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Class I.—continued.

Vote 7.


Excess. 1. Expenditure in excess of the Estimate has taken place under Sub-Heads B and C.

New Works, 2. A Statement of Expenditure on " New Works, &c.," included under Sub-Head A is Sub-HeadA. appended to the Account. Treasury Authority has been obtained, where necessary, to

cover charges for which no provision, or inadequate provision, had been made in the

The Statement shows a net Saving of 7.220Z. 12s. lOd. under this Sub-Head, the

principal items on which Savings have occurred being:—

Orant. Unexpended.

£. £.

No. 4. Cairo—Erection of New Consulate - - 2,000 1,997

„ 9. Dakar— „ „ „ - 3,000 2,996

„ 10. Madrid—New Embassy House - 40,000 6,221

„ 13. St. Petersburgh—New Heating Apparatus 2,100 2,100

On the other hand Excess Expenditure of 5,748£. on a Vote of 500£. has taken place under " Works of an Unforeseen or Minor Character "; and 47 21. has been expended on "Erection of New Consular Buildings at Alexandria," for which no provision was made in the Estimate for the year. It is noticed in connection with the latter work that there was a saving of 4,659£. on the total estimated cost of ] 8,500£.

New Works, 3. The Estimates for 1905-6 and for earlier years showed one total sum for " New China, Buildings," &c., in China, Japan and Corea, no details being given either of the total

Japan and estimated cost of, or the annual provision for, each work. This information is, however,

given in the Estimates for 1906-7, which also show the amount voted for each separate

work in 1905-6.

Surplus. 4 The Amount to be Surrendered is, as shown by the Account, 5,205£. 14s. Id.

£ s d

Grant (Gross) 95,830 -

Expenditure (Gross) - - 90,805 2 1

Net Surplus ----£. 5,024 17 11
Appropriations in Aid realised in excess of the Estimate 180 16 8

Total Amount to be Surrendered - - £. 5,205 14 7

John A. Kempe,

Class I.—continued.

Vote 8.

ACCOUNT of the Sum Expended, compared with the Sum Granted, to defray the Expenses of the Customs, Inland Revenue Post Office and Post Office Telegraph Buildings in Great Britain, and certain Post Offices Abroad, including Furniture, Fuel, and Sundry Miscellaneous Services, in the Year ended 31st March 1906, showing the Surplus or Deficit upon each Sub-Head of the Vote.


Class I. — continued.

Vote 8.—Revenue Buildingscontinued.

Explanation of the Causes of Variation between Expenditure and Grant.
A.—See Statement of New Works.

B.—The requirements generally were in excess of anticipation.
C.—The expenditure on offices in the Provinces was less than had been expected.
D.—Casual variation.

E.—Due to the decrease in the cost of fuel owing to contracts having been placed at lower rates than estimated for, and to the lessened consumption due to the mild winter.


F.—See Statement of New Works.

G.—The provision was somewhat over-estimated.

H.—Casual variation.

I.—Casual variation.

J.—Casual variation.

K.—See Statement of New Works.

L.—Due to the continuous growth of the Service: increased provision is made in 1906-7.

M.—Due to the continuous growth of the Service: increased provision is made in 1906-7.

N.—The cost of fuel was less than had been anticipated owing to the lower prices and the mild winter.

0.—See Statement of New Works.

P.—Casual variation.

Q.—Casual variation.

R.—See explanation under Sub-Head N.

S.—The receipts from sales of old materials on sites cleared for the erection of Post Offices were considerably in excess of anticipation: it is not possible to forecast credits of this nature with any accuracy. The rents received in respect of Customs and Inland Revenue Property sublet were also in excess of the Estimate. Class I.—continued.

Vote 8.—Revenue Buildingscontinued.

Claim Abandoned.

1 I. Ss. 8d., being value of old materials sold from Mount Pleasant Postal Works, has, with Treasury Authority, been written off as irrecoverable.


Extra Remuneration.

A Temporary Foreman Engineer, in special recognition of his service in devising the safety apparatus applied to the lifts at the General Post Office East, received a gratuity of 50/.

The Surplus of 13,409£. 15s. &d., shown on the Account of the Vote "Kevenue Buildings," for the year ended 31st March 1905, has been surrendered

His Majesty's Office of Works, &c.,"| Schomberg K. McDonnell,

29 November 1906. I Accounting Officer.

I certify that this Account has been examined under my directions, and is correct.

John A. Kempe,

Examined, Comptroller and Auditor General

a H. Archibald.

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