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The Surplus of 51,455J. lls. 8</., shown on the Account of Vote III. "Post Office," for the year ended .31st March, 1905, has been surrendered.

L. Maclean,

Principal Bookkeeper. -General Post Office,

30 November 1906.

Charles A. King,

Comptroller and Accountant General,
Accounting Officer.

I certify that this Account has been examined by officers under my directions, in accordance with tie -29ih Section of the Act 29 <fe 30 Viet. Cap. 39, including a test audit a* directed by Treasury Minute of the 27th March, 1899, and that the Account is correct.


John A. Kempt, Comptroller and Auditor General.

Revenue Departments, And Post Office Packet And Teleuhaph Services.



1. Expenditure in excess of the Estimate lias taken place under the following Sub- Heads, viz :—

A. 1, 2, 4, 8, 16.— Chief Offices.

B. 1, 2. — Circulation Office (London).

C. 1, 3, 5, 6. — Provincial Establishments. ,
E. 1, 2, 5, 10, 14, 16, 18.— Post Office Savings Banks.

G. 3, 6. — Conveyance of Mails.
H. — Purchase oi Sites, &c.

2. With regard to the Explanations under Sub-Heads A, 1, 2, 3 and 4, B. 1 and E. 1. Transfer of

I may state that salaries for the month ot March, 1906, payable under Warrants dated ^''Y''^^0,1" 1st April, and provided for in the Estimates for the year 1906-7, were actually paid on t^'"ear Saturday 31st March. As the result of a communication from my Department pointing 1905 6. out that in the circumstances these salaries appeared to be properly chargeable to the year 1905-6, a total sum of 70.906/, 2s. 3</., charged in the first instance against the Post Office Vote for the year 1906-7, has been transferred to the year 1905-6 now under review. The Treasury, to whom the matter was referred, have further assented to a proposal by the Postmaster-General that in future, in conformity with the practice in other Government Departments, Head Quarter Salaries in the Post Office should be paid on the last day of the period to which the payments relate.

3. Sub-Head E. 18, Losses by Default, etc. (Post Office Savings Banks). The expendi- Defalcations ture of 1,852?. 1 3s. 3<V. recorded under this Sub-Head includes amounts of 309?. 10s. Id. and

392Z. 18s. 10d., being the net loss to Savings Bank Funds from defalcations, in connection with the accounts of certain illiterate depositors, by the late Sub-Postmistresses of town. Newport (County Tipperary ) and Mitchelstown respectively, who were both sentenced to twelve months imprisonment with hard labour. It also includes an amount of 1851. 19s., Fraudulent fraudulently withdrawn from a Savings Bank account at Bristol, the offender in this w'lh'lrawil instance being sentenced to three years penal servitude. In each case the loss has been at Bristol. charged to the Vote with Treasury sanction.

4. Sub-Head H, Purchase of Sites, etc. The Excess of 23,014/. 18*. Id. under this Exchange Sub-Head is in part attributable to the fact that it was found impossible to carry out, in of properties the manner intended, an Agreement entered into with the Great Western Railway p^VtaTM1116 Company for an exchange of properties at Paddington. By the terms of this Agreement Department the Postmaster-General was to pay to the Company a net sum of 12,297?. "as estimated ar"' tu Great by the Board of Works for equality of exchange," which net sum was included in the j^i^ay Estimates for the year 1905-6. In March, 1906, a payment of 24,224?. 14s. lid. was Company. made to the Company, and in reply to a Query I was informed that the Department had

already taken possession of the Company's property dealt with in the Agreement, but would be unable to surrender the property belonging to it until the extension of the Sorting Office, now being carried out, had been completed, or had made considerable progress. In these circumstances the gross amount due to the Company, with interest in respect of deferred purchase, was paid, and a sum of 11,662?. will be receivable from the Company upon the transfer of the property of the Department, which, under the Agreement, should be effected by 31st December, 1907.

5. In addition to the sum of 217,824?. 17s. 10W. realised as Appropriations in Aid of Extra the Vote, sums of 2,431 Is. 10i'/. and 15,043?. 3-s. 8^1., representing the final balances Receipts. of the Parcel Post Irregularities Fine Fund and the Registered Letters Irregularities

Fine Fund respectively, have been paid direct into the Exchequer.

6. The Amount to be Surrendered is, as shown by the Account, 103,953?. 2-s. Gd. Surplus.

£. s. d. Grant (6? cow) ...... - 10,920,813 -

Expenditure (Gross) ....... 10,834,409 15 4£

Net Surplus - - - £. 86,403 4
Appropriations in Aid realised in excess of the Estimate 17,549 17

Total Amount to be Surrendered - - - f . 103,953 2 6
Store Accounts.

7. A test examination of Postal Store Accounts has been carried out, with generallv Examination satisfactory results, in London, Edinburgh and Dublin. "of store

Revenue. Accounts.

8. The Account of Postal Revenue has been subjected to a test examination at the Examination Chief Offices in London, Edinburgh and Dublin. The results have proved generally ot' K«vemie satisfactory, and the Treasury and the Post Office have been so informed. ^ Account.

John A. Kempe,
Comptroller and Auditor General.

Revenue Departments, And Post Office Packet And Telegraph Services.

Vote 4.


ACCOUNT of the Sum Expended, compared with the Sum Granted, to defray the Expenses of the Post Office Packet Service, in the Year ended 31st March 1906, showing the Surplus or Deficit upon each Sub-Head of the Vote.

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