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Revenue Departments, And Post Office Packet And Telegraph Services.

Vote 4.—Post Office Packet Servicecontinued.

Explanation of the Causes of Variation between Expenditure and Grant.

A.—The amount provided for probable variation in Agreements, etc., was not all required.

C.—(1) Non-renewal of the Royal Mail Company's West Indian Contract; (2) the amount provided for sea sorting in the case of the Cunard Service was not required; and (3) a saving in the provision for growth of mails for the United States.

E.—The greater part of the amount provided for contingencies was not required owing to the establishment of an Australian Service maintained by the Commonwealth.

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Contribution to cost of earlier transmission of Outward
American Mails on Saturdays by the Cunard Line -

Contributions to cost of West Indies Mail Service by
Antigua, Barbados, British Guiana, Dominica, Grenada,
Jamaica, Montserrat, Nevis, St. Kitts, St. Lucia, St.
Vincent, Tortola, and Trinidad (provisional) -

Contributions to cost of Falkland Islands Mail Service by
the Colony ...

Contributions to cost of West African Mail Service b'y
Gambia, Gold Coast, Lagos, Sierra Leone and Northern and
Southern Nigeria - ......

Contribution by the Admiralty to cost of outward call at

Contributions to cost of East Indies and China Mail
Services by India, Ceylon, Straits Settlements, and
Hong Kong (including arrears)

Contributions to cost of Canada and China Service by the
Dominion of Canada (15,000/.) and by the Admiralty
(7.312J.) - ...

Totat. Appropriations in Aid

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Amount Received.

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In addition, the sum of £6,888 Is. 8d., the final balance of the Captains' and Masters' Widows' Fund was paid into the Exchequer as an Extra Receipt.

Explanation of the Causes of Variation between Estimates and Receipts.

* The West Indian contribution ceased on the termination of the Royal Mail Company's Contract on the 30th June, 1905.

t The arrears were slightly under-estimated.

* Includes one quarterly contribution from Canada proper to 1906-7.

Revenue Departments And Post Office Packet And Telegraph Sebvices.

Vote 4.—Post Office Packet Servicecontinued.

The Surplus of 46,294/. 6*. Id., shown in the Account of Vote IV., "Post Office Packet Service," for the year ended 31st March 1905, has been surrendered.

L. Maclean,
Principal Book-keeper. Charles A. King,

General Post Office, "i Comptroller and Accountant General,

30 November 1906J Accounting Officer.

I certify that this Account has been examined by officers under my directions, in accordance with the 29th Section of the Act 29 and 30 Vic. c. 39, including a test audit as directed by Treasury Minute of 27 March 1899, and that the Account is correct.

Examined, John A. Kempe,

W. M. Martin. Comptroller and Auditor General.

Rf.venue Departments, And Post Office Packet And Telegraph Services.

Vote 4.


1. It is observed that, in addition to the sum of 162,333Z. 10s. -d. realised as Appro- p t priations in Aid of the Vote, a sum of 6,888£. Is. Sd., representing the final balance of the Receipts. Captains' and Masters' Widows' Fund, has been paid direct into the Exchequer.

2. The Amount to be Surrendered is, as shown by the Account, 94.680Z. 15s. 9d. „ i

£, s. d.

Grant (Gross) . 954,665 -

Expenditure (Gross) 849,442 14 3

Net Surplus - - - £.105,222 5 9

Estimated Appropriations in Aid not realised 10,541 10 -

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Vote 5.


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