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Class I.—continued.

Vote 5.—Miscellaneous Legal Buildings, Great Britaincontinued.

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His Majesty's Office of Works. &c.,\

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Class I—continued.

Vote 5.—Miscellaneous Legal Buildings, Great Britainccmtinued.

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Class I.—continued.

Vote 5.


Excess. i. Expenditure in excess of the Estimate has taken place under Sub-Heads A.,

B., D., and H.

Statement of 2. A Statement of Expenditure on "New Works, &c." is appended to the Account.

S 'hH °h'cs' ^e exPenditure included under Sub-Head A. upon works for which there was no

A** and*?} S provision in the Estimate, and upon works in excess of the sums provided, has been

sanctioned by the Treasury in all necessary cases. The following are the items on

which the largest variation between the amount provided and the actual expenditure has


Savings. Estimate. Expenditure.

£. £.

A 5. Leicester - 500 - 33

A 10. Shoreditch - - 1,900 1,172

A 12. Swindoti - 2,500 1,883


A 9. Sheffield - 500 - - 1,749

A 4. Croydon - - 5,200 5,906

Burnley - Nil - 1,020

With reference to the last case it is observed that, although the buildings to be erected on this site apparently include Inland Revenue Offices as well as a new County Court, the whole cost of the site (1,0201.) has, under Treasury directions, been charged to Miscellaneous Legal Buildings.

The Statement shows also the detail of expenditure upon works in connection with Sheriff Court Houses, Scotland, Sub-Head G. It will be seen that out of a total Vote of 4,450i. for this Sub-Head, the sum of 317Z. 18s. 9d. only has been expended, no payment being made out of the sums of 1,7501. and 2,0001. provided towards a moiety of the cost of alterations and extension of the Court Houses at Ayr and Glasgow respectively, for the reasons given in the Statement of Expenditure on New Works.

Surplus. 3. The Amount to be Surrendered is, as shown by the Account, 1.380Z. 11s. 9d.

£. .«. d.

Grant (Gross) - - 67,660 -

Expenditure (Gross) - - 66,469 11 10

Net Surplus - - - £. 1,190 8 2

Appropriations in Aid realised in excess of the Estimate 190 3 7
Total Amount to be Surrendered - - £,. 1,38011 9

John A. Kempe,

Class I.—continued.

Vote 6.


ACCOUNT of the Sum Expended, compared with the Sum Granted, for Expenditure in respect of Akt And Science Buildings, Great Britain, in the year ended 31st March 1906, showing the Surplus or Deficit upon each Sub-Head of the Vote.


Explanation of the Causes of Variation between Expenditure and Grant.

A.—See Statement of New Works.

B.—The cost of internal painting at the Natural History Museum was less than had been anticipated, and •works for which provision had been made in respect of Bethnal Green Museum could not be wholly carried out within the year.

C.—Casual variation.

D.—Contracts for fuel were placed at exceptionally favourable figures: the winter being a very mild one, less fuel was required than had been anticipated.

E.—Casual variation.

F.—Due to a change in method of payment, involving five quarterly payments during the period covered by this account.

G.—Casual variation.

The Surplus of 557Z. lls. Qd., shown on the Account of the Vote "Art and Science Buildings, Great Britain," for the year ended 31st March 1905, has been surrendered.

His Majesty's Office of Works, &c., 29 November 1906.

Schomberg K. McDonnell,
Accounting Officer.

I certify that this Account has been examined under my directions, and is correct.

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Class I.—continued.

Vote 6.—Art And Science Buildings, Great Britaincontinued.

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