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REPORTS of the Comptroller and Auditor General on the Appropriation Accounts of the Supply Grants included in the Civil Service Estimates, Class III., for the Year ended the 31st of March 1906; prepared and submitted for the Information of the House of Commons, in pursuance of the 22nd and 32nd Sections of the Act 29 & 30 Viet. c. 39.





1.—Law Charges .... - . . 305

2—Miscellaneous Legal Expenses - - - - 309

3.—Supreme Court of Judicature - - 311

4.—Land Registry - - - - - - 315

5.—County Courts - - 317

6.--Police, England and Wales - - - 320

7.—Prisons, England and the Colonies - - - 329

8.—Reformatory and Industrial Schools, Great Britain - - 336

9.—Broadmoor Criminal Lunatic Asylum .... . 339


10.—Law Charges and Courts of Law 342

11.—Register House, Edinburgh - - - -. 346

12.—Crofters Commission - 348

13.—Prisons 350


14.—Law Charges and Criminal Prosecutions - 355

15.—Supreme Court of Judicature, Ac. 358

16.—Irish Land Commission - 362

17.—County Court Officers, &c. 355

18.—Dublin Metropolitan Police 368

19.—Royal Irish Constabulary - 371

20.—Prisons ----- 374

21.—Reformatory and Industrial Schools - .... 3^1 Class III.—continued.

Vote 1.

ACCOUNT of the Sum Expended, compared with the Sum Granted, to defray the Salaries of the Law Officers' Department; the Salaries and Expenses of the Department of the Solicitor for the Affairs of His Majesty's Treasury,King's Proctor,and Director of Public Prosecutions; the Costs of Prosecutions, of other Legal Proceedings, and of Parliamentary Agency, in the Year ended 31st March 1906, showing the Surplus or Deficit upon each Sub-Head of the Vote.

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Class 111.—continued

Vote 1.—Law Charges, England—continued.

Explanation of the Causes of Variation between Expenditure and Grant.

A.—Part Allowance for office Disbursements unclaimed.

I The Services provided for under these Sub-Heads are liable to fluctuate considerably, and the

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Estimates, therefore

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Ijre, are necessarily approximate only. Sanction was given by Treasury Letters and 5,851/05 to incur excesses on Sub-Heads "D," " F and "JJ " ; and covering sanction to meet the total of such excesses out of savings on other Sub-Heads was given by ,Treasury Letter 20,682/06.

C. — The preceding observation applies also to this Sub-Head, the payments during the year being mainly dependent upon the amount of, and the result of, litigation in which the various Departments represented by the Solicitor to the Treasury may be involved.

The expenditure under this Sub-Head is distributable among the several Departments and Matters as follows:—

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G.—Tho . .1-0 following payments were made with Treasury Sanction from this Sub-Head, viz.:—

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H.—The Surplus on this Sub-Head is mainly attributable to the non-engagement of two additional Clerks for whom a provision of 450J. was made under the item "Peisonal Allowance for Clerks"; to savings on "Establishment Copying"; and to an unclaimed moiety of the amount provided for the Admiralty and War

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