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Vote 1.


I. ESTIMATE of the Sum which will be required in the Year ending 31st March 1908. to defray the

Expense of the Pay, &c. of the Army.

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Net Decrease £. 385,000.

(a) Includes 14,0742. for pay of certain officers and men, now provided in Vote 9, Subhead D; Vote 11. Subheads A and C; and Vote 13, Subhead A.

(6) Includes 1,7(XM. for regimental provision of Miscellaneous Stores, &c., formerly provided under Vote 8, Subhead C.

(c) Includes 102. for Jumps for Cavalry School formerly provided in Vote 10, Subhead T.

(d) Includes 1,6002. for staff of Balloon Factory, 4c., formerly provided in Vote 10, Subhead G.

(e) Includes 2462. for 1 Chaplain, now provided in Vote 11, Subhead A.

(/) Includes 8002. for Inspector of Military Prisons and Detention Barracks now provided in Vote 13, Subhead A.
(g) Includes 3,0002. for Colonial Allowances, now provided in Vote 7, Subhead D.


DETAILS of the Charges under the foregoing Heads.


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(a) Consolidated rates, inclusive of all emoluments, except Pensions for Wounds and Rewards for Distinguished Service. (6) Inclusive f servant allowance at 1*. a day. (c) Personal to present holders. (d) Formerly provided under Vote 1, Subhead C."

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(a) Messing Allowance is at the rate of 3d, a day. Kit Allowance is the additional allowance, 2d. a day, granted by Arnv Order 66, of 1902 to make good the average stoppages for upkeep of kit, washing, etc y

(6> TM th'8 C°rPS Commis8ions ^ Reserve Officers. Their allowances when employed in peace are provided under

subhw (c) Includes fencing allowance, (repair of foils, &c.), wad allowance for clipping horses.

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(a) 4001. for Service pay of European Staff and 4,100i. for good conduct pay and prizes of other rank.-".

16) Includes 2?,088/. now provided elsewhere; viz., 364/. under Vote 1, Subhead A.; '235J. under Vote 1, Subheul K.; 1.43W. under Vote 1, Subhead L.; 5,9851. under Vote 1, Subhead M. ; 6.300/. under Vote 9, Sub-head D. ; 149J. under Vote 11, Subhead A. ; 351. under Vote 11, Subhead C. ; and 7,590f. under Vote 13, Subhead A.

(c) Formerly provided under Vote 8, Subhead C.

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