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votd WM fonnerly provided in Vote 10- Sabhead G

(A) Includes 5,985*. formerly provided in Vote 1, Subhead C, and 1,500*. formerly i

in Vote 10, Subhead G.

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.in addition to the foregoing Charges for Divine Service, similar expenditure is provided for in Vote 11 for the Royal Military Academy (SOU), Royal Military College (3G3Z.), Staff College (40/.), Duke of York's Military School, (43U), and Eoyal Hibernian Military School (405J.); in Vote 13 for the Chaplain-General (1,000/.); and in Vote 15 for the Royal Hospitals at Chelsea (6882.) and Kilmainham(21U). Total amount so provided, 3,4392.

(a) The Total Emoluments of Chaplains serving at Home are shown in Appendix, No. 18, page 230. (6) Promotion of Commissioned Chaplains from ono class to another is by length of service. This causes the number in eacli class to vary from year to year.

(c) Includes 246i. for pay, &c., of a Chaplain at the Royal Military Academy, now provided in \ ote 11, Subhead A.

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Pay of 6 Pensioner Clerks in Offices of Principal Veterinary Officers of Commands', 1 Pensioner Clerk in Army Veterinary School, and 1 Pensioner Clerk and 1 Calf Attendant in Army Vaccine Institute

Pay of Civilian Subordinates in Egypt and South Africa

Cost of veterinary medicines, instruments, books, contingencies, &c., and for payment of claims of Civilian Veterinary Surgeons; also cost of cultivating lymph for vaccination purposes


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(a) The total Emoluments of Officers serving at Home are shown in Appendix No. 18, p. 230.

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\ct) One officer from the retired list receives a fixed rate of 1501. per annum instead.

(b) Chief Warders also receive 121. additional pay when abroad, and an addition of I!)/. Hi.v. a year if not provided with quarters.

(c) With 61. additional pay when serving abroad, and an addition of 9/. 2s. a year if not provided with quarters.

(d) With 12/. additional pay per annum when serving abroad, if posted abroad before 1st August 1906.

(6) -3 W« II II 1> II ft II II I) I)

(f) The future subordinate staff will consist of warrant and non-commissioned officers serving on their Army engagement* 'iml in receipt of Army emoluments. The change, is being carried out gradually.

(y) Including SOOl. for Inspector of Militavv Prisons and Detention Barracks, now provided in Vote 13, Subhead A.

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