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(Details of the Establishments of Batteries, Battalions

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ami Corpsiare given in Appendix,:No., 2, pages 132 to 168X «. i


(a) 6 Chargers for Officers and 4 Regimontal Transport animals per battalion.

(b) Officers' chargers.

(el 4 Regimpntal Transport animals per battalion and 355 Chargers for Officers.

(d) Including Pipers of 8 Highland Battalions (6 at home, 2 abroad), Mid 3 Colour Serjeant Instructors of Musketry for Battalions on Short Tour.

(e) !6 Horses for Regimental Transport in Egypt.

(j) 32 Officers, 3 Warrant Officers, 32 Serjeants and 275 rank and file for South Africa; 1 Commandant, 1 Adjutant, 4 Serjeant* &nd 7 rank and file for Egypt.

(g) 1348 for South Africa (10 companies) ; 1?0 for Egypt. (A) Includes 3 extra Majors allowed for details.

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and Corps are given in Appendices, No. 2 and -2\, pages 132 to 160).


(a) Exclusive of 15 Officers employed on the General Staff and at the War Office. (6) Estimated number to provide 1 horse for each Officer on mounted duty.

(c) Includes 2 Medical Officers.

(d) Including a Bombardier Trumpeter.

(e) Estimated number to provide 1 horse for mounted Officers, except in West Africa.

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