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Revenue Departments, And Post Office Packet And Telegraph Services.

Vote 1.—Customscontinued.

Expenses of the Customs Department, in the Year ended 31st March 1906, &c.—contd.

Explanation of the Causes of Variation between Expenditure and Grant.

E. 1.—The amount of 20<K added to the Solicitor's personal allowance was not required, owing to the appointment of a Preventive Officer, whose salary falls under B. 1, a. Provision for Counsel's Fees not fully expended.

2.—A varying amount.

3.—A varying amount.

4.—A varying amount.

The increase is mainly due to the expenses connected with a seizure of two Coopers (vide-—increase in Customs Sales-— Appropriations in Aid, No. 5).

F. 1.—A fixed amount voted. 2.—Sligo defalcations.

0. — Superannuations ceased during the year less in amount than had been anticipated. H. — Fractional difference.

I. The receipts from No. 4, "Proceeds of Sale of Stores," were 1111., from No. 6, "Moneys

received from Merchants, etc." 646/., and from No. 9, "Bill of Entry Receipts," 681. less than estimated. On the other hand, the receipts from No. 3, "Fees for Registration of Ships," were 1,642/., from No. 5, "Proceeds of Customs Sales," 1.022/., from No. 7," Charges for Collecting Local Dues," 104?., from No. 8, "Fines, etc.," 64?., and from No. 10, "Cost of Collection of Revenue, etc., in the Isle of Man," 1432., more than was anticipated in the original Estimate. "Services and Expenses on account of the Aliens Act, 1905," is a new item, and realised 1,126Z. ; the net increase being 1.477Z. 10s. 4rf.

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Revenue Departments, And Post Office Packet And Telegraph Services.

Vote 1.—Customscontinued.


1.—The sum of 262/. Is. 2d. accounted for in previous years as Appropriations in Aid of Vote was repaid in 1905-6.

2.—Sub-Head B. 5. 3/. 11*. 4<2. paid to a labourer at Methil as compensation for accidental injury, due to a spit in the hands of a Preventive Officer going too far through a bale of flax and piercing his foot.

3._Sub-Head C. The following sums have been paid in respect of damages to other Vessels, &c.: Newcastle, 801., Cork, II. 10*., Newcastle, 2/., London, II., Plymouth, 3/. 10s.

4.—Bonus granted to Customs. Copyist (Treasury Letter 1330, 28 January, 1887), J. Maddox, 37/. 10s.

The Surplus of 6,934i. Is. 4rf. shown on the Account of the Vote "Customs" for the year ended 31st March 1905 has been surrendered.

I certify that the foregoing is a correct Statement.

Accountant and Comptroller General's Office. j Accountant md CompSer General,

o December 1906. } Accounting Officer.

I certify that this Account has been examined by officers under my directions in accordance with the 29th Section of the Act 29 & 30 Viet. c. 39, including a test audit as directed by Treasury Minute of the 27th March 1899, and that the Account is correct.

Examined, John A. Kempe,

Revenue Departments, And Post Office Packet And Telegraph Services.

Vote 1.
0 U S T O M S.


1. Expenditure in excess of the Estimate has been incurred under Sub-Heads A. 1, Excess. A. 2, B. 2, B. 3, B. 5, E. 2, E. 3, E. 4, F. 2 and G.

2. Sub-Head F. 2. The expenditure under this Sub-Head includes the sum of Loss by 9571. 5s. Id., which was referred to in Paragraph 6 of my Report on the Customs Vote of Default, <tc. last year, as representing the net deficiency of Revenue consequent upon the frauds committed at Sligo by a Superintendent of Customs, during the years 1901, 1902 and 1903.

3. The Amount to be Surrendered is, as shown by the Account, 5,455£. 9s. 6d. Surplus.

£. s. d. Grant (Gross) ------ 985.450 -

Expenditure (Gross) - 981,472 - 10

Net Surplus - - - ai. 3,977 19 2


Appropriations in Aid realised in excess of Esti-
mate 1,477 10 4

Total Amount to be Surrendered - - - £ 5,455 9 6


4. The Receipt side of the Revenue Account has been subjected to a test examination Test of in London, Falmouth, Plymouth and Exeter. All the items of Revenue selected for test Revenue, purposes were found to have been duly brought to account, and the Customs Department

and the Treasury have been informed that the results have proved satisfactory. A test examination has also been applied to the payment side of the account.

5. A Return, which has been furnished to me by the Customs Department, for the Remission year 1905-6, shows that there were no cases of remission of duty or abandonment of of Duty, claims on account of Revenue involving a loss of 501. or upwards.

John A. Kempe,
Comptroller and Auditor General.

Vote 2.


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