Carolina: Fundamental Ideas of Mechanics and Experimental Data, by A. Morin;

revised, translated, <fcc, by JosErii Bennett, C. E.t 452.—Gangstudien, oder BciuUge

zur Kenntniss der Erzgange, 453.

Notices of New Publications, 453, 454.

Proceedings of Societies, 454.

Index, 455.

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