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Class I.—continued.

Vote 4.—Houses Of Parliament Buildingscontinued.


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* In the Statement for 1904-5 the expenditure was overstated by 95/. 15s. 5d,, an item of that amount having been charged in error to this section.

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Casual variation.

Some charges did not come in course of payment till after the close of the year.

Saving due to the substitution of hydraulic for electric power.

Some small items of expenditure in connection with this Service will fall on the year 1906-7.

Remanet. The whole of the charges could not be disposed of beforo the close of 1904-5.

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Expenditure under this Head is uncertain.

Some claims could not be dealt with before the close of the year.

The work at the Speaker's Residence provided for in the Supplementary Vote was carried out, but the progress of the extension of the electric lighting generally during the recess was less than had been estimated for.

More piping was required than had been anticipated, and a new motor had to be put in instead of re-winding an old one as at first intended.

When the w rk came to be put in 1 and it was found necessary to renew the whole of the circulation pipes, and additional expenditure had to be incurred in the substitution of improved cooking apparatus for that formerly in use.

In view of the pressure of other Services, expenditure under this Head was deferred.

• See Explanation on A 6.

Schomberg R. McDonnell,

Accounting Offioer.

Class I.—continued.

Vote 4.


1- Expenditure in excess of the Estimate has been incurred under Sub-Heads A., B. and F.

New Works. 2. A Statement of Expenditure on "New Works, &c.," under Sub-Heads A., C. and Sub-Heads ])., is appended to the Account. Treasury sanction has been given, where necessary, for '' 'an 'expenditure in excess of the sum provided, and on works for which there was no provision in the Estimate.

Surplus. 3. The Amount to be Surrendered is, as shown by the Account, 377/. 11s. lid

£. n. d. Grant (Gross)' 60,191 -

Expenditure (Grass) 59,816 5 1

Net Surplus - - - £. 374 14 11


Appropriations in Aid realised in excess of the Estimate - 2 17

Total Amount to be Surrendered - - £. 3771111

John A. Kempc,

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